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“Freeland is a great investigator...” 


Under An 
Ionized Sky 

I wanted to illuminate the whole earth. 

There is enough electricity to become a second sun. 
Light would appear around the equator, 
as a ring around Saturn. 


Under An 
Ionized Sky 

From Chemtrails to 
Space Fence Lockdown 



Chemtrails, HAARP, and the 

Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth 



Under An Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence 
Lockdown © 2018 by Elana Freeland and Feral Flouse 

All rights reserved. Copyright for images seen within are owned by their original creators 
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 

Feral House 
1240 W. Sims Way 
Suite 124 

Port Townsend WA 98368 

Book design by Unflown 

ISBN: 978-1-6273-1072-7 (eBook) 

Dedicated to those who have spent thousands of hours researching matters this book touches 
upon, and to those who have died or are now in pain for speaking out. 


Thanks first go to the Internet chemtrails activists networking in a horizontal and democratic 
fashion on social media and by email, daily studying the skies, satellite and cell phone photos 
and film footage, patents, scientific papers and essays in order to decipher this historical moment 
and what is unfolding around and above us. These activists continue attempting to educate the 
public even in the face of being laughed at or ostracized by friends and family duped by media 
spin on “conspiracy theories.” 

In particular, I thank Billy Hayes “The HAARP Man,” Jim Lee, Harold Saive, Rose and 
Greg at The CON Trail, Clifford and Carol Carnicom, Michael J. Murphy, Ann Fillmore, 
Suzanne Maher, Anthony Patch, Harald Kautz-Vella, Leuren Moret, Christina “Rad Chick” 
Consolo, Sofia Smallstorm and WeatherWarlOl, Sean Gautreaux, Peter A. Kirby, DJ Walsh, J. 
Marvin Herndon, Christopher Fontenot, Pete Ramon, David Masem, and the many radio show 
hosts who have invited other activists and me to share this clarion wakeup call with their radio 
and Internet audiences. 

No one ever writes a book like this alone. 

Table of Contents 

FOREWORD by Clifford Carnicom 




The Ionospheric Heaters 
The Delivery Systems 

Chemtrails Versus Contrails 
Jet Engines 

Air Pharmacology I: Jet Fuel and Carbon Black Dust (CBD), Carbon Black Aerosol 
(CBA), and Coal Fly Ash 

“Dumping” Via Engine and Wing Pylon Drain Tubes 

Air Pharmacology II: Spray Pyrolysis and Chemi-ionization 

Rocket Plume Bums 

Ocean Delivery Systems 

WSAC Steam Release 

Cloud Seeding and Ionization (Pluviculture) 

Radiation and the Wigner Effect 
Radiation and Fracking 




Chem Dumps and “Bombs” 



Hole-punch Clouds (Fallstreak Hole) 

A Double Sun 
Plasma Orbs 




Shadow Government / The Deep State 




Defense Contractors 
Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) 

The Super Soldier Culture of Violence 
“My ELF Weapon” 


The PROMIS Backdoor 
Quantum Computers 
Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Network-centric Warfare (NCW) and JADE Helm 


Magnetic North & South 

Sounding Rockets and “Dusty Plasma” 

Lightning, Sprites and Starfire 

Super-DARN (Super Dual Auroral Radar Network) 



Echelon/Five Eyes 

The Russian Woodpecker and Project Sanguine 
The Taos Hum and Other Earth Noises 
Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) 

Cell Phone Towers / Mobile Masts 
NexRads and SBX “Golf Balls” 

Wind Farms and Fracking Well Stems 
Fiber-Optic Cables 


CERN Psyops 

Saturn and the Space Fence “Rings” 

AWAKE and D-Wave 



Smart Grid Surveillance 

Smart Meters and the Internet of Things (IoT) 


Phased Arrays, Holograms, and Electronic Warfare 
WiFi and Spying In the ’Hood 



From RFIDs to Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) 
“Field Experiments” 

Coupling / Heterodyning 
OS/EH (Gangstalking / Gaslighting) 

Two TI Case Studies 


Maps & Sites 
Author Bio 


There is a world that most of us know of and that we are comfortable with. There is another 
world that we should know of but do not, and that should, by all rights, make us uncomfortable. 
We are responsible to learn of its existence, as it surrounds and affects our every move regardless 
of the level of bliss or ignorance that we adopt to ease our discomfort. 

Elana Freeland, in the second of a trilogy series, thrusts upon us the realities of that more 
complex world in her most recent work, Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence 
Lockdown. We are destined within it to discover that the technological throes that dominate the 
modem world are much more developed, enmeshed, and controlling of our lives than most of us 
would like to either admit or confront. 

I have known Elana for some time now, and it was not known in our earlier cafe chats that 
we would someday share deeply in a common pursuit of truth. The focus of our work may differ 
in certain respects, but it is the same battle. Elana is providing a map of what is and what may 
well lie ahead in a world now gone berserk in the idols, greed, and powers of technocracy. It is 
our job to maintain our spiritual integrity in the clash that is before us, and this book will ask us 
to trade our ignorance and complacency for the awareness and strength that is needed in battle. 

The book is meticulously researched and documented, and she has done a great deal of your 
homework for you. The morass of controlling systems spoken of here does indeed exist, and they 
are of purpose and agenda. There is much for all of us to learn here and it is to our benefit to get 
up to speed quickly on the state of affairs. I hope that you will immerse yourself and gain the 
quick education that we all need, as proclaiming ignorance or innocence will be at our own peril. 
As Elana says, “It’s a brave new world.” Let us be brave together in its future. 



I'Ve in this country, in this generation, are—by destiny rather than choice—the watchmen on the 
walls of world freedom. 

— President John F. Kennedy, undelivered speech to the Dallas Citizens Council, Nov. 22, 


Many people have criticized my research into the destruction of the WTC complex because I 
have not named the exact technology that was used in the destruction, including its make, model, 
and serial number. But it is erroneous to blindly discard evidence that does not conveniently 
describe a known weapon or blindly discard eviderice that contradicts one’s pet theory. 
Remember, empirical evidence is the truth that theory must mimic, not the other way around. The 
pages of this book include a very great amount of evidence—evidence that must be explained. . . 

— Judy Wood, Ph.D., Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-Energy 

Technology on 9/11, 2005 

What occurred in New York City on September 11, 2001 and remains to haunt thousands, if not 
millions, was a blatant demonstration of the destructive power of what two interfering beams 
(possibly three, the third for holograms) from directed energy weapons (DEWs) can do. 
Everything subsequently framed as the “war on terror” sabotaged the direction of the entire 
nation, and the Nazi neocons and Deep State Democrats responsible are still at large. 

The 9/11 display of power was not the first time that Americans witnessed a DEW in action 
without realizing what they were looking at, though it was, to date, the most devastating. The 
downing of Paris-bound TWA Flight 800 with 230 people on board on July 17, 1996 was also a 
scalar DEW. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) report documented dozens of 
witnesses who saw “something resembling a flare or firework ascend and culminate in an 
explosion.” As with 9/11, the initial hours after the crash were carefully controlled. 1 

Then there was the plane crash of Senator Paul Wellstone (D-MN), a member of the 
Democratic Farmer-Labor Party known to be critical of the War on Drugs preceding the War on 
Terror. When Wellstone visited Bogota, Colombia in December 2000, he was drenched in 
chemical spray while witnessing aerial fumigation of a coca field. 2 Two years later on October 
25, 2002, while investigating 9/11, he and his wife were killed in a plane crash. 

The NTSB accident report is disputed in the [2004] book American Assassination: The Strange Death of Senator Paul 
Wellstone by Don “Four Arrows” Jacobs and James H. Fetzer. The authors allege there are problems with “the official 
story” and that there is evidence of an official cover-up. One of their principal claims is that FBI personnel left the 
field office in St. Paul for northern Minnesota before the plane crashed. They propose that the plane was shot down 

with a directed-energy weapon. Snowshoe Documentary Films produced Wellstone: They Killed Him, a two-hour film 
that makes similar allegations. 3 

Then there was the space shuttle Columbia, STS-107, that blew up over Texas upon re-entry 
on February 1, 2003 after its twenty-eighth mission. A digital photograph snapped by an amateur 
San Francisco astronomer caught 

a purplish electrical bolt striking the craft as it streaked across the California sky. . .In the critical shot, a glowing 
purple rope of light corkscrews down toward the plasma tail, appears to pass behind it, then cuts sharply toward it 
from below. As it merges with the plasma trail, the streak itself brightens for a distance, then fades. 4 

In 2005, Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11 
by Judy Wood, Ph.D., closely examined how five-hundred-thousand-ton buildings a half-mile 
tall, steel girders, concrete, and people’s bodies could disintegrate to dust in eight to ten seconds: 

. . .a weapon that could produce all of the effects we saw on 9/11 would certainly not be in the public domain, no 
matter whose weapon it was . . .9/11 was the demonstration of a technology of horrendous magnitude. 5 

By means of evidentiary elimination, Wood discounts kerosene-fueled fire, thermite, and 
mini-nukes. No high heat meant it was not a laser. Next, she deduced a Hutchison Effect 6 — 
interfering microwave energies in an electrostatic field remotely introduced into a rotating 
electric field to produce a magnetic field to make molecular dissociation occur: 

By beaming a specially tuned microwave energy pulse rather than laser or infrared beams, that energy can be targeted 
within a storm’s interior . . / 

The Hutchison Effect follows from ELF (extremely low frequency) steering of radio waves, 
high voltage, and electrostatic fields that can then produce (1) levitation; (2) fusion of dissimilar 
materials, e.g., metals “melting” without burning adjacent materials like paper and trees, the 
mythologized but very real 1943 Philadelphia Experiment, the 2x4s that skewered palm trees 
during Hurricane Andrew in 1992; (3) spontaneous fracturing of metals; and (4) changes in 
crystalline structure and physical properties. 

The backup system included eleven Stealth fighters possibly loaded with DEWs and 
computer programs, and explosive charges pre-placed in the towers for a boost, 8 while off the 
coast Hurricane Erin—whipped up by chemtrails and ionospheric heaters—waited to provide yet 
more energy if needed. Thunder (evidence of an electrical field) was heard at JFK, LaGuardia, 
and Newark Airports. As each tower collapsed in seconds, the Geophysical Institute 
Magnetometer Array (GIMA) at the University of Alaska tracked the anomalous changes in the 
Earth’s magnetic field, the timing, magnitude, and relationships of fluctuations uncannily and 
clearly related to the molecular dissociation of the towers. 

Cars were on fire but not adjacent trees or paper. Thousands of pieces of paper from ground 
zero were found in Brooklyn seven miles away. People described being “picked up and moved a 
block” by black clouds that “had substance,” as if they were inside an electrical storm or 
volcano. The St. Elmo’s Fire flames were impossible to put out with water. Like lightning, St. 
Elmo’s Fire is plasma: ionized air that emits a glow like a corona discharge, luminescence 
without heat. Bluish ball-like formations were seen, the same bluish ball lightning or fire 
columns that accompany electrical tornado systems. Were artificial “tornadoes” (rotating fields) 

disintegrating the towers while plasma orbs kept an eye on the holocaust? 

Photographer David Handschuh described what he witnessed when the South Tower 

And then this noise filled the air that sounded like a high-pressure gas line had been ruptured. And it seemed to come 
from all over, not from any one direction . . .And then all of a sudden the second tower explodes. . .1 was just walking 
by myself and heard. . .another loud noise that kind of echoed the first noise . . .Looked up and OK it’s another 
aircraft. . .and the whole building was just disintegrating. 9 

Lieutenant Richard Smiouskas described a “huge volume like ten stories high billowing, 
pushing black smoke and like a glitter.’’'’ 10 

Disintegrating glass? Barium and quartz? Plasma is highly conductive and fluoresces light. 

Targeted individual Carolyn Williams Palit (whose brilliant insights I quote over and over 
but who apparently has not outlived her persecutors) believed that the two airplanes hitting the 
North and South towers were holograms projected onto plasma to cloak the missiles used. Two 
or three seconds before the missiles hit the towers, the plasmoid holograms caused a Faraday 
cabin effect (like a car hit by lightning). Palit explained the hologram process this way: Two 
plasma beams twist around each other like pearl necklaces, one beam transmitting 2D visuals of 
an airliner (like a Birkeland current), and one beam heating the chemtrails to make metal- 
induced, ionized gas plasma (like a splay-beam weapon). A third beam is added from another 
ionospheric heater installation, possibly from Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) out on 
Long Island, to complete the 3D hologram. David Masem, who worked as a Unix Systems 
Administrator at BNL 2000-2003: 

Not only does BNL have a mini-HAARP, but it also has a collider / accelerator buried in the Earth that is one mile in 
diameter with four collision detect points every quarter of a mile. I worked at the collision detect point for Project 
AEROSOL where collisions were done to determine the effects of nanoparticulates on the environment. Immediately 
after 9/11, the U.S. Navy came in and took control of BNL operations and since then has ramped up its 
nanotechnology department. The collider / accelerator at BNL or RHIC (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider) was at that 
time networked to two other collider / accelerators: CERN and another in Japan. With its close proximity to 
Manhattan, it would have been perfectly located to use its mini-HAARP steering beam as a directed energy weapon to 
further propagate 9/11. Oh, the stories I could tell you about Brookhaven National Labs would make your head spin. 11 

Thanks to post-9/11 billions 12 and the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 (Uniting and 
Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct 
Terrorism) that expanded military / intelligence surveillance and communications, Project 
Cloverleaf aerosol spraying and ionospheric heater manipulation of the atmosphere was kicked 
into high gear. 

When the electrostatically charged Ames strain of anthrax was sent through the mail to critics 
of the Bush II administration, the trail led the FBI to Battelle Memorial Institute, a CIA front 
company specializing in weapons, 13 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Under Project Jefferson 
and the CIA’s Project Clear Vision, Battelle had engineered a static charge on the anthrax so that 
the spores would float out of the opened envelope and into the air. 14 Battelle’s corporate partner 
Bioport—founded by a financier of the bin Laden family through the infamous and shadowy 
(Bush family) Carlyle Group—made multi-millions from the rush to stockpile anthrax vaccine. 
And what happened to the five Raytheon executives covering UAV [unmanned aerial vehicle] 
projects with Mode 4 or 5 upgrades? They were on AA Flights 77 and 11 and UA Flight 175 15 
and probably thought they were on a UAV test flight. 

Raytheon owned HAARP patents and figured deeply in the government terrorist event of 
September 11, 2001: 

• Raytheon oversaw the Florida flight school that trained the “hijackers” 

• Raytheon had acquired Hughes Aircraft and its fleet of A-3 Skywarriors for testing 
air-to-air and air-to-ground missile systems, guidance and EW systems for the U.S. 

Air Force, Navy, and Marines, meaning that Raytheon could have provided the AGM 
A-3 Skywarrior with Mode 4 or 5 IFF transponders that gouged the sixteen-foot hole 
through three rings of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. (No 757 could have done 

• Raytheon oversaw the flight that spirited the bin Laden family out of the country 
while all other flights were grounded. 

To accommodate the directed energy beams, a particular chemical mix had been laid in the 
atmosphere over New York City. Billy Hayes “The HAARP Man” told me that “cooking” a 
heavy chemical spray of barium nitrate, aluminum oxide, and ferrous oxide [Ba(N0 3 )2 + A10 2 + 
Fe 3 0 2 + O] can result in compounds that become highly RF (radio frequency) reactive in a 

suspension of RR-144 and RR-129 chaffs. 10 When “cooked” with specific amino acids and 
nano-silicon particulates, mini-synthetic ruby crystals are formed, which, with specific 
aminoglycosides, can cause multiple myeloma, a very rare blood plasma cancer. Quantities of 
such synthetic ruby crystals were found in the lungs of those who jumped from the Towers, and 
multiple myelomas were found among first responders: 

Many types of cancers have been reported, including leukemia and the rare disease called 
multiple myeloma. . .[Rjesearchers associated with the World Trade Center Medical Monitoring 
and Treatment Program at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine examined many sick first 
responders. One result was that they found eight times the expected level of multiple myeloma in 
people below the age of 45. 17 

Eight times. Draw a line from the symptoms and illnesses listed in this one Foreign Policy 
Journal article to the typical biological fallout from the technology in my 2014 book Chemtrails, 
HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth (2014), then follow the chemicals 
conjured from jet engines and ionospheric heaters and you arrive at the resurrection of the SSS 
Space Fence here to finalize planetary lockdown. 

My journey into “national security” technology began with this one millennial crime 
perpetrated against three thousand souls, their families, our nation, and the future of humanity 


Olympia, Washington 
May 20, 2016 

1 Dylan Stableford, “TWA Flight 800 crash not due to gas tank explosion, former investigators say.” Yahoo! News, June 18, 
2013. Later that year, American Airlines bought out TWA. 

2 Jenny O’Connor, “Colombia’s Agent Orange?” CounterPunch, October 31, 2012. Plan Colombia, begun in 2000, has cost 

the U.S. billions in the name of the Drug War. Its purpose, however—according to Peter Dale Scott’s Foreword to the 2011 book 
Cocaine, Death Squads and the War on Terror: U.S. Imperialism and Class Struggle in Colombia by Oliver Villar and Drew 
Cottle (Monthly Review Press)—is “to target specific enemies and thus ensure that the drug traffic remains under the control of 
those traffickers who are allies of the Colombian state security apparatus and/or the CIA.” 

3 Wikipedia. 

4 Sabin Russell, “S.F. man’s astounding photo / Mysterious purple streak is shown hitting Columbia 7 before it 
disintegrated.” San Francisco Chronicle, February 5, 2003. Also see Michael E. Salla, Ph.D., “Photographic Analysis Confirms 
that Space Shuttle Columbia was Destroyed by a Plasma Beam Weapon,”, October 19, 2007. 

5 Judy Wood, Ph.D. Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11. 2005. 

6 Physicist savant John Hutchison (1945-) studied Tesla’s electrogravitic and longitudinal wave work and that of Thomas 
Townsend Brown (1905-1985), George Piggott (“Overcoming Gravitation”), Francis E. Nipper (1847-1926), and Martin L. Perl 

7 Leonard David, “Taking the twist out of a twister.” Space.corn, March 3, 2000. 

8 Carolyn Williams Palit, “The Direct Energy Age.” NoExoticWarfareZone , October 2005: “The smaller beams from 
psychotronic scalar weapons being used on Americans are very related to the big holographic scalar weapons used on 9/11.” 

9 Wood, Where Did the Towers Go? 

10 Ibid. 

11 Email, October 4, 2016. 

12 Ned Resnikoff, “’Homeland Security’ has received $791 billion since 9/11.” msnbc, March 1, 2013. 

13 Bob Fitrakis, “Battelle Exposed In Anthrax Biochemical Conspiracy.”, January 14, 2002. 

14 Battelle had hired William C. Patrick III, a bioweapons expert, to study how anthrax behaves when sent through the mail. 
On August 1, 2008, Dr. Bruce E. Ivins, another anthrax suspect, was “suicided”; two months later on October 1, 2010, Patrick 
died. See Fitrakis’ “Ghoulish And Secretive Biowarfare Expert William C. Patrick III Dead,” at, October 17, 
2010 . 

15 A director of research at ECOlogic Corporation, a software engineering finn, was also on AA77. ECOlogic worked on 
data systems for NASA. 

16 “Cooking” = zapping with radio frequency or microwaves. 

17 Kevin Ryan, “Energetic Materials as a Potential Cause of the 9/11 First Responder Illnesses.” Foreign Policy Journal, 
February 4, 2011; reference to JM Moline et al., “Multiple Myeloma in World Trade Center Responders: A Case Series.” Journal 
of Occupational & Environmental Medicine 51(8): 896-902, 2009. 


Planetary Lockdown, Geoengineering and 
“The Deep State” 

Just as, at the dawning of a new geological era, the whole world collapses in a gigantic crack, 
new mountains rise up while gaping abysses open up, and new plains and seas take shape, so 
will the present structure of Europe be capsized in an immense cataclysm. . .The only chance for 
Germany to resist this pressure will be to seize the initiative and take control of the inevitable 
upheaval from which will come a new dawning of history. 

— Hermann Rauschning, Hitler Speaks / Voice of Destruction, 1939 

We’ve arranged a society on science and technology in which nobody understands anything 
about science and technology, and this combustible mixture of ignorance and power sooner or 
later is going to blow up in our faces. I mean, who is running the science and technology in a 
democracy if the people don 7 know anything about it? 

— Carl Sagan to Charlie Rose, May 27, 1996 

Before leaving office, the 44th President issued a shot over the bow of the incoming President by 
striking the word “limited” from the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), thus publicly 
reinstating the “Star Wars” program of thirty-three years ago—and on Christmas Eve, no less. 

Republican Congressman Trent Franks, who introduced and shepherded the policy changes in the House, said he drew 
inspiration from former president Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative of the 1980s, which was intended to 
use lasers and other space-based weaponry to render nuclear weapons “impotent and obsolete.” Known as “Star 
Wars,” the initiative cost taxpayers US$30 billion, but no system was ever deployed. 1 

Eighteen days later, mainstream media began normalizing the geoengineering we’ve been 
undergoing for two decades in the name of “easing climate change.” 2 Since then, space news has 
been hot and heavy: in February, increased ozone over 3.5 million square miles of the Pacific 
Ocean and the Western U.S. (“the most unusual meteorological event we’ve had in decades”); 3 
in March, “magnetized Rossby waves on the Sun” making it easier to “predict space weather 
much further in advance” (National Center for Atmospheric Research): 

On Earth, Rossby waves are associated with the path of the jet stream and the formation of low- and high-pressure 
systems, which in turn influence local weather events. 4 

In April, “Anthropogenic Weather” was finally admitted in Space Science Reviews — 

Anthropogenic effects on the space environment started in the late 19th century and reached their peak in the 1960s 
when high-altitude nuclear explosions were carried out by the USA and the Soviet Union. These explosions created 
artificial radiation belts near Earth that resulted in major damages to several satellites. . .Other anthropogenic impacts 
on the space environment include chemical release experiments, high-frequency wave heating of the ionosphere and 
the interaction of VLF waves with the radiation belts . . f (Emphasis added.) 

In May, NASA brazenly announced “a massive, human-made ‘barrier’ surrounding Earth,” a 
“humungous bubble we created out in space” deserving of “calling for a whole new geological 
epoch to be named after us.” 6 

Then on June 17, the AMC-9 satellite in geostationary orbit 36,000 kilometers above the 
Earth’s surface since 2003 lost contact with its Luxembourg-based SES telecommunications 
operator and began drifting and breaking up. Radar film footage of the moment revealed three 
orb-like objects flying near the AMC-9 in triangular formation with another orb following aft. 7 
Space situational awareness concern disseminated to the public was about the breakup debris, not 
about a possible space attack. 8 

Thirteen days later, President Trump revived the National Space Council (to be led by Vice 
President Mike Pence), 9 after which the massive $696 billion NDAA passed the U.S. House of 

Tucked in the bill is a proposal endorsed by House Armed Services Committee leaders to create a Space Corps as a 
new military branch under the umbrella of the Air Force. Rep. Mike Rogers, the Strategic Forces Subcommittee 
chairman who proposed the idea, argued that the Air Force was prioritizing its fighter jets over space, and a dedicated 
service was needed to stay ahead of China and Russia in what many see as the next frontier of warfare. 10 

The race to control space began in 1945 when Operation Paperclip 11 brought committed Nazi 
engineers, technicians, and scientists to the United States to engineer their wonders during the 
Hegelian ruse known to history as the Cold War. One example among the 10,000 Nazis who 
sought refuge in the U.S. was Arthur Rudolph, former colleague of Wemher von Braun, 
aerospace engineer and NASA director of the Marshall Space Flight Center. Rudolph had been 
director of the Mittelwerk underground rocket factory nicknamed “Dante’s Inferno” where 
52,000 prisoners turned out 6,000 V-2 rockets. From 1951 to 1961, Rudolph worked for Martin 
Marietta in Waterton, Colorado. Initially in charge of R&D for the Pershing missile, Rudolph 
became an American citizen, headed the Saturn project for NASA, and received the 
Distinguished Service Award. In 1984, he renounced his U.S. citizenship and returned to 
Germany, having faithfully served the transfer of the Third Reich to the United States. In 1995, 
Martin Marietta merged with Lockheed Corporation to form Lockheed Martin. 

Thus it was through the military-industrial complex that the Trojan horse of amoral, cryptic 
Nazism entered the naive, resource-rich United States. In short order, the National Security Act, 
formation of the CIA, and Cold War followed. Rockets, satellites, computers, MK-ULTRA brain 
engineering, and exotic propulsion craft thrust the twentieth century into the twenty-first century 
of a space age. 

The Space Age —Star Trek’s “final frontier”—began with the necessity of dominating 
airspace, the near space around the Earth, and weather. Military research into weather control 

was kept quiet throughout the Cold War while dire warnings about a “little ice age,” “greenhouse 
gases,” “desertification,” then “extreme weather,” “global warming,” and “climate change” due 
to carbons were released to keep the dollars flowing, along with showcase international 
conferences packed with Ph.D.s recommending expensive “solutions” under the rubric of 
geoengineering, the intentional human-directed manipulation of the Earth’s climatic systems 
(,Stanford Environmental Law Journal). 

The truth is that weather was to be engineered as a “force multiplier” 12 for military 
operations discussed in my previous book Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum 
Dominance of Planet Earth : (1) Weather modification, (2) environmental / geophysical 
modification, (3) electromagnetic manipulation, (4) military full spectrum dominance, (5) 
biological manipulation, (6) intelligence / surveillance, and (7) detection / obscuration of exotic 
propulsion technology. This was independent scientist Clifford Camicom’s list in his 2005 film 
Cloud Cover. Now that phase two of the ionospheric heater technology is being instituted—the 
Space Fence—I have re-configured his list to reflect some of the detail behind each operation. 
Hopefully, this book will fill in the rest. Remember: weather engineering is the sine qua non 
force multiplier that all the rest depend upon. (This list, too, will no doubt be re-configured as 
our knowledge base grows.) 


• Chemical / electromagnetic creation of plasma cirrus cloud cover 


•Manipulate the ionosphere to charge, build and steer storms over and around regions 
• Utilize droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes for environmental modification and 

disaster capitalism profits 

•Earth harvesting for REITs (real estate investment trusts) 

• Sun simulation / solar experiments 13 


• Ionization of the atmosphere 
• Plasma and antimatter “fanning” 

• Man-made Birkeland currents, Alfven “whistler” waves, rotating electrical fields (the 

Hutchison Effect), etc. 

• Holography 

• Exotic propulsion systems 


• Scalar interferometry (ionospheric heaters, lasers / masers, particle beams, HPMs, etc.) 

• Cloaking 

• Detection / obscuration of exotic propulsion systems 


• Artificial intelligence (AI) 

• Remote neural monitoring (RNM) 

• EM targeting of populations and individuals 
• 5G access to DNA 


• “Hive mind” Morgellons delivery 

• Nanoparticle delivery: sensors, microprocessors, other electro-optical technology 
• Remote genetic engineering of DNA 

• Replace Nature with virtual reality 


The Federal Government has been involved for over 30 years in a number of aspects of weather 
modification, through activities of both the Congress and the executive branch. Since 1947, 
weather modification bills pertaining to research support, operations, policy studies, 
regulations, liabilities, activity reporting, establishment of panels and committees, and 
international concerns have been introduced in the Congress. There have been hearings on many 
of these proposed measures, and oversight hearings have also been conducted on pertinent 

ongoing programs . 14 

Infiltration and co-optation, compartmentalization, nondisclosure agreements, backroom deals, 
threats, bribes, skewed research, packed peer review committees, embedded international media 
—one can only marvel at the legerdemain it takes to steer international conferences, committees, 
publishing houses, news outlets, university and elementary school curricula so as to construct a 
vast global house of cards built on turning carbons, the building blocks of all of life, into the 
cause celebre that explains away the fact that our atmosphere and weather are being modified by 
military manipulation of the ionosphere. Carbon taxes and emissions trading are quite the con, 
given that C0 2 is not far above the minimum to sustain plant life 15 and nations should be 
increasing C0 2 instead of being penalized for the C0 2 they do have. 16 

But then, the emperor wears no clothes. The first congressional report on geoengineering did 
not appear in the U.S. Congress until October 2010, just before the moratorium against 
geoengineering issued by the 10th Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological 
Diversity (COPIO) in Nagoya, Japan—a moratorium the U.S. had no intention of ratifying. 17 
Were the delegates from 193 nations aware that geoengineering had been going on in the U.S. 
and other NATO nations for well over a decade? 

Four months after the Nagoya moratorium, a geoengineered earthquake struck Japan. 

Since then, embedded media have ramped up weather confusion in the public mind, blaming 
cars and industrial pollutants while assiduously ignoring the greatest polluters and propagandists 
of all: the over-inflated American military and military-industrial-intelligence complex that runs 
it. In 2013, the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 

(IPCC) basically admitted that solar radiation management (SRM) was already underway: “If 
SRM were terminated for any reason, there is high confidence that global surface temperatures 
would rise very rapidly to values consistent with the greenhouse gas forcing.” 18 

Greenhouse gas forcing is the least of our worries. What about a technological military in 
service to the Deep State now subjecting our atmosphere to full spectrum dominance? 

Now and then, scientists like CERN particle physicist Jasper Kirby 19 and NASA Goddard 
Space Flight Center heliophysicist Douglas E. Rowland (“There’s different kinds of chemtrails, 
as you probably know” 20 ) leak a tantalizing tidbit about what is really going on, but it is always 
tacitly ignored by mainstream media. An Italian senator calls for declassification of chemtrail 
documents, 21 a Cyprus agriculture and environment minister pledges to look into “chemtrails” 
a.k.a. aerial spraying 22 —and then, nothing. 

Over and over again, agents and agencies near the hub of the “climate change” mafia 
(NASA, NOAA, EPA, IPCC, etc.) are caught lying, but embedded media roll on. NASA 
proclaimed July 2012 to be the hottest month on record and NOAA’s National Climatic Data 
Center agreed: the July 2012 temperature average of 77.6°F was 3.3°F above the twentieth- 
century average and 0.2°F above the previously warmest July of 1936 (during the Dust Bowl 
years). However, when meteorologist Anthony Watts checked NOAA data, he found July 1936 
had been reinstated as the hottest month on record. “You can’t get any clearer proof of NOAA 
adjusting past temperatures,” Watts wrote. “This isn’t just some issue with gridding, or 
anomalies, or method, it is about NOAA not being able to present historical climate information 
of the United States accurately. . .This is not acceptable. It is not being honest with the public. It 
is not scientific. It violates the Data Quality Act.” 23 

David L. Lewis, Ph.D., a former microbiologist for the EPA’s Office of Research & 
Development, wrote in Science For Sale: Flow the Government Uses Powerful Corporations and 
Leading Universities to Support Government Policies, Silence Top Scientists, Jeopardize Our 
Health, and Protect Corporate Profits (Skyhorse Publishing, 2014) that EPA leadership 
consistently “mishandles science.” One bizarre incident among many: in 2003, former Acting 
Assistant Administrator Henry L. Longest II made mid-level EPA managers read management 
consultant Margaret Wheatley’s Turning to One Another, which urged environmentalists “to 
abandon Western science in favor of ‘New Science’. . .the ‘space of not knowing’ and the 
‘abyss.’ While passing through the abyss, new scientists shed their religious beliefs and sexual 
inhibitions, then turn to one another.” 24 Managerial candidates were then required to fill out a 
confidential questionnaire about their promiscuity, religion, morality, and willingness to keep 

What exactly was the EPA up to in the Bush II years? What is the EPA, really? 

Beyond the usual arsenal of propaganda, manipulation of international convocations, sexual 
confessions to forge bonds of secrecy, and blackmailing nations with geoengineered weather 
threats, is the possibility of outright murder. U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) fought 
hard for HR2977, the 2001 Space Preservation Act “revised” and stalled in committee after 
committee before its final death. Were the deaths of Kucinich’s fifty-two-year-old younger 
brother (December 19, 2007) and his forty-eight-year-old sister (acute respiratory distress 
syndrome, November 12, 2008) natural? On August 9, 2010, U.S. Senator Ted Stevens (Alaska) 
was investigating HAARP at the request of Alaskan bush pilot Theron “Terry” Smith when their 
aircraft crashed, killing Stevens and Smith but not NASA administrator Sean O’Keefe, who was 
also on board. Smith’s son-in-law had been killed just days before in a C-17 crash at Elmendorf 
Air Force Base. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) blamed the crash on the 

pilot’s “temporary unresponsiveness for reasons that could not be established.” 25 

Strange purges are also underway. Canada has dismissed two thousand scientists and 
hundreds of programs that monitored smoke stack emissions, food inspections, oil spills, water 
quality, climate change, etc. while closing seven of the eleven Fisheries and Oceans libraries: 

. . .a document classified as “secret” that was obtained by Postmedia News mentioned “culling of materials” as a main 
activity in the reduction of libraries. . .reports have emerged of books being strewn across floors and even piled into 
dumpsters. 26 

Thus it is that decades of subterfuge, manipulation, extreme weather experiments, murder 
and mayhem have preceded the present normalization of geoengineering, and all in full view of 
nations of citizens who no longer believe in their own perceptions and intuitions. With 
operational weather weapons and the Space Fence in place, globalists are ready to further subject 
nations to the will of the United Nations instrument. 


The participation of the U.S. and. China is significant, as the two account for more than 40 
percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. The agreement goes into force once 55 countries 
accounting for at least 55 percent of global emissions officially sign. . .Parties to the agreement 
will still have to go through the process of joining the agreement, which for most will require 
processes of approval in their home countries . . , 27 

On Earth Day 2016, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change agreement 
was signed after being hammered out at multiple conferences culminating in the COP 2 i in Paris 
(November 30-December 11, 2015). The 2011 UN Climate Change Conference (COP17) in 
Durban, South Africa had attempted to include an International Tribunal of Climate Justice 
provision, 28 but by COP21, it was no more. 

It was quite a show. Climate mouthpieces had been carefully chosen—the IPCC, 
geoengineers David Keith and Ken Caldeira, prestigious university Ph.D.s, embedded NGOs, 
government agencies, the World Ra nk and IMF, and of course the usual Wall Street-London 
deep pockets. Scriptwriters worked overtime on the fate of the Earth as cameras panned in on 
lightning flashes, rolling storms, deluges and droughts, crying babies, hospital emergency rooms 
filled to overflowing. . .The UN was to be tasked with vast new tax and regulatory powers in the 
name of keeping global warming below 2°C. 

A quieter UN meeting had taken place in New York City two months before COP21: the 
Sustainable Development Summit concentrating on UN Agenda 2030 (Agenda 21 renamed) that 
would coordinate with the carbons scam to turn nationhood into a mere environmental address: 

To cheers, applause and probably a tinge of relief, the 17 global goals that will provide the blueprint for the world’s 
development over the next 15 years were ratified by UN member states in New York on Friday. After speeches from 
Pope Francis and the Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, and songs from Shakira and Angelique Kidjo, the ambitious 
agenda — which aims to tackle poverty, climate change and inequality for all people in all countries — was signed off 
by 193 countries at the start of a three-day UN summit on sustainable development . . . The global goals summit 
continues until Sunday, after which all eyes will be on the UN climate talks in November. Asked if the goals will be 
scuppered without a strong deal in Paris [COP21], Mogens Lykketoft, the president of the UN general assembly, was 
hesitant, saying leaders were making more commitments than they were in previous COP meetings. “From what we 
know and hope for, we will be approaching a better deal.” 29 

Weather warfare technology was the teeth Agenda 2030 had been waiting for (and surely 
why developing nations had sought to include an International Tribunal of Climate Justice). 
Immediately after the two conferences, the Dutch Defence Joint Meteorological Group (JMG) 
took the lead “in providing weather forecasts for every exercise or deployment of [NATO’s] 
Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF).” 30 “Weather forecasts” were duly added to the 
Orwellian dictionary. 

To be fair, some academics have pondered how exactly the naked emperor will remove C0 2 
from the atmosphere “using an infrastructure we don’t have and with technology that won’t work 
on the scale we need, and finally to store it in places we can’t find”’ 1 ? Many see the carbon 
solution for what it is: a ploy for raking in disaster capitalist cash—$90 trillion in energy 
infrastructure investments, $1 trillion green bond market, multi-trillion-dollar carbon trading 
market, $391 billion climate finance industry. 3 - The UN Green Climate Fund alone will clear 
$100 billion per year, purportedly to support concrete carbons mitigation in developing 
countries, but will the money ever make it to those nations after filtering through multilateral and 
private banks like World Bank and Deutsche Bank 33 ? After all, the naked emperor is not known 
for keeping his promises . . . 

Traditional bureaucratic foundations like Ford, Rockefeller and Carnegie were said to be giving way to 
“philanthrocapitalism,” a muscular new approach to charity in which the presumed entrepreneurial skills of 
billionaires would be applied to the world’s most pressing challenges . . . 34 

Hopefully, like the slow and steady tortoise that wins the race, the public is awakening to the dismal fact that its 
institutions, agencies, universities, laboratories, and courts obey the very powers that have milked public assets dry. 
Worker and food safety, gone. Bill of Rights, gone. Environmental protections, gone. Soon, the Trans-Pacific 
Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) or facsimiles thereof will lock in 
corporate feudalism under oligarchic world rule as billionaire Good Club ' 3 members establish more and more “brain 
institutes” to support Brain Initiative neuroscience in service to a Transhumanist future. 36 


For two decades, independent scientists and the science-minded have been attempting to sound 
the alarm regarding what is going on in our skies and low-earth orbit as university lab scientists 
buckle to military grants intent on weaponizing everything under the Sun, if not the Sun itself. 
Rutgers University climatologist Alan Robock relates how CIA-funded consultants asked him 
two questions: If we control someone else’s climate, would they know about it? and Would 
climate experts be able to determine if another nation was attempting to control the climate? The 
CIA—not exactly known for being forthcoming—has funded multiple grants, National Academy 
of Sciences reports like “Climate Intervention: Carbon Dioxide Removal and Reliable 
Sequestration” (154 pages) and “Climate Intervention: Reflecting Sunlight to Cool Earth” (234 
pages), 37 and defense contractors (Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, L3, SAIC, etc.) to aggressively 
do whatever it takes to quietly develop geoengineering and the Space Fence while keeping the 
public ignorant of both—especially when it comes to those pesky chemtrails activists. From CIA 
Document 1035-960: 

(3)(b) To employ propaganda assets to [negate] and refute the attacks of the critics. Book reviews and feature articles 
are particularly appropriate for this purpose. The unclassified attachments to this guidance should provide useful 
background material for passing to assets. Our ploy should point out, as applicable, that the critics are (I) wedded to 
theories adopted before the evidence was in, (II) politically interested, (III) financially interested, (IV) hasty and 
inaccurate research, or (V) infatuated with their own theories. 38 

It should therefore not be surprising to learn that the peer review system has been co-opted to 
banish those theories and scientists who don’t “play ball” to the outer darkness of non- 
publication, stonewalled careers, and worse. Nobel Laureate biologist Sydney Brenner: 

I think peer review is hindering science. In fact, I think it has become a completely corrupt system. It’s corrupt in 
many ways, in that scientists and academics have handed over to the editors of these journals the ability to make 
judgment on science and scientists. There are universities in America, and I’ve heard from many committees, that 
won’t consider people’s publications in low impact factor journals. . .it puts the judgment in the hands of people who 
really have no reason to exercise judgment at all. And that’s all been done in the aid of commerce, because they are 
now giant organizations making money out of it. 39 

“Powerful orthodoxy against a marginalized heterodoxy” is how Charles Eisenstein describes 
the opposition to cutting-edge Electric Universe scientists: 

If you have faith in the soundness of our scientific institutions, you will assume that the dissidents are marginalized 
for very good reason: their work is substandard. If you believe that the peer review process is fair and open, then the 
dearth of peer-reviewed citations for [Electric Universe] research is a damning indictment of their theory. And if you 
believe that the corpus of mainstream physics is fundamentally correct, and that science is progressing closer and 
closer to truth, you will be highly skeptical of any major departure from standard theories. . .Can we trust scientific 
consensus? Can we trust the integrity of our scientific institutions? Perhaps not. Over the last few years, a growing 
chorus of insider critics have been exposing serious flaws in the ways that scientific research is funded and published, 
leading some to go so far as to say, “Science is broken.” 40 

Between 1973 and 2013, six major publishers decided which scientific papers merited 
publication and which didn’t (ACS; Reed Elsevier; Sage; Taylor & Francis; Springer; and Wiley- 
Blackwell). All were in the back pocket of Big Pharma and the medical industry, which, like the 
CIA, NASA, EPA, etc., are not what they seem: 

“As long as publishing in high impact factor journals is a requirement for researchers to obtain positions, research 
funding, and recognition from peers, the major commercial publishers will maintain their hold on the academic 
publishing system,” added [Professor Vincent Lariviere, lead author of the study from the University of Montreal’s 
School of Library and Information Science]. 41 

The danger quotient for scientists working on classified projects is greater than just being 
stripped of their career and livelihood. In the early days of the “Star Wars” Strategic Defense 
Initiative (SDI) now culminating in the Space Fence, two dozen scientists and experts working 
for Marconi and Plessey Defence Systems either disappeared or died under “mysterious 
circumstances.” Most were microbiologists. The scientist death toll continued into the 1990s and 
post-9/11. 42 Now, the targets appear to be naturopathic doctors and health-minded MDs peering 
behind the curtains of Big Pharma vaccinations, autism, and cancer-for-profit. 43 


We are a long way from President Kennedy’s Space Age dreams and resolution to put an end to 
chemical polluters and the destruction of soil and biodiversity. Former U.S. Secretary of Defense 
Ashton B. Carter had a doctorate in physics from Oxford University, and with the stroke of a 
presidential pen on Thanksgiving 2015, the U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness 
Act (HR2262) a.k.a. Space Act of 2015 thumbed its nose at the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 and 
erased whatever fleeting separation was left between the militarizing of space and corporations 

bent on making profits from space-based mining of asteroids and the helium-3 isotope on the 

Now that weather can be technically engineered, it is no longer an environmental issue but a 
political and economic one. Take, for instance, the North American Climate, Clean Energy, and 
Environment Partnership Action Plan signed in June 2016 by Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. The 
“sustainable future” for these three nations appears to be as some sort of geographic hemispheric 
union, as prophesied by Hillary Clinton in 2013. 44 The Partnership Action Plan Leaders 
Statement describes it like this: 

Our actions to align climate and energy policies will protect human health and help level the playing field for our 
businesses, households, and workers. . .that sets us firmly on the path to a more sustainable future. 4 " 1 

In Orwellian, “protect human health” translates to Big Pharma vaccinations for all, and “level 
the playing field” to the evaporating middle class, while sustainable future is something like the 
“free-range totalitarianism” coined by investment analyst Catherine Austin Fitts—cheaper by far 
than rounding people up in camps. 

And what are we to believe and not believe about the terra incognita of space, now that U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff 
Chairman General Henry H. Shelton has confessed that a crucial component of the military doctrine of full spectrum 
dominance is the use of deception to “defend decision-making processes by neutralizing an adversary’s perception 
management and intelligence collection efforts” 46 ? In 2015, the twin LIGOs (Laser Interferometer-Gravitational wave 
Observatory) were said to have detected a gravitational wave generated by two merging black holes at a distance of 
1.3 billion light years. 4 But do “gravitational waves” and “black holes” even exist? And what were the asteroid-type 
objects near Uranus that the ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) telescope in Chile detected? 48 

Meanwhile on planet Earth, the price tag for the American military machine in 2016 was 
$573 billion (not counting the “black budget”), and propaganda continues to frame extreme 
weather as “acts of God” due to “climate change,” while the truth is that weather events are 
being generated by exceedingly sophisticated electromagnetic technology. Hurricanes, 
tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and droughts dominate world news, with FEMA and military 
security forces descending upon one shattered community after another, real estate agents 
brokering giveaway property purchases in the wake of disaster after disaster, and insurance 
companies suing towns for failure to prepare for “climate change.” 49 

Geoengineering is a profit-maker for disaster capitalists and a force-multiplier for the 

The SSS (Space Surveillance System) Space Fence has been constructed by NATO interests. 
It is a global surveillance machine with many parts above and below the firmament to provide 
real full spectrum dominance not just of weather and the near-earth environment but of the entire 
biosphere down to the DNA level— for generations. 

But despite it all, we must continue to educate ourselves regarding the wireless antenna 
atmosphere we now breathe and learn how the Star Wars II Space Fence operates for the sake of 
our own survival and that of the generations still coming. Hopefully, Under An Ionized Sky: 
From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown will give you a leg up as to how the present Space 
Age has been quietly built around and in us for the sake of a Transhumanist Space Age. 

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Few in the civil sector fully understand that geoengineering is primarily a military science and 
has nothing to do with either cooling the planet or lowering carbon emissions. While seemingly 
fantastical, weather has been weaponised. At least four countries — U.S., Russia, China and 
Israel—possess the technology and organization to regularly alter weather and geologic events 
for various military and black operations, which are tied to secondary objectives, including 
demographic, energy ; and agricultural resource management. 

Indeed, warfare now includes the technological ability to induce, enhance or direct cyclonic 
events, earthquakes, drought and flooding, including the use ofpolymerized aerosol viral agents 
and radioactive particulates carried through global weather systems. Various themes in public 
debate, including global warming, have unfortunately been subsumed into much larger military 
and commercial objectives that have nothing to do with broad public environmental concerns. 
These include the gradual warming of polar regions to facilitate naval navigation and resource 

— Matt Andersson, former executive adviser, aerospace & defense, Booz Allen Hamilton, 



Project Cloverleaf 

Controlling the weather has been a goal of industrialists for 150 years or more. But it was not 
until the availability of vast numbers ofjet aircraft that made it possible to replace huge sections 
of the atmosphere with chemicals to control the flow of air and moisture. This is not advanced 
technology but more like farming the sky with a million tractors. True advanced technology 
would not require aerosols to produce “climate change. ”It’s brute force climate manipulation 
for which secrecy cannot be maintained without threatening the potential whistleblower. Now 
that the public has increasingly realized the climate change cover-up, the media looks more and 
more foolish in their attempt to protect the masters. 

— Harold Saive, 

As early as 1990, weather force specialists at the U.S. Air Force Academy were hard at work 
studying how to chemically mix and lay “aerial obscuration” they called “chemtrails.” Project 
Cloverleaf began quietly enough (as all classified projects do) with the 1994 Hughes Aircraft 
patent for Welsbach Seeding For Reduction of Global Warming. Welsbach seeding called for 
spreading highly reflective materials in the atmosphere to reflect back into space 1-2 percent of 
incoming sunlight and thus slow down “global warming.” However, it was also about beginning 
to create a more conductive atmosphere in preparation for Bernard Eastlund’s High-frequency 
Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) already under construction in Alaska. The reflective 
material (~10 microns) to be added to jet auxiliary fuel tanks was the highly conductive 
compound aluminum oxide (A1 2 0 3 ). The jet’s main tanks would be reserved for takeoff and 
landing, and the auxiliary loaded with A1 2 0 3 for cruising altitude. Lawrence Livermore National 
Labs priced the program at US$1 billion per annum (in 1994 dollars). 

By the late 1990s, aerial grids were being laid over chosen regions and cities of the U.S. and 
other NATO nations. In 1996, the military went public with two documents that obliquely 
referenced what Cloverleaf was up to: the Pentagon paper “Weather as a Force Multiplier: 
Owning the Weather in 2025” in Air Force 2025, 1 which called the chemical whitening effect 
“cirrus shielding”; and U.S. Space Command’s Vision for 2020 calling for full spectrum 
dominance of space, land, sea, and air. 2 

Air traffic controllers (ATC) at major airports were coached to re-route commercial air traffic 
around military craft engaged in “classified aerial operations” at 37,000-40,000 feet. ATC radar 
revealed a haze of aluminum and barium—A1 2 0 3 for solar radiation management (SRM) 

geoengineering, barium stearate Ba(C 18 H 35 0 2 )2 for lubrication, radar imaging, and high- 
powered RF-microwave beam weapons. 

A wide range of particles could be released into the stratosphere to achieve the SRM objective of scattering sunlight 
back to space. Sulfates and nanoparticles currently favored for SRM include sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, 
carbonyl sulfide, black carbon, and specially engineered discs composed of metallic aluminum, aluminum oxide and 
barium titanate. In particular, engineered nanoparticles are considered very promising. The particles would utilize 
photophoretic and electromagnetic forces to self-levitate above the stratosphere. These nanoparticles would remain 
suspended longer than sulfate particles, would not interfere with stratospheric chemistry, and would not produce acid 
rain. However, while promising, the self-levitating nanodisc has not been tested to verify efficacy, may increase ocean 
acidification due to atmospheric C0 2 entrapment, has uncharacterized human health and environmental impacts, and 

may be prohibitively expensive. 3 

The truth is that the 10 billion SRM discs 10 micrometers across and 50 nanometers thick are 
engineered with a core of aluminum, a top layer of aluminum oxide, and a bottom layer of 
barium titanate—aluminum to reflect heat up, heavier barium purportedly to push the discs up 
( photophoresis ). Introduce a magnetic component, then spray, and the nanoparticles will follow 
the Earth’s magnetic field into the upper atmosphere. 

By 1998, the Ontario Ministry of Environment (Canada) found 7X the safe limit for 
aluminum in rainwater samples. More and more citizens complained of sudden headaches, joint 
pains, dizziness, fatigue, acute asthma, gastrointestinal pain, coughs, and feverless flu symptoms. 

In 2000, Cloverleaf went public in an offhand way with a comment from an anonymous 
airline executive to independent scientist Clifford Carnicom, then the most visible scientist 
collecting data on the aerosol fallout over northern New Mexico. According to this “Deep 
Throat,” the purpose of Cloverleaf was “to allow commercial airlines to assist in releasing these 
chemicals into the atmosphere.” 4 Military jets simply could not keep up with the “global 
dimming” now called solar radiation management (SRM), so the entire airline industry was 
being drafted in the name of national security. 


The deeper one probes Project Cloverleaf technology, the more obvious it becomes that cosmic 
processes are being manipulated and employed. For example, Eastlund’s last patent, published 
on October 11, 2007, claims that HF ionospheric heaters can create artificial plasma 3, regions in 
the atmosphere by means of cosmic particle ignition —sort of like “hot spots”—utilizing 
“ionization trails of cosmic rays and micro-meteors,” thus lowering the power requirements for 
telecommunications, weather control, lightning protection, and defense applications. 6 Dam up 
one of the five atmospheric rivers of vapor in each hemisphere—rivers 420-480 miles wide, two 
miles above the Earth—and move 340 pounds of water per second toward the poles. Convert the 
flow to electricity and steer the jet stream to dump masses of rain on a pre-designated geographic 
area, such as Storm Fra nk in England in December 2015. 7 

Even the Sun can be influenced: 

. . .the HF modulation transmitted by HAARP in the ionosphere causes an Alfven (whistler) wave generation, which 
in turn creates an ELF harmonic in the Earth’s atmosphere. This Alfven wave generation can also induce solar activity 
due to the quantum vibration (sympathetic resonance) between the two bodies. This is exactly what Tesla was 
referring to when he stated, man could tap the Breast of Mother Sun and release her energy toward Earth as needed— 
magnetic as well as light.” We’re seeing the future. 8 

But then, there may be blowback chalked up to “climate change”: 

It’s as if global warming were ringing the Earth’s atmosphere like some great, cacophonous alarm bell. The upper 
level zonal winds are swinging wildly from record high positive anomalies to record low negative anomalies. . .And 
the Jet Stream now has redefined all boundaries—flowing at times from the East Siberian Sea in the Arctic across the 
Equator and all the way south to West Antarctica. 9 

Today, we can count more than 260 SDI-inspired installations around the world, all engaged, 
to one degree or another, in ULF/ELF modulation and manipulation of the ionospheric 
fluctuation known as the auroral jet (electrojet), where the Van Allen Radiation Belts—the shell 
of our magnetosphere—intersect our atmosphere. Even before Project Cloverleaf was activated 
and HAARP built, a network of ionospheric heaters already existed. 

The first ionospheric heaters like the Arecibo Radio Telescope (“The Pit”) in Puerto Rico 
(1963), the Platteville Atmospheric Observatory in Platteville, Colorado, and EISCAT (European 
Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association) in Tromso, Norway (1981) initially concentrated on 
interfering high-frequency radio waves for earth-penetrating tomography. The Pit is still the 
largest dish antenna in the world with three radar transmitters with an ERP of 20 TW 10 at 
2380MHz, 2.5 TW (pulse peak) at 430MHz, and 300MW at 47MHz. 

Just before HAARP was shut down in summer 2013, the Pit ionospheric heater was 

“It is basically the same as HAARP for the science, except that HAARP was in the Auroral Region, where the physics 
of the ionosphere is quite different with all the energetic particles and magnetic fields,’’ Penn State Electrical 
Engineering Professor Jim Breakall, WA3FET, told ARRL. . .The National Science Foundation and Cornell 
University, which previously operated Arecibo Observatory, contracted with Penn State’s Electrical Engineering 
Department to construct the “new and enhanced’’ HF ionospheric instrument. It will be used to study the interaction 
between HF radio energy and ionospheric plasma. 11 

The Platteville Observatory supposedly shut down in 1984 and is now being used for “wind 
profiling.” EISCAT oversees three incoherent scatter radar systems at 224MHz and 931MHz in 
Northern Scandinavia, and one at 500MHz at EISCAT Space Centre in Svalbard. Additional 
receiver stations are located in Sodankyla, Finland and Kiruna, Sweden, transmitting 10MW 
with an antenna gain of 35 decibels (dB) producing an ERP of 32 billion watts. EISCAT is 
funded and operated by research institutes and councils of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, 
China, the UK, France, and Germany, 12 and has recently been recalibrated to serve lower-earth 
orbit (LEO) Space Fence surveillance. 

As for how ionospheric heaters work, picture focused radio waves generated by phased-array 
radar units striking a targeted area in the ionosphere to ionize (heat) electrons. HAARP’s 
ionospheric research instrument (IRI) was constructed with 180 antenna towers in a grid of 
fifteen columns and twelve rows, with two dipole antennas atop each tower. Beneath the array 
are transmitter shelters, each housing twelve diesel-powered transmitters capable of generating 
10,000 watts of RF power each with an ability to focus 3.6 billion watts on a single point. 
Steering this focus and its pulse transmission agility constitutes the secret power of HAARP, 
according to Eastlund. 

Once the electrons in the ionosphere are ionized, they twirl down the magnetic lines of force 
conjoining with Birkeland currents, ready to be steered by various radar instruments for a variety 
of military-industrial-intelligence C4 operations ( command, control, communications, and 
cyberwarfare), including moving and enhancing weather systems, stimulating seismic plates to 

generate earthquakes, tomographic penetration of regions of the Earth for mineral or oil 
exploitation, discovery of underground installations, etc. 

The process is not unlike sonar’s ability to produce a radar-like echo. Tune the ground 
mechanism—the phased-array antennas laid out in a hexagonal grid following large copper 
cables buried underground—to produce a standing sky wave that will echo back as a ground 
wave to be steered and relayed for military operations. HAARP’s IRI was thus able to create a 
“virtual antenna” in the sky called an Ionospheric Alfven Resonator (IAR). Properly activated, 
Alfven waves (whistlers) 13 and magnetosonic (MS) waves in the magnetosphere create a 
standing wave between the ionosphere and our troposphere that radiates extremely low 
frequency (ELF) signals around the globe—signals that can be heard in the deepest depths of the 
oceans. 14 This resonance of standing oscillations “behave as strings with the ends fixed in the 
ionosphere.” 15 (Thus, the acronym HAARP.) By constantly priming our atmosphere with 
conductive metal particulates, a virtual antenna for C4 military operations is thus maintained. 

Compare a Space Fence around the Earth with NASA’s plan to build a de facto 
magnetosphere around Mars to protect it from solar wind and debris until a new atmosphere 
forms. 10 Referencing a 2002 paper, 17 Chris Fontenot says NASA’s plan for Mars is entirely 
possible, thanks to Alfven waves: 

This technology involves Alfven wave modulation via HF perturbation by ionospheric heaters located around our 
planet. The notion of increasing the magnetic field of Mars through a similar process isn’t far-fetched in the least. 
These Alfven waves are responsible for Earth’s magnetic field strength: a naturally occurring process normally fueled 
by solar activity. 

HAARP created the consummate standing sky wave. In HAARP’s backyard, Nick Begich 
and Jeane Manning explained it twenty years ago in Angels Don’t Play This HAARP : 

This invention provides the ability to put unprecedented amounts of power in the Earth’s atmosphere at strategic 
locations and to maintain the power injection level, particularly if random pulsing is employed, in a manner far more 
precise and better controlled than heretofore accomplished by the prior art. . .[T]he goal is to learn how to manipulate 
the ionosphere on a more grand scale than the Soviet Union could do with its similar facilities. HAARP [is] the largest 
ionospheric heater in the world, located at a latitude most conducive to putting Eastlund’s invention into practice. 18 
[Emphasis added.] 

In fact, HAARP’s effective radiative power (ERP) is so great that when its beam intersects 
with just one other ionospheric heater beam in the Schumann resonance range of 7-8Hz, the 
entire ionosphere “rings.” 

Between HAARP’s closure in 2013 and reopening in 2015, 19 its IRI phased array was re¬ 
calibrated to synchronize with the vast ground-based network being tuned to resonate with the 
Space Fence infrastructure, from ionospheric heaters (including many now mobile 20 ) to ELF 
receivers, digital HF ionosondes, magnetometers, photometers, VLF sounders and VHF 
riometers, HF receivers, HF/VHF radars, optical imagers, rockets with “particle beams and 
accelerators aboard (e.g., EXCEDE and CHARGE IV), and shuttle- or satellite-borne RF 
transmitters (e.g., WISP and ACTIVE),” and sounding rockets probing heated regions of the 
ionosphere and dropping “chemical releases” for “space-based efforts.” 21 

The June 6, 1995 “HAARP Research and Applications Executive Summary” 22 put out by the 
Technical Information Division of the Naval Research Laboratory makes it clear that HAARP 
was always about the military commitment to controlling the ionosphere so as to generate plasma 
“lenses” 23 capable of focusing large amounts of HF energy at high altitude, triggering 

ionospheric processes in the lower atmosphere, etc. Drawing powering ions from the upper into 
the lower atmosphere was exactly what the 1980s SDIprogram lacked. 

The heart of the program will be the development of a unique ionospheric heating capability to conduct the pioneering 
experiments required to adequately assess the potential for exploiting ionospheric enhancement technology for DOD 
(Dept, of Defense) purposes. . ,[S]uch a research facility will provide the means for investigating the creation, 
maintenance, and control of a large number and wide variety of ionospheric processes that, if exploited, could provide 
significant operational capabilities and advantages over conventional C3 systems. 

. . .By exploring the properties of the auroral ionosphere as an active, non-linear medium, the primary energy of 
the HF transmitter which is confined to a frequency range of 2.8 to 10 MHz can be down-converted to infra-red and 
visible photons. As a result, the HAARP HF transmitter can generate sources for remote sensing and communications 
spanning sixteen decades 24 in frequency?' [Emphasis added.] 

“Sixteen orders of magnitude” point to HAARP’s unique power for manifold operations. As 
Jerry Smith (1950-2010) commented in HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon : 

This shows the deliberate misdirection of the current HAARP literature, which does all it can to downplay the true 
power of this transmitter in terms of what it can affect. By being able to rebroadcast anywhere in the non-ionizing 
(non-radioactive) segment of the electromagnetic spectrum, with a potential re-radiated broadcast power equal to, if 
not greater than, all the TV and radio stations of the world combined, the HAARP array is utterly in a class of its own. 
Frankly, its potential exceeds the imaginations of many science fiction writers working today. 26 

In summary, with 1.7 gigawatts (billions) ERP and a frequency range of l-15MHz 
(millions), HAARP was able to turn the electrojet 27 into a virtual antenna with radio wave 
“mirrors” (ionospheric lenses) for long-range, over-the-horizon HF/VHF/UHF operations. With 
the lower atmosphere ionized, all the military had to do was tune the HAARP instrument with 
one or two other radar beams at other longitudes / latitudes, lay “chaff’ loaded with conductive 
metal nanoparticulates, and whip up a hurricane, earthquake, drought, or flood—or even a 
directed energy event like 9/11. 

In Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, I discuss a few 
such “acts of God.” Over the past two decades, hundreds of experiments have been conducted 
under cover of “global warming” and “climate change.” For example, Hurricane Sandy on 
October 29, 2012, a real Halloween superstorm that inflicted $71 billion in damage on the Ports 
of New York and New Jersey and killed 159 people. Sandy’s size and path were “unusual”: 

After moving north from the tropical waters where it spawned, Sandy turned out to sea before hooking back west, 
growing in size and crashing head-on into the East Coast, gaining strength when it merged with an eastbound mid¬ 
latitude storm. . .“These events are somewhat rare in occurrence, but they do exist in nature,” [William Lau, research 
scientist at University of Maryland’s Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center and senior scientist emeritus at 
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center] said. “While they’re turning about each other, they interact. One just took the 
energy from the other.” 28 

Sandy’s “turn out to sea” was to pick up more power from a storm system created in the 
South Atlantic and pinned offshore for the occasion. Sandy provided the model for dozens of 
generously funded simulations at NASA Goddard to study what thus far had been learned from 
Project Stormfury—for example, how warmer ocean-generated storms are 50-160 percent more 
destructive than Sandy. 29 

Sometimes, signs of EM pulsing of frequencies can also be observed, as in this September 21, 2017 South Sandwich Islands, 
Antarctica photograph by V. Susan Ferguson 

Three years to the month after Sandy was built off the Atlantic coast, Hurricane Patricia was 
built off the Pacific coast; in February 2016 Cyclone Winston devastated Fiji as the most potent 
cyclone on record in the southwest Pacific; in April 2016 Cyclone Fantala was the strongest 
kn own storm in the Indian Ocean. 

NBC News hailed Patricia as “the strongest storm ever measured.” Mexico was warned of 
possible thirty-nine-foot waves, flash floods, and mudslides, and 15,000 tourists were evacuated 
from Puerto Vallarta to Jalisco state before the storm made landfall. On Friday, October 23, 
Patricia’s cyclonic winds were at a frenzied pitch. The sea surged, the rain poured. Four hours 
after landfall and still moving east, Patricia dropped from a Category 5 to a Category 1, with 
much of the moisture that would have fed Patricia electromagnetically sent north and east up to 
Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Oregonian Ann Fillmore, Ph.D., described it this way while 
viewing a satellite map: 

. . .first the storm system that appeared on radar to be coming over OR/WA was shown to have more umph and wet 
stuff in it than the hurricane heading into Mexico. It has literally exploded with rain over NE Washington and Idaho, 
or so radar says. Now watch what should have been an instant pop-up hurricane off the Mexican coast. Yes! It is 
there, and then it is not there. Even the rain in it is gone. The rain that is now heading into TX is really not an 
extension of the so-called hurricane. It is simply another pop-up stonn generated over the desert of Mexico. There are 
other small ‘hurricane-like’ entities over the Pacific, but they seem to be stuck in one spot. I’m surprised the guys who 
made all of this bizarre staff didn’t sign their names to it. Superbly done, guys! Wow! 30 

Texas and Louisiana prepared for Patricia to be amped up by El Nino, the jetstream lobe, and 
warm moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. But when Patricia moved past Guadalajara, she just— 
died. Was Patricia about powering a hurricane up in the presence of El Nino, then stopping it 
dead in its tracks? 


I draw your attention to the little known fact that particulate plumes can also increase the 
regional surface temperature at great distances from the plume, which is a totally 

counterintuitive result in that particulates reduce the level of solar radiation reaching the 
Earth’s surface and would be expected to have a cooling effect. The CCS Program however 
states that by the year 2100 short-lived gases and particles may account for as much as 40 
percen t of the warming over the summertime con tinental United States. 

— Geophysicist Keith Potts, C0P21 

Like a vast, random experiment targeting the environment with health doomed to be collateral 
damage, chemicals have been released into the air, soil, and water since nineteenth-century 
industrialism. While some may shrug that the aerial release of chemical nanoparticles and nano¬ 
sensors, microprocessors, and biologicals under the classified Project Cloverleaf is just more of 
the same, nanoparticles able to breach the blood-brain barrier make it uniquely diabolical, as 
does the global conspiracy of power to turn the entire planet into an electromagnetic grid and 
plug everyone into it. War has gone corporate and all of life reframed as a battlespace of 
disposable noncombatants (civilians) redefined as potential “terrorists.” The military is no longer 
a protector but partnered with giant transnational corporations and wealthy dynastic cartels like 
that of Big Phanna and Big Oil. 

Fertilizers and pesticides, bombs, “medicine,” and jet fuel additives all flow from the self- 
serving chemical industry of Dow, Monsanto, Siemens, Eli Lilly, Sandoz, Bayer, I.G. Farben, 
etc. During World War II, I.G. Farben provided nickel, aluminum, and magnesium for Nazi 
Heinkel and Junkers Stuka bombers, along with fuel, oil, and phosphorous incendiaries. 31 Today, 
they support chemical warfare against society. Monsanto developed its aluminum-resistant 
“Terminator” seed in step with the Welsbach patent and Cloverleaf jets furrowing the sky and 
sowing A1 2 0 3 combustion chemicals in soil, oceans, rivers, water reservoirs, gills and lungs. Big 
Pharma corporations boost cancer, legislate for more vaccinations, and pay off physicians to ply 
Americans with one drug after another. Like Monsanto seed, fertilizers, and pesticides, “mood 
stabilizers” and vaccines are designed to work synergistically with the chemicals and 
nanoparticulates falling from the sky. Profit and population control go hand in hand. 


Our blue skies and golden Sun have turned milky white as the disconnect between what people 
are observing and what television weather reporters are reading from their cue cards slowly 
becomes more and more obvious. Occasionally, a scientist admits that what is ridiculed by media 
is actually true—for example, heliophysicist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Doug 
Rowland admitted over the phone to a citizen: “There’s different kinds of chemtrails, as you 
probably know.” 32 The question is not if chemicals are in the aerial deliveries but what chemicals 
are being delivered and why, and what impact they’re having on present-time health and the 
genetics of future generations. 

We stand six miles below what is spewing from the engine and wings of jets and strain our 
eyes to capture what is coming from the jet to obscure our sunlight and deep blue skies. We read 
about “climate change,” contrails, and carbons, follow “extreme weather” coverage on television, 
and ponder references to stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) or solar radiation 
management (SRM). In 2010, European aerospace engineers presented conclusive evidence of 
chemical trails over NATO countries in “CASE ORANGE,” a 336-page report commissioned by 

The Belfort Group. American mainstream media buried it to keep pilots who frequent sites like ignorant of more than two kinds of contrails: the aerodynamic and exhaust 
contrails. But if “contrails are ‘condensation trails,’ and they have nothing to do with 
chemicals,” 33 what about the fact that at least 2 percent of all commercial and military JP-8 fuel 
is made up of chemical additives? 

The truth is that Cloverleaf is so highly compartmentalized and percentages of fuel formulae 
so highly classified that even pilots and drone operators have no real idea of why and what they 
are releasing. 

The U.S. Air Force distance standard for condensation trails is one-wingspan behind the 
aircraft, whereas chemical trails begin straight out of the engine compartment. Contrails form at 
35,000+ feet at a temperature of -40°C with 67+ percent humidity, whereas chemtrails are 
generally laid between 28,000 and 34,000 feet, with cargo delivery flights like FedEx above 
them. Military pilots in pressure suits streak above them all at 39,000+ feet. Given that most 
chemtrail sightings are of low- and mid-altitude jets, the assumption that kerosene is turning into 
ice crystals is impossible. 

According to the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, the only 
way to form artificial clouds in warm dry air is to introduce enough particulates into the 
atmosphere to attract and accrete all available moisture into a visible vapor. Once airborne 
particles like barium or aluminum are added to create more nuclei for atmospheric moisture to 
condense around in low-humidity areas, droplets will freeze into persistent plumes at much lower 
altitudes (and higher temperatures). After acclimation, ice crystals in contrails disappear. Look 
up and study the clouds and you will see that the cloud cover and bizarrely shaped clouds do not 
acclimate. This is because they are not from contrails but are from chemicalized trails. 


One burning question of chemical trail students is what is coming directly from the combustion 
engine and what is being added through modifications to the pylon nozzles above and behind the 
exhaust output? 

In “How Persistent Aerosol Plumes are Being Changed to Short Non-Persistent Plumes to 
Fool the Public,” chemically sensitive activist Russ Tanner ( ) suggests that 
“the contrail deception” depends upon the public remaining ignorant of just how jet engines 

. . .multiple professional airline pilots have contacted me and thanked me for my stance against the contrail deception. 
All of them told me personally that they have never seen trails come out of jet engines and that they appreciate my 
work exposing the disinformation about contrails. Every one of these pilots knew that contrails are so rare that most 
people will never see one in their lifetime, and if they do occur, they are at high altitudes that cannot be seen from the 
ground. These professional pilots have flown most of their lives and have always had a deep interest in aviation. Some 
of them fly mainstream commercial jets while others fly large jets for major parcel carriers. 34 

NASA sponsors countless studies of “subsonic aircraft exhaust” and “natural and 
anthropogenic upper troposphere particles, laboratory studies of ice nucleation and soot particles, 
and numerical modeling of the formation of cirrus altered by exhaust soot particles.” 35 A 2008 
patent Abstract posits that control of terrestrial climate “relies mainly on civilian airlines 
burning. . .sun-shading (sun-blocking / sun-reflective) fuels in the high levels of the atmosphere 

[troposphere],” the method being “spray-dusting of sun-shading aerial sprays from aircraft, the 
regulated distribution of sun-shading dust, spray and exhaust fumes in the upper reaches of die 
[sic] atmosphere mainly by commercial or civilian aircraft.” 36 “Sun-shading dust” sounds 
distinctly like the conductive metal nanoparticles under the rubric of ongoing geoengineering. 

Two of the most widely used jet engine models are the high-bypass turbofan and low-bypass 
turbofan engines. 

The high-bypass flow-cycle turbofan engine 37 operates more like a large-diameter propeller 
that routes incoming air around rather than through the engine. The propeller delivers 90 percent 
of the thrust without burning extra fuel, with only 10 percent going through combustion. No 
extra fuel means less water vapor or C0 2 . Given that condensation requires high vacuum (not 
high pressure), high humidity, and low temperatures, the air-to-exhaust ratio is too high in the 
high-bypass engine to facilitate condensation. This engine is primarily used by commercial 
airlines and large supertankers. Lots of air, low fuel, and little moisture in the high-heat 
combustion chamber. Brief condensation trails may appear during takeoff when water vapor is 
expelled, often with a faint black trail. Condensation may also form in high humidity behind 
high-vacuum areas of the wings when the jet is pitching up or using the flaps, lasting only as 
long as the vacuum zone lasts. Otherwise, the trails we see are of particulate-rich aerosols. 

The low-bypass turbofan engine takes air in and forces it through the combustion chamber. 
This engine is less efficient at speeds below Mach 2 but produces great thrust at higher 
velocities, which makes it perfect for military fighter jets. Under the right conditions (high 
vacuum, high humidity, low temperature), the increase of water in the exhaust will produce 
short, non-persistent contrails. Given how high military fighter jets generally fly, sightings of 
these short non-persistent contrails are rare, and due to the military’s desire for stealth, contrail 
suppression patents make them rarer still. 


Whether one believes that trails being laid from horizon to horizon are due to chemicals added to 
jet fuel or chemicals being distributed from supplementary tanks and ducts, the end is the same: 
we are breathing electro-pharmacologically altered air far more destructive to life than the 
industrial blight of the past century and a half. 

Since COP21 in Paris, a flurry of activity has centered on aircraft emissions while carefully 
sidestepping the very real dangers of jet fuel chemical additives classified under Project 
Cloverleaf. Meanwhile, environmental watchdogs awakening to the jet fuel factor are carefully 
guided to view it only in terms of carbons, greenhouse gases, ozone, etc. The global aircraft 
emissions standards developed by the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 
won’t go into effect until as late as 2025, and even then will only apply to “large planes like 
airliners and cargo jets and turboprop aircraft, not to smaller jet aircraft, piston-engine planes, 
helicopters or military aircraft.” 38 The Center for Biological Diversity and Friends of the Earth 
are suing the EPA for not pressuring airlines to comply with the Clean Air Act. 39 Given that the 
EPA is a loyal handmaiden to the ICAO, and that the FAA refuses to see itself as responsible for 
what jets are spewing, it is difficult to believe that legal guidelines will be enforced. 

Because domestic airline emissions account for three percent of total greenhouse gas 
emissions, 40 aircraft makers and fuel experts are working on designing lighter aircraft with more 

efficient engines, costs which will be passed along to consumers. Fuel and personnel are the two 
largest operating expenditures of commercial airlines, so the new fuel efficiency standards are 
forcing domestic airlines to scramble for alternatives. Pratt & Whitney have developed the high- 
bypass PurePower Geared Turbofan (GTF) engine, which lowers C0 2 releases “comparable to 
the amount of C0 2 displaced by 900,000 trees in the same amount of time” and nitrogen oxide 
by “50 percent below the most rigorous standard set by the United Nations’ International Civil 
Aviation Organization.” 41 Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel is under development, as is biofuel— 
municipal solid waste converted into jet fuel, diesel, and ethanol, “half a billion gallons of fuel in 
markets across North America at lower costs compared to conventional petroleum fuel, while 
reducing carbon emissions by more than 80%,” according to Fulcrum BioEnergy Inc. president 
E. James Macias 42 

Researcher Jim Lee ( ) believes the secret to the chemtrail mystery is in the 
gas tank. Lee has found documents proving that barium fuel additives and aluminum are in jet 
fuel, and believes that the ICAO, United Nations, U.S. State Department, DOT, EPA, FAA, and 
NASA seek to chemically alter contrail cirrus to cool the planet. By manipulating soot and 
sulfuric acid, heat-trapping pollution can be turned into planet-cooling carbon credit cash. Soot 
—carbon black dust (CBD) and carbon black aerosol (CBA) —has been recognized for its 
weather-altering abilities since the 1970s and is the primary ingredient of artificial cloud 
production. 4 ’ Both carbon black and soot are fossil fuel waste products, but carbon black is in 
diesel (diesel oxidation), whereas soot arises only during pyrolysis (jet fuel combustion). 

Soot particles are composed of individual, nearly spherical particles (spherules), which have a number mean radius 
between 10 and 30 nm. 44 

As Lee puts it, the more soot nanoparticles generated by jet exhaust, the more cloud 
condensation nuclei (CCN or cloud seeds), the more cirrus cloud cover created. 

Lee puts the aviation fuel problem pithily: “The truth is that artificial clouds are destructive 
to nature, harmful to health, and there is nothing ‘normal’ about fire-breathing metal tubes 
spewing nanoparticles at 30,000 feet.” 

Add to that the two FOIAs in 1994 from the Joint Nonlethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD) 
revealing that the U.S. military was still pursuing weather warfare despite the ENMOD ban 48 : 
the U.S. Naval Research Lab at China Lake, California was experimenting with weather 
modification techniques, and the U.S. Air Force Research Lab at Wright Patterson Air Force 
Base was researching CBD/CBA seeding as a “force multiplier.” 46 

In 1996, the oft-quoted “Weather As A Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” was 
released by the USAF Air War College as a roadmap for weather warfare technologies, including 
a diagram showing the use of CBD by 2005 under “Technologies to be developed by DOD 
(Department of Defense).” 47 “Owning the Weather” is no “thi nk piece.” At the Test Technology 
Symposium ’97, “Session B: Advanced Weapon/Instrumentation Technologies,” Dr. Arnold 
Barnes of the Phillips Lab/GPO at Hanscom Air Force Base reiterated the use of CBD for 
weather warfare on three slides, including a slide with current capabilities referencing cloud 
creation. 48 

Harking back to 1973 when atmospheric scientist William M. Gray (Colorado State 
University) and meteorologist William M. Fra nk (Pennsylvania State University) proposed 
aircraft delivery of carbon black soot to heat portions of a hurricane to alter its path, 46 the post- 
Katrina 2008 Hurricane Modification Workshop sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland 

Security Science and Technology Directorate proposed testing CBD/CBA seeding for hurricane 
“mitigation.” In a presentation called “Collaborative Research: On Hurricane Modification by 
Carbon Black Dispersion: Methods, Risk Mitigation, and Risk Communication,” research 
scientist Moshe Alamaro (Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, MIT) suggested “the use 
of carbon black aerosol (CBA) to selectively heat parts of the atmosphere by dispersion of CBA 
above a hurricane.” Among the workshop recommendations was this nugget: “Distribute the 
CCN (cloud condensation nuclei) aerosols on the periphery of the hurricane using aircraft and 
ships. When distributing carbon black, release it above the core of the hurricane. Accomplishing 
the seeding will take further study.” Their plan called for $64 million and 36 months to “conduct 
large scale test w/evaluation and reports.” 50 Jim Lee believes that drones (UAVs) are doing this 
testing today and offers the Hurricane Aerosol and Microphysics Program (HAMP) and NASA 
Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes (GRIP) programs as examples. 51 Former director of 
the NOAA Atmospheric Modification Program Joe Golden spoke about HAMP to the American 
Meteorological Society two years before Frankenstorm Sandy. 

Lee and four fellow activists spoke at a CSPAN-televised hearing of the EPA in Washington, 
D.C. on August 11, 2015. 52 The EPA was considering regulating six greenhouse gases produced 
by jet aircraft. Lee pressed the EPA to include cloud creation and randomized testing of in-flight 
jet aircraft for metal particulates 51 in upcoming aviation pollution regulations. The EPA is 
supposedly moving ahead with regulating the six greenhouse gases but still ignores the soot, 
contrail cirrus clouds, and metal particulates. 54 With the Department of Defense and Department 
of Homeland Security involved in using carbon black dust for weather modification, it should 
come as no surprise that the EPA, FAA, DOT, and IPCC have no soot reduction goals. 

Two studies, one in 2001 and another in 2008, have caused a panic in the aviation industry. 
The studies prove that the artificial chemical cirrus cloud cover is trapping heat, as much as 
5,000X IPCC estimates, and as much as fifty years’ worth of aviation-produced C0 2 ! 

Contrails formed by aircraft can evolve into cirrus clouds indistinguishable from those formed naturally. These 
‘spreading contrails’ may be causing more climate warming today than all the carbon dioxide emitted by aircraft since 
the start of aviation. 55 

CBD may be a great cloud seed, but it absorbs heat. Will the addition of sulfuric acid to 
these clouds mimic the volcano’s cooling effect and increase the aviation industry’s carbon 
credits? Geoengineering SRM advocates think so: 

Options for dispersing gases from planes include the addition of sulfur to the fuel, which would release the aerosol 
through the exhaust system of the plane, or the attachment of a nozzle to release the sulfur from its own tank within 
the plane, which would be the better option. Putting sulfur in the fuel would have the problem that if the sulfur 
concentration were too high in the fuel, it would be corrosive and affect combustion. Also, it would be necessary to 
have separate fuel tanks for use in the stratosphere and in the troposphere to avoid sulfate aerosol pollution in the 
troposphere. 56 

Doping commercial flight jet fuel looks like the name of the game, whatever the cost to 
plants, animals, and human beings breathing it all in. Taking a nod from the geoengineers, 
atmospheric scientist Ulrich Schumann exposes the real chemtrail conspiracy in his 
recommendations to the ICAO Colloquium on Aviation and Climate Change in 2010: 

• Contrail cirrus contributes a large fraction to the aviation induced climate impact. 

• Satellite data analyses suggest observable impact of aviation on cirrus cover and 
radiation fluxes. 

• The climate impact of aviation induced contrail cirrus depends on aircraft properties 
and routing 

• Both aspects [soot and flight routing] offer the potential for aviation to reduce the 
climate impact of aviation [less soot emissions, LESS WARMING and MORE 

The last statement is a bombshell. Schumann is clearly abandoning the idea of ridding the 
world of contrails; he is, in fact, advocating for creating cooling contrails and using them for 
geoengineering SRM purposes. Schumann’s recommendations combine with the recent mandate 
for aviation biofuels in the ultimate two-tank geoengineering solution: 

Applying high FSCs [fuel sulfur content] at aviation cruise altitudes combined with ULSJ fuel [ultra-low-sulfur jet 
fuel, aviation biofuel] at lower altitudes result in reduced aviation-induced mortality and increased negative RE 
[radiative effect] compared to the baseline aviation scenario. 58 

In other words, use high-sulfur jet fuel when we get to flight altitude to cool the planet, use 
no-sulfur jet biofuel on takeoff to kill fewer people around runways. This is exactly what they 
are doing. 

Jim Lee closely follows the alternative jet fuel (biofuels) and sulfur fuel doping now being 
tested under the FAA’s Aviation Climate Change Research Initiative (ACCRI). These tests, 
dubbed the Alternative-Fuel Effects on Contrails & Cruise Emissions or ACCESS-1 and 2, are 
focused on how different types of fuels make clouds. The three fuels on the drawing board and in 
the skies are a low-sulfur JP-8 fuel, a 50/50 blend of JP-8, and a camelina oilseed-based HEFA 
fuel or JP-8 fuel doped with sulfur. 50 The agenda behind sulfur content (FSC) geoengineering is 
to implement SRM worldwide while circumventing international geoengineering and weather 
modification laws. 

From time to time, sky watchers see “smokers” streak across the sky, leaving behind a dark 
trail. The oily consistency of carbon black or soot can leave such a trail, as can the sulfur in 
diesel fuel. Both diesel and carbon black are hard on engines and are sometimes used as short- 
run solutions for extending old fuel. Carbon black occasionally falls from the sky and coats cars 
and streets. 60 

Carbon dust is useful to Big Oil and geoengineering in that it absorbs solar energy 61 and can 
therefore melt the pesky glacial ice slowing up the exploitation of Arctic oil reserves. I already 
mentioned its use in HAMP to intensify hurricanes, tornadoes/cyclones, etc., 62 and researcher 
Harold Saive ( ) has posed yet another possible objective of “smokers” laying 
carbon black: 

Dare we speculate this “smoker” is a desperate attempt by the criminal climate cabal at IPCC to raise the temperature 
in the upper atmosphere to fool satellite data in order to support the failing evidence for global wanning over the past 
16 years? As the dark aerosols descend to earth, the ground-based thermometers could be expected to read higher 
temps as solar radiation heats the black carbon near the sensors . 6j 

However we look at it, breathing carbon black nanoparticles is bad for human health. The 
2011 University of Iowa paper “Induction of Inflammasome Dependent Pyroptosis by Carbon 

Black Nanoparticles” in the Journal of Biological Chemistry sounded the alarm: 

. . .the intake of carbon black nanoparticles. . .caused an initial inflammatory response in lung cells. The surprising 
results came when the team discovered that these nanoparticles killed macrophages—immune cells in the lungs 
responsible for cleaning up and attacking infections—in a way that also increases inflammation. 64 

Carbon black doesn’t produce cell death by apoptosis (the cell shrinking into itself) but by 
pyroptosis (bursting and spreading)—in other words, not by atrophy but by heated implosion. 

The sulfur coating of soot means sulfuric acid (H 2 S0 4 ), the major component of acid rain, 
acidification of the oceans, the Greenhouse Effect, etc. The following admission is from 1998, 
though it is highly doubtful that it was actually the “first” detection: 

Direct detection of total sulfuric acid (SA) has been achieved for the first time in the plume of a jet aircraft in flight. 

The measurements show the same SA signatures for the case when SA was injected directly into the exhaust jet and 
the case when sulfur was provided to the engine with the fuel. 65 

Geophysicist J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D., believes that the soot or carbon black posited by Jim 
Lee is actually extremely toxic coal fly ash, a perfect Welsbach material 10-100 microns thick, 
the lightest of the coal ashes (“component of flowable fill”) 66 in plentiful supply. Captured by 
electrostatic precipitators, coal fly ash is an anhydrous combustion byproduct containing 
substantial amounts of silicon dioxide (Si0 2 ), aluminum oxide (A1 2 0 3 ), and calcium oxide (CaO) 
as well as arsenic, beryllium, boron, hexavalent chromium, cobalt, lead, manganese, mercury, 
molybdenum, selenium, strontium, thallium, and vanadium—all of which are readily released 
upon contact with water. 

. . .Coal fly ash. . .when subjected to water renders many of its elements partially soluble in water. Some of these are 
aluminum, barium, strontium, calcium, iron, magnesium, etc. These soluble elements can be measured in rainwater 
and are in fact found in post-spraying rainwater. Coal fly ash has another advantage to the military — the elements 
dissolved in atmospheric water make the water much more electrically conducting. This is important for movement by 
electromagnetic means. 67 

For more than a century, air pollution on the American East Coast has been practically 
synonymous with the industrial burning of coal (lignite) and 140 million tons of coal combustion 
waste translating to 70 million tons of fly ash per year, much of which is dumped into 1,100 
unlined open storage ponds 68 around the nation contaminating the food chain and local drinking 
water with toxic heavy metals and radon. Despite the cancer, learning disabilities, neurological 
disorders, birth defects, and reproductive sterility that arise around these ugly coal ash 
impoundments, the EPA insists coal ash is a non-hazardous substance' 19 : 

“Coal ash is basically soil,” says Tom Robl, a University of Kentucky geoscientist who serves as a director of the 
American Coal Association. Not only is coal ash non-toxic, Robl says, it’s so safe that you could eat a brimming 
bowlful without adverse consequences. “Feel free to eat as much coal ash as you want—it’s not toxic.” 70 

In the same article, Forest Service biologist Dennis Lemly begs to differ: as a highly 
concentrated byproduct of burning coal, coal ash is hazardous. 71 

In 2015, Herndon published two peer-reviewed papers on how pivotal coal fly ash is to 
geoengineering and how deleterious it is to human health. The second paper, “Evidence of Coal 
Fly Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposophere: Consequencies for Public 

Health,” was published on 11 August 2015 in the International Journal of Environmental 
Research and Public Health and retracted twenty-two days later, followed by a scathing criticism 
of the first paper in Current Science. Herndon’s third and most thorough paper, “Human 
Environmental Dangers Posed by Ongoing Global Tropospheric Aerosolized Particulates for 
Weather Modification,” was published in Frontiers in Public Health on June 30, 2016, and 
retracted two weeks later. 

Geoengineering means jet stream manipulation. Thanks to V. Susan Ferguson 

Unlike the usual procedures employed to fairly address complaints about peer-reviewed and 
published papers, neither of the two journals involved provided Herndon with verbatim copies of 
the complaints made by the highly skilled disinformation team so he could refute them. The 
implications one might draw from this are (1) Herndon is likely correct about coal fly ash being 
the main aerosolized particulate, and (2) that officials are aware of the highly toxic nature of the 
material being sprayed into the air we breathe and want to hide that knowledge from the public. 

Herndon presents four sets of experiments to back up his thesis that hazardous coal fly ash is 
“likely the principal aerosolized particulate sprayed in the troposphere by jets for 
geoengineering, weather modification, and/or climate alteration.” 72 Earlier, he’d compared water 
leach from coal fly ash with rainwater and discovered eight elements in common, especially 
aluminum/barium and strontium/barium ratios. Rainwater samples in San Diego, California 
measured at least 30 percent aluminum, and in Chico and Alachua County, Florida, he had high 
readings of barium, as well. He also compared outdoor dust collected in a HEPA (high-efficiency 
particulate air) filter with unleached coal fly ash and discovered fourteen elements in common. 

Herndon and Florida Public Health medical officer Mark Whiteside, M.D., M.P.H., 
demonstrated that snowfall can trap and bring down aerosolized particulates, like the co¬ 
precipitation technique used in chemical processes. 7 ’ Upon melting, the snow releases the 
trapped particulates that drain with the melt water into material that might underlie the snow, 

such as the fibrous, sticky white mesh discovered in melting snow 74 in Wisconsin. Analysis at 
Northern Lake Services in Crandon, Wisconsin revealed that twenty-three of twenty-six elements 
corresponded to what is found in unleached coal fly ash. Herndon asks: 

So, how might one account for the strikingly different appearance of the fibrous mesh morphology if indeed it is, as 
evidence indicates, essentially identical in composition to fly ash? 75 

He then wonders if jet fuel combustion (pyrolysis) is responsible for these fibers, along with 
environmentally destructive methylmercury (CH 3 H g ) and ozone-depleting chlorinated- 
fluorinated hydrocarbons. 


In the Environmental Research Letter 4 (October - December 2009), “Modification of cirrus 
clouds to reduce global warming,” two delivery mechanisms are pointed out, the first being jet 
fuel and the second being injections into the hot engine exhaust: 

Since commercial airliners routinely fly in the region where cold cirrus clouds exist, it is hoped that the seeding 
material could either be (1) dissolved or suspended in their jet fuel and later burned with the fuel to create seeding 
aerosol, or (2) injected into the hot engine exhaust, which should vaporize the seeding material, allowing it to 
condense as aerosol in the jet contrail. The objective would not be to seed specific cloud systems but rather to build up 
a background concentration of aerosol seeding material so that the air masses that cirrus will form in will contain the 
appropriate amount of seeding material to produce larger ice crystals. 75 

Among the chemtrail activists studying delivery systems, Harold Saive ( ) 
is the most vociferous about a chemical system supplementary to fuel exhaust being necessary to 
produce “persistent contrails (PC)” and the cirrus cloud cover that follows. Saive makes an 
excellent point about why the possibility of this delivery system matters so much: 

It’s important to keep in mind that aerosols intended for synthetic climate change, hurricane engineering (H.A.M.P.) 
and most likely “biologicals” (Morgellons), are deployed with nozzles that have nothing to do with JP-8 fuel, contrails 
or engine emissions. This explains why a gap between the engine and visible trail is created (albeit very short) when 
water vapor is replaced by a vaporized chemical/metal like alumina. 77 

Saive points to two recent Internet videos (and there are many others from years past at his 
site) uploaded by Jorg Meiring of Maryland: “Jesus Christ help us please - LH501 Chemtrail- 
Sprayer ‘Siegerfheger’” (February 5 , 20 1 7), 78 taken by Meiring himself while a passenger on 
Lufthansa; and “757 chemtrail filmed from cockpit” (February 26, 20 1 7), 79 uploaded by Meiring 
but filmed by what appears to be an anonymous pilot. In an April 30, 2017 email, Saive 
describes the cockpit observation thus: 

Notice how the solid white line at the bottom of the trail is positioned where most drain tubes are typically mounted. 
The remainder of the circumferential trail column is a function of turbofan and combustion exhaust turbidity that (in 
this case) fails to completely capture and homogenize the flow from the drain tubes in order to simulate a water vapor 
contrail. Notice how the trail becomes less dense as it approaches the top of the column, farthest from point of drain 
tube injection. A minority of drain tubes mounted above the exhaust would be expected to exhibit differently. 

The cockpit video clearly shows a smaller chemical trail threading beneath the larger, less 

defined engine exhaust. Critics may say this smaller trail could be a “cargo bay aerosol leak,” but 
what if this “leak” is to supplement fuel emissions so as to super-saturate cloud condensation 
nuclei (CCN), as was pointed out in an American Meteorological Society video presentation? 80 
And what of the bifurcated trails and tw-engine aircraft leaving three trails? Drain tubes are often 
conveniently located (even aftermarket re-engineered) inside the bypass duct so as to create the 
illusion six miles below that all we are seeing is fuel combustion (pyrolysis) emissions. 

Other inconsistencies that question a fuel-only chemical delivery: 

• Sudden on-off trails 

• Sputtering trails that eventually “go dry” with increasingly wider gaps 

• Unique filament, “toothpaste,” and “knots on a rope” trails indicating varying 
particulate ratios and chemical signatures 

• Questionable volume and mass of single or intertwining aerosol plumes 

• Observations of jets emitting NO trails 

• Observations of starboard or port side emitting a different color (or even missing) 

So far, we’ve examined chemical delivery systems from the outside. Now, let’s look more 
closely at what might be going on in the engine combustion chamber. 


In the December 6, 2001 issue of Columbus Alive, award-winning Ohio reporter Bob Fitrakis, 
JD, revealed that according to two Lawrence Livennore National Laboratory scientists, two 
separate projects in electromagnetic weather modification technology were being conducted at 
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, one involving artificial A1 2 0 3 cloud cover creation to lessen 
the effects of global warming, the other with barium stearate for over-the-horizon (OTH) military 
communications, 3D mapping, and radar. 81 

In his 2013 article “Wireless, Chemtrails, and You,” author William Thomas 82 recounts the 
early work of independent scientist Clifford Camicom in northern New Mexico and wildlife 
biologist Francis Mangels, Ph.D., in northern California. Beginning in 1999, Carnicom was 
documenting high levels of reactive barium salts from aerosol grids over Santa Fe. By 2001, 
barium levels had nearly doubled in California, despite the fact that industrial barium pollution 
had all but vanished. With trees and fish dying, Mangels blamed aluminum oxide for soil pH 
measuring 10X its normal alkalinity. In 2002, an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada landscaper was 
seeing severe nutrient deficiencies ( chlorosis ) in flowers and trees; electrical conductivity 
readings for soil should have been no higher than 1 but were showing 4.6 to 7X higher. Snow 
samples confirmed elevated aluminum and barium. By 2008, a KSLA-sponsored lab test of 
Louisiana precipitate found barium to be 6X the toxic level set by the EPA; in 2010, Arizona air 
particulates of barium and aluminum skyrocketed: aluminum was 15.8X the toxic level, barium 
5.3X. Carnicom has confirmed that the barium in our atmosphere is now 8X the level deemed 
safe to breathe. 

At the Open Mind Conference in Oslo, Norway on October 27, 2012 and later updated as 
“The Antennas Within the Body” for the 8th Environmental Conference in Nuremberg, 
Germany, May 30, 2013, German chemist Harald Kautz-Vella presented his paper “The 
Chemistry in Contrails: Assessing the Impact of Aerosols From Jet Fuel Impurities, Additives 
and Classified Military Operations on Nature” 81 in which he discusses the alchemy that occurs in 
the jet combustion engine as well as a deeper consideration of the biological operations of 
chemical trails. His background includes university studies in Geology, Physics, Mathematics, 
and Media Science, with a degree specialization in Geoscience. Since 2001, he’s been studying 
scalar technologies such as zero-point energy, soft weather modification (Wilhelm Reich), 
electro-fertilization in agriculture, and information-medicine/radionics. 

At the outset, Kautz-Vella stresses that the classified Project Cloverleaf is under the 
jurisdiction of intelligence agencies, and that advanced military and intelligence operations may 
depend upon some aspects of classical geoengineering but are not limited to it. Transformation 
of the lower atmosphere into a controllable, artificially engineered plasma is intended to serve 
weather engineering, yes, but also to serve 3D radar monitoring, range enhancement, advanced 
DEW systems, and SDI Space Fence objectives of absolute surveillance under artificial 
intelligence (AI). 

Kautz-Vella approaches fuel emissions / spraying from a biological effects perspective 
concentrating on the electro-optical toxicity of the particulate plasma and how it disturbs cell 
communication and electrical cell potential in plants (and, by extension, other life forms), 
leading to biophoton 84 deterioration. He references artificially produced clouds as “piezoelectric 
particulate plasma” and divides the spraying operation that produces them into three categories: 

(1) Jet fuel additives (lead, sulfur, halogens); 

(2) Conventional weather manipulation with ions like silver iodide or based on 
reflective particles like A1 2 0 3 ; and 

(3) High-tech aerosols for military and intelligence purposes. 

While researching damage to hay harvests in Norway in 2012, Kautz-Vella analyzed soil and 
rain samples. Heavy metals were within the acceptable range of pollution during the acid rain of 
the 1970s, so he had to consider what else could have caused grass to stop growing, trees to drop 
their bark and die, etc. 

He pored over the U.S. Air Force Academy “Chemtrails: Chemistry 131 Manual, Fall 1990.” 
Though classified formulae are not mentioned in the manual, enough is present to spell out the 
chemical processes of spray pyrolysis , 85 the thermochemical decomposition of organic material 
at elevated temperatures (as in aircraft engines) in the absence of oxygen or halogen (the 
chemically related fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, or astatine); and chemi-ionization, the 
formation of ions through the reaction of a gas-phase atom or molecule. Add metal salts to the 
combustion process—hydrochloric acid (HC1), ammonium hydroxide (NH 4 OH), and sodium 
hydroxide (NaOH); potassium permanganate (KM n 0 4 ), aluminum nitrate (A1(N0 3 ) 2 ), barium 
nitrate (Ba(N0 3 ) 2 ), copper II nitrate (CU(N0 3 ) 2 ), iron nitrate (Fe(N0 3 ) 2 ), lead nitrate 
(Pb(N0 3 ) 2 ), manganese nitrate (Mn(N0 3 ) 2 ), silver nitrate (AgN0 3 ), sodium carbonate 
(Na 2 C0 3 ), sodium chloride (NaCl), sodium iodide (Nal), sodium nitrate (NaN0 3 ), etc.—and the 
jet will create amorphous or monocrystalline non-soluble nanoparticles like, for example, 

barium-strontium-titanate (BaSr x )Ti0 3 . 

This is the chemical process of an artificially nucleated condensation trail. In 2005, a paper 
recounting spectrometer measurements of negative-ion composition and density taken from the 
exhaust of a J85-GE-5H turbojet at ground level indicated that “ion nucleation is a probable 
mechanism for volatile aerosol formation.” 

Introduction. Chemiions produced in jet engine combustion are speculated to play a role in ion-induced nucleation of 
aerosols, possibly followed by condensation, which may result in the formation of contrails, cirrus clouds, and 
pollutants. 86 

Kautz-Vella realized that recent plant degeneration in Norway was not so much due to the 
chemistry of non-soluble particles but to their electrochemical / optical properties, and that the 
delivery system seemed to originate from the aerosols in the jet trails overhead. Two compounds 
were most prevalent: aluminum oxide (A1 2 0 3 ) and barium-strontium-titanate (BaSr x )Ti0 3 . 

The 1990 Welsbach patent named A1 2 0 3 as the primary compound in aerosol spraying: 

A method is disclosed for reducing atmospheric warming due to the greenhouse effect resulting from a greenhouse 
gases layer. The method comprises the step of seeding the greenhouse gas layer with a quantity of tiny particles of 
materials characterized by wavelength-dependent emissivity or reflectivity, in that said materials have high 
emissivities in the visible and far infrared wavelength regions and low emissivity in the near infrared wavelength 
region. Such materials can include the class of materials known as Welsbach materials. The oxides of metal, e.g., 
aluminum oxide, are also suitable for the purpose. The greenhouse gases layer typically extends between about seven 
and thirteen kilometers above the earth’s surface. The seeding of the stratosphere occurs within this layer. The 
particles suspended in the stratosphere as a result of the seeding provide a mechanism for converting the blackbody 
radiation emitted by the earth at near infrared wavelengths into radiation in the visible and far infrared wavelength so 
that this heat energy may be reradiated out into space, thereby reducing the global warming due to the greenhouse 
effect. 87 

Kautz-Vella posited that the A1 2 0 3 from military afterburner technology in jets and rockets 
attaches to the membranes of trees’ tiny rootlets and blocks nutrient uptake, causing the roots to 
die. Aluminum oxide can be created in spray pyrolysis but only in the beginning phase of the 
engine firing, as monocrystalline structuring needs at least 1700°C (3092°F). Thus the lion’s 
share of A1 2 0 3 in the soil must be coming from afterburner technology inbuilt into an endless 
number of military aircraft. 

The second compound of (BaSr x )Ti0 3 piezoelectric crystals is fonned during the engine 
combustion process due to the presence of barium, strontium, and titanium salts in the fuel. 

In 1996, scientist Jim Phelps of Oak Ridge National Laboratory invented a titanium-based 
(Ti) aerosol “shield” system that formed less toxic fluor-aluminum compounds, prevented ozone 
loss, and reduced global warming by seeding reflective particles that blocked sunlight while 
allowing infrared (IR) through. Unfortunately but not surprisingly, the military promptly abused 
Phelps’ invention in (BaSr x )Ti0 3 . 

Combined with barium (Ba) and strontium (St), Ti piezocrystals photo-ionize to block 
sunlight during the day while allowing IR at night. Phelps explained: 

The UV sprays use the same techniques to leave a spray of barium and titanium materials in the air. Plain titanium 
dioxide is an extremely good UV blocker. This brings on the last shield system, on the very surface or Earth and on 
the most vulnerable UV target organ. The US has arranged for titanium dioxide to be used in things like soap and 
detergent, which leaves one covered with a film of this material. One can usually see the paint-like scum in showers 
from the sticky titanium dioxide build up, along with calcium. This same film is all over most persons’ skin and helps 
shield the skin from UV. The body is very tolerant of titanium and is not prone to set off the immune system 

inflammation response. 

This is not so true of aluminum and barium compounds. Even LLNL studies turn down the use of A1 in chemspray 
methods. The combined effects of these compounds with other pollutants can well cause lasting lung damage. 88 

Phelps’ titanium-based method and recent reports of methane (CH 4 ) being used to introduce 

metal salts to the combustion process 84 point to two new methods of spray pyrolysis: infrasound 
dispersion of water-soluble salts, and methane-based additives mixed with the jet fuel. But how 
much and how many of the metal salts raining down on us are bio-available, and how many are 
insoluble? What is obvious is that bioaccumulation of non-soluble crystals with electrochemical / 
optical effects are now in the food chain and synergistically spell disaster. 

Barium occurs naturally in barium-rich soil, but the piezoelectric barium nanocrystals 
aerially distributed over North America are intended to enhance radar signals by refraction for 
military C4 operations. Sadly, the excited piezoelectric crystals in barium, silver (silver nitrate 
for cloud seeding), and strontium have been linked to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) clusters 
and other transmissible spongifonn encephalopathies (TSEs) like fibromyalgia. But this 
“collateral damage” does not concern the military, and the medical studies 90 that might issue a 
wake-up call to the public are marred by ignorance of the role played by the constant 24/7 aerial 
delivery system. 

The synthesis of (BaSr x )Ti0 3 and creation of defined nanoparticles ( chemiions ) occurs 
during spray pyrolysis inside the jet engine chamber: 

Spray pyrolysis involves passing an aerosol of a precursor solution through a graded temperature reactor in which the 
individual droplets are thermally decomposed to form the oxide particles. 91 

Clouds can then be “switched” on and off by zapping the piezoelectric barium-strontium- 
titanate compound and altering its crystal geometry. The free current then charges the aerosol 
particle and creates an ion that attracts moisture and forms a cloud. 

Dielectric and piezoelectric barium titanate is excellent for nonlinear optics. High beam¬ 
coupling gain means it can operate at visible and near-infrared wavelengths, and its pyroelectric 
and ferroelectric properties make it useful for thermal camera sensors. In other words, the 
compound’s optical capabilities are paramount in the military mind. With photons up-converted 
and their spin altered, the “sky theater” above can offer holographic screening as well as plasma 
cloud creation. Kautz-Vella explains: 

With regards to barium-strontium-titanate used as aerosols in the atmosphere, this effect could be used to “switch” 
clouds “on and off’ by applying electromagnetic fields such as those created by HAARP and EISCAT devices or 
other radar or microwave-radiating antenna systems. These research and military installations have equipment with 
sufficient strength to alter the crystal geometry of the barium-strontium-titanate while in the atmosphere, which in turn 
leads to free current that would charge the aerosol particle and create an ion that will attract vapor and instantly lead to 
the forming of a droplet in the then-forming cloud. 92 

Once these non-soluble nanocrystals and their EM properties fall to Earth, however, they are 
taken up as a whole by plants whose health and growth then suffer. In mammals and humans, 
these same nanocrystals damage the nervous system and weaken biophotonic activity. Kautz- 
Vella stresses that because (BaSr x )Ti0 3 nanocrystals absorb biophotons, the nanoparticle-plasma 
mix affects DNA light communication while serving as a matrix for synthetic biology and self¬ 
assembling nanomachines (like Morgellons). Electro-optical nanocrystals can produce signals 

that interfere with DNA, and artificial crystals replace natural ferro apatite crystals that play a 
major role in central nervous system (CNS) transmission. Kautz-Vella warns of the possibility of 
mind control via in vivo piezocrystals: 

If the natural ferro apatite crystal is replaced by artificially made piezoelectrical crystals, it appears to open the 
biological system to respond to a greater extent of artificial electromagnetic signals, both low and high frequency. 93 

Many jet propellants and additives are classified while others are open source. Classified JP- 
8, for example, is suspected of containing chemicals such as 1,2-dibrom ethan (EDB), 
perfluoroctane sulfon acid (PFOS), perfluoroctane acid (PFOA), 94 and lead tetraethyl. 95 All 
contain fluorine, sulfur, and brome and are regarded as important sources of the aerosols H 2 S0 4 , 
HF, and HBr0 3 , all of which build highly toxic persistent contrails. The damaging impact of 
such additives is far more than that of sulfur and aluminum oxide reflective particles. 

Media exposure of aerotoxic syndrome has drawn attention to the two million military and 
civilian personnel per year who are occupationally exposed to chemical gases coming from the 
engine chamber. 96 Unfortunately, the blood tests for aero toxicity of pilots, cabin crew, and 
frequent flyers test for organophosphates but not necessarily for heavy metals in the chemical 
compounds pyrolized in the 60 billion gallons per year of kerosene-based jet propulsion fuels 
(JP-8, JP-5, and Jet A-l). Add to that no knowledge of the classified compounds, pyrolized 
(heated) jet oil leaks coming straight out of the engine, and nanoparticles leaking in from outside 
the aircraft (chemtrails, Wigner Effect radiation)—all coming through the bleed air valve. 

As for the unclassified chemical gases from the engine chamber and pylon drain tubes 
entering the cabin, it is worth quoting at length from a 2003 peer-reviewed paper: 

These exposures may occur repeatedly to raw fuel, vapor phase, aerosol phase, or fuel combustion exhaust by dermal 
absorption, pulmonary inhalation, or oral ingestion routes. Additionally, the public may be repeatedly exposed to 
lower levels of jet fuel vapor/aerosol or to fuel combustion products through atmospheric contamination, or to raw 
fuel constituents by contact with contaminated groundwater or soil. Kerosene-based hydrocarbon fuels are complex 
mixtures of up to 260+ aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon compounds. . .including varying concentrations of 
potential toxicants such as benzene, n-hexane, toluene, xylenes, trimethylpentane, methoxyethanol, naphthalenes . . . 97 

And the list goes on. 


Rocket launches release tons of rocket plume bum that then spew over the countryside, ocean, or 
populated areas as the rocket arcs skyward. With every orbital launch (as opposed to suborbital), 
20 to 120 tons of nano-aluminum particulates are dumped with the exhaust plume into the lower 
and upper atmospheres. Aluminum delivered by chemical trails and rocket plumes is the lightest, 
most excellent conductive metal we have. (Iron and gold oxides are actually the best but are too 
heavy and fall too quickly. Aluminum is light as a feather and stays airborne longer.) The 
electronics necessary for global weather engineering will not work without light aluminum 

The aerosol brew laid by jets above the cloud cover heats regions by fomenting chemical 
reactions and trapping solar radiation. Previously, it was thought that the critical cloud fraction 
(CCF) value was the same everywhere, but the truth is that regional CCF values differ according 

to aerosol chemical signatures. 98 In 2004, NASA’s senior research scientist Patrick Minnis 
admitted that artificial cirrus clouds formed by aircraft exhaust increased Earth surface 
temperatures between 1975 and 1994 (the Venus Effect) and added to the greenhouse gas 
effect. 99 In Chemtrails, HAARP, I quoted cloud physicist William R. Cotton’s insight into how 
jet-created cloud cover is the opposite of a “global warming” solution: 

. . .cirrus clouds contribute to warming of the atmosphere owing to their contribution to downward transfer of LW 
[long-wave] radiation. In other words they are a greenhouse agent. . .It has even been proposed to seed in clear air in 
the upper troposphere to produce artificial cirrus which would warm the surface enough to reduce cold-season heating 
demands (Detwiler and Cho 1982). So the prospects for seeding cirrus to contribute to global surface cooling do not 
seem to be very good. 100 

Metal oxide nanoparticles are the golden key to the military’s C4 objectives. Nano¬ 
crystalline metal oxides act as semiconductors 101 to activate acids and bases interacting with 
light, then bind with chemical and biological agents in strange synergies. With chemical trails 
feeding radio and microwave frequencies, the military can tune to a frequency and transport it 
anywhere they want. They can build an antenna in the air and develop a system of computer 
communication with other systems through the clouds. Metal oxides enhance obscurants made 
from carbon nanotubes to help conceal exotic propulsion craft, jet fighters, and battleships from 
radar and sharp eyes. 

Conductive metal nanoparticles in the atmosphere act as capacitors 102 to store energy and 
propagate conductive antenna fields. When metals suspended in the air are hit with radio 
frequency (RF), they resonate the length of the wave, then duplicate it. Fire a laser pulse for one- 
trillionth of a second and the distance the laser fires will be the distance of the wavelength you 
can then tune to. If a 10-meter wavelength creates a tunnel or waveguide the length of the pulse 
in the atmosphere, you can use it to tune a cavity 103 to a specific frequency so tight that it will 
resonate harmonically and build from that frequency, duplicating itself over and over again, 
resonating that same wave over and over again, ringing like a bell or guitar string. If there is no 
resistance, it will go on forever. This is what Tesla meant by the perpetual existence of free 
energy. 104 

The argument that aluminum is naturally present in the Earth’s crust and used in food, water, 
medicines, vaccines, and cosmetics with no consequences ignores the multiplying electro¬ 
chemical effects of aerosol aluminum oxide’s disruption of “biological self-ordering, energy 
transduction, and signaling systems, thus increasing biosemiotic entropy.” 105 Aluminum forms 
toxic complexes with fluorine and interacts negatively with mercury, lead, and glyphosate. 
Central nervous system (CNS) disorders point to aluminum poisoning, in part because the 
biophysics of water plays such a pivotal role in bio-degeneration. One study used the toxicity of 
the water flea (Ceriodaphnia dubia) to determine the impact of aluminum oxide nanoparticles on 
fresh water ecosystems. 106 

The average adult human body is 55-65 percent water, with infant bodies at 75-78 percent 
until one year old, when it drops to 65 percent. 

With nano-aluminum, -barium, and -lithium oxides being spewed from jets, rockets, and 
ships in this nano-chemical warfare era, every community should plan an annual analysis by a 
trace atmospheric gas analyzer (TAGA) mobile atmospheric lab once only requested for 
chemical explosions and train derailment or tanker spills. Even eco-friendly Portland, Oregon 
(population 619,360) has found hexavalent chromium in its air and soil. 107 States like Maryland 

are passing clean air acts and going after known nano compounds like sulfur dioxide (S0 2 ) and 
nitrogen oxide (NO x ). But what of other compounds falling from the sky and synergistically 
reacting with everything from industry pollutants to ionized radiation? 

What is more concerning is how quiet atmospheric chemists are about what they’re 
discovering with their advanced aerosol mass spectrometry, particles-into-liquid samplers, and 
cloud condensation nuclei counters regarding anthropogenic and biogenic releases impacting air 
quality, human and environmental health, and regional climate. Sulfates spewed by coal-fired 
power plants and nitrogen oxides emitted by vehicles mixing with oxygen is one thing, but what 
happens when they interact with ubiquitous non-ionized wireless radiation? 108 

Are chronic sub-lethal synergies transforming life as we’ve known it? 

Meanwhile, space as a business model is taking off. Private corporations profiting from 
Project Cloverleaf “climate change” ventures are launching private rockets from military and 
private launch pads. For example, the U.S.-owned Rocket Lab in Auckland, Australia has its eye 
on an Australian paddock with an excellent azimuth and launch trajectory and is planning to 
create orbital rockets for less than US$5 million so that smaller companies, research and 
environmental groups can launch their own satellites. 3D printers will spit out the engines, and 
carbon fiber will make the bodies so lightweight that 1-meter rockets will be able to launch low- 
earth orbit satellites with lifespans of five to seven years instead of 10,000 years. 

For a mere $20 million, billionaire Elon Musk’s Space X (Space Exploration Technologies 
Corporation) 100 delivered the first space tourist, multimillionaire Dennis Tito of the nonprofit 
Inspiration Mars Foundation, to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2001. In January 2018, 
Tito plans to be on the Mission for America to Mars, a modified SpaceX Dragon spacecraft to be 
launched (given that Earth and Mars are in favorable positions) by a Falcon Heavy rocket. The 
trip up and back will take 501 days. No mention of the Van Allen Radiation Belts impasse, 110 
nor other pitfalls: 

As the joint Russian-European Mars 500 experiment that recently ended proved, we are far from fully understanding 
how individuals react to long-term isolation. Also, the impact of high-energy particles on the brain during long- 
duration spaceflight are [sic] only just beginning to come to light. And then there’s the degradation of drugs in long- 
duration spaceflight. And muscle atrophy. And bone wastage (you get the point). 111 

Down below, as we ingest and inhale aluminum oxide and other toxic flotsam and jetsam, 
rocket deliveries of “dusty plasma” are being laid in near-earth orbit to construct a Space Fence 
“ring” around the equator. We will take a closer look at this in Chapter 6, “The ‘Star Wars’ 
Space Fence Rises Again.” 


Beside jet chemical trails and rocket flotsam and jetsam, cloud reflectivity modification 
contributes to the 90 percent cloud cover over water necessary for geoengineering’s many 
military operations. Between the High Seas Alliance and the UN Law of the Sea, two-thirds of 
the world’s international waters lying outside national territories and economic zones—almost 
half the planet—are being commandeered for geoengineering, as well. Moisture and weather 
systems over oceans are grist for the mills of three ocean delivery systems: iron particulates, 
marine brightening, and ship tracks. 

In 2012, Russ George, fonner CEO of Planktos, Inc., dumped iron sulfate particulates off the 
British Columbia coast, claiming that quickened phytoplankton growth would replenish Haida 
salmon. However, quickening the alpha-penene in plankton to increase a biogenic aerosol 
reaction to magnify cloud mass may have been closer to the truth. The resulting 10,000 square 
kilometers of phytoplankton blooms could be seen from space, 112 along with significant cloud 

Trees are the basis of terrestrial life while oxygen-producing phytoplankton is the basis of 
ocean life. Phytoplankton is also the chief driver of organic matter and bacterial enzyme activity 
in submicron sea-spray aerosols that contribute to cloud formation. 11 ' Ironically, much of the 
decline of phytoplankton is due to the aluminum toxicity raining down on biotopic communities. 
(Nano-crystals remain as long as eighteen months in the atmosphere before falling on the ocean 
surface.) Less phytoplankton means C0 2 above the current 404 ppm. The more alumina, the less 

phytoplankton; the more carbon dioxide, the less oxygen. 114 

It is possible that scientists who are making connections about what’s really going on are 
remaining silent for self-preservation: Research scientist Tiffany Moisan, 48, an expert on 
phytoplankton and climate change, was employed at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility until 
Sunday, June 5, 2016, when she was found murdered behind a store in Princess Anne, 
Maryland. 115 

Regarding the other two ocean delivery systems, marine cloud brightening is basically 
spraying seawater toward the upper atmosphere to make clouds reflect sunlight back into space, 
while ship tracks are cloud releases from ship exhaust (and wet surface air cooler technology). 
Marine cloud brightening is used to feed and direct “extreme weather events” like hurricanes 
(cyclones). Kerry Emanuel, who teaches meteorology at MIT, offers a clue as to how sea spray 
aerosols can be useful: 

Hurricanes get their energy from evaporated seawater. We all know this from experience: you climb out of the 
swimming pool and shiver even on a warm day, especially when it’s windy. Because the evaporation of water on the 
skin draws warmth away from the body. This is exactly what happens with a hurricane: the wind causes the water to 
evaporate and draws warmth out of the ocean. The water vapour condenses to a cloud in the wall of the eye of the 
hurricane. The stronger the wind, the more the water evaporates, and the stronger the storm becomes. We think it is 
possible to intervene at precisely this point so as to ensure that the water evaporates more slowly. 116 

Ship tracks make and steer weather, keep the ship hidden, and ease and block 
communications. Since the 1967 Clean Air Act, ship track plumes from ship exhaust have been 
loaded with sulfur particulates (in marine diesel) and C0 2 , which in the atmosphere provide 
nuclei for cloud droplets to condense around to form bright clouds that are more reflective, carry 
more water, and withhold precipitation. 

In general, the air above the oceans suffers from less turbulence and convection than the air above land. The lower 
atmosphere is especially calm over the eastern Pacific in the summertime due to a layer of hot air that settles in 500 to 
700 meters above that region of the ocean, [James Coakley, atmospheric scientist at Oregon State University] 
explained. This effect creates a temperature inversion, placing a cap on the cooler air below, trapping pollutants and 
water vapor. While the inversion is responsible for the smog that reduces air quality in Los Angeles, it also allows for 
the formation of long lasting ship tracks. The particles bellowing from the ships’ smokestacks enter the air above the 
eastern Pacific and create long, thin clouds that remain there for days. 117 

Some ship tracks arise from commercial ships, others from U.S. Navy (and other military) 
ships. In June 1994, the Monterey Area Ship Track (MAST) experiment was conducted off the 

California coast, its purported objective being to see how ship tracks modify cloud albedo, “the 
effects of ships on the microphysics and radiative properties of marine stratocumulus clouds . . 
”U8 g ut thg MAST experiment was really about concocting sea spray aerosols to ice nucleate 
particles and produce artificial clouds. 1 |Q 

In 2003, the Arabian Sea Monsoon Experiment (ARMEX-2003) was conducted aboard the 
ORV Sagarkanya off the west coast of India. Once again, the engine’s combustion chamber 
revealed itself to be key to the production of chemical clouds via chemiions: 

In addition to sulphate and water vapour emissions, the carbonaceous emissions are known to add to the 
nucleation/growth of the chemiions to intermediate ions. . .Formation of intermediate ions in the engine’s exhaust has 
been associated with the generation of chemiions within the engine combustors which provide centers for the rapid 
growth of molecular clusters and the formation of electrically charged sulfuric acid/water aerosols. . .the engines of 
aircraft, motor vehicle, and ships all emit chemiions and these chemiions may play an important role in particle 
formation. 120 

The base nano-metal in ship tracks is lithium oxide (Li 2 0). Lithium is highly water- 

reactive, 121 and by combining it with superheated saltwater it becomes not just battery-ready but 

Lithium is usually mined from ore, but brine evaporation could become its lowest-cost source. . .Salt water could 
become the best source for lithium extraction. 12 - 

In 2015, Oregon activist Ann Fillmore, Ph.D., wrote an article 123 about how lithium was 
hitting coastal towns along the Oregon Coast and the resultant health complaints of residents: 
lethargy, thirst, stomach distress, sudden weight gain, muscle and joint pain, twitching, loss of 
appetite, slurred speech, blurred vision, confusion/hallucinations, ersatz goiter, impotence, 
endocrine disruptions causing severe menses, kidney pain, skin rashes, hair loss, etc. Her 
Facebook comments drew two letters from an anonymous whistleblower who chose the moniker 
“Locke” (as in John Locke), “an employee of a weather data collection company and, by proxy, 
a subcontractor for the National Weather Service office in [central Oregon]. . .1 collected data, 
e.g. soil samples, that were used to direct spraying operations for the last three years.” 

He described how the “psychoactive chemical” lithium was being dispersed “to manufacture 
air stagnation in the Rogue and Umpqua Valleys as well as much of the Oregon Coast south of 
Florence,” and how the Sociological Research Division “has operatives throughout the region 
gathering a massive amount of data regarding the test population’s behavioral traits like 
consumer habits, political engagement levels, and awareness of geoengineering programs.’’’’ 
(Emphasis added.) Ann writes: 

Up until now [September 2015], they have had to manufacture a weather inversion or stagnant air inversion to apply 
the lithium. . .1 noticed the new method of holding the lithium haze cloud in place first over the area in northern 
California where the massive fires have hit. . . 

“Holding the lithium haze cloud in place” sounds distinctly like ship tracks. The most active 
part of ship tracks lies above, where a plasma-induced iCloud “computer” can be pinned and 
wedged between the frequencies of higher altitude chemclouds and low-altitude chemclouds 
whose ice particle count has been increased by laser- and radio frequency-induced plasma. 
Introduce anhydrous ammonia (NH 3 ) at specific points during the lithium/water reaction and the 
mid-atmosphere can be stimulated. Supercharge the two layers of chemclouds and run a laser 

beam between them to create a super-antenna that gathers and stores messages. Ergo, set up 
networks, communicate with satellites and other processors, etc. Strike the first beam with 
another beam (scalar interferometry) and you can store hard data on a virtual “CD.” 

Utilizing clouds as optical systems is exactly what will be occurring in space as rockets 
deliver their payloads of “dusty plasma.” 


Direct steam condensation for generating power—steam releases from nuclear reactors, power 
plants, etc.—often depends upon evaporative wet surface air cooler (WSAC) technology that can 
also be used to fuel engineered weather systems in the South Pacific or on land. 

There are seven thousand power plants in the U.S., most of which are east of the Mississippi 
River and all of which have large cooling towers and/or WSACs that can produce thousands of 
gallons of water vapor per minute. Researcher WeatherWarlOl makes an important observation 
about water vapor generation fueling : “Clearly these immense facilities and all of this open-loop 
water are not there solely to cool closed-loop fluid. . .at a coal power plant.” 124 As with cell 
towers built to produce far more power than cell receptivity requires, WSACs are built for “dual 

In an email, WeatherWarlOl explained how the WSAC closed-loop / open-loop technology 

WSACs are both closed loop and open loop. That is to say they are used to cool the closed-loop working fluid driving 
the turbines to create electricity, whereas the water sprayed on closed loop tubes is an open loop system. Hence the 
billowing steam seen from satellite is produced from the open loop portion. In most instances, cooling tower and 
WSAC water is as close to “pure” as they can get it, primarily to ensure that the equipment stays clean. This applies 
only to cooling tower stacks, of course, and not to actual power plant stacks whose contents mix with the cooling 
tower water vapor on ascending to mix with the descending chemtrails / nanoparticles that facilitate NexRad 
frequency manipulation. 125 

Thus we see how power plant and nuclear stacks add particulates to the chemical stew 
overhead, synergizing with the descending conductive metals and Mylar nanoparticles. As steam 
particles ascend, the moisture feeds what is descending and multiplies the chemical effect. 

Western Canada GOES Satellite feeds captured how billowing water vapor from industrial 
cooling and power plant stacks and WSACs in East Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama 
fed the storm front that became the Louisiana flood of August 14, 2016. 126 That 100,000 people 
in Louisiana and southwest Mississippi lost everything was simply the collateral damage that 
accompanies successful weather warfare operations. 

Just as the U.S. Navy and recruited merchant ships produce ship tracks in the South Pacific 
that can be harnessed to feed and direct weather systems, so industrial plants are recruited to do 
the same on land, proving once again that the military and industry work hand in hand. The 
floods in Louisiana, West Virginia (two weeks before), and Macedonia in the Balkans (one week 
before) were not due to any 1,000-year cycle or “inland sheared tropical depression.” They were 
engineered with in-place water vapor generation. Spray aerosols into the atmosphere to capture 
moisture, then release billions of tons of rainwater with electromagnetic pulsing. 


Next to rain dances in the Southwest United States, cloud seeding may be the oldest rainmaker 
technology. Whereas high-tech geoengineering creates original chemical clouds on a global 
scale, cloud seeding since 1946 has depended upon silver iodide (Agl) flares to produce rain 
from already-present clouds on a local scale. Nanosilver is in anti-bacterial agents and food 
packaging, and its nanoparticles end up penetrating the intestinal cells and wreaking havoc. 127 

Despite the fact that nanosilver is damaging to humans and animals, state governments have 
passed codes allowing aerial spraying and given their ecology agents carte blanche to issue 
licenses and pennits for “weather modification operations,” the (wrong) assumption being that 
weather modification refers only to cloud seeding for rain and not to geoengineering. 128 

Might on-the-books cloud seeding/ionization laws just as well provide legal ballast for 
prosecuting businesses and state agencies that sign off on broader geoengineering agendas? 
Nevada and Texas come to mind. Nevada has invested in a DAx8, an eight-rotor UAS 
(unmanned aircraft system) whose attached cloud-seeding cargo is remotely controlled by 
advanced software and GPS guidance. 129 Then there is SOAR (Seeding Operations and 
Atmospheric Research), that during the week of April 6-10, 2015 fired sixteen silver iodide 
flares into passing clouds from an aircraft and produced a tornado that killed two people and 
wounded a dozen others: 

The tornadoes created by this group annually have led to the deaths of thousands, the displacement and inconvenience 
of millions, and unspeakable property destruction through “tornado alley”. . .As there is no such thing as a natural 
cloud, fog dissemination a/k/a geoengineering or chemical terrorism, and the processes of cloud seeding work 
together as part of a worldwide carbon credit scheme, cashing in on people’s lives and property. 1,0 

In Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth , I discussed how 
rainmakers like SciBlue and Aquuiess are about far more than delivering rain: 

To be blunt, electromagnetic weather engineering that can create and steer extreme weather promises untold profit and 
power. At the close of the YouTube “The Story of Artificial Clouds,” NASA climate scientist Jim Hansen is even 
more blunt: “Human-induced climate change is a great moral issue on par with slavery.” 

The cunning misapprehension that cloud seeding is a synonym for geoengineered weather 
modification is hoodwinking every state and nation. For example, what was going on in 
Tasmania when Hydro Tasmania conducted cloud seeding over the Derwent River catchment as 
huge storms approached and flooding, death, and destruction followed? 131 And was China’s 
gesture to share its cloud seeding technology with drought-torn Maharashtra, India, 132 a BRICS 
partner, a generous offer or a political move? The Technical Management Unit of Artificial Rain 
in Indonesia is spending US$45 million to purchase seven Casa CN-235s, C-212s, and N-219s to 
plump up its weather mod task force. 1 ” Is this more “dual use”? India, Indonesia, and Iraq have 
used the SU-30K as a dual use, all-weather aircraft with extended range and mid-air refueling 
capability—well suited for high-altitude/high-speed aerosol delivery in service to weather 

Cloud seeding is now a handmaiden to global geoengineering as “climate change” carbon 
credit scams and political muscling march on with companies like SOAR, Weather Modification, 
Inc., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, etc. Disasters spell money to be made, human 
society be damned. 


The complexity of nuclear experimentation is beyond the pale ofpostmodern human 
comprehension. It also reveals, although we would like to believe otherwise, our inability or 

unwillingness to consider the unseen. Whether it is invisible because of ethereal origins or 
because it is nano-sized poison does not matter; collectively we tend to obfuscate the unseen. 

Nuclear experimentation also reveals our collective inability to conceptualize time, and to 
understand just how long nuclear radiation lasts in our environment. . . 

— Ethan Indigo Smith and Andy Whiteley, “Geoengineering and the Nuclear Connection” 

Meanwhile, the weaponization of space continues to violate the 1967 UN Treaty on Principles 
Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space. In 1965, SNAP- 
10A was launched, the first space nuclear reactor with a controlled fission reaction inside and 
enough uranium to produce 600 watts of power for a year. Forty-three days after launch, the 
reactor miraculously shut down, but SNAP-10A is still orbiting as it falls apart, spreading 
radioactivity with its debris. 134 

After a twenty-eight-year hiatus, NASA has revived production of powder plutonium-238 in 
tandem with the Kilopower Project’s uranium-fueled (U-235) Stirling engines for deep-space 
missions. 135 The half-life of plutonium-238 is 88 years while the half-life of uranium-235 is 700 
million years . “Radioisotope power systems” for “deep-space exploration,” 136 or for space wars? 

Prowling nuclear submarines, aging silos, radioactive waste dump fires, 137 and Big Oil’s 
reckless releases of radioactive radon via fracking (hydraulic fracture and shale gas extraction 
processes) are what most people thi nk of when the topic of radiation hazards rears its ugly head. 
Ionized radiation technology is big business, protected by a sprawling international industry in 
turn protected by agencies like the U.S. Department of Energy and Nuclear Regulatory 
Commission (the Atomic Energy Commission until 1974). For more than 70 years, nuclear 
energy has marched on, despite public opinion that it spells death for the planet and all living 

On any day in America, radioactive 1-131 particles with a half-life of eight days are settling 
into thyroid glands as strontium-90, cesium-137, zirconium and other radioactive isotopes nestle 
into other tissues. Cows eat fallout grass, Americans drink fallout milk and eat fallout cheese and 
meat as the Sun’s cosmic rays penetrate the atmosphere and intensify the ionized radiation. This 
witches’ brew is then absorbed by soil, rock, water—and this is before considering the new 
synergies since chemtrail fallout. 

Because galactic and solar radiation filter through our magnetosphere shield, commercial 
aircrews are classified as radiation workers, though the levels of radiation to which they are 
subjected are mysteriously undocumented. The National Council on Radiation Protection and 
Measurements reported in 2009 that aircrews have the highest annual dose of radiation of all 
radiation-exposed workers in the U.S. 138 While it is well kn own that a solar storm or frequent 
high-latitude flight increases radiation exposure, the extent of what it means for human health 
remains unquantified, despite the spontaneous abortions, tissue damage, breaks in DNA strands, 
chemically active radicals altering cell function, etc. Nowcast of Atmospheric Ionizing Radiation 
for Aviation Safety (NAIRAS) and Automated Radiation Measurements for Aviation Safety 
(ARMAS) claim they will rectify this oversight. 

Quantifying the levels of atmospheric ionizing radiation is of particular interest to the aviation industry since it is the 

primary source of human exposure to high-linear energy transfer (LET) radiation. High-LET radiation is effective at 
directly breaking DNA strands in biological tissue, or producing chemically active radicals in tissue that alter the cell 
function, both of which can lead to cancer or other adverse health effects. 1 ' 9 

But it is not just solar storms and galactic radiation pouring through our HAARP-damaged 
magnetosphere that are making pilots pass out. Three years after the horror of the initial 2011 
Fukushima Daiichi release, 140 a team of independent researchers—geoscientist Leuren Moret 
( ), former U.S. Navy engineer Laurens Battis, and former NIH Clinical 
Study Coordinator and researcher Christina Consolo ( )—began 
collecting and documenting aircraft mishaps that seemed to point to the Wigner Effect or 
decomposition effect, the displacement of atoms in a solid caused by neutron radiation. Their 
twelve YouTube videos document their findings, beginning with “MAYDAY: The Wigner 
Effect” (September 16, 2014) and ending with “The Wigner Effect: Full Interview” (March 25, 

Fukushima is an ongoing tragedy not just for Japan but for the entire planetary biosphere. In 
Japan, radiation levels exceed 40,000 Becquerels 141 per square meter (Bq/m2) over 54,054 
square miles. Ten million Japanese citizens are still living in the “radiation-controlled” area. 
Nuclear engineer Hiroaki Koide believes that Fukushima should be declared uninhabitable and 
citizens evacuated; that this remains undone “is a serious crime committed by Japan’s ruling 
elite.” Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan says half of Japan’s entire population of 127 million 
has been exposed, including Tokyo (50 million), and believes that if all were evacuated, “it 
would have virtually meant the end of Japan.” Over 70 percent of Japan’s agricultural land is 
contaminated. 142 

I repeat: Fukushima is an ongoing global event—and synergy experiment. 

Even now, the spent fuel pools that broke through the pressure vessel and entered the ground 
and ocean—initially 210 quadrillion Bq of cesium-137, which reacts rapidly with water to 
become hygroscopic cesium hydroxide, plus 2,000 other nuclides (isotopes) and breeder reactor 
“Wigner black dust” (nanoparticles)—are daily adding 30 billion Bq of cesium-137 and 30 
billion Bq of strontium to the ocean. Add the neutron-pulsing plume and Japanese debris heading 
ever east around the globe via ocean and atmospheric fluid dynamics, and it becomes evident 
how imperative it is to analyze the impact of the synergy between the radiation and our 
chemicalized plasma atmosphere. 

Consolo points out that a Fox News investigation discovered that the U.S. military saw a 48 
percent increase in non-combat aviation crashes in 2014 and 2015 and that in part it is blamed on 
maintenance issues. 143 Almost daily, reports of runway delays and crashing aircraft due to 
structural anomalies are occurring. Windshields are cracking, helicopter cross tubes breaking, tail 
rotors failing, dropping oil pressure, melting batteries, lithium batteries exploding on the ground, 
faulty hydraulics, panels falling off, wings partially detaching, electrical generator and fluid 
power system failures, nose gear and landing gear issues, engines catching fire or failing, strange 
explosions, loud bangs, smoke, smells, cabin depressurization, de-icing systems kicking on, 
metal particles found in failed engine filters, malfunctioning computers, deployment of 
emergency slides in midflight, water pipes breaking. Is repetitive flying through radioactive air 
the cause? 

While these failures are clear indicators of entropy (breakdown of compounds), it is the 
speed at which they are occurring—even with budget-cutting maintenance taken into 
consideration—that points to radiation’s cumulative crystallizing effect on metal, 144 similar to 

how nuclear reactors eventually submit to thermal embrittlement. Look a little further and we see 
young people dropping dead from cardiac arrest and children as young as two having in-flight 
heart attacks. 145 Fissures may be behind hydrovolcanic explosive events underground, but “metal 
fatigue” is failing hydraulics in cars, rollercoasters, and jetways, water main breaks, nuclear plant 
transformer fires, even “freak accidents” like that at the Brooklyn Bridge. 146 

Are these signs of entropy connected to the synergy going on between ionized chemtrail 
nanoparticles, “Wigner black dust” radioactive nanoparticles, static electricity, and other ionizing 
and non-ionizing sources? The interaction between the nano-chemical ionizing of the atmosphere 
and the Fukushima catastrophe—both under a silent shroud of “national security”—may be 
escalating a planetary decay and disintegration of collapsing bridges, failing buildings, and 
unnaturally deteriorating bodies. 

Moret emphasizes that only 15 percent of the radioisotopes from the 1,200 bomb tests at 
Nevada Test Site for the past half-century has been precipitated, which means that 85 percent is 
still suspended in the atmosphere —and this is not counting ionized chemtrail nanoparticulates! 
High overhead, moisture is gradually condensing around these highly charged particulates and 
forcing them earthward. Not only are they all desiccants, but wherever they fall as rain or 
snowflakes, radiation remains (the Van der Waal force), and there is no way to decontaminate it. 

Fighter jets fly higher and faster than commercial jets and are therefore subject to higher 
radiation levels. The static electricity they (and helicopters) generate leads to a massive voltage 
buildup that contributes mightily to multiplying nanoparticles trapped in electrical fields subject 
to ionized radiation. What happens to pilots traveling at Mach 1.5+? Stealth F-22 Raptor 14, pilot 
Josh Wilson with the Virginia Air National Guard announced on CBS News 60 Minutes that the 
U.S. Air Force was threatening pilots with career reprisals if they talked about oxygen system 
problems and hypoxia. 148 Captain Jeff Haney died in November 2010 when his oxygen was cut 
off and he crashed at faster than the speed of sound in the Alaska wilderness. The Air Force 
blamed Haney, but his sister disagreed. 149 

Above, 1 mentioned the possibility of Fukushima being a synergy experiment. Is the creation 
of an entropic environment intentional? Not only do chemical trails loaded with conductive metal 
oxides provide an excellent multiplier effect on nuclear nanoparticles (Wigner black dust) 
created by the fission/fusion of plutonium and uranium, but ionospheric heaters like HAARP can 
heat radioactive plumes and eddies to create “fences” around populations or conduits for direct 
targeting of populations. 

Wavefonn energy can be used to exert force at a distance. Pulse high energy into matter and 
it will change. 


Jets and rockets lay trails of metal nanoparticles that eventually filter into our lungs and brain, 
food and water, then orbit above the Earth in a Saturn-like “ring.” Big Oil’s hydraulic fracturing 
(fracking) is the practice of pumping water, sand and chemical lubricants to keep the sand 
flowing underground to split rock containing profitable oil and gas. But it plays its part in the 
Space Fence as well once compounds are injected deep in the Earth and “thumped” (pulsed) with 
a corresponding resonant frequency. 

A1 + Fe 2 0 3 A10 2 + Fe 3 is used to perforate oil well casings prior to fracking with a C-4 
(explosive) 150 detonation-forced ignition. Compare this compound with the Ba(N0 3 ) 2 + A10 2 + 

Fe 2 0 3 + O in the atmosphere hours after chemical spraying 1 '’ 1 and you’ll see that the chemical 
“trade secrets” of aviation fuel and hydraulic fracturing fluids are in sync. Environmentalists 
have tried for decades to discover the formulae for the fracking lubricants polluting land and 
water much as jet fuel and aerial chemical spraying are polluting the air and entire biosphere. 1 '’ 2 
In 2014, North Carolina went so far as to pass the Energy Modernization Act (SB786) making 
disclosure of fracking trade secrets a Class I felony. 153 

Fifty-five percent of the 40,000 fracking wells drilled in the U.S. since 2011 are in areas of 
prolonged drought, tha nk s to the billions of gallons of water fracking requires—and not counting 
the billions of gallons of oilfield wastewater fluids loaded with chemicals that have to be 
disposed of. Is it any wonder that fracking has been implicated in the increase of earthquakes, 
sinkholes, and salt dome collapses? In Oklahoma, where there are 35,000 active wastewater 
disposal wells, earthquakes measuring 3.0 or greater reached 890 in 2015 alone. In 2008—the 
year before oil companies began using fracking—only two earthquakes occurred. 

Then there are methane releases: 

A Cornell University scientist’s claims that oil and gas development is so harmful to the climate that methane 
emissions and oil and gas production in general need to be cut back immediately to avoid a “global catastrophe”. . . 
[Environmental biology professor Robert Howarth], . .concluded that the climate impact of natural gas produced from 
shale—most of which involves hydraulic fracturing, or fracking—may be worse than that of coal and crude oil. That’s 
because methane leaks from natural gas production have a greater effect on the climate than carbon dioxide emissions, 
Howarth said. 154 

Fracked gas contains radioactive radon, and venting radon means releasing methane. It takes 
ten half-lives (8.3 days = 1 half-life) for radon to decay enough to be safe, and yet it’s being 
pumped to market immediately for people’s homes, while radon “well brine” is spread over 
roads before snow and ice storms. 1 '’ 4 Tons of hot radioactive waste in the “orphan” waste stream 
(brine, sludge, rock, soiled equipment, etc.) ends up in landfills in trash bags. Why? Because Big 
Oil has always had the privilege of self-reporting, self-regulating, and writing off taxes. 

But the worst news yet may be that burying radioactive waste in the hydrocarbon-poor shale 
of already-fractured deep underground rock is under consideration. The 2014 proposal by U.S. 
Geological Survey hydrologist Chris Neuzi 156 is made to sound like it’s “in the future,” but the 
truth is it may already be underway. And it’s been done before. In “Oilmen Help Dump 
Radioactive Waste” (San Antonio Express/News of May 3, 1964), we learn that Halliburton 
Company and Union Carbide Corporation 

. . .combined the oil well cementing technique with the hydraulic fracturing production stimulation technique [i.e. 
fracking] to entomb radioactive wastes in an impermeable shale formation a thousand feet underground. . .Union 
Carbide Corporation which operates facilities at Oak Ridge [National Laboratory] for the U.S. Atomic Energy 
Commission, and Halliburton, which provides specialized oilfield services such as cementing and fracturing 
worldwide, have collaborated on the project since I960. 157 

Radiation in hidden places synergizing with what falls from the sky to be breathed, grown as 
food and imbibed as water. Evil in the guise of profit-hungry corporations stalks the land . . . 

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zEther, Plasma, and Scalar Waves 

We shall say “Our space has the physical property of transmitting waves ” and so omit the use o] 
the word [aether] we have decided to avoid. 

— Albert Einstein, Evolution of Physics, 1938 

One cannot escape the feeling that [James Clerk Maxwell’s] mathematical formulas have an 
independent existence and an intelligence of their own, that they are wiser than we are, wiser 
even than their discoverers in that we get more out of them than was originally put into them. 

— Heinrich Hertz (1857-1893) 

There are five elements, four of which are held in the matrix of the fifth which is unaffected by 
them, of ETHER. 

— Michael Gabriel, The Holy Valley and the Holy Mountain, 1994 

Imagine the Sun’s magnetic field divided from pole to pole like sections of an orange, each 
section oriented to its opposite section, so that when the Sun rotates, the Earth’s fields change 
with the Sun’s changing fields. Now imagine that everything is connected and speaking from a 
variety of levels to whoever is listening at that particular level—an intelligent and conversational 
universe waiting for us to listen and familiarize ourselves with its cipher language. 

The universe may indeed be Hilbert’s Space of infinite dimensions. Quantum mechanics 
implies an infinity of different shapes and topologies that fit together as waves, each interfering 
with another. Intercept the charges around the terminals of generators or batteries and you may 
discover endless, hidden-in-plain-sight free energy. 

/Ether was the primordial god (protogenos) of light and the bright, blue ether of the heavens. His mists filled the space between 
the solid dome of the sky (ouranos) and the transparent mists of the earth-bound air (kliaos, aer). In the evening his mother Nyx 
drew her dark veil across the sky, obscuring the ether and bringing night. In the mom his sister and wife Hemera dispersed 
night’s mist to reveal the shining blue ether of day. In the ancient cosmogonies, night and day were regarded as elements separate 

from the Sun. - 

Aither was the upper air; the middle air was aer or khaos, a colorless mist enveloping the mortal world; the lower air, erebos, 
enveloped the dark places in the realm of the dead under the Earth. JEther’s female counterpart was /Ethra, Titaness of the clear 

blue sky and mother of the Sun and Moon. 

Here in the Pergamon Altar (second century B.C.) in Berlin, /Ether battles a lion-headed Giant. (Ahriman a.k.a. geoengineering?) 

The term we have needed for the untapped “free energy” potentials of pure cether energy is 
scalar, not electromagnetic. fEther and scalar energy have shared many epithets: prana, chi or qi, 
zero-point energy, tachyon energy, biophotonic energy, Rife energy, orgone, kundalini, life 
force, etc. Both aether (from the Greek aiOpp, to light up or kindle) and scalar waves (scalar: a 
quantity with magnitude but not direction) have been suppressed for a century. Why? Basically, 
it is the same old story: the elite bend and suppress inventors and scientific genius so as to 
control revelations of scientific truths and inventions according to their own timetable. 

Nikola Tesla’s experiments revolved around scalar waves, not EM waves, as he sought to 
transform electrons into vortex electrons. Faster-than-light—yes, that is right: faster than light— 
scalar waves are actually spiraling waves (as in wind rotation) continually branching out into 
recurring fractal patterns. Scalar waves “coagulate” as particles of matter (plasma) when they 
slow down to slower-than-light (subluminal) speeds. Once they converge with EM waves, alter 
the structure of EM energy. Unlike the usual side-to-side oscillating transverse waves (like on 
the ocean) we see in RF-zapped plasma cloud cover, scalar waves are longitudinal and more like 
compression waves. 

Ionospheric heaters like HAARP are scalar transmitters. Cross or “interfere” two scalar 
beams in the stratosphere over a target area and the resultant superheating will produce a plasma 
“ring” over the interference zone. Pump (pulse) this “ring” with radar and storm intensification 
will follow, as Michael Janitch (Dutchsinse) explains. 1 One scalar beam strips the electrons to 
form superheated plasma, the other beam pumps up and sustains the plasma. 

Konstantin Meyl, Ph.D.,“ professor of power electronics and alternative energy technology at 
the University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen, Germany, clarifies the existence of two kinds 
of scalar waves and the usual electromagnetic wave: 

Electric scalar wave [longitudinal / standing] propagates at 1.5X the speed of light in the 
direction of the electric pointer (90°) 3 ; 

Magnetic scalar wave [longitudinal / standing] propagates at 1.5X the speed of light in the 
direction of the magnetic pointer (90°); and 

Electromagnetic wave [transverse] propagates in the direction of both (zero). 

Western physics posits four forces of the universe that address matter: gravitational, 
electromagnetic, weak and strong nuclear. What has been left out since the beginning of the 
twentieth century is aether, the sub-quantum field that appears as empty space but is actually the 
ground state of the universe. 4 Like “junk” DNA—now proven to not be “junk” at all''—the 
“quantum vacuum” isn’t a void but a highly charged plenum whose subtle order measurably 
influences the spacetime motion of the entire physical universe. Like their predecessors, 
nineteenth-century scientists recognized that all-pervasive space was filled to overflowing with 
soniferous aether, the soul of the cosmos by which divine thought manifests in matter and 
therefore the common origin of all matter, as Michael Faraday (1791-1867) believed. Less than a 
century before Faraday, the polymath Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716) claimed, “There is 
no vacuum. . .space without matter is something imaginary.” Over Auckland Island, NZ on February 24, 2017. Photo by V. Susan Ferguson 

What scalar can look like in plasma cloud cover. 

/.Ether was also viewed as extending to the subtle bodies of light that all biological creatures 
have (including planet Earth)—bodies vulnerable to ionized and non-ionized electromagnetic 
radiation. Austrian scientist Rudolf Steiner delineated four ethers (note the difference in spelling 
for subtle bodies) binding the physical to the psychic (t|/v'/ji Greek for “soul” or “spirit”): 

The warmth ether, the most primordial, manifests centrifugally as heat and appears as 

The light ether, centrifugal, manifests as gas. Its primary quality is LUMINOSITY. 

The chemical/sound ether, centripetal, manifests as fluid and is DISC-FORMING. 

The life ether, centripetal, immediately precedes matter and is INDIVIDUALIZING. 6 

If we think of these four types of ether in terms of plasma, the fourth state of matter making 
up most of the matter in the universe, it seems evident that plasma and aether are one and the 
same but in different phases or forms of spherical, luminous, disc-forming, and individual. The 
fourth state of matter means just that: heat a solid sufficiently and it becomes liquid; heat a liquid 
and it becomes a gas; heat a gas (or subject it to a strong electromagnetic field) and it ionizes to 
become something no longer like ordinary gas in that it is strongly influenced by electric and 
magnetic fields. This is plasma, and the physics of plasma is about electrons and ions, 

conduction, high-voltage discharges, the mirroring ionosphere, the “dancing plasma” of the 
aurora borealis, our Sun, other stars . . . 7 

Now, plasma is being “farmed” in lower ionized atmospheres. 

On Earth, a healthy biological / emotional / mental life requires a balance of all four ethers 
supported by vital food, air, water, and consciousness, all of which are now under assault by a 
blizzard of radio frequency and microwaves, ionized metals, polymers, upper-atmosphere fungi, 
and genetically engineered biologicals. 

From the sixteenth to the early twentieth century, gravitational phenomena were modeled on 
the aether medium. Einstein retained the tenn until 1920: 

We may say that according to the general theory of relativity space is endowed with physical qualities; in this sense, 
therefore, there exists an aether. According to the general theory of relativity, space without aether is unthinkable; for 
in such space there not only would be no propagation of light, but also no possibility of existence for standards of 
space and time (measuring-rods and clocks), nor therefore any space-time intervals in the physical sense. But this 
aether may not be thought of as endowed with the quality characteristic of ponderable media, as consisting of parts 
which may be tracked through time. The idea of motion may not be applied to it. 8 

Somewhere between Darwinian evolutionary dogma, good-old-boy peer reviews, and 
powerful sub rosa occult societies, a decision was made to eliminate aether from mainstream 
science and replace it with space as a vacuum while scalar waves and the rest of Tesla’s work 
and that of Maxwell and E.T. Whittaker (1873-1956) 9 were suppressed. 

What happened was this: In 1873, James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) li nk ed electricity to 
magnetism and discovered three components in electromagnetic waves he called EM mass- 
entities (nonphysical hyperspace particles), now called evoked potentials —very fine scalar 
waveforms existing at right-angle rotations to electromagnetic fields. Hyperspace flux energy 
potentials flow unharnessed like waves in a cosmic sea of intense power in dimensions adjacent 
to ours, which is why they are not subject to our spacetime unless disturbed by our planetary 
magnetic lines of force—the same magnetic lines of force so pivotal (no pun intended) to 
leaching ions from the ionosphere. Thus it is that electromagnetic effects can be initiated from 
outside our electromagnetic spectrum. The fact is that a variety of fields and waveforms exist at 
right-angle ( orthogonal ) rotations in hyperspace outside our electromagnetic fields. Generate and 
manipulate these orthogonal components and they can invisibly generate electromagnetic effects 
to influence the Earth, human biology and consciousness. 

Twenty-three-year-old undergraduate student Cleo Loi of the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO) 
at the University of Sydney found a way to use a radio telescope to take 3D images of these giant plasma tubes existing inside our 
magnetosphere and following the magnetic lines of force that Bernard Eastlund addresses in his 1987 HAARP patent. Ions from 
the ionosphere flow through these plasma “waveguides” and into our atmosphere and magnetic field. 

Maxwell died at forty-eight of stomach cancer, after which two assaults were initiated: his 

field equations were edited to misrepresent scalar waves as zero (like EM waves), and aether was 
“disproven” by the dubious 1881 Michelson-Morley experiments. Mathematician Oliver 
Heaviside (1850-1925), chemist Josiah Willard Gibbs (1839-1903), and physicist Heinrich 
Hertz (1857—1894) 10 then buried aether, along with Maxwell’s hyperspatial Quaternions (tensors) 
and scalar equations—the very foundations of electromagnetics and unified field theory—and 
replaced them with vector analysis and the insistence that gravitation and electromagnetism are 
mutually exclusive instead of interdependent. Instead of five dimensions—X, Y, Z, time, and 
gravity—mainstream twentieth-century physics was subsequently confined to four dimensions, 
with hyperspace superluminal signals viewed as “imaginary components.” In the 1920s, English 
theoretical physicist Paul Dirac (1902-1984), one of the founders of quantum mechanics and 
quantum electrodynamics, insisted that science would have to return to the ether theory, but of 
course no one listened, scientism being entrenched. 

About the time relativity was being pushed as a truism, studies of radioactivity began 
showing that the empty vacuum of space had a spectroscopic structure similar to that of ordinary 
quantum solids and fluids. Subsequent studies with large particle accelerators clarified that space 
is more like a piece of window glass than Newtonian emptiness, filled with “stuff’ that is 
normally transparent. Once it became obvious that Leibniz had been right about space, the term 
dark matter was proposed to explain away why galaxies contain so much more mass than can be 
accounted for by visible matter. 11 Physics Nobel Laureate Robert B. Laughlin (1950-) thought 
that the aether cover-up for the sake of bolstering special relativity was “unfortunate” enough, but 
then to import a term like “dark matter” for aether? 

It is ironic that Einstein’s most creative work, the general theory of relativity, should boil down to conceptualizing 
space as a medium when his original premise [in special relativity] was that no such medium existed. . .The word 
‘ether’ has extremely negative connotations in theoretical physics because of its past association with opposition to 
relativity. This is unfortunate because, stripped of these connotations, it rather nicely captures the way most physicists 
actually think about the vacuum. . .Relativity actually says nothing about the existence or nonexistence of matter 
pervading the universe, only that any such matter must have relativistic symmetry ... 12 

Only now that the atmosphere is ionized and the Space Fence infrastructure complete are 
Maxwell’s equations being returned to their original form. The makings of life itself—aether, 
plasma, and scalar waves—are being weaponized. Maxwell’s evoked potentials are being 
artificially manufactured and weaponized in three modes: pulse, energy extraction, and 
explosion. To proponents of classical electrodynamics, conductivity happens via metal wires, 
whereas in Maxwell physics, conductivity occurs in dielectric aether-filled hyperspace when 
conductors serve as waveguides for crossed scalar beams (interferometry) that suck the energy 
out of airspace and cause a cold explosion, or just as easily direct an invisible hot beam to 
instantaneously drop a target. Cold explosion preserves machines and buildings but not life 
forms; hot energy forces buildings, machines and bodies to explode / implode and “melt” as the 
nucleus of each atom disintegrates. (Shades of 9/11.) 

These weapons involve beams. Two beams overlapped will couple into a particle-ion beam that will bounce off of a 
remote target and send a holographic image back to the satellite for remote spying operations. When you cross two 
strong beams, you can supposedly* create scalar energies. These energies can be used as untraceable weapons for 
nuclear size explosions or for defense. These crossed-energies can be used to cause a person’s physical electrical 
system to fail or with a lower frequency, administer a kind of remote electroshock. Visualize touching a positive and 
negative electric cable to each other on top of your head. Scalar energies can be utilized in hand-held military guns 
and on tanks. They can dud-out electronics or cause large, electrical blackouts. Scalar energies are practically 
impossible to shield against. You need lead, ceramics, and a deep underground facility to not be affected by these 
weapons. Or, you need to be up and above the field of battle. 13 

When interfering scalar transmitters cross beams over coordinates on the other side of the 
Earth, they utilize artificial evoked potentials and earth-penetrating tomography to create 
earthquakes at the points of interference. Natural seismic waves don’t travel through the Earth; 
only man-made scalar waves do. Two timed pulses are sent along two or three beams meeting 
over the target area, heated energy is extracted from the airspace, a cold explosion occurs, and 
the beams swing back to their originating transmitters with none the wiser. 

Transmitters, receivers, and transceivers under the scalar HAARP system are now tuned to 
the scalar harmonic and transmitting at 90° angles to each other, following waveguides around 
and through the planet. Because scalar weapons produce gravitational waves, a worldwide 
network of gravitational (longitudinal) wave detectors is constantly and quietly tracking and 
measuring weapon capabilities—like GEO600, a ground-based interferometric gravitational 
wave detector near Hannover, Germany, Virgo in Italy, KAGRA in Japan, and the twin Laser 
Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors in Livingston, Louisiana and 
Hanford, Washington (operated by CalTech and MIT). 

To counter public knowledge of these scalar-produced gravitational waves, cosmic cover 
stories are being conjured out of the same whole cloth as “meteors,” the Big Bang and the Higgs 
boson “God Particle.” Lor example, the 2016 story about the LIGO interferometer detecting 
“ripples in the fabric of space time” (Einstein) produced by the union of two black holes 1.3 
billion years ago, 14 “shocking confirmation that the waves emanated from a cataclysmic collision 
29 years ago in Pontiac, Michigan, an irresistible force meeting an immovable object” inside a 
“dome-like structure.” Astrophysicist Kip Thome looks into the distant past and sees 
gravitational waves produced by a colossal mass slammed to the ground by a powerful star, 
“93,173 bodies, by my calculations—before rippling outward into the universe.” 15 

Here, we see the Birkeland current spewing through and forth from the Earth at the North and South magnetic poles. From 

Christopher Fontenot: 

Known to exist at Earth’s poles and equatorial plane, Birkeland currents were first proposed by their namesake Kristian Birkeland 
to be electromagnetic conduits transferring energy between celestial objects over great distances in space, such as between the 
Earth and Sun. At their core, Birkeland currents are longitudinally compressed waves of electric force, their core being the center 
point of concentric counter-rotational magnetic sheaths of transverse Alfven wave propagation. These transverse waves are 
responsible for the “plasma tubes” of magnetic sheaths observed from pole to pole on Earth. 

Alfren waves are named for Hannes Alfven and are filaments of oppositely charged ions pulsing in opposite directions. The force 
that binds these oppositely charged ionic Alfven waves is called the Lorentz force. Three rings or electrojets consisting of two 

twisted Alfven waves encircle the Earth at near the speed of light. 

While weaponizing evoked potentials is plowing full steam ahead, physics doctoral programs 
are still not offering electrogravitics courses; electromagnetic waves are all still categorized as 
Hertzian, despite the fact that ELF, ULF, and biosystems waves aren’t Hertzian; and classical 
Newtonian physics still pooh-poohs evoked potentials as imaginary. Nuclear engineer Thomas 
Bearden calls modem electrodynamics “a piece of tripe.” 

With an understanding of electrodynamics, Tesla weapons like the HAARP Howitzer would 
be seen for what they are: hyperspace weapons. People would understand how the quantum 
potential in nature can be built and steered by “using a modified Whittaker EM to implement 
David Bohm’s hidden variable theory of quantum mechanics.” 16 They would learn how HAARP 
passes scalar waves through matter and dislodges the target from spacetime itself- —like the 1943 
Philadelphia Experiment and the 2001 World Trade Towers. They would leam that scalar waves 
hearken from the same realm as the antimatter that CERN is attempting to access. HAARP 
Howitzers disintegrate soft tissue and destroy every living cell until the body falls like a limp rag 
but does not decay, not even for forty-five days. The right frequencies pulsed on scalar waves 
can be made to influence thoughts as well as physical functions like vision, glands, and 

Scalar interferometry spells the arrival of global C4 domination, given that scalar beams can 
be delivered by aircraft, satellite, or vectored craft. Artificial evoked potentials shaped into 
plasma orbs / Tesla globes can be directed like cannonballs against a target by two or more 
transmitters and can fail the electronics in airplanes, jets, helicopters, and missiles. Normal and 
encrypted communications can be tapped while evoked potentials can also be used to transmit 
impenetrable communications inside ordinary carrier waves, making them perfect for two-way 
communication with nuclear submarines, ships, aircraft, and satellites. By shaping a spherical 
interference shell (plasma shield / Tesla dome) in the searching radar bandwidth, radar 
invisibility can be created. 

The Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens (LDAL) turns “the Earth’s atmosphere into a lens- 
like structure to magnify or change the path of electromagnetic waves such as light and radio 
signals” 17 by means of high-powered lasers. The lens can also be used as a plasma shield against 
enemy laser. We are living in the Star Wars matrix. 

Space Fence S-band radar (2.2-2.3 GHz) in the now-conductive lower atmosphere can 
generate plasma. (See Chapter 8 for much more on S-band radar.) It is not difficult to envision 
how Tesla’s protective 3D plasma shield or dome might be zapped into being in a flash by 
linking wide scalar beams from two or more transmitters in the airspace over even a vast 
geographic area like the Arctic Circle. Multiple layers of plasma would create a “nesting” effect 
in which each layer’s sensors would probe for various levels of identification. Illicit attempts to 
breach this force field could result in the craft or missile becoming inoperative or blowing up 
while human nervous systems are in meltdown. Raytheon is already constructing large luminous 
plasma shields over oceans and installations in the North and South Poles (including over 
Gakona HAARP). 18 

In X-ray mode, scalar waves become remote viewing radar, synthetic telepathy or voice-to- 
skull (V2K) mind control. On a scalar carrier, an advanced quantum potential weapon can mimic 
the signature or frequency of a disease and recreate it. Collective kills can be remotely achieved 
in a fifty-mile radius, individual kills on high-intensity pulse mode. In mood mode, a phase- 
locked 10Hz modulation pulsed by scalar transmitters can subject a population in a seventy-five- 
mile radius to a quiescent, hypnotic state 19 because the body functions not on electromagnetic 
waves but on scalar magnetic waves. 

As invisible scalar weapons make missiles and nuclear bombs obsolete, near-invisible 
nanotechnology tethers our bodies and brains to the trillions of sensors, microprocessors and 
genetically engineered nanobots now being loosed in our compromised biosphere. 

1 Michael Janitch, “3/08/2016 — US Military confirms HAARP 'ring’ formed by Radio Waves hitting the Atmosphere / 

2 Listen to “Konstantin Meyl Scalar Wave Interview with William Alek,” AdomHussein69, January 12, 2011. Meyl’s paper 
“Scalar Waves: Advanced Concepts for Wireless Energy Transfer” can be found at 
Energy-T rans fer.pdf. 

3 Sound waves propagate similarly because they are a form of scalar wave, as is a gravitational wave or plasma wave. For 
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6 Each ether stage can be made to devolve into the previous stage or evolve into the next stage. 

7 Clifford Camicom recommends The Fourth State of Matter: An Introduction to Plasma Science by S. Eliezer and Y. Eliezer 
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8 Einstein, Albert. “Ether and the Theory of Relativity.” Address delivered May 5, 1920 at University of Leyden. 

9 In his 1910 History of the Theories ofAEther and Electricity, Whittaker credits Henri Poincare (1854- 1912) and Hendrik 
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10 Are these the Three Assassins of Freemasonry, which views itself as the gatekeeper of what the profane should and 
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17 “A space laser could turn the Earth’s atmosphere into a giant magnifying glass and be used to spy on enemies in future 
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18 Conversation with a passenger in a C-130 who saw a plasma shield go up over Gakona HAARP in 2015. 

19 See Joanna Lillis, “The village that fell asleep: mystery illness perplexes Kazakh scientists.” The Guardian, 18 March 


The Nano Assault 

Metamaterial (Greek, meta, beyond) - engineered to have a property not found in nature 
Micron (pm) - micrometer; one millionth of a meter (0.000039 inch) 

Nanometer (nm) - one billionth of a meter (0.000000001 m) 

Oh, and as for the smart dust concept, the whole notion was created by the Defense Department, 
and UC Berkeley scientists are currently working on projects that include such applications as 
“battlefield surveillance, treaty monitoring, transportation monitoring, scud hunting. ” CNN 
headlined a story on the technology this way: ‘Smart dust ’ aims to monitor everything. 

— “Cornell sounds nanoparticle health warning,” eats shoots ‘n leaves, February 17, 2012 

Our Earth is surrounded and suffused by an electric circuit. More than a century ago, Norwegian 
scientist Kristian Birkeland postulated huge electric currents powered by solar wind being drawn 
through the ionosphere by Earth’s magnetic field. These Birkeland currents connect the Earth to 
the Sun. This is a natural fact, as lightning, volcanic eruptions of sulfur, and Alfven waves 
(“whistlers”) 1 once were. 

Multiply what was once natural by radio waves and microwaves now 200 million times those 
of a century ago: FM radio, television, cell phones, computers, radar, etc. Next, add the stealthy 
“Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) silently resurrected and morphed into the wireless 
Al-run Space Fence infrastructure dependent upon electro-optical chemicals loaded with 
nanoparticles dosing our skies—all without public debate or knowledge. 

For over a half-century, “national security” technology has been quietly overturning 
democracy and the public transparency it relies on. 

Weather engineering is key to all other electromagnetic military operations. Not only is high- 
frequency “sky beam” technology daily adjusting the temperature-dependent conductivity of the 
lower atmosphere by heating portions of the ionosphere, 2 but it has been weaponized for the 
military doctrine of full spectrum dominance via C4 (command, control, communications, and 
cyberwarfare) dependent upon (1) a conductive lower atmosphere, and (2) space- and ground- 
based systems that assure 24/7 conductivity. 3 Along with conductive metal nanoparticles, 
trillions of nano-sensors and microprocessors have been and continue to be released into the 

stratosphere and troposphere via jets, drones, ships, and rockets. 

In short, our atmosphere is no longer conducting natural charge, current, and voltage. Instead, 
we are now breathing from a ramped-up amplifier / condenser / antenna built of conductive 
nano-metals and ionized electrons. Tiny and almost weightless for maximum long-lasting loft, 
metal nanoparticles offer multiplied surface area and attract moisture for generating storms. 
Besides attaching to and ionizing molecules of oxygen, those in the upper atmosphere bond with 
and draw u nkn own organisms down into our atmosphere, creating chemical synergies our 
immune systems know nothing about. Yet we are forced to breathe this chemical witches’ brew 
while the nanoparticles (including “smart dust” and “dusty plasma”) breach our blood-brain 

Thus it is no longer only the unseen world of wireless radio waves and microwaves pulsing 
through our bodies and brains that we must take into account but nano-synergies that our Earth 
and immune systems are so far ill-equipped to handle. 4 

The military-industrial-intelligence complex gave the green light to nanotechnology more 
than twenty years ago, about the time that jets began spewing nano-metals. Nano-scale materials, 
tools and devices now exceed profits of $ 1 trillion per year. 

The nano-revolution—like the non-ionized radiation revolution—occurred very quietly so as 
to avoid public attention and government safety trials and standards. Owning the weather was the 
overarching military-industrial-intelligence objective, not health. Nor was it the first time that the 
biosphere had to serve as collateral damage for open field “research” under Section 1520a 
Chapter 32 of U.S. Code Title 50, “Restrictions on use of human subjects for testing of chemical 
or biological agents”: 

Title 50 defines the role of war and national defense, and Chapter 32 sets limits on chemical and biological warfare 
programs. While the Secretary of Defense may not conduct any chemical or biological experiments on civilian 
populations, the loophole lies in allowing for medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and industrial 
research and tests, including research for protection against weapons and for law enforcement purposes like riot 
control. 5 

It is not just the size and chemical signatures of nanoparticles that makes them a planetary 
hazard, it is their unnatural relationship with Nature. Nanotechnology is about taking apart, 
reconstructing, and condensing Nature at a molecular level measuring 1/80,000th the diameter of 
a human hair. Polystyrene carboxylated nanoparticles are in food additives and vitamins (all 
FDA-approved, of course). 6 “Nano-enabled products” span medicines, textiles, laundry detergent 
and fuel additives, dental fillings, food packaging, and skin care. A campfire naturally produces 
carbon nanotubes, but titanium dioxide (Ti0 2 ) added to processed foods, toothpaste, gum, paint, 
paper, plastic, etc., is not “natural” but engineered, which places corporations like Kraft, Nestle, 
Hershey, Campbell, and Unilever squarely in the nano-food business. It is not just Monsanto 
GMOs that we need to research. 

But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) views nanos as fundamentally no different 
from the silver or titanium they come from and so allows corporations to simply label 
nanoparticles as “additives.” The truth is that Nature at the nanoscale has far different 
properties. Copper becomes transparent, aluminum explosive, solids liquid. At the molecular 
level, the laws of physics and chemistry governing color, solubility, strength, reactivity, toxicity, 
etc. work differently and may represent a danger to the biosphere. More research is needed. 

Both the Center for Food Safety and the Energy & Environment Fegal Institute are suing the 
EPA for not protecting citizens or the environment from what boils down to military-industrial- 

intelligence complex agendas dependent upon the unregulated use of nanotechnology. 

“Nanotechnology is a novel technology that poses unique risks unlike anything we’ve seen before,” said Jaydee 
Hanson, policy director at the International Center for Technology Assessment. “Scientists agree that nanomaterials 
create novel risks that require new forms of toxicity testing. EPA’s use of a conditional registration could not be more 
inappropriate in this context.” 7 

MEMS - Microelectromechanical Sensors or Systems 
GEMS - Global Environmental MEMS Sensors or Systems 
NEMS - Nanoelectromechanical Sensors or Systems 

Electron micrograph of NEMS objects fabricated in single-crystal silicon by using electron beam lithography and surface 
micromachining. A torsional oscillator, a compound torsional oscillator, a series of silicon nanowires, and an oscillating silicon 
mesh mirror. - H.G. Craighead, “Nanoelectromechanical Systems,” Science, Vol. 290, Issue 5496, 24 November 2000. 

Neither lawsuit takes into account the electromagnetically charged nanoparticles that have 
been aerially spread throughout the atmosphere for the past two decades. Whatever the 
“reasonable” rationale, the truth is that we are being heavily dosed inside and out with ionized 
nanoparticles we have yet to learn the effects of. 

Then there’s the PM2.5 atmospheric particulate matter safety measure set in 1997 for the 
National Ambient Air Quality Standard. The science behind this “safety measure,” like the 
science behind other national standards, appears to have been set by the military: the EPA bribed 
researchers working for the Clean Air Scientific Air Advisory Committee with $190+ million in 

EPA began regulating PM2.5 in the early 1990s, and today says there’s no safe level of exposure to the air pollutant. . 
.These small particles can get into people’s respiratory system and can harm human health and even lead to death after 
just short-term exposure, according to EPA. In 2011, former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson told Congress that 
PM2.5 “causes premature death. It doesn’t make you sick. It’s directly causal to dying sooner than you should,” she 
said. 8 

Look up and you may see camouflaged DC-10 tankers or ghostlike low-flying drones 
compressing and releasing classified chemical compounds in which swarms of smart nano¬ 
machines are self-adjusting their size, temperature, and polarity to enhance their dispersal rate 
and refine their buoyancy as they seed storm fronts and hurricanes, communicate weather 
patterns to supercomputers, and increase or decrease the storm’s size and intensity as radio 

frequency steers them to a specified target area. The U.S. Air Force document “Weather As A 
Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” credits nanotechnology with the total weather 
modification process becoming “a real-time loop of continuous, appropriate, measured 
interventions, and feedback capable of producing desired weather behavior.” 9 

Meanwhile, we breathe in these nano-machines, along with everything else. 

Not only is nanotechnology’s stance toward Nature unnatural, but the nano sciences operate 
outside the laws of classical physics in the uncharted realm of quantum mechanics. As 
theoretical physicist Richard Feynman (1918-1988) said, “If you aren’t deeply disturbed by 
quantum mechanics, you clearly haven’t understood it.” Like antimatter, nanobots may be from 
parallel dimensions that obey different laws. (See Chapter 7.) For example, tiny nano-scale 
molecular rotors don’t interact with air and so cannot be influenced by friction, as normal rotors 
in an aircraft engine are. A subtler example is how the Sun’s photons convert semiconducting 
heavy metals into hot energy charge carriers from inside plasmonic 10 metal nanoparticles: 

Classical models of photo-induced charge excitation and transfer in metals suggest that the majority of the energetic 
charge carriers rapidly decay within the metal nanostructure before they are transferred into the neighboring molecule 
or semiconductor, and therefore, the efficiency of charge transfer is low. Herein, we present experimental evidence 
that calls into question this conventional picture. We demonstrate a system where the presence of a molecule, 
absorbed on the surface of a plasmonic nanoparticle, significantly changes the flow of charge within the excited 
plasmonic system. The nanoparticle-absorbate system experiences high rates of direct, resonant flow of charge from 
the nanoparticle to the molecule, bypassing the conventional charge excitation and thermalization process taking place 
in the nanoparticle ... 11 (Emphasis added.) 

We really don’t know the end result of nanotechnology marching to a quantum drummer, but 
continuing to ignore its complex invasive and invisible aspects everywhere inside and outside 
biological bodies and brains is perilous. 

Lawmakers and nano-materials physicists have been irresponsible. Feeble warnings followed 
the 1996 introduction of the term smart dust by UC Berkeley professor Kris Pister in reference to 
nanoparticles fitted with computing power, sensing equipment, tiny wireless radios, and self- 
sustaining batteries as the planetary nerve endings that would monitor everything and everyone, 
then report back to corporate headquarters of Hewlett-Packard’s Central Nervous System for the 
Earth. The 1999 National Science and Technology Council’s Nanotechnology Research 
Directions: Vision for Nanotechnology in the Next Decade admitted: “The risks to human health 
for particles on this length scale have not been assessed. In some cases, as for silica and asbestos 
fibers, the hazard potential is clear; in others, it appears that the hazard potential may be lower. 
Nanoscale aerosol particles are constantly involved in complex chemical processes in the 
atmosphere.” 12 (Emphasis added.) 

Was there a congressional investigation? No. 

A major hurdle for the neuroscientists, geneticists, and Pentagon visionaries committed to 
achieving an “enhanced” Transhumanist humanity has been how to mount mass-scale brain- 
machine interfaces (BMIs) for a “hive mind.” The answer is to disseminate neural dust 
composed of complementary metal oxide semiconductor circuitry (CMOS) and sensors that 
lodge in the brain. But while entering the brain from the bloodstream, nanoparticles and nanobots 
overstimulate brain cells, form blood clots, and punch holes in cell membranes. 

Are chemical trails (and possibly GMOs and vaccinations) delivering neural dust? 

Each particle of neural dust. . .is coupled to a piezoelectric material that converts ultra-high-frequency sound waves 
into electrical signals and vice versa. The neural dust is interrogated by another component. . .powered from outside 
the body. This generates the ultrasound that powers the neural dust and sensors that listen for their response, rather 

like an RFID system. 13 

After September 11, 2001, the new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) activated Oak 
Ridge National Laboratory’s SensorNet program to begin integrating nano- and microsensors 
into real-time detection and surveillance. 

It is [in transportation and commerce] that the full scope of surveillance integration can be seen as a management 
strategy that merges legislation, federal inspection systems, international standards, security threat assessments, and 
the latest in nanotechnology. 14 

At the close of 2003, Public Law 108-153, the “21st Century Nanotechnology Research and 
Development Act,” quietly made its way through Congress. “The President shall implement a 
National Nanotechnology Program. . .The activities of the Program shall include (1) developing 
a fundamental understanding of matter that enables control and manipulation at the nanoscale . . 

Congress was assured that nanotechnology was the “science of the future.” 

In 2005, the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars announced the 
moneymaking “Internet of Things” (IoT) angle in its Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies: 

To document the marketing and distribution of nano-enabled products into the commercial marketplace, the Woodrow 
Wilson International Center for Scholars and the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies created the Nanotechnology 
Consumer Products Inventory (CPI) in 2005. . .The revised inventory was released in October 2013. It currently lists 
1,814 consumer products from 622 companies in 32 countries. The Health and Fitness category contains the most 
products (762, or 42% of the total). Silver is the most frequently used nanomaterial (435 products, or 24%); however, 
49% of the products (889) included in the CPI do not provide the composition of the nanomaterial used in them. 
About 29% of the CPI (528 products) contain nanomaterials suspended in a variety of liquid media and dermal 
contact is the most likely exposure scenario from their use. The majority (1,288 products, or 71%) of the products do 
not present enough supporting information to corroborate the claim that nanomaterials are used ... 13 

Nano research boomed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), the Department 
of Energy research facility run by University of California Berkeley. Once the National 
Nanotechnology Program was in place, all caution was consigned to the outer darkness of 
“national security.” In 2007, when the City of Berkeley requested that the LBNL (and UC 
Berkeley) comply with a city ordinance requiring corporations working with engineered 
nanoparticles to submit a toxicology report and “how the facility will safely handle, monitor, 
contain, dispose, track inventory, prevent releases and mitigate such materials,” neither 
institution complied. 16 A month later, UC Regents approved major expansion of LBNL, virtually 
ignoring city and community outcries about toxic compounds in the soil and groundwater, 
including polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, hazardous metals, tritium, etc. 17 

Lor the most part, critical warnings and second thoughts about nanotechnology withered on 
the vine of scientific journals, though the Journal of Nanoparticle Research did manage to 
publish “Nanotechnology and the need for risk governance” about the “governance gap” between 
nano- and micro technologies. (1 nanometer nm = 0.001 micron pm, a quantum world of 
difference.) Prom the Abstract: 

. . .The novel attributes of nanotechnology demand different routes for risk-benefit assessment and risk management, 
and at present, nanotechnology innovation proceeds ahead of the policy and regulatory environment. In the shorter 
term, the governance gap is significant for those passive nanostructures that are currently in production and have high 
exposure rates; and is especially significant for the several ‘active’ nanoscale structures and nanosystems that we can 
expect to be on the market in the near future. Active nanoscale structures and nanosystems have the potential to affect 
not only human health and the environment but also aspects of social lifestyle, human identity and cultural values . . 

, 18 [Emphasis added.] 

But as is usual among sciences shanghaied by the military-industrial-intelligence complex, 
the warning went nowhere. In fact, the sixty-page 2011 National Nanotechnology Initiative 
Strategic Plan mandated that each government agency do its part to converge society with a 
nano-based “integrated technology”: 

• Department of Defense - persistent surveillance 

• Intelligence Community - unmanned aircraft 

• Department of Energy - energy and climate change 

• Department of Homeland Security - sensor platforms 

• Department of Justice - criminal justice 

• Department of Transportation - modify travel behavior 

• Environmental Protection Agency - environmental sensing 

• Food & Drug Administration - biological systems 

• National Institute of Food and Agriculture - global food 

• National Institutes of Health - precise control for predictable outcomes 

• Department of Treasury - economic sanctions 

• National Science Foundation - education 

Nanotechnology is seamlessly merging with the biosphere to take the place of what was once 
called Nature. 

Nanoparticles, because of their ultramicroscopic size, readily penetrate the skin, can invade underlying blood vessels, 
get into the general bloodstream, and produce distant toxic effects. 19 

On the seemingly benign medical side, nano-devices are being engineered to detect 
molecules, enzymes, proteins, and genetics. “Microparticulate delivery systems” are in 
vaccines 20 and on the tips of vaccination needles. Nanobots made of graphene are programmed 
to swim in the bloodstream to release drugs. Tiny Janus particle motors made of gold and 
platinum can repair microcircuits when propelled by a chemical reaction; 21 engines the size of 
atoms under cones of electromagnetic energy heated by lasers can be pulsed in a heat-cool 
pattern to behave like pistons; and even biological nano-rockets are being engineered by 
attaching strands of DNA as “catalytic engines” to a gold and chromium polystyrene bead: 

When placed in a solution of hydrogen peroxide, the engine molecules caused a chemical reaction that produced 
oxygen bubbles, forcing the rocket to move in the opposite direction. Shining a beam of ultra-violet light on one side 
of the rocket causes the DNA to break apart, detaching the engines and changing the rocket’s direction of travel. 22 

The genotoxicity (damage to DNA) of engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) may be the most 
concerning, particularly for future generations. A 2013 paper in Environmental Science & 
Technology points to metal oxide nanoparticles, fullerenes (molecules of carbon in the form of 
hollow spheres, ellipsoids, tubes, etc.) and carbon nanotubes—all of which are implicated in 

chemical aerosols. Fullerenes assemble and replicate, delivering and embedding their 
programmed metamaterials and pharma agents directly into the host’s DNA. 

. . .it is currently postulated that ENPs cause nonspecific oxidative damage and that the resulting stress may be the 
predominant cause of DNA damage and subsequent genotoxicity. 2 ’ 

This self-assembly process is called Teslaphoresis and sounds disturbingly like descriptions 
by Morgellons sufferers of the self-assembling fiber networks building grids throughout their 
bodies and at times erupting from their scalps, gums, and skin. Teslaphoresis depends upon a 
Tesla coil force field for remote directives to carbon nanotubes to self-assemble and extend in 
long wires that can be magnetically reeled in and out: 

“Electric fields have been used to move small objects, but only over short distances,” [Rice University chemist Paul] 
Cherukuri said. “With Teslaphoresis, we have the ability to massively scale up force fields to move matter remotely. . 
.There are so many applications where one could utilize strong force fields to control the behavior of matter in both 
biological and artificial systems.” 24 

Telephoresis nanowires “grow and act like nerves,” simultaneously assembling and creating 
circuits powered by force field energy. Cherukuri mentions how “patterned surfaces and multiple 
Tesla coil systems could create more complex self-assembling circuits from nanoscale-sized 
particles”—like what is being delivered by chemical trails, GMO foods, and vaccinations. 

Disseminating nanoparticles makes sense if your objective is an “integrated technology” 
matrix for a socio-biological “battlespace” Al-programmed for surveillance, detection, and two- 
way communication. Think gigaflop microprocessors the size of molecules, MEMS 
(microelectromechanical systems) and GEMS (global environmental MEMS) “smart” sensors 
and microprocessors (computers), and magnetoelectric nanoparticles (MENs) gravitating to 
neurons in the brain. 

We are now in the realm of optogenetics and deep brain stimulation (DBS), the manipulation 
of brain cell activity by switching brain cells on and off with remote light or magnetic fields. All 
that is needed is optical nanofibers programmed to deliver light to the brain, plus gold 
nanoparticles and nano-rods that absorb light and convert it to heat. Iron oxide nanoparticulates 
(and other heavy metal oxides) give off heat when exposed to an alternating magnetic field, 
“causing the neurons to fire long trains of nervous impulses.” 25 

Thus we can begin to piece together why military intelligence has bent over backwards to 
deceive the public about nanotechnology and the chemical trails above. Wires, RFIDs and 
implants are no longer necessary; remote access can be obtained and maintained by creating an 
external magnetic field in which magnetic nanoparticles stimulate and respond to other magnetic 
fields outside (in vitro ) and inside (in vivo) the body to create signaling networks that control ion 
channels, neurons, and behavior. 20 

The campaign to convince the public that controlling machines by thought alone is 
“progress” flies in the face of the shouting inverse: that all of it —the chemical trails loaded with 
conducting metals and nanobots, the nano GMO food additives, the cell phones and towers, the 
Internet of Things—is blasting us toward a Transhumanist future in which tiny machines and 
their AI gods remote-control our brains. 

The deployment of trillions of nanobots above and in our atmosphere with no proof of safety 
is a planetary crime whose magnitude is difficult to measure—a crime for which neither national 
nor international judiciary systems are prepared, a crime that makes twentieth-century Nazi 

crimes of extermination and experimentation seem juvenile and clumsy. 

We are being besieged by “metamaterial assemblies” that debilitate the planetary biosphere 
built and maintained for untold eons by an extraordinary spiritual power we call Nature. The 
unstudied synergies forming among chemicals, radiation, nanos, and living beings are leaving 
chronic immune-deficiency illnesses and dying species in their secret wake. Nano-scale 
chemicals combine and share ions with carbons, sunlight, radio waves, bacteria, mold, fungi, and 
algae, then mutate and integrate with DNA, mutating it in the process. Mutations are inevitable 
when nanoscale thorium, strontium, aluminum, barium, lithium, silver, styrene, polymers, 
liposomes, hydrogels, etc. overload cell communication. 

“Smart dust” detects earthquakes and tracks weather systems, predicts traffic flow, monitors 
energy use, and measures vibration, sound, temperature, and chemical signatures, and wireless 
sensor networks (netscapes or mesh) monitor farms, factories, data centers, airports, and the 
atmosphere. Then there are the tiny magnetometers, cameras, LiDAR and radar for tracking and 
surveillance. Then there is the “smart dust” already in us, being daily delivered. All of it together 
is the “hive mind” communicating with itself by wireless frequencies and with non-human AIs at 
3-space bases, servants of the World Wide Web 27 in service to Space Fence lockdown. 

To paraphrase George Washington regarding dangerous servants and fearful masters, are our 
tiny servants our future masters? 

1 Low-frequency oscillations of ions in plasma and magnetic field perturbations. 

2 M.B. Cohen et al. “Geometric Modulation: A more effective method of steerable ELF/VLF wave generation with 
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3 ELF/VLF radio waves (300Hz-30kHz) are so long (10-1,000 kilometers) that they are difficult to generate (much less 
sustain) with ground antennas alone, which is what makes a “sky antenna” essential. 

4 Thanks to William Thomas, “Nano Chemtrails,” July 17, 2014, 

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Climate Engineering 

Webs and Filaments 

Plasma clouds and cloud cover simply do not look like the moisture-particulate clouds of yesteryear. Chemical signatures 
indicate that clouds are no longer simply moisture and random volcanic or micro-dust particles. Nanoparticles have changed all 

of that. 

(Use of Hidden Information Content of the Field) 
(Can Provide Action-at-a-Distance) 

Figure 5. Scalar potential interferometry (between the two sets of bidirectional 

longitudinal EM wavepair functions) produces all EM force fields and waves 

“Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, 
volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. . . So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work 
finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations.. .It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our 
[counterterrorism] efforts.” —Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen (1997-2001), Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, 
Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia, Athens, April 28, 1997 

From the Tom Bearden Website, 

The Nano Effect. 

Conductive military “chaff’ has been modified into nanoparticles that easily make their way into our lungs, bloodstream, and past 

the blood-brain barrier. 

The once pristine Olympic Peninsula of Washington State is now a US Navy electronic warfare (EW) zone. I am constantly aware 
of operations being conducted overhead. In December 2015, a friend suggested I hold a flashlight up to the night sky to see the 
particles the Navy was spraying to enhance their radar and EW weapons. The beam of light picked up a thick stream of tiny 
particles flowing downward. Later, when I turned the flashlight back on again, I was stunned and horrified to see that the 
particles were still adhering to the lens. This is the photo I took. - V. Susan Ferguson 

Sun simulator (U.S. Patent No. 3,239,660)? Or plasma mirroring in the lower atmosphere may lie behind the widely witnessed 

illusion of two Suns. 

Man could tap the Breast of Mother Sim and release her energy toward Earth as needed, magnetic as well as light. - Nikola 


...of all his inventions, what may become the most beneficial are those dealing with creating electricity from magnetic energy 
waves created by the Sun. In very simple laymen’s terms Tesla concluded that the Sun itself is a white-hot ball ofpure energy 
with a positive electrical charge. The Earth, spinning on its axis once every 24 hours, displays a negative electrical charge. This 
electrical “relationship ” between the Sun and the Earth greatly interested Tesla and resulted in his declaring that he could 
create electricity by harnessing radio magnetic waves in the atmosphere. 

Tesla’s personal diary contains explanations of his experiments concerning the ionosphere, and the ground’s telluric currents via 
transverse waves [electromagnetic] and longitudinal [scalarjl waves. At his lab in Colorado, Tesla proved that the earth was a 
conductor, and he even produced artificial lightning, creating discharges consisting of millions of volts, and up to 135 feet (41 5 
meters) long. Tesla also investigated atmospheric electricity observing lightning signals via his receivers . . .There must have 
been something disturbing about Tesla’s work to American energy tycoons, as ones like JP Morgan locked up Tesla’s most 
advanced power generator and threw away the key. Morgan then had Tesla’s Power Generator for broadcasting electricity 

through the air dismantled. 

—Maurice Picow, “Were Tesla’s Solar Innovations ‘Buried’ by Big Oil?” Energy, Green Tech and Gadgets, March 10, 2011 

Cycle 24 Sunspot solar minimum. 

Tesla:. . . One summer evening in Budapest, I watched the sunset with my friend Sigetijern. Thousands offires were turning 
around in thousands of flaming colors. I remembered Faust and recited his verses, and then, as in a fog, I saw a spinning 

magnetic field and an induction motor. I saw them in the sun! 

'Interview with Nikola Tesla from 1899,” 

“The Chemical Corps is the branch of the United States Army tasked with defending against chemical, biological, radiological, 

and nuclear (CBRN) weapons.” — Wikipedia 

Elementis Regamus Proelium is Latin for “Let us rule the battle by means of the elements.” 

“The United States Army CBRN School, located at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, is the primary American training school 
specializing in military Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) defense. Until 2008, it was known as the 

United States Army Chemical School.” — Wikipedia 

“More important by far to the geoengineering matter at hand are two intelligence agencies: the National Reconnaissance Office 
(NRO) and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) . . .The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) (2003) 
develops imagery and map-based intelligence (IMINT) and is horizontally integrated with the NSA, one being the eyes, the other 
being the ears. The NGA employs 15,400 people, many working in its four football fields-long headquarters south of 
Washington, D.C. In conjunction with the U.S. Air Force, it cuts deals with telecom corporations for dual-use tech. See James 
Bamford’s article “The Multibillion-Dollar US Spy Agency You Haven’t Heard of’ ( Foreign Policy, March 20, 2017) and 
Mohana Ravindranath’s “Mission Possible: A Spy Agency Builds A Tech Scout Network” ( Nextgov , October 19, 2016).” 

“Full Spectrum" Human Intelligence 

Clandestine HUMINT 
Covert Action HUMINT 
Offensive C ounter intelligence 
Covert Defensive C ounU*i intelligence 

"Hides" —“ 





Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) 
is Human Source, Not Technical 

I Citizen as Sensor 

i Soldieras Sensor (Overt/Open Signals) 
i Operational Test & Evaluation 
i Inspector-General (Org, USG, Int'l) 
i Security Observation/Remote Webcams 
l Document Exploitation/lmagery 
i Overt Subject-Matter Experts (SME) 
l Defense Attaches, MAG, Liaison, TOY 
• Human Terrain Teams (HTT) 
i Interrogator-Translator Teams (ITT) 
Soldieras Sensor (Covert "Hides") 

i Defensive Counterintelligence 
Offensive Counterintelligence 
i Covert Action HUMINT 
Clandestine HUMINT 

as the "Glue" 

Education, Lessons Learned, Research, & Training are Foundation for Intelligence 

HUMINT - intelligence gathered by humans 
SIGINT - signals intelligence (SIGINT) 

IMINT - imagery intelligence 
MASINT - measurement and signature intelligence 
GEOINT - geospatial intelligence 

Human Intelligence (HUMINT) J-2 Central 

“This is a variation of the HUMINT graphic created in Sweden, one that shows the J-2 for a region, in this case AFRICOM, 
being central to the provision of leadership across all of the aspects of HUMINT represented within DoD and the rest of 

government, all of them largely ‘out of control’ right now.” 

—Earth Intelligence Network, 8/15/2008, 

fi Q 0 O 

q • 

of* ° K 

% n ^ 

n n * 

A “ A A * **<* ■* 

* * 
A ^ If 

* tf 


* A |r □ 

It* A* 


* ** 

* * 


A ^ 

A If A 


“Space Fence Map” by Jim Lee, available at This map reflects the major elements that comprise the Space 


RED SQUARE / WHITE RADAR = Ionospheric Heaters. Facilities like the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project 
(HAARP) in Gakona, Alaska are used by scientists and military (including defense contractors) to control radio frequency and 
radar operations through the combination of satellites and sounding rockets deploying chemical payloads (ion clouds, dust ice, 
metal-oxide clouds, barium, strontium, trimethylaluminum[TMA], sulfur hexafluoride [SF6], and lithium) and illuminating these 

plumes with extremely focused, high-powered microwaves. 

BLACK SQUARE / WHITE RADAR = Missile Defense Radars similar in nature and power to ionospheric heater facilities like 
HAARP. These radars are always on unless urgent maintenance is needed. 

YELLOW SQUARE / BLACK RADAR = Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN) installations used to monitor 
conditions in the ionosphere and verify modifications made by ionospheric heaters. 

YELLOW TRIANGLE / BLACK STAR = Lasers. Some of these installations are military-operated while others are typically 
operated by universities conducting “dual use” research. GEODSS, USAE Satellite Control Network, and the International Laser 
Ranging Service (ILRS) LiDARs (Light Detection and Ranging) are used to track satellites and near-earth objects. 

Are industry and research instruments “dual use” for planetary surveillance? Certainly, the International Space Station (ISS) is 
used to “test” various instruments. Here, the Cloud-Aerosol Transport System (CATS) employs LiDAR to measure location, 
composition and distribution of aerosols, pollution, “dusty plasma,” smoke, and other particulates, while the ISS-RapidScat radar 

scatterometer gauges solar winds. 

Laser systems like LaWS on the sea and Starfire on land are key to space situational awareness: “To maintain space situational 
awareness, the Air Lorce conducts research in laser guided star adaptive optics, beam control, and space object identification.” 
(“Starfire Optical Range at Kirtland ALB, New Mexico,” Kirtland ALB Fact Sheet, March 9, 2012) 

“Nice touch, that tip of the hat to Ronald Reagan whose administration initiated the ‘Star Wars’ program now culminating in the 
latest addition to the ground-based system upon which the Space Fence depends going up on the Kwajalein Atoll at the old 

Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Test Site.” 

—Under An Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown 

NexRads and the look-alike SBX radomes offshore operate at similar frequencies, as both are super high-frequency (HF) Doppler 

radar systems. NexRads by land, SBXs by sea. 

—Under An Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown 

The Aztec / Mexica calendar and the Large Fladron Collider (LF1C) at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research 

“On May 25, 2007, Bernard Eastlund, Tom Bearden, Fred Bell, a filmmaker and I had a conversation in Texas about the possible 
development of Saturn rings around the Earth like a celestial space collider. It seemed like every time the LHC was activated, 
there were cyclotronic reverberations like shockwaves of earthquakes, volcanic and massive spontaneous gravity (scalar) wave 

activity. Bernard Eastlund died 12/12/2007.” 

—Billy Hayes, “The HAARP Man” 

CERN’s Globe of Science and Innovation. This wooden “bee hive” is about the size of Saint Peter’s Basilica dome in Rome, 27 

meters high (9 X 3), 40 meters in diameter (10 X 4). 





10 3 - 10 

10 6 - 10 

io 7 To - 7 - lo - 8 

10 -<>- 10 -"| 

v ^/ r \/' \ AAM wmtm 

10 ,6 | 10 16 - 10 ” 

10’ 7 - 10 2, | 

10 "- 10 -' 

10 !1 -10 M 





Start studying invisible wavelengths, frequencies, and pulses. Invest in detectors. Memorize how narrow our visual spectrum is. 
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported at Wikimedia Commons. 

Capital city of the Technocracy: Silicon Valley. 

Yet another quiet agency with devastating power over our lives, the National Security Analysis Center (NSAC). 

“Today, through a series of high-level classified authorities and commercial relationships, the Center has access to over 130 
databases and datasets of infonnation comprising some two billion records, over half of which are unique and not contained in 
any other government information warehouse. The Center is, in fact, according to interviews with government officials, the sole 
organization in the U.S. government with the authority to delve deeply into the activities and associations of foreigners and 

Americans alike.” 



Sky Anomalies 

A system for facilitating cloud formation and cloud precipitation includes a controller and a 
beam emitter that is responsive to the controller. The beam emitter is configured to emit a beam 
to form charged particles within an atmospheric zone containing water vapor. The charged 
particles enhance the formation of cloud condensation nuclei such that water vapor condenses 
on the cloud condensation nuclei forming cloud droplets. The system further includes a sensor 
configured to detect a cloud status and output a signal corresponding to the cloud status to the 

— “System for facilitating cloud formation and cloud precipitation,” US 9526216 B2, 

Kenneth G. Caldeira, December 27, 2016 

At last count, there were sixteen different mixtures of chemicals for aerosol distribution—twelve 
electrically different from each other and four being time tags logging how the mixtures are 
working at all layers in the vertical wall of connectivity between them. Ultimately, the military 
plans twenty-four layers extending from Earth into the higher frequencies of space. Thus the 
electromagnetic Space Fence, with its cloak of invisibility dependent upon terahertz (THz) 
wavelengths so small they can manipulate individual atoms, is to be contiguous with the witches’ 
brew in our atmosphere. 

Not surprisingly, the number of “new clouds” being generated by geoengineering is the same 
as the number of chemical mixtures—a baker’s dozen decided by the Cloud Appreciation 
Society for the World Meteorological Organisation to include in its revised International Cloud 
Atlas first published in 1896. Joining Nature’s clouds—cirrus (L., feathers), cumulus (L., heaped 
up), stratus (L., layered and smooth), and nimbus (L., rain-bearing cloud)—are asperitas (L., 
roughness), cauda (L., tail), fluctus (Kelvin-Helmholz), murus (L., wall), flumen (“beaver’s tail,” 
associated with a supercell severe convective stonn), and the species volutus (L., rolled). 

The inclusion of rainbows, halos (sun dogs), snow devils and hailstones is odd—“All types 
of optical effects can be defined as clouds,” says BBC meteorologist John Hammond, who is 
looking forward to “many new entries in the future” 1 —but no odder than lumping anthropogenic 
plasma cloud production via chemicals and radio frequency and microwaves in with Nature’s 
clouds. As the World Meteorological Organization puts it, “19th century tradition, 21st century 

South of Greenland in the Labrador Sea, January 11, 2016. Photo by V. Susan Ferguson 

The International Cloud Atlas also proposes five new “special clouds”: cataractagenitus, flammagenitus, homogenitus, 
silvagenitus and homomutatus. The suffix genitus indicates localized factors that led to cloud formation or growth, 
while mutates is added when these caused the cloud to change from a different form. These special clouds are 
influenced by large waterfalls, localized heat from wildfires, saturation of air above forests and humans. Thus, a 
common example of homogenitus is contrails sometimes seen after aircraft. 2 

As I indicated in Chapter 1, even with a telephoto lens, it is difficult to discern just where on 
the jet the chemical spray is issuing from. As for contrails, water-injection engines are extremely 
rare, so if you see a short trail behind a large jet, you may be seeing the new short non-persistent 
chemical trails. One or two streams out of each wing making as many as four trails; one or two 
trails directly behind the engine; sometimes no trail at all. Excess fuel is often released from 
pylon drain tubes before landing, but what if it occurs at 26,000 feet? Does that make it an 
intentional chemical dump? At what point are we seeing supplementary chemicals not “cooked” 
(pyrolyzed) in the engine chambers, such as the Airbus A320 passenger jets with pipes or ducts 
in the pylon just above the engine? And when we see the “on-off’ staccato trail, is one chemical 
configuration being switched for another? And the photographs of onboard modular aerial spray 
systems in the aircraft fuselage—is the equipment “dual use”? 

Massive experimentation is going on in our skies. The old chemical trails of the past two 
decades are being changed. The barium in the old trails was invisible from one direction and 
foggy white to grey from another. Some observers now report blue chemtrails, not the classic 
milky white or grey—blue meaning transparent or translucent. Even nano-sized Mylar polymers 
are now translucent in terahertz. Could this be due to Aerochem Corporation’s new manganese 
ion fuel additive? 

The absence of the typical whitish coloring is due to a kaleidoscopic refraction of depolarized barium particles 
exposed to a significant temperature swing (from 400-500°F, which is -55° to stratosphere output). Reversing the 
hygroscopic effect (a substance’s ability to attract and hold water molecules) does away with visible condensation. ’ 


What if chemical trails go completely invisible and future generations believe that perpetually 

milky baby-blue skies in the day and no stars at night is natural? 

The military has thought long and hard about not just mitigating the heat-producing 
“contrails” their C4 agendas require but about making aircraft invisible to sight and radar. (See 
General Electric’s 1964 patent US3127608 A “Object camouflage method and apparatus.”) In 
the 1980s, stealth programs concentrated on electromagnetics for building radar-evading 
bombers. For example, the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom fighter bombers were designed so 
that pilots could activate cryogenic superconducting magnets to create an EM “bubble” around 
the aircraft. Light striking the EM field would divide and pass around the aircraft and reunite on 
the other side—thus, invisibility. But the pilot’s inability to see beyond the invisibility field (“a 
cloud of ionization” 4 ) forced the military to keep looking for more perfect visual camouflage and 
radar-masking. Is it possible to cloak without layer masking? Apparently so. At certain 
frequencies, light waves scattered by resonant and non-resonant mechanisms go into opposite 
phases and cancel each other out, thus producing invisibility. 5 

Nanoparticles are the name of the invisibility game, whether it’s transparent optical displays 
on cockpit windows or “obscurants” hiding warfighters from plain sight. Both applications have 
to do with engineering the size, shape, and composition of nanoparticles in accordance with the 
attenuation properties of light. 

Recent design upgrades can now hide a warfighter from infrared and other sophisticated types of viewing, thanks to a 
range of metallic nanoparticles [with optical properties arising from localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) 6 ] 
including gold and silver that enhance the attenuation of light in a given region of the electromagnetic spectrum. . . 
[Pjarticles are used to absorb or scatter light in order to block a warfighter’s visibility over several bands of light. 7 

The latest is the dielectric metasurface cloak, a super-thin (3 mm) Teflon substrate with tiny 
embedded ceramic cylinders that manipulate EM waves. 8 This ultra-thin metamaterial Q can work 
at 1/10 of missile guidance and marine radar wavelengths, and can be used for EM waves as 
small as those of visible light (400-700nm). Radio waves can’t detect an aircraft if radio waves 
don’t bounce back to a receiver, and seeing needs light to bounce off the object. Thus, if you can 
manipulate the waves, you can obtain invisibility. However, a 6° angle of sunlight can 
compromise the cloak, and the cloak can’t cover for visual and radar at the same time (due to the 
narrow range of wavelengths). 

So you may see a chemical trail laying itself, the jet or drone disappearing before your eyes, 
even if you’re looking through IR night vision goggles. The effort to make contrails invisible “to 
a size below a humanly visible range” has been going on for decades, the problem being the 
chemicals needed to depress the freezing point of water. Toxic additives mixed with the chemical 
trails to make them dissipate quickly so they are invisible are even worse for those who must 
breathe them in. Even Rolls-Royce’s ultrasonic wave method depends upon chemicals 
(“hydroscopic materials”) like chlorosulfonic acid and sulfur trioxide: 

Guadalupe Island & Baja CA / Sept. 21, 2017. Photo by V. Susan Ferguson : 

The more I see these particular clouds, the more they resemble a hive form. Creating a database of images from NASA 
Worldview has only reinforced my conclusion that our planet has now been successfully invaded. A ‘foothold’ Invasion! 
Beginning in December 2016,1 have now collected over 3000 images. The formations of the electrically charged clouds - by 88 
and more transmitters around the planet - have changed their shape over time. The technicians seem to be evolving their 
techniques. Recently there are more of what I term “HIVE” shapes, cloud formations that resemble hives. 

US 20100043443 Al, “Method and apparatus for suppressing aeroengine contrails,” February 25, 2010, Rolls-Royce. 

Claim: An aircraft comprising a gas turbine engine that exhausts a plume of gases in use, the aircraft is 
characterized by comprising an ultrasound generator having an ultrasonic actuator and a waveguide to direct 
ultrasonic waves at the exhaust plume to significantly reduce the formation of contrails. 

Other patents over the years: 

• US3517505 A, “Method and apparatus for suppressing contrails,” June 30, 1970, 
U.S. Air Force. 

• US4766725 A, “Method of suppressing formation of contrails and solution therefor,” 
August 30, 1988, Scipar, Inc., Williamsburg, New York. 

• US5005355 A, “Method of suppressing formation of contrails and solution there 
for,” April 9, 1991, Scipar, Inc., Williamsburg, New York. 

The eastern Pacific off Colombia & Ecuador/ Sept. 17, 2017. Photo by V. Susan Ferguson : “This is 

an even better example of the ‘ringed coiled tufts.’ You can easily see the rings or spiral around the ‘tuft’ clouds. 


In Clouds of Secrecy: The Army’s Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas (Rowland & 
Littlefield, 1988), Leonard A. Cole discusses the first Operation LAC (Large Area Coverage) in 
1957-1958 when zinc cadmium sulfide nanoparticles were sprayed from the Rocky Mountains to 
the Atlantic Ocean and Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, cutting a swath through the San Lrancisco 
Bay area to South Dakota, Minneapolis, Corpus Christi, and back. 

Harold Saive ( ) has created his own acronym for what he’s seeing over 
southeast f lorida: 

A TERRA satellite view from the early afternoon of January 28th, 2017 about 1 PM reveals an unmistakable north- 
south aerosol operation over South Florida that drifted with the cirrus level flow out into the Atlantic as the day 
progressed. These are not chemtrails. They are large volume aerosol plumes or LVAP. This technique is increasingly 
used to dump aerosols in much larger volumes than chemtrails alone could provide. A ground observer in Southeast 
Florida posted a video that captured the event early in the morning. This is evidence the FVAP dumps were deployed 
under cover of darkness before sunrise .. , 10 

Like endless war outside of Congressional jurisdiction, we are now subject to an endless 
Operation LAC or LVAP. After the COP21 Paris climate conference at the end of 2015 and 
since the “green light” for geoengineering at the beginning of 2017, 11 nanos producing endless 
chemical cloud cover have been barraging the skies—and this is after two decades of commercial 
and military jet trails diffusing into chemical cirrus contrailus. Lleets of Boeing 747 supertankers 
carpet the skies not in long discrete chemical trails but from massive dumps in one pass. Prom 
satellite, the dump pattern looks like hundreds of fountain or waterfall cascades. Less and less 
are we seeing the crosses, tic-tac-toes, and linear fade-outs. 1 - In a morning or night, large 
geographical areas are inundated with nary a trail—like the continental-scale carbonaceous 
aerosol plumes over Southeast Asia described by geophysicist Keith Potts in his 2008 paper 
“Aerosol Plumes: The Cause of Droughts and El Nino Events By Regional Dimming.” 13 

Two Evergreen Air patents make “superdumps” not only feasible but probable: Evergreen 
International Aviation Patent US7413145 B2 (2008) “Aerial Delivery System,” and Evergreen 
International Aviation Patent US20100314496 A1 (2010) “Enhanced Aerial Delivery System.” 
The patents reference “powders” for cloud seeding and forest fire retardants (U.S. Navy patent 
US3899144 A “Powder contrail generation,” 1975), but it is not difficult to imagine supertankers 
like the new Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 in service to the “dual use” credo. 14 

Besides Evergreen supertankers, new C-130Js will be replacing the 910th Airlift Wing’s 
current fleet of C-130H aircraft at Ohio’s Youngstown Air Reserve Station (YARS) “to ensure 
that the 910th’s DoD specialized aerial spray mission continues safely and without 
interruption.” 15 Are those C-130J’s delivering chemical dumps? 

Then there are reports of “chembombs.” Saive wonders if they are adding to, or gradually 
replacing, the chemical trails, which would fit with mitigating “contrails” as “unintended 
geoengineering”; stop spraying through the nozzles and let the less visible fuel pollution 
continue the aerosol flooding. Some chembombs seem to be producing individual plasma clouds 
all on their own, while others may be plasma experiments in now ion-rich skies. Bruce Douglas 
of Maui Skywatch inserted the tenn into the chemtrail movement when he spoke at the 

unforgettable Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails conference in Los Angeles in 2012. 16 
Chembombs are yet another way to insert chemicals into our geoengineered skies. 

The recent U.S. Air Force announcement of four-inch CubeSats that “bomb the sky” by 
carrying “massive amounts of ionized gas to the ionosphere to create radio-reflecting plasma” 
explains how by heating vaporizing metal beyond its boiling point (shades of 9/11), metals react 
with atmospheric oxygen to produce radio-reflecting plasma: 

Another project from a team at Enig Associates and the University of Maryland plans to heat metal [nanoparticles?] 
by detonating a small [chemical?] bomb and converting the blast into electrical energy. And the shapes of the plasma 
clouds could be fine-tuned by altering the form of the initial explosion, New Scientist explains. 

In the past, researchers with the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Alaska have attempted to create 
plasma using radiation from ground-based antennas to stimulate the ionosphere. The new plan from the USAF aims to 
find a more efficient way. 17 

Is radio frequency being used to vaporize metal nanoparticles in the lower atmosphere to 
produce better communications for C4 objectives? 

The ENIG space plasma generator for low Earth orbit insertion has flux compression 
generators that convert explosive chemical energy into electromagnetic energy: 

“We’re going to take mega-amps of energy and then joule-heat a light metal load through multi-phase transitions to 
generate artificial man-made plasma cloud in the ionosphere,” said ENIG President, Eric N. Enig. . ,“[T]he space 
plasma generator can be used to smooth out ionosphere disturbance to assure reliable communications and navigation 
in-theater, or to provide novel capabilities for RF systems.” 18 

Given that our lower atmosphere is now basically a mini-ionosphere, we will be seeing not 
just plasma clouds masquerading as “natural” but other plasma events, as well. 


Shadows that either follow or precede jets laying chemical trails are not necessarily carbon black 
trails. They may be optical effects taking place in an ionized “cloud chamber” of the upper 
troposphere loaded with conductive and reflective metal nanoparticles. Also, take the angle of 
the Sun into account as sunlight albedo can reflect skyward and cast a trail shadow on the chem- 
haze above it. If the Sun is behind the observer, then the shadow may appear ahead of the 
aircraft. Thus when sunlight reflects from the Earth {albedo), it can project a reverse shadow on 
the chem-haze “screen” above, whether of a cloud or a trail. (Clouds also cast shadows into the 
sky when sunlight bounces from the Earth skyward.) Not only barium turns the sky into a 
projector screen; the albedo effect does, too. 


Once upon a time, a sundog was a bright, rainbow-colored patch of light on either side of the Sun 
when it was low on the horizon. Now, a “sundog” seen through the haze of chemical trails may 
actually be a supercontinuum white light produced by laser pulses busy propagating plasma 
channels (filamcntation) and remote sensing fluorescent chemical and biological signatures of 

dissolved metallic ions. 19 Patent US 20080180655 Al, “Remote Laser Assisted Biological 
Aerosol Standoff Detection in Atmosphere,” describes how a femtosecond laser or LiDAR 
system (light detection and ranging, combination of “light” and “radar”) can directly produce a 
white light supercontinuum from the ultraviolet (UV) to the visible (VIS), near infra-red (NIR) 
and middle infra-red (MIR) in a particle cloud for a full spectrum rainbow effect. 

The heart of the new device is a sheet only nanometers thick made of a semiconducting alloy of zinc, cadmium, 
sulfur, and selenium. The sheet is divided into different segments. When excited with a pulse of light, the segments 
rich in cadmium and selenium gave off red light; those rich in cadmium and sulfur emitted green light; and those rich 
in zinc and sulfur glowed blue. 


I did not find the once-rare hole-punch cloud (fallstreak hole) among the new clouds in the 
revised International Cloud Atlas. Hole-punch clouds point to an atmospheric release of 
electrical charge potential, subtle perturbations following from how the technology serving 
geoengineering multiplies and releases ions into the lower atmosphere to increase power density 
for military operations. Control over the electromagnetic potential of the Earth’s atmospheric 
layers is key to fulfilling the doctrine of full spectrum dominance. Phased-array Doppler radar 
facilities (ground-, air-, and satellite-based) can focus the microwave energy needed for this 
cascade of atmospheric ions. 


In 2010, two Suns appeared in the sky over New York City, and in 2011 ABC News commented 
on two Suns videoed over China. Interviewed astronomers who said it was just lens reflection, an 
evening curvature of light through pollution, an ice particle mirage, a rare optical refraction due 
to a “blob” or “thick patch” of atmosphere wandering in front of the Sun. 20 In the same time 
period, two bodies of light were also seen over Bangkok, Dubai, and Russia, one body of light 
always smaller than the Sun. A double sunrise in 2013, more dynamic duos in 2014, 2015, and 
2016. What’s going on, other than Internet declamations of Niburu and Planet X? Is the second 
Sun China’s artificial star created in 2016? 21 

Or has a mirroring body been quietly ensconced in space? In 1993, the Russians claimed to 
be testing Znamya or Banner, a sixty-five-foot-diameter mirror coated with aluminum plastic 
film to reflect sunlight down to Earth from their Mir space station. 22 In 2007, The Guardian 
brought up giant space mirrors: 

The US government wants the world’s scientists to develop technology to block sunlight as a last-ditch way to halt 
global warming, the Guardian has learned. It says research into techniques such as giant mirrors in space or reflective 
dust pumped into the atmosphere would be “important insurance” against rising emissions . . , 23 

We know about “reflective dust pumped into the atmosphere,” thanks to chemical trails, but 
what about mirrors? Is the James Webb Space Telescope—twenty-one hexagonal mirror 
segments made of beryllium, each mirror coated with 0.12 ounces of gold in layers 120 mn thick 
—a giant mirror become “the world’s most powerful space observatory” 24 —or DARPA’s Space 

Surveillance Telescope (SST) at White Sands Missile Range sweeping up its terabyte of data per 

The Sun is not a nuclear furnace filled with gamma rays but a positively charged plasma in a 
negatively charged environment. Plasma mirroring in the lower atmosphere appears to lie behind 
the illusion of two Suns. 


In 2004, independent scientist Clifford Camicom observed and called attention to lighted spheres 
or orbs in the New Mexico sky: 

The physics of motion of the [“ball of light”] defy common explanation. There is no obvious propulsion system 
visible, and the movement of the object is generally non-linear. . .In the original video or higher resolution formats of 
the video, an interaction of the object with the surrounding atmospheric medium can be seen. This interaction occurs 
in periodic pulses, always on the same side of the object. . .It would appear that this interaction is of a plasma nature. 
There also appears to be a pulsation within the light source itself. . , 25 

From time to time, observers see plasma orbs guiding or accompanying jets laying 
chemtrails, 26 “shooting” 27 or ejecting plasma to form horseshoe-shaped clouds. 27 It is possible 
that lasers are used to create those orbs, given that they can be used to create “artificial stars” and 

. . .beacons to guide the process of atmospheric compensation. When astronomers use the method, they aim a small 
laser at a point in the sky close to a target star or galaxy, and the concentrated light excites molecules of air (or, at 
higher altitudes, sodium atoms in the upper atmosphere) to glow brightly. Distortions in the image of the artificial star 
as it returns to Earth are measured continuously and used to deform the telescope’s flexible mirror and rapidly correct 
for atmospheric turbulence. That sharpens images of both the artificial star and the astronomical targetA 

Glow-mode (gas) plasma orbs can be mistaken for natural ball lightning, but they are actually 
produced by interfering two scalar beams over the target area. (See Chapter 11 for how they are 
used for battlespace targeting.) 

. . .the energy for the plasma balls is coming from the vacuum of spacetime at the very location of the balls 
themselves, triggered by scalar interferometers aimed through the woodpecker grid. These kinds of balls can be used 
as marker beacons giving feedback for precision aiming of the howitzers [ionospheric heaters]. The energy of the 
marker beacon can be read back into the computers, giving precise location information for pinpoint aiming. The 
target area can be very small or widened out. l0 

Gas plasma orbs may serve as “guidance systems” during crop circle formation. While living 
in England circa 2005, I visited a couple of famous crop circles in the English countryside 
frequented by people in meditative yoga poses. I had read about the tests that revealed 
radioisotopes in the flattened grass and wondered if satellite computer algorithms were behind 
the circles. 

In the Middle Ages, crop circles were obviously not attributed to algorithms but to “mowing 
devils.” By the 1800s, it was cyclonic wind. Post-World War II aerial surveys detected buried 
remnants of circular buildings possibly built over naturally occurring plasma discharge vortices 
like big “fairy rings” produced by the Earth’s electromagnetic toroidal forces. 

Beginning in the 1970s, crop circles became increasingly complex and technical, much more 
sophisticated than slates-and-rope hoaxes might account for. But how was it being done? Much 

like the Apollo Moon landings, it was difficult to believe that agencies like NASA would 
perpetrate “high-tech hoaxes”; thus people turned to paranormal explanations. But like the 
creation of “sprites” thought to be natural lightning minus thunder, the answer is probably 
technology. Plasma can be generated and naturally occurring vortices can be directed with the 
precise overhead positioning of a geostationary satellite, mathematically intricate computer¬ 
generated 3D digital designs, and microwave lasers (masers). 

GPS systems enable the artists to cover vast spaces with absolute precision, while microwaves can be used to flatten 
large numbers of stalks at great speeds, it was claimed. An analysis of evidence in the Physics World journal reported 
that researchers had used magnetrons—tubes which use electricity and magnetism to generate intense heat—to mimic 
the physical changes in flattened stalks in some circles, which are linked to radiation. ’ 1 

Magnetrons like those found in microwave ovens could not begin to produce the 
radioisotopes present in crop circles, but maser technology could do it, and easily. 

Microwaves impact the nervous system and mind. In 2009, a National Aviation Reporting 
Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP) scientist attempted to warn pilots about possible 
side effects of encounters with “plasma balls”: 

According to a physical theory concerning plasma ball formation, very low-frequency waves — in case generated by 
a previously existing plasma ball, or by other natural causes coming from the ionosphere — if associated with high- 
frequency waves (such as microwaves by radar) may cause the formation of plasma vortexes in the air (Zou, 1995) 
whose behaviour is not possible to predict but which might constitute some danger to the conduct of any flight. It is 
not expected in general that very low-energy electromagnetic emission alone is able to affect the electronics aboard 
airplanes. What is important to consider here is that, according to the specific frequency range, it can interfere directly 
with brainwaves of the pilots and of passengers and often cause altered consciousness states and severe hallucinations. 
Of course this effect might render the conduct of any flight extremely dangerous. The physiologic effect of these 
waves, also in connection with pulsed magnetic fields, is now well known and demonstrated in biophysical and 
neurophysiologic laboratories (Persinger, 2000). 32 

“Plasma vortexes in the air” are reminiscent of the Humvee-mounted nonlethal weapon 
known as the pulsed energy projectile (PEP) that emits a short intense pulse of laser energy that 
creates a rapidly expanding ball of plasma that can deliver a pressure wave to stun, disable, or 
knock a target off their feet (or out of the air?). This EM radiation affects the nerve cells and 
causes excruciating pain—all from a mile away. The technology’s early name was pulsed 
impulsive kill laser. 

A seminal 2007 essay by targeted individual Carolyn Williams Palit alerted Internet-targeted 
individuals about “gas plasma generation due to the heating of chemtrails by electromagnetics”: 

The technical names for vertical and horizontal plasma columns are columnar focal lenses and horizontal drift plasma 
antennas. Various sizes of gas plasma orbs are associated with this technology. These orbs can be used as transmitters 
and receivers because they have great, refractory and optical properties. They also are capable of transmitting digital 
or analog sound. Barium, in fact, is very refractive — more refractive than glass. 

What does that mean? Someone or someones are very involved in unconstitutional, domestic spying and the entrained 
plasma orbs carried on electromagnetic beams can be used for mind control programming. The satellites can be 
programmed to track and monitor various frequencies on different parts of your body. These electromagnetic beams 
carrying the gas plasma orbs stick due to magnetic polarity and frequency mapping and tracking to people’s eyes, 
ears, temples, and private parts. A beam with entrained orbs carries pictures in each orb just like the different frames 
in a movie. It is a particle beam that is also a frequency weapon."' 0 


From strange cloud formations to orbs behaving intelligently, the sky theater is now pregnant 
with puzzling spectacles. From Belo Horizonte, Brazil, we hear of three small round clouds that 
appeared in a matter of seconds in a blue sky with two swirling clockwise as the other became a 
rising “cigarette puff,” then took off, followed by the other two like “smoke cylinders.” 34 These 
“clouds” sound more like vectored crafts in a plasma disguise. 

It is difficult to fathom just what we are seeing in our increasingly simulated world. Sky 
observers point to exotic triangular crafts hiding in the plasma cloud cover, sometimes even 
creating their own plasma cloud cover. (Shades of operation #7: the detection and obscuration of 
exotic propulsion technology.) The TR-3B (Astra), the highly classified Aurora (SR-91), and the 
boomerang Northrop Grumman stealth B-2 Spirit bomber sighted since 1998 flying silent and 
low (500-1,200 feet) are just three possible crafts with classified hover capability. At his 
“Starburst Forum: Electrogravitics and Field Propulsion,” P. LaViolette talks about the B-2’s 
“silent field propulsion mode” witnessed over Boston: 

. . .the B-2 in flight scoops air into its engine cowlings and this air is there seeded with ions to create a multimillion 
volt potential which the B-2 used to power its electrokinetic ion drive. The fields induce asymmetrical electrostatic 
forces on the B-2 which propel it forward silently. This is an overunity drive: unbalanced forces create thrust which 
scoops air, which creates volt potentials. 35 

A 2012 Maryland sighting confirmed a “bright violet glow around the fighter that the B-2 
charges its wing leading edge with to a multimillion volt potential.” 36 

And is our plasma cloud cover cloaking an order of exotic propulsion craft beyond our own? 
And what of the orbs that move non-linearly and pulsate like organisms? 1 ' 

What is that triangular shape hiding in the cloud? 

The arching wing . . . 

Plasma implosion? 

All four photos are by Sean Gautreaux, author of What Is In Our Skies Vol. 1 Diagrams: The Study of Cloaked Cloud Craft Above 

New Orleans, 2014. 

Physicist David Bohm experimented with electrons in plasma and observed how like a 
biological organism plasma behaved. In fact, the term plasma was coined for its resemblance to 
living blood cells. Because of this resemblance (including helical structures resembling DNA), 
“complex, self-organized plasma structures exhibit all the necessary properties to qualify them as 
candidates for inorganic living matter. They are autonomous, they reproduce, and they evolve.” 38 

Yes, inorganic living matter, not carbon-based living matter, and it seems conscious, and 
communicates telepathically. 

If plasma life forms were present in the Earth’s highly ionized atmosphere 4.6 billion years 
ago—heated gas, chemicals, electric storms—could plasma-based life forms from space be 
drawn to our now-ionized atmosphere? A 2003 experiment written up in “Minimal Cell System 
Created in Laboratory by Self-Organization” found that the rhythmic “inhalation” of the nucleus 
of laboratory-created plasma spheres (orbs) mimics the breathing process of living systems and 
results in pulsations. 39 

These are strange, exciting, and dangerous times . . . 

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. . .Intelligence influence matter-scientists ’ 

magic bank telephone war investment Usuty Agency 

executives jetting from McDonnell Douglas to General Dynamics 

over smog-shrouded metal-noised treeless cities 

patrolled by radio fear with tear gas, businessman! 

— Allen Ginsberg, “Pentagon Exorcism,” 1967 

The land shall be crisscrossed by a giant spider’s web during the end of the Fourth World and 
the beginning of the Fifth World. 

— Hopi prophecy 

The essential American soul is hard, isolate, and a killer. 

D.H. Lawrence (1885-1930) 


The Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) 

. . .any organism dispersed as an aerosol over a human population can lead to trouble. 

— Matthew Meselson, chairman of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 

Harvard University; testimony, 1977 

National socialism is nothing but applied biologv. 

— Rudolf Hess 

In 1994, Carol Marshall’s book The Last Circle debuted on the Internet, one of the first bold 
investigations into what other studies had written off as “conspiracy theory,” in particular the 
1980 military document “From PSYOP to Mind War: The Psychology of Victory” by Colonel 
Paul Vallely and Major Michael A. Aquino. Both officers had been decorated in Vietnam, but 
Aquino had deep ties to Nazism and was a practicing Satanist with top security clearance as a 
psychological warfare officer. 1 Marshall posits that the Vallely-Aquino paper virtually spawned 
the entire Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) and its asymmetric approach to warfare, military 
operations other than war (MOOTW), 2 and viewing mainstream media as potential “Mind War 
operatives.” 3 

In a follow-up U.S. Air Force Academy study, we learn more about why warfare must 
become “multidimensional”: 

The spectrum of conflict, as portrayed in most readings, is single-dimensioned, linear, and continuous. . .[It] must be 
replaced by a multidimensional model, perhaps even nonlinear and discontinuous. Topological mathematicians would 
call it a manifold; hence, the name conflict manifold. Its primary characteristic is multidimensionality . . , 4 

Both Vallely and Aquino knew that multidimensional “Mind War” would have to include 
artificially produced ELF waves to impact minds: 

ELF waves are not normally noticed by the unaided senses, yet their resonant effect upon the human body has been 
connected to both physiological disorders and emotional distortion. Infrasound vibration [up to 20Hz] can 
subliminally influence brain activity to align itself to delta, theta, alpha, or beta wave patterns, inclining an audience 
toward everything from alertness to passivity. Infrasound could be used tactically, as ELF waves endure for great 
distances; and it could be used in conjunction with media broadcasts as well. . .An abundance of negative 
condensation nuclei [atmospheric ions] in ingested air enhances alertness and exhilaration, while an excess of positive 
ions enhances drowsiness and depression. Calculation of a target audience’s atmospheric environment will be 

correspondingly useful. 5 

But who other than Vallely and Aquino kn ew in 1980 that shifting to a “multidimensional 
model” of warfare would threaten the entire biosphere and the human mind? 

Let’s begin with a quick tour of duty through the U.S. military as it is today (and not as it is 
in Hollywood war films), how it and its entrenched agencies and defense contractors have 
militarized the United States (and NATO) for more than a half-century, and how the release of 
the 1,176-page “Department of Defense Law of War Manual” for the four military branches 
appears to be an all-in-one legal guide to superseding international human rights treaties and the 
U.S. Constitution. 0 In fact, the military-industrial-intelligence complex is now synonymous with 
the word military and has metastasized into a morphing Hydra with hundreds of shape-shifting 

In the spirit of resistance to the poisoning of our atmosphere and planet with a blizzard of 
chemicals, polymers, sensors, microprocessors, and genetically engineered ‘bots in the name of 
full spectrum dominance “force multiplication,” we begin with the U.S. Anny Chemical Corps, 
renamed in 1986 the Dragon Soldiers, whose regimental insignia exclaims Elementis Regamus 
Proelium, Latin for Let us rule the battle by means of the elements, their logo changed from the 
old cobalt blue benzene ring superimposed on two gold retorts crossed like swords to a gnarled 
tree stump and the chemical-breathing Green Dragon of the alchemists. 7 The Dragon Soldiers 
constitute a military Brotherhood. 

Then there is the USAF Meteorological and Space Environmental Services and Air Force 
Weather Agency out of Offut Air Force Base in Nebraska (headquarters of Strategic Air 
Command) and Asheville, North Carolina, and the Air Force Combat Weather Center at Hurlburt 
Field, Florida and Scott Air Force Base in southern Illinois supporting Combat Weather Flights 
and Battlefield Weather Teams. 

Policy decisions about “force multiplier” weather may rest with the USAF Meteorological 
and Space Environmental Services, a military/civilian phalanx of 4,100 active duty and reserve 
military and civilian personnel serving under the Director of Weather (AF/A30-W). 

The majority of AF weather personnel are focused on two distinct yet related functions: characterizing the past, 
current, and future state of the natural environment, and exploiting environmental information to provide actionable 
environmental impacts information directly to decision-makers. 

AF weather is organized in a 3-tier structure to maximize capabilities that can be accomplished in the rear area via 
“reachback” technology. This minimizes forward presence on the battlefield, making a “light and lean” presence 
consistent with the overall USAF vision for contingency operations in the 21st century. 8 

The field-operating Air Force Weather Agency (AFWA) oversees global-scale collection and 
production of weather. Reporting directly to the Air Force Director of Weather, AFWA plans, 
programs, and fields standard weather systems, and collects, analyzes, predicts, tailors, and 
integrates weather data, providing “timely, accurate, relevant, and consistent terrestrial and space 
weather products necessary to effectively plan and conduct military operations at all levels of 
war.” 9 

AFWA consists of a functional management headquarters; the 1st Weather Group (1 WXG) with three subordinate 
CONUS [continental US] operational weather squadrons (OWS); the 2nd Weather Group (2WXG), which operates 
three squadrons, two at Offut and one at Asheville, NC; the Air Force Combat Weather Center at Flurlburt Field, FL, 
which supports the Combat Weather Flights and Battlefield Weather Teams through investigation, development, 
integration, exploitation, and training across new and existing systems and processes; as well as five detachments and 
operating locations. The 1 WXG commands three operational weather squadrons that conduct weather operations in 

support of Total Force Army and Air Force operations in the CONUS ... 10 

These military “weather forces” are tasked with exploiting the weather for air, space, 
cyberspace, and ground operations that serve the four military branches and Intelligence 
Community. Certainly, they are concerned with the chemical and electromagnetic technology 
that delivers “force multiplication,” but not with the decision-making. 

From our mainstream media, we hear a lot about agencies like the EPA (Environmental 
Protection Agency), NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), USGS (U.S. 
Geological Survey) and NASA, but not about the agencies pivotal to the creation and 
maintenance of our ionized atmosphere, including intelligence agencies. Flere is how I 
characterize NASA: 

• National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) a psychological intelligence 
operation tasked with confusing public knowledge of covert space defense, space 
weapons, unmanned satellite and rocket launches, and plasma research. 

• NASA ’.s' Ames Research Center, whose Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Project 
(SETI) is a cover story for “Human Factors” (PSY-Warfare Division), e.g., MK- 
ULTRA; at Sunnyvale, CA. (e.g., Project Snowbird, Project Aquarius, Project Tacit 

More important by far to the geoengineering matter at hand are two intelligence agencies: the 
National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). 

The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) flies, controls, and collects information from spy 
satellites of the IC and DoD, monitors exotic propulsion traffic, and coordinates energy beam 
weapons, all from the Pentagon basement and Dulles Airport, Virginia. 

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) works with the DoD and the ODNI through the 
NRO. As part of the Intelligence Community (IC), the NRO employs private security employees 
to fly American spy satellites for the DoD and ODNI. Investigative journalist Tim Shorrock in 
his 2008 book Spies for Hire: The Secret World of Intelligence Outsourcing writes that 95 
percent of NRO employees are defense and security contractors working for the military- 
industrial-intelligence complex: “With an estimated $8 billion annual budget, the largest in the 
IC, contractors control about $7 billion worth of business at the NRO, giving the spy satellite 
industry the distinction of being the most privatized part of the Intelligence Community.” 11 

The career of Donald Kerr, Jr. is an excellent example of the NRO overlap of intelligence 
with physics. Thanks to his Cornell University BSEE in 1963, MS in Microwave Electronics in 
1964, and Ph.D. in plasma physics in 1966, Kerr became director of the Los Alamos National 
Laboratory (1979-1985), then deputy director of Science and Technology at the Central 
Intelligence Agency (2001-2005), director of the NRO (July 2005-October 2007), and deputy 
DNI (July 11, 2007 to 2009). In fact, plasma physicist intelligence officer Kerr took the helm of 
the NRO just in time for Hurricanes Dennis (July 8, 2005, Category 4), Emily (July 14, 2005, 
Category 4), Irene (August 12, 2005, Category 3), Katrina (August 29, 2005, Category 5), and 
Rita (September 20, 2005, Category 5). 

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) (2003) 12 develops imagery and map- 
based intelligence (IMINT) and is horizontally integrated with the NS A, one being the eyes, the 
other being the ears. The NGA employs 15,400 people, many working in its four-football-fields- 

long headquarters south of Washington, D.C. In conjunction with the U.S. Air Force, it cuts 
deals with telecom corporations for dual-use tech 13 . 

In the upper atmosphere and space, NGA-embedded semiconductor chips and billions of 
photosensors are busy converting infrared radiation into electronics and sending a voltage signal 
to form images of objects to computer monitors hundreds of miles below. On the ground, the 
NGA’s Mobile Integrated Geospatial-Intelligence System (MIGS) mounted on a Humvee 
collects information from weather disasters and street protests, then beams them up to satellites. 
If citizens move off the grid or out of range, an NGA Agent may arrive at the door with a census 
hand device to beam up the citizen’s new coordinates for the Digital Point Positioning Database 
that maintains real-time surveillance. Like its NSA partner, the NGA makes sure everyone is 
plugged into the global information grid (GIG)—“horizontally integrated,” even to the extent of 
responding to weather emergencies with its Domestic Mobile Integrated Geospatial System 
(DMIGS) mounted on a Humvee. 

NGA’s eyes are focal plane array cameras, ultra-sensitive to absorb infrared radiation instead 
of optical light. Semiconductor chips embedded with millions of photosensors convert the 
infrared radiation into electronics and send a voltage signal to form an image of the object 
hundreds of miles below. The NGA oversees the versatile laser radar (LiDAR) weapon for 
constructing 3D renderings. It oversees eye-in-the-sky drones with high-res cameras, like 
ARGUS-IS and its “persistent stare” feature, the equivalent of one hundred Predator drones 
tracking everything that moves and storing one million terabytes of data per day. 

Add NORTHCOM and CIFA, DHS and Department of Justice (DOJ) fusion centers 
throughout the country and the Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP) renamed PRISM, 14 and the 
Homeland looks more and more like a COINTELPRO police state. 

The U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) is a nonprofit corporation with above 
top-secret classification funded by the largest NGA and DHS contractors. USGIF GEOINT 
Symposiums are open windows into the highest levels of U.S. intelligence thinking. 13 


Listening posts, traffic cameras, surveillance aircraft like the U-2 Dragon Lady, telephone 
microphones, and satellite linkups with state of the art software like British subsidiary BAE 
Systems’ GXP 3D mapping and GOSHAWK big picture scrutiny are on constant real-time 
paranoia alert for snipers, weather disasters, forest fires, snapping Homeland photos to postage- 
stamp clarity with MASINT (measures and signatures intelligence) seeing through walls and 
ceilings with infrared. 

Many government agencies have been subsumed by a criminal network of graft, fraud, 
blackmail, corruption, contractor overcharges, health and safety violations. Agencies have 
become as “dual use” as the technologies they cover for during our quiet descent into a 
Transhumanist future on a lockdown planet. This illegal dual-use governance apparatchik is now 
tenned the Deep State. Technocracy, corporatocracy, military-industrial complex—its many 
terms attempt to elucidate its comprehensive nature. Layers of deceit and corruption surrounding 
weaponized technology have erased the balance of powers defined in the Constitution. Since the 
National Security Act of 1947, the aftermath of Operation Paperclip, and the secretive Cold War, 
governance has moved from the chambers of elected officials to the back rooms and star 
chambers of conspirers and malefactors with no love for republics, peoples or their humanity. 

The revolving door between government and corporations dedicated to new battlespace 
profits and careers are well oiled and spinning fast, the Defense Science Board (DSB) being but 
one example among many. The DSB serves as DoD intennediary between weapons needs and 
the physical sciences, including advising government officials on the science and technology of 
torture. Founded in 1956 to maintain a flow of war and profits for defense contractors, DSB 
board members hail from Aerospace Corporation, Serco, Bechtel, General Dynamics Advanced 
Infonnation Systems, SAIC, Lockheed Martin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MITRE, 
Networks and Information Integration, ViaSat Inc., Loral Space & Communications, Sandia 
National Laboratories, and Georgia Institute of Technology. (No conflict of interest there.) 

Continuing to examine the Deep State through the lens of Project Cloverleaf and 
geoengineering, I first want to tha nk the anonymous author of “Shadow Government, Structural 
Analysis,” 16 as well as Harald Kautz-Vella who detailed corporations and organizations 
according to the IP addresses they left behind when monitoring human rights organizations 
collecting data about Cloverleaf aerosol spraying. 17 As the anonymous author put it, “The 
Shadow Government is a creature of a powerful elite who need now fear being dominated by an 
instrument of their own creation.” My sketch continues beyond the NRO and NGA to other 
Intelligence and Military players making liberal use of Defense Contractor players so as to avoid 
public scrutiny. I have placed the Executive players they are all answerable to at the top. I cannot 
discuss all but do discuss those most important or most interesting. Feel free to investigate and 
revise as you correct just how the “Octopus” is put together. (For example, I decided that the 
Department of Homeland Security is more like Intelligence than Executive.) 


Executive usual suspects are organized top-down as per decision-making power over the United 
States. It is not that government departments and agencies (DOT, DOJ, etc.) are synonymous 
with shadow government but that shadow players are running them. 

Bilderberg Group 

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) 

Trilateral Commission 
Federal Reserve System 
National Security Council (NSC) 

NSC-5412-2 Special Group directs black [covert] operations 
PI-40 Subcommittee (40 Committee) 

Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Special Operations - covert directorate that implements NSC 5412 Committee directives 
by utilizing U.S. Special Forces Command. 

U.S. Department of the Treasury (DOT) 

U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) - partially self-financed by confiscation of money and valuables from “targets of 


General Accounting Office (GAO) - investigative arm of Congress that oversees audits. 

Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) (2004) - oversees sixteen intelligence agencies and is itself 

overseen by the NSA. 

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 

National Security Agency (NSA) 

National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) 

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) 

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - primarily self-financing via the international drug trade and “front” businesses 
like InQTel for off-the-books operations, purchase of exotic munitions, and strategic bribes. 

CIA's Directorate for Science and Technology (DS&T) - gathers intelligence for “Weird Desk.” 

NSA’s Central Security Service and CIA’s Special Security Office spy on spies and conduct special ops that cannot be 
entrusted to line intelligence. 

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Counter Intelligence Division 

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) conducts surveillance and interdiction of drug smuggling operations, unless 
exempted under “National Security” waivers. 

National Security Analysis Center (NSAC) - data-mines Americans and reports to the DOJ; grew out of the FBI’s 
Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force (F-Tri-F) after 9/11. (Total Infonnation Awareness?) 

Department of Energy’ Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence conducts internal security checks and external 
security threat countermeasures through contractors. 

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) coordinates intel gathered from Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and 
Special Forces; provides counter-threat measures and security at ultra-classified installations; Pentagon, VA, Fort 
Meade, MD. 

U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) - psychological and psychotronic warfare (PSYOPS), para- 
psychological intelligence (PSYINT), and electromagnetic intelligence (ELMINT), Ft. Meade, MD. 

U.S. Navy Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) - intel affecting naval operations; works with 

U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) - intel affecting aerospace operations, surveillance, and 
coordination with NRO interdiction operations, Fort Meade, MD; works with 

NASA Intelligence gathers intel relating to space flights, sabotage, astronaut and reconnaissance satellite encounters. 

Air Force Special Operations Security Forces (SOSFS) - NSA/USAF joint intelligence operations unit dealing with 
possible threats to aerospace operations; McDill AFB, Orlando FL. 

Defense Security Service (DSS) - investigates people and situations deemed a possible threat to any operation of the 
Department of Defense. 

Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) - investigates threats to Navy/Marine operations; manages Navy security 

Twenty-Fifth Air Force - surveillance and interdiction of threats to the security of Air Force electronic transmissions 
and telemetry, and to the integrity of electronic countermeasure (ECM) warfare equipment; Lackland AFB, TX. 

Federal Protective Service (FPS) - intel relating to threats against federal property and personnel. 

The 2017 intelligence budget (not counting the “black budget”) was $70.3 billion. 

The National Security Agency (NSA) was relatively unknown to the American people for its 
first few decades of existence (like the NRO). WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden have changed all 
that. The NSA’s dominant role in surveillance is now known, but its pivotal role under the Space 
Fence remains hidden. While the occasional press release about a 1999 memorandum to NSA 
employees banning cute big-eyed Furby stuffed owls able to record and repeat words or phrases 
heard 18 is amusing, the black Humvees with state-of-the-art electronics idling outside NSA 
headquarters like Plutonian steeds are not, nor does the chief psychologist standing by for the 
Associate Director for Security and Counterintelligence, ready to interrogate NSA employees in 
scenes reminiscent of Arthur Koestler’s dystopic novel Darkness at Noon about Soviet Russia. 

The military nature of the NSA. NSA directors are generally U.S. Navy officers, and the NSA’s venture capital firm 
Paladin Capital Group finances high-tech start-ups that look a lot like the CIA venture capital firm In-Q-Tel. When 

Air Force Lieutenant General Michael Hayden became NSA director, he publicly announced Project Groundbreaker 
and formalized the fact that the NSA was run by the military-industrial-intelligence complex—2,690 revolving-door 
military contractors like Computer Sciences Corporation, Logicon (a Northrop Grumman subsidiary), Conquest Inc., 
SAIC, Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton, Telcordia Technologies, etc. 

The NSA has the power to bypass the Joint Chiefs of Staff and give direct commands to signals intelligence (SIGINT) 
military units while farming out intelligence functions: Counterterrorism under Signals Intelligence Division (SID) to 
Fort Gordon, Georgia; electronics intelligence (ELINT) to Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado, where the 
super-secret Aerospace Data Facility answers only to the Pentagon; SIGINT to Medina Regional SIGINT Operations 
Center (RSOC) at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas; etc. 

The NSA runs all U.S. intelligence agencies. The Intelligence Reform Act of December 2004 consolidated America’s 
sixteen intelligence agencies into one Intelligence Community (IC) run out of the Office of the Director of National 
Intelligence (ODNI) but reporting directly to the NSA. 

The NSA has the entire telecommunications industry in a vise grip. As a “dual-use” defense contractor, the 
telecommunications industry makes billions from NSA and military contracts and billions from consumers’ obsession 
with dual-use cell phones, towers, Internet, etc. Verint Systems, Verizon, and the NSA are good examples of the 
unconstitutional revolving door favored by the military-industrial-intelligence complex: 

Skyway Global LLC, the St. Petersburg, FL company that owned the DC-9 airline busted in Mexico carrying 5.5 tons 
of cocaine, made its headquarters in a 79,000 sq. ft. building owned by Verint Systems (NASDAQ: VRNT), a foreign 
telecommunications company with a contract to wiretap the U.S. for the NSA through the communication lines of 
Verizon, which handles almost half of all landline and cell phone calls in the U.S. Verint’s founder and CEO, Jacob 
“Kobi” Alexander, is a former Israeli intelligence officer who is today a fugitive from justice living in Namibia, where 
he has for several years been fighting extradition to the U.S. On Verint’s Board of Directors is Lieutenant General 
Kenneth A. Minihan, former director of the NSA, which has led to speculation that the company today is a joint NSA- 
Mossad operation. 19 

Before becoming the thirty-first chairman of the FCC in 2013, Tom Wheeler was CEO for 
the wireless industry trade group Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA). 
Wheeler’s job is to maintain FCC standards and assure “back doors” for whatever the military 
and NSA need. No conflict of interest here; move along. 

Too little too late, legal maneuvers to undo or limit the NSA’s gains over the past seventy 
years are underway. Two lawsuits challenge illegal NSA dragnet surveillance programs: the class 
action Shubert v. Obama (2006), and the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Jewel v. NSA (2008). 
Thus far, the government’s invocation of the state secrets privilege has been rejected, tha nk s to 
the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. 20 Oklahoma, California, Indiana, and Washington 
State introduced legislation in 2014 under the 4th Amendment Protection Act to cut off water, 
electricity, gas and all services provided by state vendors to the NSA—Washington State 
examples being Cray Inc., which builds NSA supercomputers, and an NSA listening station is at 
the Army’s Yakima Training Center. In HB 2272, 21 Washington State adds prohibiting the use 
of unconstitutionally gathered data in state court, blocking public universities 22 from accepting 
NSA research monies or recruiting agents, and de-incentivizing corporations from stepping in to 
counter such state measures. 23 

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a civilian agency answering to the Office of 
the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). DHS oversees fusion centers, black projects, COG 
operations (including federal detention camps often located on “closed” military bases or Bureau 
of Land Management lands, etc.). DHS covers domestic and international terrorism. 

An example of international DHS: In Washington, D.C. on Friday, April 13, 2007, the 
Swedish Defence minister and DHS director Michael Chertoff signed the “Agreement Between 
the Government of the Kingdom of Sweden and the Government of the USA in the Area of 
Scientific and Technical Cooperation For the Protection of National Security,” 24 giving Sweden 
access to billions of NSA dollars, as similar agreements with Canada, Mexico, Australia, the UK, 
and Singapore have—dollars funneling into Swedish biotech corporations, institutions, 

universities, laboratories, etc. Such DHS “agreements” are about R&D in nuclear, biological / 
chemical, underwater techniques, border control, sensors and microprocessors, search and 
surveillance. At the end of 2011, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano traveled to Sweden to meet 
with ministers of State and Justice to sign the Preventing and Combating Crime Agreement for 
the fluid exchange of biometric and biographic data “to bolster counterterrorism and law 
enforcement efforts.” 25 The U.S. has similar agreements with at least twenty-two nations. 
Biometrics makes the global tracking and targeting of individuals easy. 

DHS may have absorbed the National Applications Office (NAO, 2007- 2009) previously 
headed up by the DHS chief intelligence officer and subject to the NRO. 20 No more warrants! 
the NAO lobby boasted. In 2007, the NAO was created by ODNI and Booz Allen Hamilton of 
McLean, Virginia to act as liaison for “disaster relief’ agencies like FEMA, CIFA 
(Counterintelligence Field Activity), NORTHCOM, and domestic law enforcement; oversaw 
collection and dispersal of intelligence from all foreign and domestic listening posts, fusion 
centers, surveillance aircraft, and satellite image / video intelligence (IMINT). (In 2008, the 
shadowy Carlyle Group tucked Booz Allen Hamilton into its portfolio for $2.54 billion.) 


Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO) under Reagan was replaced by the Ballistic Missile Defense 
Organization (BMDO) under Clinton and then renamed the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) in 2002. The SDIO and 
BMDO coordinated R&D and deployment of “Star Wars” electromagnetic pulse, optical energy weapons like the 
killer laser, particle beam, plasmoid, and other advanced aerospace weapons. (E.g., Project Cold Empire, Project 
Cobra Mist, Project Cold Witness) 

U.S. Air Force Space Command (AFSC) under U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) at Peterson AFB; 
coordinates the development of future technology for operations and space wars, including cyber operations and 
cyberwarfare; operates spy satellites for DoD agencies (NSA, NASA, NRO, DIA, etc.). 

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), joint operation with Canada; aerospace warning, air 
sovereignty, defense, and nuclear survivable space surveillance and war command from Peterson AFB and deep 
inside Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, CO. 

Department of Energy (DOE) - R&D of specialized nuclear weapons, particle and wave weapons including EMP, 
laser, particle beam and plasmoid research; high-energy invisibility “cloaking” technology, etc. 

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) coordinates the application of latest scientific findings to the 
development of new generations of weapons. 

Defense Special Weapons Agency (DSWA) currently concentrates on fusion-powered, high-energy (HPM) optical 
energy weapons like the particle beam, X-ray laser, and EM force field weapons development and deployment. 

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and Sandia National Laboratories-West (SNL-W) are involved in nuclear 
warhead “refinements,” development of new transuranic weapons and energy applications, antimatter weapons, 
laser/maser applications, and teleportation experiments; at the Russian-nicknamed “City of Death,” Livermore, CA. 

Idaho National Laboratory (INL) houses numerous underground facilities in an immense desert installation complex 
larger than Rhode Island; security provided by its own secret Navy Base; involved in nuclear, high energy 
electromagnetic, and other research. 

Los Alamos National Laboratories are the premier research labs for nuclear, subatomic particle, high magnetic field, 
exo-metallurgical, exobiological and other exotic technologies research; Los Alamos County, NM. 

Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) and Phillips Air Force Laboratory are sequestered on Kirtland Air Force 
Base/Sandia Military Reservation; conduct translations of theoretical and experimental nuclear and “Star Wars” 
weapons research done at Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories into practical, working 
weapons; Albuquerque, NM. 

Tonopah Test Range is the Sandia’s DOE weapons testing facility for operational testing of “Star Wars” weapons in 
realistic target situations; adjacent to classified stealth and cloaked aerospace at the Groom Lake Base 
(USAF/DOE/CLA Area 51) and Papoose Lake Base (S-4); Nevada Test Site/Nellis AFB Range in Tonopah, NV is a 
thirty-level extreme security facility where classified aerospace craft are tested and flown, e.g., the Aurora hypersonic 

spy plane, the Black Manta (TR-3A) stealth fighter follow-on to the F-l 17A, the Pumpkinseed hyper-speed unmanned 
aerospace reconnaissance vehicle, anti-gravitational craft, etc. Haystack (Buttes) USAF Laboratory, Edwards AFB, 


A critical component of the RMA military is its revolving door with giant lucrative defense 
contractor corporations not answerable to Congress. In fact, of the three components of the term 
“military-industrial-intelligence complex,” defense contractors encompass all three. 
Transnational defense contractors are almost a synonym for the Intelligence Community. As 
Ralph Nader points out in a mind-boggling article how year after year the Pentagon a.k.a. 
Department of Defense goes unaudited (“its books are a mess”) and is “beyond anybody’s 
control, including that of the Secretaries of Defense, their own internal auditors, the President, 
tons of GAO audits publically [sic] available, and the Congress.” 2 It appears that the military 
and its private contractors are indeed “above the law.” In Afghanistan, $150 million villas were 
built for corporate contractors, and massive cost overruns are typical but the money keeps 

In the final analysis, the principal culprits, because they have so much to lose in profits and bonuses, are the giant 
defense companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and others that 
lobby Congress, Congressional District by Congressional District, for more, more, more military contracts, grants and 
subsidies. President Eisenhower sure knew what he was talking about. Remember, he warned not just about taxpayer 
waste, but a Moloch eating away at our liberties and our domestic necessities.” 28 (Emphasis added.) 

A final list by no means comprehensive: 

United Nuclear Corporation near Gallup NM. Military nuclear applications. 

Defense Industry Security Command (DISCO) conducts intelligence operations within and on behalf of the civilian 
defense contractor corporations engaged in classified research, development, and production. 

Stanford Research Institute, Inc. — intelligence contractor involved in psychotronic, para-psychological and PSY- 
WAR research. 

RAND Corporation — CIA front involved in Intelligence projects, weapons development, and underground bases 

Mitre Corporation / The Jason Group — Elite weapons application scientists developing cutting-edge weapons for 
DARPA. The Jason Group operates under the cover of the Mitre Corporation. 

Edgerton, Germeshausen & Grier, Inc. (EG&G) / URS Federal Services — NSA/DOE contractor involved in “Star 
Wars” weapons development, fusion applications, security for Area 51 and nuclear installations, etc. 

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) — black projects information systems contractor 
Lockheed Martin — black budget aerospace; purchased Learjet in 2015. 

Raytheon — classified projects; purchased Hughes Aircraft in 1997. 

Booz Allen Hamilton — purchased by Carlyle Group in 2008. 

Boeing Aircraft absorbed McDonnell Douglas in 1997. 

General Electric — electronic warfare (EW) weapons systems; nuclear. 

Reynolds Electronics Engineering — CIA and DoD contractor Honeywell purchased by AlliedSignal in 1999, which 
kept the Honeywell name. 

Northrop Grumman purchased TRW in 2002. 

Aerojet Rocketdyne (formerly GenCorp) formed in 2013; makes “Star Wars” rocket and missile propulsion systems, 
plus satellites for the NRO. 

Reynolds Electronics Engineering — CIA and DoD contractor 
Walsh Construction — CIA contractor 

PSI TECH, Inc. — technical remote viewing (TRV) for military and intelligence applications; psychotronics, 

parapsychology, etc. 29 

Merck — Big Pharma chemical warfare 

Monsanto — chemical warfare 


The RMA is tailored to turning the entire Earth into a battlespace. Global basing is all about the 
U.S. imperial stance and the militarism—not democracy— that accompanies it. 

The Pentagon owns over 29 million acres for 6,000 bases at home and in its territories, and 
another 3,731 sites with 1,477 Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) abroad, including 20 percent of 
the Japanese island of Okinawa and 25 percent of Guam—and that’s not counting the bases and 
facilities, freight rail fleet, tactical trucks, Humvees, and law enforcement battalions in Iraq, 
Afghanistan, Jordan, Israel, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Ascension Auxiliary 
Airfield^ 0 off St. Helena ($337 million), Camp Ederle in Italy ($544 million), Incirlik Air Base in 
Turkey ($1.2 billion), Thule Air Base in Greenland ($2.8 billion), U.S. Naval Air Station at 
Keflavik, Iceland ($3.4 billion), and 20+ other nations, including the “Royal Air Force” military 
and ELINT (electronic intelligence) espionage installations in the UK to the tune of $5 billion. In 
total, the DoD owns over $1 trillion in assets and $1.6 trillion in liabilities (not counting the 
“misplaced” $2.3 trillion during Bush II). 

In 2002, thanks to the Unified Command Plan, the primarily domestic U.S. Northern 
Command (NORTHCOM) was established. Homeland defense command now includes the U.S., 
Canada, Mexico, parts of the Caribbean, and the contiguous waters of the Atlantic and Pacific 
oceans up to five hundred miles off the North American coastline (including Cuba). Both 
Homeland Security and the North American Aerospace Defense Command are subject to 

All of these installations mean profits for the military-industrial-intelligence complex. For 
example, Kellogg, Brown & Root have provided weapons and administration for Camp 
Bondsteel in Kosovo since 1999. Literally thousands of corporations depend upon hefty military 
contracts to support the American lifestyle of soldiers far from home: Sony, Danskin, Hanes Her 
Way, New Balance, Sara Lee Corporation, Home Depot, Procter & Gamble, Roomba Vacuum 
(iRobot), GlaxoSmithKline, Maytag, Sears, Samsung, NBC (General Electric), Thomasville 
Furniture, Lowe’s, Ballpark Franks (Sara Lee), Eggo Waffles (Kelloggs), Jell-0 (Kraft), Coffee 
Mate (Nestle), etc. 

Serco Group - British outsource that runs trains, hospitals, schools, missile defense systems, and border screening 
with a support staff of 40,000 in thirty-eight nations. Its rival is G4S (Wackenhut). 

Kaiser Permanente - integrated managed care consortium 

Tom Corcoran of Serco provides a good example of a man who has spent his entire work life 
spinning in the military-corporate revolving door. He joined Serco—known as “the biggest 
company you’ve never heard of” 1 —in December 2007 as a Non-Executive Director after forty 
years of global business experience, particularly in senior positions in the U.S. aerospace, 
defense, and electronics contracting industries, including Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 
of Allegheny Teledyne and President and Chief Operating Officer of Lockheed Martin’s 
Electronic and Space Sectors. He served twenty-six years in General Electric senior management 

positions, including Vice President and General Manager of GE’s Aerospace operations. At 
present, he is Senior Advisor to The Carlyle Group, President of Corcoran Enterprises, LLC, a 
management consulting firm, and Non-Executive of Aer Lingus Ltd, L3 Communications 
Holdings Inc, Labarge Inc, REMEC Inc. and ARINC Inc. 

Giant defense contractors like the CIA’s main contractor Bechtel outsource many tasks to 
private military and security companies (PMSCs) that enjoy immunity and above-the-law status: 
Annor Group, Global Risk Strategies, RONCO, Control Risks Group, Erinys, Hart Security, 
Lifeguard, Wackenhut/G4S, MPRI, KROLL, Olive, Southern Cross, Triple Canopy, DynCorp 
International / Cerberus Capital Management, Blackwater / Xe / Acadcmi, etc. Billions of dollars 
are spent on PMSCs handling lethal and nonlethal weapons in conflict zones but less regulated 
than the toy industry. Lack of oversight and immunity fit with espionage “executive actions” and 
outright crimes that PMSC personnel are contracted to carry out. 

PMSCs are the latest Ugly American representing the bleed-over into the military and 
America’s “Baseworld” footprint now spread over the globe. 

Wackenhut Corporation / G4S Secure Solutions in Jupiter, Florida may be the granddaddy 
NSA/CIA/DOE cutout contractor involved in contract security operations for Top Secret Ultra 
and Black Budget surface and underground military reservations like Area S-4 and Sandia 
National Labs, plus “dirty jobs” for CIA and DIA. 

Blackwater, founded in 1998 by Eric Prince and other former Navy SEALs, has a 5,200-acre 
headquarters compound in North Carolina. By 2009, Blackwater had changed its name three 
times due to bad press for pimping underage children, smuggling weapons, and murdering 

DynCorp International is more of the same in Latin America, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, 
Mozambique. PMSCs like Blackwater / Xe / Academi and DynCorp think nothing of destroying 
incriminating videos and emails, lying to the U.S. State Department, wife swapping, pedophilia, 
money laundering, and tax evasion, which may be why the DoD “transferred” the War on Drugs 
(a.k.a. international drug trade) in Latin and Central America to Blackwater / Xe / Academi. 

. . .the transition [from DoD to PMSC] will allow the government to usher billions into the War on Drugs, but to the 
public it will appear as if the effort is, on the periphery, nothing more than a DoD contract. 32 

In two pending lawsuits, CACI of Arlington, Virginia and L-3 / Titan of New York City— 
providers of “interrogators” and translators at the Abu Ghraib torture prison in Iraq—insist that 
since they work for the federal government during combat, they deserve sovereign immunity and 
“perks” like those provided by the UK giant British Aerospace / BAE Systems for the Saudi 
royal family as per the al-Yamamah arms deal: child prostitutes and perversions, gambling trips, 
yachts, sports cars, etc. (And BAE is no exception.) 

The sub-global system gives a glimmer of how future-reaching some FOBs are. Mainstream 
media insist that underground and in-bottom or underwater bases are for three agendas: (1) COG 
(continuity of government) in case of a national emergency; (2) MX nuclear missile launch pads 
undetectable by satellite; and (3) nuclear test sites. All three are appropriate to a nuclear age, but 
now underground bases {and mansions and cities) are about possible electromagnetic, 
atmospheric and space events. Even underground mansion hu nk ers are doubling as “trophy 
asset” floor space with state-of-the-art filtering and shielding systems in crowded showcase 
cities 3 J as well as secure havens from what is dropping from the sky and electromagnetic Skynet 

During the Cold War, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, tasked with excavating sprawling 
secret bases, originally turned to the Paperclip underground construction expert Xaver Dorsch, 
once the director of the Todt Org under the Nazis. By 1960, RAND Corporation 14 was busy 
surveying copper, iron, and limestone mines; in Santa Barbara County, it was diatomite strata; in 
Arizona, under the Grand Wash and Vermilion Cliffs; near Rifle, Colorado, it was an oil shale 
mine in the Book Cliffs; and in southern Alaska, under the glacial ice and rock of Kenai 
Peninsula. In 1964, the Army Corps of Engineers chose a dozen sites, 35 and the U.S. Air Force 
Deep Boring Project chose sites under the Columbia Plateau, central Montana, the Sawtooth 
mountains, the Snake River Plain, the Denver Basin, the Wasatch/Tavaputs Plateau, the San Juan 
range; the Kaiparowits Plateau, Pecos and the Natanes plateau, the Aquarius mountains, 
Mountain Home range, south and west central Nevada, including Pyramid Lake and Carson 
Si nk . 

Ground disintegration and high explosives were used. Boring machines melt rock, so dirt, 
sand, and rock were disintegrated and no concrete had to be mixed or hauled. Bechtel’s 1974 tool 
list was a long way from a backhoe: high-pressure water jet (continuous), low-pressure water jet 
(percussive), high-frequency electrical drill, thermal mechanical fragmentation, conical borer, 
turbine drill, explosive drill, pellet drill, ultrasonic drill, spark drill, electric arc drills, hydraulic 
rock hammer, subterrene, induction drilling, water cannon, electrical disintegration, microwaves, 
electron beam gun, jet-piercing flame, forced flame, Terra-Jetter, lasers, and plasma. 

During the Reagan-Bush-Cheney reign, the Defense Nuclear Agency, U.S. Bureau of Mines, 
and U.S. National Committee on Tunneling Technology (USNC/TT) called a meeting to discuss 
deep base digging. Present were government agencies, 36 corporate and university consultants, 
public utilities, Local 147 of the Compressed Air and Free Air Tunnel Workers, and tunnel 
boring machine (TBM) corporations like the Robbins Company (Kent, Washington), Jarva, Inc. 
(Solon, Ohio), and Bechtel Nevada at the top of the field with lasers, plasmas, microwaves, 
electron beam guns, and electrical disintegration techniques. They discussed access shafts, 
missile nests, interconnecting passageways, adits (horizontal passageways), living quarters, 
electric power from iron-chlorine fuel cells, generators from waterfalls, rivers and coalmines, 
highways, cities, repair shops, and magnetoleviton (maglev) high-speed trains traveling at 2,000 
miles per hour via magnetic fields/ 7 


U.S. Special Forces Command, Hurlburt AFB, Mary Esther, FL, and Eglin AFB under the command of Beale AFB in 
Marysville, CA; coordinates: U.S. Army Delta Forces (Green Berets); U.S. Navy SEALs (Black Berets), Coronado, 
CA; USAF Blue Light (Red Berets) Strike Force; Dolphin Society MK-ULTRA programming is at Hurlburt AFB: 
F3EA = find, fix, finish, exploit, and analyze. Special Forces self-finance by confiscating money and valuables from 
covert military operations to fund other clandestine operations. 

The new American military boot print is F3EA: find, fix, finish, exploit, and analyze. It is 
about bypassing formal declarations of war in favor of endless “operations” under the cover of 
the Wars on Drugs and Terror that justify covert lightning strikes by small, well-trained, high- 
tech teams. In fact, “short of war” warfare looks more and more like one CIA psyop after 
another, more and more blurring the line between combatant and noncombatant, national 
sovereignty and expedience, and condemning the three branches of American governance to 
being little more than servants in thrall to the National Security Act of 1947. 

The “asymmetric” use of capture/kill teams like SEAL Team Six and Special Operations 
forces (Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Green Berets, CIA Special Activities Division, etc.) began 
with guerrilla warfare in Vietnam, the illegal bombing of Laos, and the grisly, illegal CIA 
Phoenix assassination program in Cambodia when the Pentagon’s catechism became 
“intelligence coordination and the integration of intelligence with an action arm can have a 
powerful effect on even extremely large and capable armed groups.” 38 “Short of war” expansion 
of military intelligence gathering and capture/kill programs in tandem with CIA drone-strike 
operations owe everything to the Phoenix assassination program. ’ 0 

The addition of computer-based virtual reality “training” of capture/kill teams is basically 
advanced MK-ULTRA mind control programming, pure and simple. U.S. Special Operations 
Command (SOCOM) commandos are subjected to CogniSens’ NeuroTracker to “improve 
situational awareness, multiple target tracking, and decision-making efficiency. . .[T]he brain 
structurally rewires itself if stimulated intensively and repeatedly.” 40 This is Dr. Ewen 
Cameron’s “psychic driving” come of age in anti-Islam jihad “training” at the Joint Forces Staff 
College in Norfolk, Virginia 41 and DARPA’s Avatar Project “to develop interface and 
algorithms to enable a soldier to effectively partner with a semi-autonomous bi-pedal machine 
and allow it to act as the soldier’s surrogate.” 42 

A 2012 lawsuit filed by veterans’ groups against the CIA and DoD refers to [Dr. Ewen] Cameron’s methods. The suit 
also states that two researchers, Dr. Louis West and Dr. Jose Delgado, working together under the early CIA 
MKULTRA subproject 95, utilized two protocols: brain implants (“stimoceivers”) and RHIC-EDOM to program the 
minds of victims. RHIC-EDOM stands for Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control - Electronic Dissolution of 
Memory. 43 

Remote-operated “telepresence” is little more than the brain-computer interface (BCI) kn own 
as voice-to-skull (V2K) or synthetic telepathy. 

Capture/kill candidates and “grunts” to be plugged into remote computers are now recruited 
primarily by poverty and secondarily by keeping the cost of higher education too high for low- 
income youths. The rural population of the United States is now only 16 percent of the total 
population, and yet 40 percent of military draftees come from rural areas 44 

Haunted by the fact that 80 to 85 percent of American soldiers in World War II never fired 
on the enemy and fewer than 30 percent did so in Vietnam, 45 the military has become obsessed 
with the Nazi dream of the Superman super soldier, an “enhanced” neuroscience version of the 
ancient Spartan characterized in the dark 2007 film 300. According to Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, 
author of On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society, “Spartan 
warriors were subjected to a vigorous regime involving unending physical violence, severe cold, 
a lack of sleep, and constant sexual abuse,” all of which are still part of the “pain induction” in 
typical MK-ULTRA programming. 

The neuroscience for producing “human terminators who feel less pain, less terror and less 
fatigue than ‘non-enhanced’ soldiers and whose bodies may be augmented by powerful 
machines” 46 is now employed to remotely release chemicals and zap nanobots in the brains of 
warriors busy at their battlespace missions. Combat helmets like Q-Warrior 47 have an augmented 
reality display and electronic sensors to measure the brain’s electrical activity and are rigged 
with direct current transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to enhance reasoning and learning 
while switching off higher levels of mentation like the conscience. 

What if this graphic of Q-Warrior headgear is really about what’s being done to his brain? 

Invented in 1985, modern-day magnetic stimulators charge up to a whopping 3,000 volts and produce peak currents of 
up to 8,000 amps—powers similar to those of a small nuclear reactor. That pulse of current flowing from a capacitor 
into a hand-held coil creates a magnetic field outside the patient’s head. The field painlessly induces a current inside 
the brain, affecting the electrical activity that is the basis for all it does. 48 

Do we want soldiers acting without conscience? What happens when they come home and 
re-enter society? 

The Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape (SERE) program is Spartan programming. Stress- 
inoculation torture —waterboarding, stripping, strapping, binding, beating, anal rape, firing an 
unloaded gun at one’s covered head, etc.— turns any human being into a killer plagued by PTSD 
flashbacks and nightmares, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, sleep 
apnea, paranoia, suicide and murder ideation. 40 Stimulants like cocaine and coca leaves, nicotine, 
amphetamines, crystal meth (the Nazis’ favorite), and Modafinil counter fatigue and weakness, 
while propranolol blocks torturous memories. 

Being a soldier these days is all about being little more than a guinea pig for barrages of 
vaccinations, popping pills, chemical and mental domination by computers and satellites, and 
proximity to ionized and non-ionized radiation. The malaria drug Lariam (mefloquine) produces 
PCP-like states of consciousness that have ended in the murders of Afghan civilians and Fort 
Bragg wives. Extreme panic, paranoia, and rage with out-of-body dissociative and dreamlike 
states in which one watches oneself perfonn violent acts as if it were someone else are among 
Lariam side effects. 50 As Howard Medical School psychiatrist Roger Pitman queries, “The 
problem is, what else are they blocking when they [administer Lariam]? Do we want a 
generation of veterans who return without guilt?” 51 

Of the 1.2 million men on active duty in 2012, 13,900 were raped, compared with 12,100 of 
203,000 women in uniform—that’s thirty-eight men and thirty-three women per day. Given that 
male survivors of rape report abuse less than female survivors, and all combatants who report 
abuse are systematically punished either by ambush or officer neglect, male rape may be much 
greater, particularly as male rape is often viewed as an initiation rite in cultures of violence. '’ 2 

Beyond rape, there is the increase in suicides and murder-suicides. At Joint Base Lewis- 
McChord (JBLM) south of Seattle, eleven “suspicious deaths” took place in 2011 alone: 
suicides, murders, setting fire to wives after serial deployments, waterboarding of a daughter. 
The Afghan kill team that went on a three-month kill spree against Afghani civilians was from 

JBLM. 53 

In 2011, a federal lawsuit was filed in Virginia to expose and hold the military accountable 
for this culture of violence. Two men and fifteen women, veterans and active duty, claim: 

. . .that Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and his predecessor Donald H. Rumsfeld ‘ran institutions in which 
perpetrators were promoted and where military personnel openly mocked and flouted the modest congressionally 
mandated institutional reforms’. . .[T]he two defense secretaries failed ‘to take reasonable steps to prevent plaintiffs 
from being repeatedly raped, sexually assaulted and sexually harassed by federal military personnel.’ 54 

And what was the story behind the NATO helicopter crash on May 11, 2011 in Afghanistan 
that killed everyone on board, including U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six, the Naval Special Warfare 
Development Group that had purportedly killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan? 
And four months after the crash, December 22, 2011, the suicide of SEAL Team Six’s 
Commander Job W. Price? 

Are we all simply cannon fodder now? 


In 1995, when Time magazine announced the RMA, who could have foreseen that all of human 
society (and anything and anyone living), foreign and domestic, was being redefined as a 
potential battlespace? Is this what former Navy reservist Aaron Alexis unwittingly triggered at 
the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, September 16, 2013, when he shot and killed twelve 
people? On his shotgun was carved “My ELF weapon.” Officials may not have kn own what the 
carved words meant, but the Navy certainly did: the Office of Naval Research (ONR) had spent 
decades researching the biological and neurological effects of ELF waves: 

• Put a person to sleep 

• Make a person tired or depressed 

• Create a feeling of fear 

• Create a zombie state 

• Create a violent state 

• Create a sexually aggressive state 

• Change cellular chemistry 

• Change hormone levels 

• Inhibit or enhance mRNA synthesis/processes 

• Control the DNA transaction process 

• Control biological spin and proton coupling constants in DNA, RNA & RNA 

The month before the Navy Yard debacle, Alexis had told Rhode Island police that “he was 
hearing voices of three people who had been sent to follow him and keep him awake and were 
using ‘some sort of microwave machine’ to send vibrations into his body, preventing him from 

falling asleep.” 55 Perhaps while being driven mad by sleep deprivation, Alexis had been involved 
in testing the Army’s Burke Pulsar that fits into an M4 rifle like a standard suppressor—two 
wide antennas, a piezoelectric generator, and a blast shield. The claim is it’s for use against 
electronics, sort of a mini-EMP, but who knows?'’ 0 

“Nonlethal” weapons wire everywhere wireless for war. Many components of weapons 
systems double as consumer products that have been tested for decades on nonconsensual 
citizens, like the video game helmets loaded with TMS and neuro-feedback that “detect the 
player’s thoughts, emotions and expressions, then translate them into their character in the 
game.” 57 The question is, can video game TMS helmets be trusted as long as the military views 
them as dual use? Caveat emptor. 

The United States has always been wired for war. Two million miles of power lines spew a 
minimum of 500mG (milligauss), with 4mG being enough to produce leukemia in small 
children. Those living under and around power lines are also subject to a constant 60Hz 
entrainment created by the magnetic field, thanks to the wiring in their homes. Freelance 
journalist Jim Stone points out the covert dual use behind how the nation has been purposefully 

. . .the longest possible antenna needed for ANY cell activity in the U.S. is around 20 inches, for the lowest possible 
cell-related frequencies. More common would be 9-inch antennas. Why then are the antennas which adorn cell towers 
up to eight feet long? You can easily make a high-powered coil antenna suitable for low MHz frequencies with that 
much room to work with . . A 

Air warfare has evolved from bullets to bombs to missiles to EMPs (electromagnetic pulse 
HPMs or high-power microwaves) and DEWs (directed energy weapons) aboard UCAVs 
(unmanned combat aerial vehicles) able to plant a DE payload within fifty feet of a target once 
Special Ops use their laser pointers or GPS receivers to designate the targets. 

Precision-strike warfare began in the 1991 Persian Gulf War under former CIA director and 
then-President George H.W. Bush. Battlefield surveillance by satellites and instantaneous 
targeting capability made large armies and traditional battlefields passe. Precision intelligence, 
precision weapons, and tactical teams like those described earlier are now the primary strengths 
in asymmetric electromagnetic warfare. At the end of World War II, 12 million troops were on 
active duty; today, 1.4 million are active frontline and 1.1 million active reserves. 

War is no longer a matter of strength in numbers; it is tactical and a matter of electromagnetic 
signatures, frequencies, and pulses. Asymmetric warfare with full spectrum dominance may 
sound good on paper—no risk to pilots, greater accuracy and stealth, no scattered flechettes to 
murder half the population—but the present high-tech invisible business of war is absolutely 
inimical to the biosphere and lives of all creatures on Earth. 

In space, there are now satellite-disabling lasers and beam weapons ranging from HPMs 
(high-power microwaves) and acoustic beams (high power, very low frequency) to pulsed energy 
projectiles (PEPs), chemical lasers that generate localized high-pressure plasma, and CEIR 
(computer-enhanced infrared) heat-seeking lasers. HPMs in air defense suppression or 
cyberwarfare can knock out electronics, scramble computer memories, and enter false targets to 
create chaos and lower defenses. 

While hypersonic spy satellites scree from four hundred miles up, EA-6B jets jam radars and 
radios, F-16CJs destroy anti-aircraft installations, and F-15C fighters loose Sidewinder missiles. 
Hypersonic diamond-shaped stealth UAVs covered with ceramic tiles can accelerate to Mach 8 
(5,720 miles per hour) if not brought down by a mobile microwave gun like the Ranets-E. 59 

Global Hawk drones fly at 65,000 feet as JSTARS (joint surveillance and target attack radar 
system) with moving-target indicator radar feeds data to command centers. The F-15E Strike 
Eagle and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter are perfect for front-line offense, and cruise missiles like the 
ALCM (air-launched cruise missile) Tomahawk, Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM), 
or Britain’s Stonn Shadow can take in an HPM payload and deliver it. 

Besides the TR-3A Black Mantra and Aurora SR-91 peeking through chemical cloud cover 
(mentioned in Chapter 4), Boeing’s RC-135 Rivet Joint recon jet intercepts communications and 
pulses Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (S-quad or S4) over AM, FM, HDTV, and military bands. 
S4 is a dual-use hypersonic sound weapon, patent #5,159,703. After collecting, analyzing, and 
replicating emotional EEG patterns ( excitation potential signatures) then stored on computers as 
low-amplitude emotion signature clusters, these clusters are then piggybacked on S4 carrier 
frequencies to trigger some emotions at the expense of others. 60 S4 made its war theater debut 
during the first Gulf War (August 1990 - February 1991). After Saddam Hussein’s command- 
and-control electronics in Kuwait were knocked out, emotion signature clusters of fear, anxiety, 
and despair were broadcast on 100MHz FM radio channels as subliminals to bogus military 
orders and patriotic and religious music. 61 Silent Sound, Inc. was the first to sell CDs of 
excitation potential signatures, after which Israel’s eXaudios created Magnify, a telephone 
software that decodes and analyzes excitation potential signatures in the voice. 62 

Laser-guided bombs and Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs) can perform precision 
strikes night or day, in rain, cloud, snow, or sandstorm. JDAM guidance kits make dumb bombs 
smarter, even when launched from 10,000 meters up and 10.5 miles from target. The Navy’s 
Tomahawks are smart and the Army’s Apache Longbow helicopter gunships with their radar- 
guided Hellfire missiles even smarter and more lethal. B-2s, B-52s, and B-ls carry multiple 
JDAMs programmed for different targets. The seven-foot, fifty-pound ShadowHawk is a 150- 
gram drone helicopter loaded with a 50,000-volt stun gun, a 12-gauge shotgun, and a 40mm 
grenade launcher. 

The ATL 63 or advanced tactical laser (L3 Communications/Brashear and HYTEC Inc.) fires 
through a rotating turret extending from Boeing’s C-130H beam control system. The ATL 
aircraft can direct a low-power laser to find, track, and hit ground targets. By setting off a stonn 
of electrons, cobalt ionization bombs can disrupt infrared and detection laser systems. (The 
Russians bypass radar limitations by utilizing infrared beams, though pulsed neutron beams are 
another matter.) 

Reusable payloads are a bonus. For example, the PGS (prompt global strike) program, code- 
named FALCON (force application and launch from CONUS), is a reusable HCV (hypersonic 
cruise vehicle) that launches into space, delivers its payload, then returns to Earth. FALCON’S 
global reach includes unmanned reusable HCVs, SLVs (small launch vehicles), and CAVs 
(combat aerial vehicles) that can launch satellites on short notice, carry nuclear or kinetic 
payloads like the tungsten kinetic orbital bombardment projectiles called “rods from God” or 
robust nuclear earth penetrators that penetrate deeply buried or particularly hardened 
underground bases. Deployment can be from missiles, MSPs [military space planes], or space- 
based platforms like satellites. A single Minuteman III ICBM will lift three CAVs 7,000 miles or 
more, each for a different target, weapon, or purpose. 

The Nautilus antimissile laser, previously known as the MIAAD-182 or midrange infrared 
advanced antipersonnel disabling system, is a lightning-fast, high-intensity infrared laser pulse 
that destroys missiles in flight. On the ground it can permanently blind combat troops by entering 
the aqueous front shell of the eyeball and damaging the thin membrane of the retina in the rear. 

The Nautilus is the ultimate Buck Rogers death ray. 

Abandoning analog for digital has multiplied the velocity and scope of military data 
transmissions (and eavesdropping). The Battlefield Optical Surveillance System (BOSS) 
mounted on trucks and Humvees scans and deciphers the landscape with lasers and sensors; once 
it recognizes a watch-list retina, it “paints” the target with a laser beam and the target dies. 
Boomerang uses an array of microphones to decipher the speed and direction of a shot and 
recognizes not just where the shot came from but what kind of weapon. The Large Area 
Coverage Optical Search-while-Track and Engage (LACOSTE) is imaging technology for day or 
night tactical surveillance of all moving vehicles and humans in urban areas. 64 

Ships like the 97,000-ton nuclear-powered U.S.S. Harry S. Truman are armed with an 
electromagnetic rail gun capable of firing a projectile 230 miles with a Mach 7 muzzle velocity 
and Mach 5 impact velocity—sheer kinetic energy, not conventional explosives—as its point 
droppers in the Strike Intelligence Analysis Center examine digital real-time black-and-white 
feed from Predator drones at 20,000 feet in search of Hellfire missile targets. 

Air defense radar, C4 computers, CBW (chemical / biological weapons) storage and 
production units, underground weapons bunkers— Americans have given the store, and more, to 
their military. 

While all weapons (including nonlethals) are designed to maim or kill, the small bombs that 
stay around long after the battle to maim curious children are particularly pernicious. Cluster and 
carpet bombs open in mid-air and disperse hundreds of small sub-munitions over an area as large 
as several football fields. B-52s deliver carpet bombs to “soften” enemies before Special Forces 
teams enter, the hope being that after the dust and smoke clear, they will be walking in circles 
and mumbling, blood oozing from their ears and noses. The United States has refused to sign an 
international ban on these small bombs. Israel prefers DIMEs (dense inert metal explosive), 
carbon fiber casings packed with tungsten powder that produce an intense explosion in a small 
space, then dissolve human tissue. And don’t forget the IEDs (improvised explosive devices). 
Some drones have been specifically created to sniff out these bombs and defuse them. 

Thermobaric weapons like the fuel-air bomb use heat and pressure to kill, the first stage 
being to disperse a gas or chemical agent in an enclosure the gas will fill, the second being 
ignition. What kills is the pressure wave and subsequent vacuum that ruptures ears, lungs, and 
organs. Fuels for solid fuel-air explosives (FAEs) like ethylene oxide and propylene oxide are 
highly toxic and if undetonated will bum personnel to death. Optimized to create blast over heat, 
its deceptive code name is light anti-structure munition. 

SWORDS (Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection Systems) is a land- 
based robot standing a meter high whose soldier operator is a half-mile away in VR (virtual 
reality) goggles. Unlike Talon and Packbot robots that disarm bombs, SWORDS carries a 
machine gun with an electronic aim. QinetiQ Group, a joint venture of the UK Ministry of 
Defense and the shadowy Carlyle Group, owns SWORDS designer Foster-Miller of Waltham, 
Massachusetts. (In Chapter 6, we will examine DARPA’s Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive 
Plastic Scalable Electronics (SyNAPSE) program modeling artificial brains after the human brain 
for robots.) 

MAV [micro air vehicle] explosive robotic insects silently fly and hop and crawl into 
buildings while their human pilots sit in climate-controlled trailers outside Las Vegas. 
Reconnaissance MAVs like WASPs can be fitted with a C4 mission-specific payload for 
functional defeat—say a cloud of metal-coated fibers that destroy computers or shut down 
electronic power. WASP and A160 Hummingbird drones weigh less than a pound but pack a 1.8 

gigapixel camera with SkyGrabbers capturing the feed. Project A nub is 6 ' WASPs carry sensors, 
data links, and munitions payloads. Flying at 20,000+ feet, WASPs can follow sixty-five targets 
at a time and learn by mimicry and observation, tha nk s to their human pilot. Quad-rotor iDrones 
look like flying saucers, and SWARMS (scalable sWarms of autonomous robotics and mobile 
sensors) move in a pack. “Drone-swarm” tech is all about the “hive mind”—micro-drones 
working together as one to make decisions and complete their assignments, like the Perdix drone 
(wingspan 30 cm, Mach 0.6): 

Perdix are not pre-programmed synchronized individuals, they are a collective organism, sharing one distributed brain 
for decision-making and adapting to each other like swarms in nature,” said William Roper, director of the Strategic 
Capabilities Office at the US Department of Defense. 66 

Drone-swarm tech—including self-aware killer robots 67 —comes under the Autonomous 
Real-time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imaging System or ARGUS-IS, named after Argus 
Panoptes, the hundred-eyed giant. 

We finally arrive at Cerberus, the unmanned mobile integrated tower with mounted sensors 
that guards the gates of Forward Operating Bases, similar to Raytheon’s G-BOSS (ground-based 
operational surveillance system). “Networked, multiple Cerberus towers form a mesh network, 
communicating autonomously with each other to act as a virtual fence.” 68 A virtual fence. As 
Defense Industiy Daily admits about the three-headed mythical dog, “Cerberus permitted souls 
to enter the realm of the dead, but allowed none of them to leave.” 

Is this our fate with the Space Fence? 

In the next chapter, “Mastering the Human Domain,” I go deeply into network-centric 
warfare (NCW), the cornerstone of the Revolution in Military Affairs that has converted the 
American military into something very different than it once was. 

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Mastering the Human Domain 

I can assert that the vast majority of the computer systems currently in use, the huge systems that 
span our planet—military ones, for example—are beyond our understanding. I do not merely 
mean that there is no orie left who can grasp their working, but that the time when we could do 
that is past and gone. It is no longer possible to understand them. 

— Joseph Weizenbaum, Computer Power and Human Reason, “From Judgment to 

Calculation,” 1984 

Quarry considered VIXAL. He pictured it as a kind of glowing celestial digital cloud, 
occasionally swarming to earth. It might be anywhere—in some sweltering, potholed industrial 
zone stinking of aviation fuel and resounding to the throb of cicadas beside an international 
airport in Southeast Asia or Latin America; or in a cool and leafy business park in the soft, clear 
rain of New England or the Rhineland; or occupying a rarely visited and darkened floor of a 
brand-new office block in the City of London or Mumbai or Sao Paolo; or even roosting 
undetected on a hundred thousand home computers. It was all around us, he thought, in the very 
air we breathed. He looked up at the hidden camera and gave the slightest bow of obeisance. 

“Leave them, ” he said. 

— Robert Harris, The Fear Index, 2012 

Any discussion of computers and their role in a planetary lockdown must begin with secrets. 

Off the island Antikythera in the Aegean on Maundy Thursday 1900, sponge divers found a 
small lump of corroded bronze and wood with gear wheels inside dated between 85 and 50 B.C. 
It was a geared computer once used to calculate the past, present, and future positions of the 

Futurist Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008) made it clear that magic and technology are at least 
kissing cousins, if not closer. The modern cryptic relationship between machines and their 
encoded secrets harks back to soldier-playwright Sophocles (496-406 B.C.) who introduced the 
mechane to Greek drama by lowering it onto the stage to provide the deus ex machina for the 
plot’s supernatural intervention. Electrical computer ciphers are equally magical in that they 
appear at the stroke of a key. The year the Bomb shattered matter (and, some think, the United 
States), its father Vannevar Bush (1890-1974) 1 had a dream in which a deus ex machina called 
memex was perched on a doctor’s desk, calling up patients’ files and case histories. In the July 

1945 Atlantic Monthly article “As we may think,” Vannevar explained how one day soon whole 
encyclopedias with associative connections would appear magically on the memex screen, and 
professionals and laymen alike would turn to it as to a library or oracle. The memex would be 
self-teaching and relieve people of the need for memory or recall. 

Concurrent with Vannevar’s dream was the arrival of the U.S. Anny’s EINAC (Electronic 
Numerical Integrator and Computer) with 18,000 vacuum tubes and miles of wiring, followed by 
England’s Mark I (1948), EDSAC (1949), and the United States’ EDVAC (1951), UNIVAC I 
(1951), and ILLIAC I (1952). Thus was the cyber revolution set in motion. 

For centuries, high-degree Freemasons and wealthy cognoscenti have quietly used gear 
models for computation and forecasting the future, at least since the bronze head answered yes or 
no to Gerbert d’Aurillac (920-1003), the Benedictine monk-professor at the University of 
Rheims elected Pope Sylvester II. From the cybernetics journal Computers and Automation 
(October 1954): 

We must suppose that Pope Sylvester II, Gerbert d’Aurillac, was possessed of extraordinary knowledge and the most 
remarkable mechanical skill and inventiveness. This speaking head must have been fashioned “under a certain 
conjunction of stars occurring at the exact moment when all the planets were starting on their courses.” Neither the 
past nor the present nor the future entered into it, since this invention apparently far exceeded in its scope its rival, the 
perverse “mirror on the wall” of the Queen, the precursor of our modern electronic brain. Naturally, it was widely 
asserted that Gerbert was only able to produce such a machine because he was in league with the Devil and had sworn 
allegiance to him. 

From British intelligence agent Lord Francis Bacon’s seventeenth-century ciphered binary 
code to the encrypted Dayton Witch with its cipher book (once the property of the cybernetics 
department at Brunei University in High Wycombe just up the road from Sir Francis 
Dashwood’s “magickal” Hclllire estate in Oxfordshire), families with wealth and standing have 
had access to intellectual, computational, and magical help. Perhaps the U.S. State Department 
still has a Black Chamber (Cipher) Bureau at 131 East 37th Street in New York City, just a few 
blocks from industrialist J.P. Morgan’s mansion-cum-museum. Why not? The electromechanical 
rotor cipher machine known as the Enigma was recently the topic of The Imitation Game, a film 
about Alan Turing, the father of modern computation. 

Computers, their ciphers and binary code go hand in hand with cryptography and cybernetics 
such as were practiced by visionary millionaire George Fabyan (1867-1936), patron of acoustics 
and perpetual motion. In fact, the National Security Agency—secretly founded thirty-six years (6 
X 6) after Fabyan’s death—honored him with a plaque at the Riverside Acoustic Laboratory on 
his three-hundred-acre Fox River Valley estate forty miles west of Chicago. The plague read To 
the memory of George Fabyan from a grateful government. 

The fact is that high-speed data processing has availed the elite of their dream of social and 
eugenic engineering. In 1946, the Cybernetics Group morphed into the Feedback Mechanisms in 
Biology and the Social Sciences, and later into the World Federation of Mental Health. 
Sandwiched among cybernetics, biology, and mental health was the discovery of LSD, the U.S. 
Navy’s Project Chatter, and the 149 subprojects of the CIA’s drugs-hypnosis-pain induction 
program with an acronym for public dissemination almost as nifty as HAARP: MK-ULTRA. In 
the same timeframe, the U.S. Air Force privatized its research and development arm as RAND 
Corporation to protect military projects and cyphers from congressional curiosity. After the 
Manhattan Project, polymath John von Neumann (1903-1957) pushed for neural nets (the 
conceptual forerunner of the Internet) and mutual assured destruction (MAD) war-game 

From ferrite-core memory and transistors to hard disks, linked modular mainframes, 
Sketchpad, and vacuum tubes to solid-state logic, the military-industrial-intelligence complex 
zeroed in on cybernetics. In 1961 the silicon crystal chip miniaturized the memory storage that 
transistors had been handling, packet switching and digital expanded the bandwidth and laid out 
the redundant, multilevel web for teletype data and voice. 

After the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, Secretary of Defense McNamara called for 
automated intelligence production. The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) already had an 
Automatic Data Processing Center on a rented IBM 360/30 mainframe that could index, store, 
and retrieve intelligence like U-2 photos of Soviet military installations. The RAND packet¬ 
switching idea had a go, born out of a need for an alternate Cold War command-and-control (C2) 
network. The first linkup of Pentagon computers talking to each other in a closed network of 
ARPANET known as COINS 2 (Intelligence Community Computer Communication Network) 
was launched on December 31, 1966 from the DIA Security Office. Streams of digital data were 
broken into short bursts, followed by the early email software known as SMTP (simple mail 
transfer protocol). 

Industry and the State Department were already scouring the Earth for what the new 
cybernetic weapon would need: lead and cadmium for circuit boards, lead oxide and barium for 
monitor cathode ray tubes, mercury for switches and flat screens, brominated flame retardants, 
and most recently niobium and titanium for superconduction. Resources, dictators and war are 
practically synonymous. 

From the beginning, the National Security State had plans for Vannevar Bush’s democratic 
dream. Computers as multiprocessors were churned out: the 360 IBM series with the internal 
military-intelligence compatibility, Seymour Cray’s 6600, 7600, and Cray I, Intel’s 
microprocessor mesh Paragon, and Xerox PARC mouse-windows and ALTO in 1971. 

And then came the supercomputer with its customized units called blades housing multiple 
nodes (CPUs, GPUs). Imagine 10 quadrillion calculations per second (10 petaflops). . .But then 
something happened in the 1980s—the theft of a piece of computer software—that secretly 
ricocheted through world events even more powerfully than the Enigma. 


Beyond embedded journalists, news blackouts, false flag events, blacklisted and disappeared 
Internet domains—the plotline of America’s “free press”—there are now ISP-filtering programs 
subject to Homeland Security guidelines that sift through emails and toss some into a black hole. 
Insiders and the NSA-approved, however, can get around such protections of networks by means 
of the various hybrids of the PROMIS backdoor. 

The 1980s theft of the Prosecutor’s Management Information System (PROMIS) software 
handed over the golden key that would grant most of the world to a handful of criminals/ In fact, 
this one crime may have been the final deal with the devil that consigned the United States to its 
present shameful descent into moral turpitude. 4 

PROMIS began as a COBOL-based program designed to track multiple offenders through 
multiple databases like those of the DOJ, CIA, U.S. Attorney, IRS, etc. Its creator was a former 
NSA analyst named William Hamilton. About the time that the October Surprise Iranian hostage 
drama was stealing the election for former California governor Ronald Reagan and former CIA 
director George H.W. Bush in 1980, Hamilton was moving his Inslaw Inc. from non-profit to 

for-profit status. His intention was to keep the upgraded version of PROMIS that Inslaw had paid 
for and earmark a public domain version funded by a Law Enforcement Assistance 
Administration (LEAA) grant for the government. With 570,000 lines of code, PROMIS was 
able to integrate innumerable databases without any reprogramming and thus turn mere data into 

With Reagan in the White House, his California cronies at the DOJ offered Inslaw a $9.6 
million contract to install public-domain PROMIS in prosecutors’ offices, though it was really 
the enhanced PROMIS that the good-old-boy network had set its sights on. 

In February 1983, the chief of Israeli antiterrorism intelligence was sent to Inslaw under an 
alias to see for himself the DEC VAX enhanced version. He recognized immediately that this 
software would revolutionize Israeli intelligence and crush the Palestine Intifada. Enhanced 
PROMIS could extrapolate nuclear submarine routes and destinations, track assets, trustees, and 
judges. Not only that, but the conspirators had a CIA genius named Michael Riconosciuto who 
could enhance the enhanced version one step further, once it was in their possession. 

To install public domain PROMIS in ninety-four U.S. Attorney offices as per contract, 
Inslaw had to utilize its enhanced PROMIS. The DOJ made its move, demanding temporary 
possession of enhanced PROMIS as collateral to ensure that all installations were completed and 
that only Inslaw money had gone into the enhancements. Naively, Hamilton agreed. The rest is 
history: the DOJ delayed payments on the $9.6 million and drove Inslaw into bankruptcy. With 
Edwin Meese III as Attorney General, the bankruptcy system was little more than a political 
patronage system, anyway. 

The enhanced PROMIS was then passed to the brilliant multivalent computer and chemical 
genius Riconosciuto, son of CIA Agent Marshall Riconosciuto. 5 Recruited at sixteen, Michael 
had studied with Nobel Prize-winning physicist and co-inventor of the laser Arthur Shallo. 
Michael was moved from Indio to Silver Springs to Miami as he worked to insert a chip that 
would broadcast the contents of whatever database was present to collection satellites and 
monitoring vans like the Google Street View van, using a digital spread spectrum to make the 
signal look like computer noise. This Trojan horse would grant key-club access to the backdoor 
of any person or institution that purchased PROMIS software—as long as the backdoor could be 
kept secret. 

Meanwhile, the drama between Hamilton and the conspirators at DOJ continued. A quiet 
offer to buy out Inslaw was proffered by the investment banking firm Allen & Co., British 
publisher (Daily Mirror ) Robert Maxwell, the Arkansas corporation Systematics, and Arkansas 
lawyer (and Clinton family friend) Webb Hubbell. Hamilton refused and filed a $50 million 
lawsuit in bankruptcy court against the DOJ on June 9, 1986. 

Bankruptcy Judge George F. Bason, Jr. ruled that the DOJ had indeed stolen PROMIS 
through trickery, fraud, and deceit, and awarded Inslaw $6.8 million. He was unable to bring 
perjury charges against government officials but recommended to the House Judiciary 
Committee that it conduct a full investigation of the DOJ. The DOJ’s appeal failed, but the 
Washington, D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed everything on a technicality. 

Under then-President George H.W. Bush (1989-1993), Inslaw’s petition to the Supreme 
Court in October 1991 was scorned. When the IRS lawyer requested that Inslaw be liquidated in 
such a way that the U.S. Trustee program (AG Meese’s feeding trough between the DOJ and 
IRS) could name the trustee who would convert the assets, oversee the auction, and retain the 
appraisers, Judge Bason refused. 

Under then-President William Jefferson Clinton (1993-2001), the Court of Federal Claims 

whitewashed the DOJ’s destruction of Inslaw and theft of PROMIS on July 31, 1997. Judge 
Christine Miller sent a 186-page advisory opinion to Congress claiming that Inslaw’s complaint 
had no merit—a somber message to software developers seeking to do business with Attorney 
Generals and their DOJ. For his integrity, Judge Bason lost his bench seat to the IRS lawyer. 

Throughout three administrations, the mainstream Mockingbird media obediently covered up 
the Inslaw affair, enhanced PROMIS being a master tool of inference extraction able to track and 
eavesdrop like nothing else. Once enhanced PROMIS was being sold domestically and abroad so 
as to steal data from individuals, government agencies, banks, and corporations everywhere, 
intelligence-connected Barry Kumnick 6 turned PROMIS into an artificial intelligence (AI) tool 
called SMART (Special Management Artificial Reasoning Tool) that revolutionized 
surveillance. The DOJ promised Kumnick $25 million, then forced him into bankruptcy as it had 
Hamilton. (Unlike Hamilton, Kumnick settled for a high security clearance and work at military 
contractors Systematics and Northrop.) Five Eyes / Echelon and the FBI’s Carnivore / Data 
Collection System 1000 were promptly armed with SMART, as was closed circuit satellite high- 
definition (HD) television. With SMART, Five Eyes / Echelon intercepts for UKUSA agencies 
became breathtaking. 

The next modification to Hamilton’s PROMIS was Brainstorm, a behavioral recognition 
software, followed by the facial recognition software Flexible Research System (FRS); then 
Semantic Web, which looks not just for link words and embedded code but for what it means 
that this particular person is following this particular thread. 

Then came quantum modification. The Department of Defense paid Simulex, Inc. to develop 
Sentient World Simulation (SWS), a synthetic mirror of the real world with automated 
continuous calibration with respect to current real-world information. The SEAS (Synthetic 
Environment for Analysis and Simulations) software platform drives SWS to devour as many as 
five million nodes of breaking news census data, shifting economic indicators, real world 
weather patterns, and social media data, then feeds it proprietary military intelligence and 
fictitious events to gauge their destabilizing impact. Research into how to maintain public 
cognitive dissonance and learned helplessness (psychologist Martin Seligman) help SEAS 
deduce human behavior. 

Coupled with Semantic Web, SWS became the testing environment by which military and 
intelligence could foresee what adversaries, neutrals, and allies were planning to do and thus 
prevent, alter, or accommodate their future behaviors. The SWS mirror world is like Where’s 
Waldo? the children’s book for upcoming spies, replete with big and little institutions, terrains, 
streets, homes, individuals, even crowds. Feed SWS what you plan to do—take over private 
water wells in California, unleash weather warfare on the poor in New Orleans or Haiti, phase 
out the border between Canada and the U.S., back Israel’s Palestinian policies—and SWS 
software prophesies the reaction. Crisis management. 

Needless to say, military-industrial-intelligence players like DARPA, Eli Lilly, Lockheed 
Martin, and Homeland Security all employ SWS. Simulate a crisis, then either run it in the real 
world or not as a controlled false flag or real event. During Noble Resolve 07, the JFCOM-J9 
(Joint Innovation and Experimental Directorate of the U.S. Joint Forces Command) worked with 
Homeland Security and multinational forces to run real-time, round-the-clock simulations for 
dozens of nations. Reactions under stress may require that several solutions be at hand, but 
generally JFCOM-J9 is confident after six decades of slow-boiling-frog cognitive dissonance 
that SWS predictions will hold in the U.S. as well as in other nations (like Ukraine and Greece) 
whose cultures have been carefully subjected to SWS scrutiny. 

As military contractors, telecom corporations comply with the NSA’s mandate that their 
equipment include a backdoor so that the NSA’s TAO hackers (Tailored Access Operations), the 
“premier hacking ninja squad” with “a catalog of all the commercial equipment that carries NSA 
backdoors,” can then intercept the online orders and bug them: 

Storage products from Western Digital, Seagate, Maxtor and Samsung have backdoors in 
their firmware, firewalls from Juniper Networks have been compromised, plus networking 
equipment from Cisco and Huawei, and even unspecified products from Dell. . .Spiegel notes 
that the [Snowden] documents do not provide any evidence that the manufacturers mentioned 
had any idea about this NSA activity. Every company spokesperson contacted by Spiegel 
reporters denied having any knowledge of the situation, though Dell officials said instead that the 
company “respects and complies with the laws of all countries in which it operates.” 7 

In 2014, China removed high-end servers made by IBM and Microsoft and replaced them 
with local brands. 8 Had they finally discovered the PROMIS backdoor? 

Now we are ready for a look at supercomputers, quantum computers, and artificial 
intelligence (AI) as we wonder if they too have secret backdoors. 


Supercomputers now digest data 24/7 and map every square inch of planet Earth while programs 
like LifeLog electronically bind every human being to the Smart Grid. The military-intelligence 
penchant for mythical names fits well with intelligence machines like the supercomputer in 
Brussels 666, 9 a partner in crime with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory’s BEAST (Battle 
Engagement Area Simulator/Tracker), a real-time space battle management simulator seven 
times faster than a Cray Y-MP for functionally equivalent optimization of 3D code. (BEAST can 
model 32,000 objects from inputs provided by sixty-four satellite sensors.) The U.S. Army 
Research Laboratory’s Excalibur—named after King Arthur’s magical sword—is also well 
named for technological advantage on the battlefield. 

Then there is the Big Mac supercomputer at Virginia Tech—home of the mid-latitude-to- 
polar SuperDARN network discussed in Chapter 7—peaking out at 17.6 teraflops, second only 
(at the time of this writing) to Japan’s Earth Simulator with 35.6 trillion calculations per second. 
The ASCI-Q at Los Alamos National Laboratory, built by Hewlett-Packard, weighs in at 13.8 
teraflops, and Lawrence Livermore National Lab’s Sequoia at 16 petaflops. IBM’s Blue Gene 
processes 10 14 operations per second, compared to 10 16 per second of the human neocortex. 

Moving toward quantum computers and artificial intelligence (AI), IBM’s Neuromorphic 
System is reverse engineered from the human brain based on a neurosynaptic computer chip 
called IBM TrueNorth developed by Cornell University and DARPA’s Systems of 
Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics (SyNAPSE) program. TrueNorth is capable 
of “deep learning” (16 million neurons, 4 billion synapses) and utilizes low electric power (2.5 
watts)—just like the human brain. 

A single TrueNorth processor consists of 5.4 billion transistors wired together to create an array of 1 million digital 
neurons that communicate with one another via 256 million electrical synapses. It consumes 70 milliwatts of power 
running in real time and delivers 46 giga synaptic operations per second . . . 111 

SyNAPSE’s intent is to “develop electronic neuromorphic machine technology that scales to 

biological levels” 11 —in other words, to reverse engineer a brain by building parallel processing 
chips one square micron in size and arraying them in a basketball-sized carbon sphere suspended 
in a gallium aluminum alloy (liquid metal for maximum conductivity) in a powerful wireless 
router “ta nk ” communicating with millions of sensors already released around the planet and 
linked to the Internet. 

These sensors gather input from cameras, microphones, pressure and temperature gauges, robots, and natural systems 
—deserts, glaciers, lakes, rivers, oceans, and rain forests. 12 

“Natural systems” no doubt include human beings and animals, as well, but I guess that’s 
better left unsaid. As function follows form, SyNAPSE’s “neuromorphic, brain-imitating 
hardware autonomously gives rise to intelligence” by mirroring the human brain’s 30 billion 
neurons and 100 trillion synapses, then surpassing its 1,000 trillion operations per second. 

Meanwhile, McGill University in Montreal, Canada has developed a “biological 
supercomputer” powered by adenosine triphosphate protein strings (“molecular units of 
currency”) and as small as a book, but with the mathematical capabilities of giant 
supercomputers—and it doesn’t overheat. 13 


Because the D-Wave is so good at specific problems, [Google] thinks some classical/quantum 
combination may prove ideal. . .[MJaybe the “neocortex ” offuture AIs will be comprised of a 
quantum chip, whereas the rest will remain classically driven . 14 

Classical computers use bits of information in Is and 0s, Is being positive charges on a 
capacitor, 0s being an absence of charge. A quantum computer uses qubits —strings of ions held 
in place by an electrical field and manipulated by laser pulses—and can simultaneously mix Is 
and 0s in a quantum state called a superposition on a single atom or electron that can be in two 
places at once or spin clockwise and anticlockwise at the same time. In fact, “measuring a qubit 
knocks it out of superposition and thereby destroys the information it holds.” 15 

Still, it is the qubit that makes “the weirdest feature of quantum mechanics”— quantum 
entanglement —possible: 

. . .this property enables distinct quantum systems to become intimately correlated so that an action performed on one 
has an effect on the other, even for systems that are too far apart to physically interact. 16 

This is quantum teleportation, “a reliable and efficient way to transfer quantum information 
[measured as qubits] across a network. . .for a future quantum Internet, with secure 
communications and a distributed computational power that greatly exceeds that of the classical 
Internet.” 17 

What is most attractive about quantum computers to the Global Security State is their ability 
to quickly factor large numbers—the mainstay of electronic surveillance and data security—and 
equally quickly sift through masses of unsorted data to find one person or one event. These two 
applications alone would make the quantum computer and its superpositioning a game-changer, 
but add in quantum teleportation and it becomes irresistible. 

The first quantum computer comes from D-Wave Systems in Burnaby, British Columbia, 
Canada, and its first customer was aerospace giant Lockheed Martin in 2011 for its University of 
Southern California Quantum Computation Center. The Quantum Artificial Intelligence 
Laboratory (QuAIL) run by the Google-NAS A-Moffatt Field Universities Space Research 
Center consortium has a D-Wave Two, and D-Wave’s 2048 adiabatic quantum computer is at 
NASA Ames and Google X, which is connected to CERN through the UC Berkeley hub for the 
ESnet5 fiber optic network with a speed of nearly 100 gigabits per second on a 300 GHz band 
for “research in high energy physics, climate science and genomics. 18 ESnet5 is all about 
terabytes and terahertz transmitters . 19 The NSA’s new $2 billion Utah Data Center now operates 
a 512-qubit chip code-named “Vesuvius” and bankrolled by Goldman Sachs. Vesuvius can 
execute more than 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 computations at 
once, which would take millions of years on a standard desktop. 

D-Wave’s site ( ) boasts of the amazing data crunching and searches its “exotic 
tool” can achieve: genomic analysis, “looking for bad guys in large amounts of data,” space 
exploration, building AIs, simultaneous comparisons of multiple solutions in the wake of, say, a 
“natural” disaster—and a 512-qubit quantum computer’s “central hubs” that can unlock any 
encrypted file. 

A longtime goal among cryptologists has been to perfect the “quantum Internet”—which in the most basic way 
possible, uses the main principle of quantum mechanics to transfer communications from one point to another. . .like a 
hub-and-spoke network in which all messages anywhere in the network get routed from a main node—a central hub.- 11 

Who needs a PROMIS backdoor when there is D-Wave? 

But it is the Mephistophelean nature of D-Wave’s qubit chip that truly sets it apart from a 
mere supercomputer. Eric Ladizinsky, co-founder and chief scientist of D-Wave who built the 
512-qubit quantum computer, equates it with the Manhattan Project and magic : 

Quantum computers are not made of simple transistors and logic gates like the CPU on your PC. They don’t even 
function in ways that seem rational to a typical computing engineer. Almost magically, quantum computers take 
logarithmic problems and transform them into “flat” computations whose answers seem to appear from an alternate 

For example, a mathematical problem that might have 2 to the power of n possible solutions — where n is a large 
number like 1024 — might take a traditional computer longer than the age of the universe to solve. A quantum 
computer, on the other hand, might solve the same problem in mere minutes because it quite literally operates across 
multiple dimensions simultaneously.- 1 

The environment of the very small, niobium D-Wave chip cloistered in its ten-foot black 
cabinet must be kept colder than deep space at -273.13°C (just above absolute zero 22 ). It is the 
cold that makes the chip behave as a superconductor. Also, to function optimally the D-Wave 
processor requires an extremely low magnetic environment—50,000X lower than the Earth’s 
ambient magnetic field. 

[Note: Interestingly enough, Lucifer (Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with 
Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research) in Arizona is chilled to -213°C 
(-351°F) for near-infrared observations.] 

Unlike the supercomputer, the D-Wave quantum computer is indeed artificial intelligence. Its 
binary classification is its ability to categorize and label vast amounts of complex input data 
(text, images, videos, phone calls, etc.); its quantum unsupervised feature learning (QUFL) is its 

ability to learn on its own, creating and optimizing its own programs; its temporal QUFL enables 
it to predict the future based on information it learns through binary classification and QUFL; 
and its artificial Intelligence via Quantum Neural Network processes means it can completely 
reconstruct the human brain’s cognitive processes and teach itself how to make better decisions 
and better predict the future. 

So it is no surprise that In-Q-Tel, the private investment arm of the CIA, is a major investor 
in D-Wave, 2 ’ nor is it surprising that government agencies and defense contractors in the 
business of collecting mass surveillance and tracking data are buying up D-Waves as fast as 
they’re built. 


Every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can be so precisely described that a 

machine can be made to simulate it. 

— Proposal for the Dartmouth Conference, 1956 

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems on a less sophisticated scale than D-Wave are up and running 
everywhere, from Internet apps like facial and voice recognition and profiling, to translating one 
language to another, predicting hedge fund capital movements, 24 even building AI algorithms 
that can build AI algorithms. 2 " Airlines, banks, traffic flow, hospitals, insurance, utilities, 
telephone exchanges, factories, military, Internet—in fact, what isn’t being run by AI? A new 
algorithm now learns handwriting as fast as a human child. 26 

SpaceX founder Elon Musk has put together OpenAI, a $ 1 billion fund “to assist humans in 
staying at least one step ahead of technology.” At MIT, Musk clearly stated, “With artificial 
intelligence, we are summoning the demon.” 27 His solution? To found Neuralink that will 
manufacture micron-sized devices that link human brains with computers for what he calls 
“consensual telepathy”: 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will create computers so sophisticated and godlike that humans will need 
to implant “neural laces” in their brains to keep up, Musk said in a tech conference last year. 

“There are a bunch of concepts in your head that then your brain has to try to compress into this incredibly low 
data rate called speech or typing,” Musk said in the latest interview. “If you have two brain interfaces, you could 
actually do an uncompressed direct conceptual communication with another person. ” 3S 

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking admitted on BBC that a type of system so advanced 
that it could re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate would eventually exponentially outpace 
human beings. He then signed an open letter (with one thousand AI experts) in protest of the 
military AI arms race. 26 

On January 21, 2016—too little, too late—USAF General Paul J. Selva told the Brookings 

“There are ethical implications. There are implications that I call the ‘Terminator conundrum,’” Selva said. “What 
happens when that thing can inflict mortal harm and is empowered by artificial intelligence? How are we gong to deal 
with that? How do we know with certainty what it’s going to do? Those are the problem sets I think we’re going to 
deal with in the technology sector.” 30 

A month later, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work admitted before the Atlantic Council 
that the Aegis combat system commanding missile warships is already being run by an AI: 

“Machines [are] taking over from humans key decisions of when to launch both offensive and defensive missiles. . .In 
the next decade it’s going to become clear when and where we will delegate authority to machines. We will delegate 
[some] authority to machines,” Work explained. ’ 1 

Lockheed Martin’s “semiautonomous” Long Range Anti-Ship Missile is already up and 
running. “Semiautonomous” means that a human operator can select the target, but the missile 
will then fly hundreds of miles out of contact with its human controller and attack the target, 
whatever the human operator’s second thoughts. j2 

The 2016 report “Autonomous Weapons and Operational Risk” by Paul Scharre of the 
Center for a New American Security (CNAS) 1J warns against letting AIs make killing decisions, 
pushing instead for “centaur warfighting,” integrated decision-making between humans and 
computers.’ 4 Some military brass go so far as to insist that “real” intelligence is what humans 
can do that machines cannot, while others view AI as a “Third Offset”—computer-based high- 
tech that will offset a smaller military and “create a new class of ‘Iron Man’-style fighters.” 35 


Each human being is an emitter of radio waves, a living broadcasting station of exceedingly low 
power. The stomach will send out not only infrared heat waves, but the entire spectrum of light, 
ultraviolet rays, x-rays, radio waves and so on. Of course all these radiations are fantastically 
weak and the radio waves are among the weakest. But the fifty-foot aerial of the Naval Research 
Laboratory in Washington, D.C., the most accurately constructed aerial in existence, could pick 
up radio signals coming from your stomach more than four miles away. 

— John Pfeiffer, The Changing Universe, 1956 

The military doctrine of full spectrum dominance supporting C4 (command, control, 
communications, and cyberwarfare) has recast the whole of earthly life into a digitalized 
“battlespace” even as supercomputers, quantum computers, AI systems, and network-centric 
warfare (NCW) come online. A perpetually ionized antenna atmosphere has opened the 
floodgates to a network-centric cyberwarfare that makes the entire biosphere and near-earth into 
a 24/7-ready battlespace. In fact, U.S. Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) is now its own 
agency and no longer under U.S. Strategic Command. NSA Director Admiral Michael S. Rogers 
is also commander of USCYBERCOM and chief of Central Security Service (cryptology). 

In his 2009 article “Network-Centric Warfare,” 36 Tom Burghardt stresses that the Revolution 
in Military Affairs (RMA) is really about electronic full spectrum dominance warfare—what Air 
Force Magazine calls “compressing the kill chain.” In the 2009 version of NCW, highly 
classified nano-sized sensors included: 

• Tagging tracking and locating gear (TTL), homing beacons to guide drone strikes 

• Dynamic optical tags (DOTs), small active retro-reflecting optical tags for two-way 
data exchange 

• Radar responsive tags that include battlefield situational awareness, unattended 
ground sensors, data relay, vehicle tracking, search and recovery, precision targeting, 
special operations, drug interdiction, etc. 

Now, self-aware artificial intelligence composed of neural networks of quantum processors is 
communicating with “situational awareness” nano-sensors unleashed by the trillions into the 
environment, NCW’s “operational art” being dependent upon “low-density, high-demand and 
vulnerable air- and space-based sensing and communications systems.” 37 

For example, aerosols would be sprayed over enemy troops, or chemicals would be clandestinely introduced into their 
food supply. Then biosensors flying overhead, says Thomas Baines at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, would 
“track their movement from their breath or sweat,” so they could be targeted for attack. . .With microprocessors 
making smaller weapons systems. . .aircraft carriers and manned bombers may become obsolete . . , 38 

Remember: “enemy troops” now include civilians, given that NCW and “situational 
awareness” are weaponized for the new battlespace of cities, neighborhoods, and rural areas—in 
other words, everywhere. 

Meanwhile, all around us AI networks are crunching sensitive data (voice stress, financial 
profiles, social networking patterns, etc.), remote-controlling nanobots and RFIDs, webcams and 
websites, cell phones, microphones, electric grids, airplanes, vehicles, drones, weather systems, 
“exotic weapons,” etc. Space Fence geopolitical control depends entirely upon interlocking AI 
networks surveilling everything and everyone in what the military calls the Human Terrain 
System (HTS). 

NCW and “compressing the kill chain” includes mind control and “perception management,” 
as plugging the entire world into a wireless grid in which each dimension is connected 
orthogonally to every other dimension points directly to RMA “multidimensionality,” as do the 
all-too-lethal nonlethal (less-than-lethal / electronic) weapons, including your cell phone: 

The conventional and nuclear weaponry dimensions might be continuous; within each of these dimensions, there is a 
smooth gradation in size and efficacy of weapons employed. A third dimension, targeting, might then be added; this 
would likely be a discontinuous dimension with a discrete point for each type of target, namely industrial, military, 
etc. A fourth dimension might contain the issues involved, a political dimension. A fifth could be the cost or economic 
dimension, etc.. . .Interactions between factors would be represented by a hypersurface in this multidimensional space. 
. .A model of conflict as a multidimensional manifold, with the idiosyncrasies and pathology of a mathematical 
hypersurface, increases our predictive power tremendously. 39 

The RMA is structured on the understanding that the most powerful weapon systems are 
those that can subdue populations by using subtle energy fields and tricking the body and mind 
into reacting to incoming signals as normal and natural—signals that can just as well be used to 
create total disorientation or remotely trigger mystery illnesses, heart failure, respiratory distress, 
etc. This is DARPA’s Combat Zones That See (CTS) and military operations in urban terrain 
(MOUT) graduating from small CCTV cameras to “nano-swarms”: 

. . .a “swarm” of near-microscopic nano-devices that function in consort [sic] with each other to produce either a 
visual image or an audio image of whatever is in the vicinity of the “swarm.” The more nano-devices that are present, 
the more fidelity or resolution they can resolve and transmit. These little particles can be made “sticky” so that they 
attach themselves to almost anything: a wall, a tree, a vehicle, even a person’s clothing. It may even be that they can 
be made selectively sticky, so that they only will stick to something when told to do so. 40 

Key to understanding the turning point that the May 2015 “military exercise” kn own as 
JADE Helm represents (Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution at the helm) is to grasp 
the fact that we the people are already NCW wired into AI and, by proxy, the Space Fence. As I 
stressed in Chapter 3, “The Nano Assault,” nano-scale “situational awareness” sensors have 
already been loaded into the environment and, by proxy, our lungs, bloodstreams, and brains. 
Burghardt’s dynamic optical tag (DOT) sounds remarkably like quantum dots. Then there is 
neural or smart dust, nanospheres, carbon nanotube transistors and integrated circuits, 
electrochemical energy-storage nanos with anode-cathode nanowires inside polymer core shell 
separators, etc. All are nanotechnology telemetric sensors released into our environment for us to 
wear, breathe, and ingest, each sensor programmed to gather data that is then remotely accessed, 
transmitted, and stored by AIs. 

Berghardt called attention to the civilian version of Radar Responsive tags made in 2009 by 

According to Gentag, “the civilian version. . .is a lower power technology suitable for commercial civilian 
applications, including use in cell phones and wide area tracking.” Conveniently, “Mobile reader infrastructure can be 
set up anywhere (including aircraft) or can be fixed and overlaid with existing infrastructure (e.g. cell phone 
towers).” 41 

Virginia-based Inkode developed tiny, low-power metal fibers that embed themselves “in 
paper, plastic and other materials that radio frequency waves can penetrate.” Does “and other 
materials” include lungs, blood, and skin? The fibers reflect radio waves back to the reader in a 
“resonant signature,” and the reader of data flowing in from our sensor-anned environment is an 
AI. Queralt in Wallingford, Connecticut invented “an integrated behavioral learning engine” to 
“learn an individual’s or asset’s habits over time”: 

The core of Queralt’s system is the behavioral engine that includes a database, a rules engine and various algorithms. 
Information acquired by reading a tag on an asset or individual, as well as those of other objects or individuals with 
which that asset or person may come into contact, and information from sensors (such as temperature) situated in the 
area being monitored, are fed into the engine. The engine then logs and processes the data to create baselines or 
behavioral patterns. As baselines are created, rules can be programmed into the engine; if a tag read or sensor metric 
comes in that contradicts the baseline and/or rules, an alert can be issued . . , 42 

Feeling secure yet? 

May 2015 was the beginning not of just an NCW rollout but of a complete makeover of what 
military war games and exercises are about. In the United States, it was called JADE Helm (i.e., 
JADE at the helm); in Estonia, Hedgehog 15; in Lithuania, Operation Lightning Strike; in 
Norway, Dynamic Mongoose; in the Mediterranean Sea, Joint Sea 2015-1 was run by the 
Russians and Chinese. 43 All exercises are “simulations” of network-centric operations (NCOs, 
i.e., cyberwarfare) dependent upon the global information grid (GIG), once a key component of 
the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) / Foreign Policy Initiative. 

According to Raytheon’s BBN Technologies / DARPA Abstract in the 2001 Final Technical 
Report “Joint Assistant for Development and Execution (JADE),” JADE 2 is AI quantum 
computing technology capable of utilizing vast stores of NSA-collected data to produce a Human 
Terrain Analysis (HTA) tool that will guarantee mastery over the Human Domain. 

JADE (Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution) is a knowledge-based mixed-initiative system that supports 
force deployment planning and management. JADE uses case-based and generative planning methods to support the 
development of large-scale, complex deployment plans in minimal time. JADE incorporates the technology of three 


Prodigy-Analogy, a combined case-based and generative planner developed by Carnegie Mellon University; 

ForMAT (Force Management and Analysis Tool) that supports case-based force deployment planning developed 
by [Raytheon] BBN Technologies [and MITRE; supports NSA knowledge acquisition]; and 

PARKA, a highly indexed knowledge-based management system developed by the University of Maryland. 

With JADE, a military planner can build a preliminary force deployment plan, including the Time Phased Force 
Deployment Data (TPFDD) in less than one hour. This speed in plan construction is possible because JADE supports 
the rapid retrieval and reuse of previous plan elements for use in the development of new plans. In addition, JADE 
employs an easy to use map-oriented drag and drop interface where force modules (FMs) from previous plans (cases) 
whose force capabilities and composition match the requirements of the current situation can be dragged from the case 
library and dropped onto a geographic destination. Plan modification and/or adaption is supported through 
remindings, e.g. each time that a force module is created or is copied into a plan (TPFDD) the user is automatically 
reminded of the need for geographical changes. 44 

JADE 2 was publicly announced, but its purpose remains obscured beneath cryptic military 
acronyms and references to “simulations.” 44 The truth is that JADE 2 is a network-centric 
software-based AI program “at the helm” that can reconfigure its own network topography to 
optimize data transfers. Not only is it aware but it is self-adaptive, self-reactive and self- 
modeling for predictive forced deployment. It is preemptive in that it can interpret commanders’ 
intent and potential behaviors by means of macro-cognition mind mapping. 

JADE 2 first collects masses of data from remote sensors and computers at data-dump places 
like fusion centers and the Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity 
Initiative Data Center in Bluffdale, Utah, then moves it into an HTA module to develop an HTS 
to determine the behavioral parameter norms (and therefore Human Domain Deviations) for 
individuals, groups, dense populations, etc. In seconds, JADE 2’s Prodigy Logic Module can 
generate holographic simulations of battle plans, pre-crime plans, and “kill chains.” The CBR 
(case-based reasoning module) then examines the mission statement and comes up with an 
ACOA (adaptive course of action), all within seconds. 

After sucking up sensor data, JADE 2 thinks, plans, and executes, its ultimate mission being 
to transform C4 into total mastery of the Human Domain. With network-centric HTA and 
activity-based Intelligence (ABI) tools, mastery of the Human Domain under the Geospatial 
Intelligence (GeoINT) neural net is imminent. 

JADE 2 has the ability to use vast amounts of data being collected on the Human Domain to develop an HTS [Human 
Terrain System] for geographic locations to identify and eliminate targets flagged on a GIG [global information grid] 
in Network Concentric Warfare. 46 

It is not JADE 2 that “casts a neural net” but the nanosensors and microprocessors swimming 
in our bloodstreams and brains and ionized atmosphere. All the mapping of our brains, emotions, 
and behaviors goes into developing HTSs, but Mastering the Human Domain is the military 

Finally, several months after the JADE 2 exercises throughout the American Southwest and 
elsewhere had run their course in the mainstream media, a brouhaha erupted in Washington, D.C. 
regarding “the controversial battlefield anthropology program known as the Human Terrain 
System.” 47 Apparently, the Army had said that the HTS was terminated in 2014, but then Rep. 
Duncan Hunter (R-CA) on the Armed Services Committee discovered it was still very much 
alive, being funded, and expanding. Given that HTS was initially presented to Congress as a 
“battlefield anthropology program” and not a biometrics AI sweep of behavioral parameters, it is 
no wonder that Congressman Hunter was incensed that from the beginning, the Army had misled 

Congress about the HTS and was even then conjuring up a cover story: 

. . .documents obtained by USA Today show that Anny officials had simply changed the program’s emphasis from 
deploying social scientists with troops to providing information to commanders from a group of experts at Ft. 
Leavenworth, Kansas. They also began referring to the program as the Global Cultural Knowledge Network. 

“Cultural knowledge,” huh? (Are congressmen watching DJ Walsh’s YouTubes?) 

1 He was also a co-founder of Raytheon in 1924. 

2 COINS is now the acronym for counterinsurgency. 

3 See The Octopus: The Secret Government and Death of Danny Casolaro by Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith (Feral House, 

4 Moral turpitude is a legal concept referring to conduct considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or 
good morals. {West’s Encyclopedia of American Law) 

5 Marshall Riconosciuto was close friends with Fred Crisman, the first person Clay Shaw called when he heard that attorney 
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45 I am indebted to system and network engineer DJ Walsh’s Level9News YouTubes. Please watch them all, beginning with 
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The “Star Wars” Space Fence Rises Again 

Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishmen ts. 
The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine. 

— Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) 

In this era of science fiction that is no longer fiction—when the military uses the Moon for laser 
target practice 1 and earth-penetrating tomography (EPT) provokes deep plate shifts and 
accelerates the inner core 2 —it becomes imperative to doubt just how “natural” our Earth events 
are. Certainly there are solar flares and sunspots, but what about the impact of tweaking the 
auroral electrojet and blasting the ionosphere with microwaves? Plausible deniability hangs like 
a shroud over military operations and experiments, preventing the public from discerning what is 
“natural” from what is anthropogenic. 

Thus far, we have taken a look at the various components of what it takes to keep our lower 
atmosphere ionized and primed for optimal Space Fence operation. I have attempted to alert the 
reader to the presence of phenomena not covered in their high school or college physics: asther, 
plasma, and scalar waves, all of which play a pivotal role in the atmospheric physics of 
geoengineering still denied the public. We examined the secret presence of nanotechnology 
already invading every aspect of our lives, including the air we’re forced to breathe, the foods we 
eat, and the water we drink. As signs and wonders of a science hidden from the public appear in 
the global skies, we must consider that the Earth and human society have been weaponized in the 
name of the Revolution in Military Affairs, at the cold heart of which lies the shadowy Deep 
State of the military-industrial-intelligence complex ever in service to the planetary lockdown of 
the Al-run Space Fence as the modus operandi by which earthly civilization will finally be 
offered up to a Transhumanist future. 

The planetary technology comprising the Space Fence system is mind-boggling. It is this 
Rubik’s cube that this book begins deciphering. In this chapter, we concentrate on how the Space 
Fence is being primed aerially and in space; in Chapter 8, we’ll concentrate on the ground-based 

Into our thin lower atmosphere, chemical nanoparticles, microprocessors and sensors are 
being injected by jets even as sounding rockets spew chemical compounds, microprocessors and 
sensors into the upper atmosphere to set the scene for Space Situational Awareness. One by one, 
up go the rockets from Wallops, Canaveral, Poker Flat, and Vandenberg to release aluminum 

sulfate, lithium (red), barium (green / bluish purple), 3 and Mylar components that ignite in the 
upper atmosphere and space. Centrifugal force then whirls the thermite brew into a Saturn-like 
ring around the equator while above Earth a man-made aurora blossoms to be seen as far south 
as Missouri, South Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. 4 

In 2012, Japanese researchers at the National Astronomical Observatory foresaw another 
Maunder Minimum or Little Ice Age and that the Sun’s two magnetic poles could become four. 5 
NASA spun the opposite: that the minimum was actually a maximum. 

Something unexpected is happening on the sun. 2013 is supposed to be the year of Solar Max, the peak of the 11-year 
sunspot cycle. Yet 2013 has arrived and solar activity is relatively low. Sunspot numbers are well below their values 
in 2011, and strong solar flares have been infrequent for many months. 

The quiet has led some observers to wonder if forecasters missed the mark. Solar physicist Dean Pesnell of the 
Goddard Space Flight Center has a different explanation: “This is solar maximum,” he suggests. “But it looks 
different from what we expected because it is double peaked.” 6 

“Something unexpected”? Double peaked? Four magnetic poles? Another Carrington Event? 
7 Cosmic weather reports are now as anxiety-provoking as regional weather reports. 

Then in 2013, a veritable theater of meteors and asteroids erupted on the scene—or were they 
plasma connected with sounding rocket thermal events? On February 15, 2013, a meteor burned 
across the Russian sky only to disintegrate above Chelyabinsk 8 less than a day before Asteroid 
2012 DA 14 made the closest recorded pass in history. Exploding over Russia’s Ural Mountains, 
the Chelyabinsk meteor struck just sixty miles from nuclear and chemical weapons disposal 
facilities. Some compared it with the 1908 Tunguska event discussed in my Chemtrails, HAARP 
book. A month later, a meteor exploded “like a fireball” over Cape Town, South Africa. More 
meteors plummeted over Texas, Florida, San Francisco, New York City, Cuba, and Australia. 

Strangely, the timing of the “meteor” events were just before the Near-Earth Object (NEO) 
threat mitigation conference in Spain in early May 2013, sponsored by Space Situational 
Awareness of the European Space Agency and the Spanish corporation Elecnor Deimos Space. 9 
On May 31, Asteroid 1998 QE2 buzzed the Earth, followed on September 29 by purported 
meteorite pieces dropping on the small Yucatan town of Ichmul: 

The falling object was accompanied by a strong thundering noise and a loud blast. . .flashing blue hazes and a 
power outage. . .police started to play with the gathered pieces and formed humanoid figures whose images have 
caused wonder and excitement among locals and foreigners ... 10 

NASA chief Charles Bolden recommended prayer, 11 but Nazi engineer Wernher von Braun 
(1912-1977) may have been right about the U.S. utilizing fear to cow the public—first, of the 
Russians, terrorists, and nations of concern, then of asteroids, UFOs and extraterrestrials. 13 The 
ionized sky theater was a perfect platform for the latter. 

The Space Fence as represented by the mainstream media, however, is just a tabulator of 
orbiting “space debris” (about 200,000 objects) that threatens our satellites, and about keeping 
tabs on space events like the Chinese “kinetic kill” of their own satellite Fengyun 1C with an 
antisatellite on January 11, 2007, the debris of which damaged a small Russian “Bah Lens in 
Space” (laser-ranging retro-reflector) satellite. 1 ’ 

The Space Fence nuncio arrived on cats’ feet with Air Force Global Strike Command first 
launching an unarmed LGM-30G Minuteman III ICBM from Vandenberg Air Force Base 
(August 19, 2015), then three months later the Navy launching a nuclear-tipped Trident II (D5) 

missile toward Kwajalein Atoll from a ballistic submarine, smearing the sky with a blue-green 

The Navy’s fleet of 14 ballistic submarines can each carry 24 Trident missiles, each tipped with 14 independently 
targetable thermonuclear warheads. . .The test on Saturday featured the launch of a missile outfitted with a dummy 
warhead toward the Kwajalein Atoll, a missile test site that’s part of the Marshall Islands in the western Pacific. . .The 
U.S. military’s nuclear weapons strategy rests on a triad of delivery systems—bombers, submarines and land-based 
missiles. . .The submarine missile test came late Saturday after Defense Secretary Ashton Carter addressed a defense 
forum at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley about the U.S. “adapting our operational posture and 
contingency plans” to deter Russia’s “aggression.” 14 

Nice touch, that tip of the hat to Ronald Reagan whose administration initiated the “Star 
Wars” program now culminating in the latest addition to the ground-based system upon which 
the Space Fence depends going up on the Kwajalein Atoll at the old Ronald Reagan Ballistic 
Missile Test Site. 

The Space Fence rises from “Star Wars” 

The Naval Space Surveillance System field stations comprise a bi-static radar that points straight up into space and 
produces a “fence” of electromagnetic energy. The system can detect basketball-sized objects in orbit around the 
Earth out to an effective range of 15,000 nautical miles. Over 5 million satellite detections or observations are 
collected by the surveillance sensor each month. Data collected by the Fence is transmitted to a computer center at 
Dahlgren [VA], where it is used to constantly update a database of spacecraft orbital elements. This information is 
reported to the fleet and Fleet Marine Forces to alert them when particular satellites of interest are overhead. The 
Navy’s space surveillance system is one of about 20 sensors that together comprise the nation’s worldwide Space 
Surveillance Network directed by U.S. Strategic Command in Omaha, Nebraska. 15 

The Space Fence actually began with the Navy Space Surveillance System (NAVSPASUR) 
in 1957, just after the Soviets launched the Sputnik satellite. Designed to track both transmitting 
satellites and those that were quiet, NAVSPASUR’s ground base consisted of a nine-radar array 
“fence” (217MHz each) from Georgia to Southern California at the 33rd parallel north: two 
transmitters at Gila River, Arizona (pre-recalibration frequency 219.97MFIz) and Jordan Lake, 
Alabama (pre-recalibration frequency 216.99MHz); a more powerful addition at Lake Kickapoo, 
Texas (768kW radiated power, pre-recalibration frequency 216.983MHz); 16 and six receiving 
stations, four of which are still operating in San Diego, California, Elephant Butte, New Mexico, 
Red River, Arkansas, and Hawkinsville, Georgia. 

The 1983 Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), kn own familiarly as “Star Wars,” was presented 
as a multi-layered outer space defense system based on “non-chemical kinetic and directed 
energy weapons”—kinetic kill and speed of light weapons, neutral particle beams, ground-based 
lasers, electrons using fighting mirrors and hyper-velocity guns—against invading ballistic 
missiles divided into flight-orbit stages of booster, late booster, mid-orbit, and last-stage. 

The plan in the 1980s was that a space-based constellation of forty platforms would deploy 
1,500 kinetic interceptors. But what happened was that the initial stage alone—Brilliant Pebbles, 
a satellite constellation of 4,600 kinetic interceptors (KE ASAT) in low Earth orbit, each 
weighing 100 pounds (45 kg), and their associated tracking systems—would cost $125 billion, 
and that wasn’t counting the next stage deployment of even larger platforms, including laser and 
particle beam weapons like the Mid-Infrared Advanced Chemical Laser (MIRACL). It became 
evident that “Star Wars” was premature and that a more sophisticated ground-based system 
would have to be developed to support space-based platforms. 

Along came Bernard Eastlund and his 1987 HAARP patent, leading to a decade of HAARP 

experiments that solved the problem of keeping the lower atmosphere ionized to sandwich 
between near-earth orbit space platforms and a conductive ground-based infrastructure. HAARP 
fulfilled every military hope and more: it altered the relationship between the ionosphere and the 
troposphere while Project Cloverleaf provided jet deliveries of conductive nanoparticles around 
the globe as smaller and mobile ionospheric heaters were built, and radar installations, towers, 
and phased-array installations proliferated. 

On October 1, 2004, NAVSPASUR was passed from the U.S. Navy to the U.S. Air Force 
20th Space Control Squadron and renamed the AN/FPS-133 Air Force Space Surveillance 
System (SSS / the VHF Fence), a key component of the Space Surveillance Network (SSN). 

In August 2013—one year before FIAARP’s shutdown—the AFSSS ceased operation so it 
could be recalibrated to the frequencies and pulses of the global infrastructure of ionospheric 
heaters, radar installations, towers, NexRads, wind farms, fracking wells, etc. 

In 2014, the Lockheed Martin SATCOM Technologies team (Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, 
AMEC, AT&T, and General Dynamics) began building a six-acre array system on the Kwajalein 
Atoll 2,100 nautical miles southwest of Honolulu 17 that would replace the AFSSS with an S- 
band (2.2-2.3GHz) 18 ground-based radar system of four hundred or so units in service to 
continuous space situational awareness. 

“The ground-based receive array is an elegant merger of a huge physical structure built with the precision of a 
complex scientific or medical instrument,” said Mike DiBiase, a vice president and general manager of General 
Dynamics Mission Systems. “The SATCOM Technologies-built array has the sensitivity to locate, identify and track 
objects as small as a softball, hundreds of miles above the Earth’s surface.” 19 

A scaled-down version of the Lockheed Martin Kwajalein Atoll next-generation space 
surveillance system opened in 2016 in New Jersey as a “test site.” 20 

As part of the Space Situational Awareness Group of the U.S. Air Force, the Space Based 
Space Surveillance (SBSS) system detects and tracks space objects in orbit around the Earth 
while the previously classified Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program (GSSAP) 
satellites are loaded with dedicated SSN electro-optical sensors in communication with Air Force 
Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) ground stations like Schriever Air Force Base in conjunction 
with the 50th Space Wing of Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) in Colorado Springs. (The 
present incarnation of GSSAP gives a whole new meaning to “neighborhood watch.”) 

GSSAP satellites will support Joint Functional Component Command for Space (JFCC SPACE) tasking to collect 
space situational awareness data .. , 21 

Broadly speaking, AFSPC has four missions: (1) space forces support; (2) space control; (3) 
force enhancement (weather, communications, intelligence, missile warning, navigation); and (4) 
force application. Translated, this is C4. 

The 50th Space Wing satellite operators of the 1st Space Operations Squadron uplink C4 
calculations for weapons command from MacDill Air Force Base (Patriot missile and Iron 
Dome) and are in touch with the Kwajalein Atoll installation that feeds data to the Joint Space 
Operations Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base and with Eglin Air Force Base Site C-6 radar 
station whose AN/FPS-85 phased-array radar runs the radar / computer processing. 

It is important to remember that the U.S. Air Force 22 was tutored by Paperclip Nazi scientists 
like Hubertus Strughold, M.D., who conducted pilot stress tests and experiments in radiobiology 
and human radiation at the School of Aviation Medicine (SAM) near Randolph Air Force Base 

in San Antonio, Texas. Today, SAM, the Human Effects Center of Excellence, and the Air Force 
Research Laboratory continue to research nonlethal weapons like lasers, masers, microwave 
hearing, synthetic telepathy / voice-to-skull (V2K), brain-machine interface (BMI), etc. In fact, 
AFSPC at Peterson Air Force Base may be the military hub of artificial telepathy operations: 
“It’s the ‘mission control’ center where rocket scientists, AFRL, HAARP, spy satellites, radar 
dishes, microwave towers, beam weapons, human experimentation and spooky intelligence 
agencies like NSA, NRO and DIA all come together.” 23 

Now let’s move on to the control over the poles that plays heavily in Space Fence operation. 
The Nazis studied the poles but not necessarily for the mythical reasons disseminated after the 
Nuremberg show trials. 


[NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory senior research scientist Surendra Adhikari:] The pole used to 
be heading along ~75 degrees west longitude, toward Canada, during the 20th century. It is now 
heading along the central meridian, i.e. 0 degrees longitude, toward the UK. So this shift in 
direction would roughly be about 75 degrees to the east, from Canada to the UK. 24 

In November 2013, The European Space Agency (ESA) launched three 9-meter SWARM 
satellites to monitor and map the magnetosphere from 300-530 km (186-330 miles) above the 
planet. It was SWARM that scientifically confirmed the North Pole drift which Inuit Indian 
shamans had discerned years before, and SWARM that provides data regarding the South 
Atlantic Anomaly, an indicator of a possible geomagnetic pole reversal. 20 

The North and South Poles are moving, as is our magnetosphere. If the Earth’s axis is 
shifting, the passive sounding “climate change” (melting ice sheets, loss of water mass in 
Eurasia, etc.) makes what is going on at the poles worthy of headlines. It may even be time to 
reconsider the Earth axis deviating considerably from its current position in the only extant map 
of an ancient sky we have, the Dendera Zodiac on display at the Musee du Louvre in Paris. 20 

Given the state of the art fifth-generation EISCAT 3D ionospheric heater with its 100,000 
simultaneous antennas, and four previous generation heaters are located in the Arctic region— 
EISCAT in Norway, HAARP Gakona, HIPAS Fairbanks in Alaska, and Brookhaven National 
Laboratory on Long Island, New York—and myriad “space trails” of chemical and metal 
nanoparticles being spewed from rockets launched in the Northern Hemisphere (like Poker Flat 
Research Range and NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility), it is safe to say that the poles remain a big 
military concern and play heavily into Space Fence “space situational awareness.” 

If you were to believe retired U.S. Army Colonel David Hunt, it’s Russian saber-rattling that 
U.S. interest in the Arctic is about, given that Russia shares the Arctic Sea with NATO nations 
under a USUK thumb (Greenland, Canada, Sweden, Norway, and Finland): 

Recently, Russia submitted a claim to the United States for 1.2 million square kilometers of Arctic sea shelf, including 
the North Pole. The territory could hold about 5 billion tons of oil and gas resources. Above its northern coastline, 
they’ve also asserted ownership of the emerging Northern Sea Route, the Arctic’s fastest-growing shipping route. 

This comes after Russia spent years militarizing the region unabated and without challenge. Not only have the 
Russians placed a flag via submarine on the seabed of the North Pole and rehabilitated a Soviet-era military base, 
they’ve also launched a full-alert combat readiness exercise with 38,000 troops, 110 aircraft, 41 ships, and 15 
submarines. They’ve added a 6,000-soldier permanent military force in the Arctic’s northwest Murmansk region, 
equipped with new radar and guidance system capabilities and coastal defense missile systems. Russia currently has a 
fleet of six nuclear-powered icebreakers and at least a dozen diesel-powered icebreakers, and three more nuclear- 

powered icebreakers will be added by decade’s end . 27 

But that’s old-school propaganda for an old-school public. We’ve entered the Space Age and 
planet Earth is being weaponized while new commercial possibilities are opening up. 

Plasma. Our magnetosphere is basically a cloud of electrified gas called plasma that 
surrounds and protects our Earth. It was once assumed that this plasma was coming from solar 
winds, but now we know it is spewing from the poles, though solar winds energize the 
magnetotail, as well. Particles from the poles zoom up as far as sixty Earth radii (400,000km) 
into the magnetotail, then zip back along the plasma sheet and bounce back and forth along the 
magnetic field lines (mirroring). 

In 1981, a RIMS instrument (retarding ion mass spectrometer) on a Dynamics Explorer 
satellite discovered gases flowing out into space from both magnetic poles. After measuring the 
polar “fountains” of ions of hydrogen, helium, oxygen, and nitrogen, the solar wind theory was 
abandoned: the Earth generates all it needs to shield itself from solar electromagnetic radiation. 
Later, the TIDE instrument (thermal ion dynamics experiment) on the Polar spacecraft measured 
the “fountain” from twice the distance while neutralizing the spacecraft’s plasma sheath so it 
could read just how much low-energy plasma was flowing out of the atmosphere and into the 

“The really incredible thing,” [plasma physicist Rick Chappell] said, “is that if you do a very careful model of the 
magnetic field and electric field, and then put in lOeV particles, they go into the plasma sheet [extending outward 
from the magnetic equator] and are energized at least a thousandfold.” 28 

A century before the discovery of plasma fountains issuing from the poles, ether scientist 
John Worrell Keely of Philadelphia laid out three polar forces that make up the governing 
conditions of “the controlling medium of the universe” he and others of his time called ether: 
magnetism, electricity, and gravity. Magnetism provides polar attraction and gravity polar 
propulsion, gravity being “nothing more than a concordant attractive sympathetic stream flowing 
towards the neutral center of the earth.” Keely’s patron Clara Bloomfield-Moore put it this way: 

The great polar stream with its exhaustless supply of energy, places at our disposal a force. . .We have but to hook our 
machinery on to the machinery of nature and we have a force, the conditions of which when once set up remain 
forever, perpetual molecular action the result.” 29 

Because these polar fountains play an immense role in maintaining the strength of the 
magnetosphere, it seems obvious that “natural” planetary changes like the occasional 
magnetopause collapse or geomagnetic pole reversal (every 780,000 years) are connected to the 
military and its “team” of plasma physicists and geoengineers whose “experiments” run the risk 
of imminent danger to both the ionosphere and magnetosphere. 

When the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) announced that HAARP had produced “a 
sustained high density plasma cloud in Earth’s upper atmosphere. . .to be used for reflection 
[artificial mirrors] of HF radar and communication signals,” 30 did it not occur to physicists that 
“plasma clouds or balls of plasma” are now also being created in our lower ionized atmosphere? 

Ice-free Arctic. Also in 2013 (the infamous year of asteroids and meteors, remember?), a 
U.S. Navy research project determined that the Arctic Ocean might be ice-free by summer 2016, 
“opening the door to vast reserves of fossil fuel, and eventually freeing up a shipping lane 
between Europe and Asia.” 31 The Navy study admits to including measurements of “chemical 

and biological processes,” which makes this projected date more feasible than 2100. In fact, a 
2016 Arctic News article echoes the same projection: on May 9, 2016, Arctic Sea ice was 1.1 
million square kilometers less than it was on May 9, 2012. The now erratic, wavy jet stream is 
pulling warm air along its path, and cold air is moving south out of the Arctic/ 2 And now that 
the ice is being melted, 15,600 kilometers of fiber-optic cable is being laid for a 24-terabit 
connection between Tokyo and London. 11 Wiring the top of the world for wireless Space Fence 

Methane and Project Lucy. But with all the melting of glaciers, excavating for oil and 
digging for fiber-optic cable, what of methane gas releases? Methane gas in the Arctic issues 
from ancient permafrost carbon stored beneath the shallow sea of the East Siberian Arctic Shelf. 
The concern is that rapid warming could release as much as 500 billion tons of carbon as 
methane. Escaping through conduits known as taliks, methane bubbles to the surface and adds 
yet more heat pressure to the already-heating atmosphere. 

In 2015, a SoCalGas natural gas well blowout in California released over 100,000 tons of 
greenhouse gas methane—the largest methane leak in U.S. history. It spread out into the densely 
populated San Fernando Valley and was laced with volatile organic compounds like ethane, 
benzene, butanes, and pentanes. 34 After the panic died down, the issue became greedy Big Oil 
and its fracking and bottom-line production, processing, pipeline, and storage infrastructure at 
the expense of public health. 

Given the propaganda and lies in our corporate-controlled media, plus the number of misled 
and embedded scientists who buy into the military-industrial-intelligence complex domination of 
peer reviews, university and lab grant monites, careers, etc., it is difficult to weigh the “mass 
extinction” threat factor of methane releases. Papers like Malcolm P.R. Light’s “The Non- 
Disclosed Extreme Arctic Methane Threat” that blame “human emissions” for global warming 
and methane increasing in the atmosphere 3X what it was two hundred years ago (methane’s 
warming potential being 100X that of carbon dioxide), is weakened by the fact that “military 
emissions” are absent and so Light ends up attributing causality to mere “pollution clouds” 
symptoms of geoengineering: “The Gulf Stream. . .is warming up more than usual due to global 
warming. Specifically, pollution clouds pouring eastward from the coast of Canada and the 
United States are the main culprit in heating up the Gulf Stream.” 35 

In his 2014 article “FLAARP and Project Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” researcher Jim 
Lee references the 2012 Total gas leak and huge methane release in the North Sea that convinced 
the Arctic Methane Group (AMEG) that geoengineering would be a necessary evil. In the 
context of the Arctic Natural Gas Extraction Liquefaction & Sales (ANGELS) plan for drilling 
under the ice to extract gas/oil, Lee explains how ionospheric heaters can be used to keep 
methane at bay: 

Project Lucy [would] involve three radars focusing their beams on methane clouds and turning those methane clouds 
into diamond dust, something formerly left to the science-fiction world of Alchemy. Apparently the methane molecule 
and a diamond are very similar, and they believe with a 13.56 MHz frequency they can break methane down and turn 
it into diamond dust, which will reflect sunlight and slow global warming (aka SRM, or Solar Radiation 
Management). Further, the director of HAARP says they can form noctilucent clouds above the HAARP IRI 
[ionospheric research instrument] using three radars, and if their plan works, the heaters at HIPAS (Alaska), Arecibo 
(Puerto Rico), EISCAT (Tromso), and Sura (Russia) “could immediately attack the atmospheric methane as well.” 36 

Under Project Lucy, the Big Oil-military alliance put together a mobile microwave 
transmission system of ionospheric heaters mounted on submarines, aircraft, boats, and oil 
drilling rigs purportedly to zap low-altitude methane clouds to break their first C-H bonds as 

soon as they erupt from the Arctic Ocean. 17 

It is also possible that Project Lucy is a “dual use” technology and not just about zapping 
methane, given turning methane clouds into diamond dust in an era when new diamond mines, 
like gold mines, are becoming scarce, and military contractors like Lockheed Martin want to 
develop liquid methane for stealth aircraft like the Mach 6 Aurora replacement of the CIA’s SR- 
71 “Blackbird.” 38 In short, methane is a moneymaker in a disaster capitalism era. Extract it, store 
it, convert it into propane and other gases with UV light, sequester it as hydrates, and sell it. 

Lucy may actually be about mobile ionospheric heaters interfering rays over target areas as 
scalar weapons, and not necessarily just in the Arctic Circle. 

Operation Deep Freeze. Antarctica at the South Pole is much the same but different, too. 
Antarctica hides a landmass under its glaciers and so is not an open sea like the Arctic Pole. It is 
the world’s coldest, driest, and highest continent and is therefore more strategic, which is why its 
absent landlords row over the complicated treaty they signed when they cut Antarctica up like a 

Not everything in Antarctica is military. Similar to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault on the 
island of Spitsbergen, Norway, dedicated to preserving natural seeds in this genetic modification 
era, the Protecting Ice Memory project launched in 2015 seeks to preserve ice cores—the 
geological records of the times in which they formed—in an Antarctic snow cave at -54 degrees 
Celsius (-65 degrees Fahrenheit) in this era of melting glaciers. 

Operation Deep Freeze is decidedly military in that it is under the jurisdiction of Pacific Air 
Forces at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii with FC-130 Hercules support from the New 
York Air National Guard, sealift support from the U.S. Coast Guard and Military Sealift 
Command, engineering and aviation services from U.S. Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems 
Command, and cargo handling from the U.S. Navy. The three U.S./Five Eyes outposts providing 
“air and maritime cargo and passenger transport throughout the Antarctic Joint Operations 
Area” 40 are based in New Zealand: Harewood at Christchurch Airport, Tangimoana at 
Manawatu, and Waihopai at Marlborough, all connected to McMurdo Station (77°51’S, 
166°40’E) and Amundson-Scott South Pole Station (90°0’S, 0°0’E). 

Auckland Island, New Zealand, September 20, 2017, Photo by V. Susan Ferguson : “Fascinating stuff. 

Insane scalar physics.” 

Auckland Island is the island between Antarctica and NZ that when it blows, it sets the Ring of Fire off. The pattern is usually the 
east coast of NZ, then Fukushima-ish, then Mexico, West Coast US, Alaska, and then often the Bering Straits, which usually ends 
in the Ring lighting up. When this area quakes (and they have been giant quakes), we know a big one is coming. — Rose Paige 

(The Con Trail) in New Zealand 

Deep Freeze “explorations science” 41 translates to military objectives run by U.S. 
intelligence (Raytheon, etc.) and in service to the Space Fence. 

Two days in a car with a Raytheon employee who worked in the American sector of 
Antarctica, coupled with the Feral House 2005 book Big Dead Place: Inside the Strange and 
Menacing World of Antarctica by Nicholas Johnson and Eirik Sonneland, convinced me of how 
truly bizarre operations in the coldest place in the world can be. In the years since the HAARP 
experiments began and ended, the number of U.S. personnel in Antarctica and the number of C- 
130 airlifts per year increased dramatically. Raytheon—once the owner of HAARP patents— 
commands the only way on and off Antarctica and makes all the supply runs for the American 
sector, often in C-17 Globemaster Ills out of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington State. 
Raytheon handles strategic inter-theater airlift, tactical deep field support, aeromedical 
evacuation support, search and rescue response, and “supply runs” for drugs, Johnnie Walker 
Black, and San Miguel beer for the cooks, waitresses, maids and workers in the American sector 
forced to live inside and underground nonstop. 

And what was really going on in January 2014 when the icebreaker Polar Star rescued 120 
people aboard the Russian icebreaker MV Akademik Shokalskiy stranded in Commonwealth Bay, 
as well as people from the Chinese icebreaker Xue Long (Snow Dragon) that had come to its 
rescue? On the Russian ship was a team of scientists researching climate change and “how one of 
the biggest icebergs has altered the system by trapping ice.” 42 

The biggest clue, however, is the number of barges arriving in the hundreds loaded with 
equipment, two hundred of which remain in Antarctica to serve as a floating antenna/phased 
array farm (towers, heavy equipment, antenna gear, communications electronics, and mobile 
SBX units) that can be moved in water and on ice as Magnetic South moves. Twelve of them 
work in tandem with the twelve Starfire optical laser systems discussed later in this chapter. 

For optimal Space Fence operations, Deep Freeze engineers are tasked with maintaining a 
delicate balance between Magnetic South and Magnetic North by means of ongoing fine-tuning, 
calibrating and experimentation. With the help of ionospheric heaters in the Northern 
Hemisphere, the bipolar maser outflow can be increased in the polar regions. 4 ’ Increase the ion 
flow along the magnetic lines of force and it will be mirrored back toward Earth; increase the 
charge potential in the ionosphere and “fountain” up along the coherent inner core of Birkeland 
currents into the Sun’s electromagnetic circuit. Increase the charge potential of the Sun and 
voltage can be induced to increase solar activity, as per Tesla in 1901. Christopher Fontenot 
( added this in an email: 

As Birkeland currents interface at the Poles, they ionize atoms and create the ‘funnel’ of energy that cause the Earth’s 
electrojets. This interaction perturbs Alfven waves [“whistlers”] in the ionosphere. Alfven waves are pilot waves. 
Imagine a drill bit tip and all magnetic lines of force spiraling out from that pilot wave. Alfven waves occur in both 
longitudinal and transverse forms, which means they either have no frequency (longitudinal) or have an oscillation 
frequency (transverse). 44 

During the March 2015 saber-rattling over Ukraine, 4 nothing was said about Magnetic 
North. The truth is that the struggle over who will control Magnetic North and the plasma energy 
pouring from the poles is far from resolved. 


When Schumann first estimated the resonant frequency of the Schumann cavity, he used EM 
radiation pressures as a primary factor. Therefore, atmospheric pressures are a product of that 
EM radiation on the upper layers of the Ionosphere and convergence of air masses is created by 
that EM potential. Some refer to these anomalies as Earth spots. Essentially, they are an 
interface between the Ionosphere and Earth, which in turn creates a channel for discharge of 
EM energy. This phenomenon has been the study of weather modification scientists. The ability 
to induce these ‘channels ’ via satellite, air-, sea-, and ground-based facilities is the mission of 

Full Spectrum Dominance. 

— Philip Francis 46 

Satellites are invaluable to Space Fence operation. 

A revolutionary technological shift occurred at the beginning of the third millennium C.E. 
that the public recognized only in terms of their televisions: analog systems were replaced by 
digital phased arrays. Individual transmitters and receivers (T/R modules) were recalibrated, and 
wideband performance was thus upgraded for dual-use military / civilian operations. The shift to 
the digital means a computational power and ability to store on the scale of DNA 47 and 
represents a massive expansion of “eyes in the sky” and new weapons platforms for C4: 
“Multiple radar, communications, and electronic warfare functions can be served by a single 
antenna having such an architecture.” 48 

Satellites now deliver television, computer, and iPhone signals. The secretive National 
Reconnaissance Office (NRO) was the sole launcher of satellites until 1997 when the U.S. 
Commerce Department issued licenses to nine American corporations for eleven classes of 
satellites with a range of reconnaissance (surveillance) powers. Today, satellites owned by 
spooky military contractors like Boeing, BAE Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, Northrop 
Grumman, Lockheed Martin, L-3 Communications, and Science Applications International 
Corporation (SAIC) are vacuuming up images and communiques from planet Earth inhabitants 
and feeding them to the NRO—now passing responsibility for launch codes and orbital 
parameters to the Space Fence—NASA, the National Security Agency (NSA), the National 
Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), and the Pentagon’s 
Defense Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Center (DCHC). 

Currently the NRO has two types of spacecraft operating in these orbits: a series of communications satellites known 
as Quasar or the Satellite Data System (SDS) and a fleet of SIGINT [signals intelligence] birds known as Trumpet . 49 

Trumpets replaced the Jumpseats of the 1970s, and orbits are still either Molniya (highly 
elliptical) or geostationary. Commercial and military satellites may be armed with NASA’s 
TWINS magnetosphere research instruments and SBIRS (space-based infrared system) HEO 
(highly elliptical orbit) missile defense sensors. 

Satellites have come a long way since the Soviet Sputnik in 1957 and the early 2000-watt 
geostationary (synchronous orbit) communications satellites tracking at a purported altitude of 
22,300 miles. Coaxial video lines delivering television network programs were abandoned in the 
1960s and 1970s, and cable systems of HBO, C-SPAN, and other providers began using satellite. 
The tax-paying public was slow to realize that high-tech satellites meant not just entertainment 
and news but increasing surveillance at home and that the airwaves were no longer theirs. Free 
TVRO systems with dishes homing in on satellite frequencies meant a television in every home 
and the usual profit schemes like scrambling cable signals with Macom’s DES algorithm to force 

viewers to buy equipment to descramble the signals. 30 

The U.S. Navy launched Seasat in 1978 and Geosat in 1985 purportedly to bounce satellite 
radar off ocean surfaces to measure the topography and gravity of sea surface and floor. But 
Navy survey ships had already mapped the oceans with sonar and probed the deep chasms 
cutting across the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean basins, so it is probable that Seasat and 
Geosat were measuring and recording much more than topography and gravity. 

By the close of 2010, satellite surveillance had moved further toward the Space Fence 
imminence. Three satellites were launched that cast a 3.2G LTE wireless broadband “net” over 
the Earth. First, the American corporation LightSquared launched SkyTerra 1, a seventy-two- 
foot L-band (1-2GHz) reflector-based antenna with five hundred spot beams able to focus 
11,900 watts of power anywhere in North America—the largest, most powerful commercial 
antenna reflector ever put in orbit. 51 Ten days later, the UK’s Avanti Communications, in concert 
with the European Space Agency, launched Hylas 1 with a 2.6-ton antenna 32 to provide two-way 
coverage across Europe, and the French corporation Eutelsat Communications launched KA- 
SAT with eighty-two spot beams. 53 (In August 2012, Hylas 2 extended coverage to the Middle 
East and Africa. 54 ) 

In 2014, Google bought SkyBox Imaging, SkyBox being a refrigerator-sized spy satellite on 
the cheap, rather like a roving CCTV that captures high resolution: 

Just one week after Google announced they’d purchased SkyBox, the US Department of Commerce lifted restrictions 
on high resolution, allowing commercial satellites to trade in what’s been called “manholes and mailboxes” imagery. . 
.Clive Evans, lead imagery investigator with LGC Forensics: “When you reach this sort of frequency you can begin to 
add in what we call ‘pattern of life’ analysis. This means looking at activity in terns of movement—not just 
identification .” 55 

Google’s 2016 DigitalGlobe WorldView-4 now trumps WorldView-3’s thirty-one-centimeter 
resolution images and offers “short-wave infrared resolution that sees through dust, smog and 
smoke [and chemical trails] as well as things on Earth invisible to the naked eye.” 56 In sync with 
NASA Goddard’s Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite, 57 WorldView-4 will take A1 Gore’s 
dream of “a clearer view of our world” up to four hundred miles and 17,000 miles per hour, 
orbiting every ninety minutes—thanks to Lockheed Martin and DigitalGlobe, whose largest 
customer is the spooky U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) providing 
GEOINT. (It was the NGA that tracked Osama bin Ladin to Abbottabad, Pakistan. 58 ) The U.S. 
Congress has kindly given DigitalGlobe its blessing to sell its high-res (and tomographic) images 
to mining, oil, gas, etc. 

As the aerial eyes and ears platforms for the C4 Smart Grid below, satellites serve the 
specially engineered and recalibrated antennas on airplanes and jets, helicopters and drones— 
like the advanced flying psyop warfare station EC-130 Command Solo that targets minds and 
bodies, and the MC-12W twin turboprop capturing full-motion video and SIGINT. Next- 
generation KH-12s (Keyholes) vacuum up real-time enhanced infrared imaging with three-inch 
resolution so NetTrack software can “stitch together information from a variety of sensors 
(synthetic aperture radar, optical, video, acoustic, moving target indicators, etc.), and hand off to 
the right platform when appropriate.” 59 

State-of-the-art satellite technology is imaging targets on Earth in real time, and not just as 
the sky’s eyes and ears. Besides ending privacy, satellites mean a whole new dimension to the 
Vietnam-era euphemism “winning hearts and minds,” including everything from propaganda to 
“no-touch” torture and mind control. Deep-space tracking antennas can capture Voyager signals, 

which at 10" 16 are weaker by 20 billion times than an electronic digital watch. In other words, 
radio transmission of a cubic centimeter of brain matter is well within the detection range of 
satellites armed with SLF/ELF reception gear and antennas like the ELF satellite array, given 
that human thought broadcasts on the ELF band. Such arrays work perfectly as a Very Large 
Array (VLA), given that a VLA is 100X as sensitive as Ohio State University’s 1977 radio 
telescope (2xlO A -22 W m-2 per channel)—very high resolution for detecting brain activity 
hundreds of miles below. 

. . .the development time for this technology places the capability to detect brainwaves as far back as the early 1970s. 
Given an average lifespan for a satellite as 5 years, with an initial deployment during 1970, the satellite technology 
would be in its 8 th generation. 60 

By the early 1990s, properly equipped geosynchronous orbit satellites were able to read 
minds, influence behavior, and detect human speech underground or behind walls unprotected by 
lead. Beams from high above the Earth are able to “interfere” and lock onto human targets and 
knock them down. Subliminals can be broadcast into the brain, including signals ordering the 
target to do something criminal, sexual, or violent. Up to now, ordering up a commercial or 
government satellite to track an individual target took big resources and embedded contacts; 
now, all one needs is the individual’s signature frequency obtained by microprocessors 
comparing incoming signals with computerized images or signatures of what the target should 
look like. A signatured target never escapes. 61 Satellite technology as it stands now spells the 
arrival of the perfect high-tech crime and clean getaway. 

Now that radar can lock onto targets through the cloud cover that inhibits electro-optical 
sensors with ViSAR (video synthetic aperture radar), 62 electro-optical satellites that can collect 
data from across the electromagnetic spectrum are all the rage. Electro-optical light waveforms 
are highly efficient with 1,000X more data capacity than radio frequency. For example, the 
OptiSAR constellation of sixteen satellites on two orbital planes: eight satellites in polar Sun- 
synchronous orbit, the other eight in a medium-inclination orbit 20-45 degrees relative to the 
equator. Each SAR satellite carries two sensors, one L-band (low resolution), one X-band (high 
resolution). 6 ’ The only weakness electro-optical light waves are known to have is they are easily 
disrupted by atmospherics like weather. 

Laser Light Communications was the first Optical Satellite Service (OSS) provider with its 
Global Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial All Optical Network (HALO). Under the Defense Information 
Systems Agency (DISA) 64 and in collaboration with Raytheon, HALO’s constellation of twelve 
satellites in medium earth orbit (10,000 km) uses high-powered laser to coordinate with 
terrestrial and undersea fiber-optic networks as one global surveillance network in alliance with 
the Space Fence. 6 ' Not only are waves of light from one “Point of Presence” to another 
employed to overtake the controls of an aircraft, 66 but LEDs are replacing streetlights so that 
waves of light can be steered to remotely track a human being: 67 

The network that Laser Light brings to the relationship is a MEO [medium earth orbit] constellation, which gives it 
global coverage instead of regional coverage. The MEO system, known as HALO, also allows it to pick up data at one 
Point of Presence [POP] and, after a couple of hops, deliver it to another POP somewhere else in the world,” said 
[Managing Director of Laser Light Robert] Brumley. ‘‘When you put this together we have a large amount of data 
capacity—the equivalent of terrestrial—and, at the same time, we have global reach, which a regional FSS [Fixed 
Satellite Service] by its very nature does not.” 68 

While the Australian telecom Singtel Optus Pty Limited combines geostationary satellite and 
terrestrial networks to provide broadcast, mobile and Internet to Australia, New Zealand, and 
Antarctica (and Operation Deep Freeze), Laser Light’s HALO integrates the existing 
infrastructure of regional Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) providers in a SpaceCable system: 

Laser Light plans to have 100 POPs [Points of Presence] around the world. In partnering with regional telecom 
companies, the optical, hybrid satellite/terrestrial network promises to deliver data transmission rates up to 100 times 
greater than conventional high-frequency satellite systems with the ability to distribute that data globally. . .While the 
new system, which Laser Light has coined SpaceCable, is complicated, the tradeoff is mutually beneficial: the 
network allows Optus to deliver more data at faster rates to more people while Laser Light gains access to more 
undersea cable and fiber, thus enabling a more reliable network in the face of atmospherics [weather], . .Laser Light’s 
business model calls for a minimum of 65 percent of traffic traveling over the SpaceCable and 35 percent or less over 
terrestrial. 69 

Satellite connection with the global fiber optic grid means enabling a laser optical 
surveillance grid or web over the entire Earth. In 2013, China launched the quantum optical fiber 
communication network project called the Beijing-Shanghai Line, the world’s first wide-area 
fiber optic quantum private network. Joining it will be the first quantum communications 
satellite. Because quantum technology is indivisible and cannot be cloned, it will be used for 
secure transmissions. 70 

Satellites are getting smaller and smaller. The 4” CubeSats (1-10 kg) mentioned in Chapter 
4, along with pico satellites (0.1-1 kg) and femto satellites (0.1 kg) have come a long way since 
the TV-sized “microsats” designed by artificial intelligence (AI) were launched in 2006. 71 
Corporations like Media Development Investment Fund are using nano- and microsatellites to 
draw every person on Earth into the telecom Web. Free unrestricted Internet access! Broadcast of 
data over wide radio waves (datacasting)! Meanwhile, radar beams down everywhere. 

Using a technique known as User Datagram Protocol (UDP) multitasking, which is the sharing of data between users 
on a network, Outemet will beam information to users. Much like how you receive a signal on your television and 
flick through channels, Outernet will broadcast the Internet to you and allow you to flick through certain websites. . .If 
everything goes to plan, the Outemet project aims to ask NASA for pennission to test the technology on the 
International Space Station. 79 

Miniaturized satellites mean less expense, more takers, more space garbage, more 
“programming” straight from space into the brain. Everyone, not just 60 percent of the planet, 73 
is to be plugged in. 

Space-based platforms like satellites can be anned with orbital bombardment missiles or 
kinetics, or interceptor ASATs (anti-satellite weapons) like Brilliant Pebbles and Brilliant Eyes 
for use against comsats, early warning sats, navsats, recon sats, military and civilian satellites, a 
single satellite or satellite constellation, space-based laser systems and space stations. “Parasitic 
satellites” contain nanometer-sized components that utilize microelectronics to attach to host 
satellites until remotely commanded to interfere with or destroy it. 74 A “tractor beam” device 
called the Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA) creates a specialized magnetic field that can pull 
satellites into a fleet that moves together or “draw as well as repel satellites at the same time, 
meaning it will hold a satellite at a distance and won’t allow it to move away or toward the 
capture device.” 75 

Intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, remote sensing, electro-optical assault, orbital 
bombardment, AS AT—it’s easy to see why satellite resilience and security, along with anti¬ 
jamming and anti-radiation, is crucial to maintaining these pivotal Space Fence players. 


Hurricanes are arriving seasonally and then being broken up. Notice that all the typhoons and 
hurricanes have been in the Pacific this year [2014], As soon as Operation Deep Freeze and 
Ascension Island are up and running, we ’ll see the same thing in the Atlantic. It’s ongoing fine- 
tuning and experimentation. They know it works, but the system has to be precise: the tuning, the 
magnetosphere ringing perfectly, which is why all the rocket firings from California are 
happening. Van den berg AFB has fired over 250 sounding rockets in 18 months to disperse 
aluminum oxides in the upper atmosphere and space as part of the new Space Fence. 

— Billy Hayes, “The HAARP Man, ” 2014 

Rockets have been blasting off from Earth for over half a century now, either delivering satellites 
into orbit or providing thrust into space for landing modules and instruments of exploration, such 
as the Proton-M rocket launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, carrying the 
Trace Gas Orbiter that will analyze the composition of the Mars atmosphere 76 —rockets with 
state-of-the-art thrusters like the propellant-free EmDrive microwave thruster. 77 

But sounding rockets are also being launched for suborbital experiments from launch pads at 
Wallops Island, Virginia (37°51.456'N 75°30.594'W); Poker Flat Research Range 
(65°06'56.16"N 147°26'56.58"W) Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida (28°29'20"N 
80°34'40"W); and Vandenberg Air Force Base, Lompoc, California (34°43'57"N 120°34'05"W) 
—rockets not regulated by the Clean Air Act of 1963 (amended in 1970, 1977, and 1990). What 
the public is not told is that whatever the experiment, what is spewing from these rocket engines 
—like that from jet engines and supplementary systems—is secretly formulated to beef up lower 
atmosphere and ionospheric densities. 

In 1972, physicist Wilmot N. Hess, director of the Environmental Research Laboratories of 
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), announced the modification of the 
near-earth space environment at a Society of Engineering Science conference in Tel Aviv: 

In the last few years experimenters have artificially modified the space environment. We can now produce artificial 
aurorae. We can change the population of the Van Allen radiation belt. We can artificially modify the ionosphere 
from the ground, and our other ideas about artificial experiments for the future stretch as far as trying to copy the 
sweeping action being carried on naturally by Jupiter’s moons . . 7 s 

From Jupiter’s moons to retro-engineering the rings of Saturn . . . 

HAARP’s 1990 Executive Summary “Joint Services Program Plans and Activities” of the 
U.S. Air Force Geophysics Laboratory and U.S. Navy Office of Naval Research stresses over 
and over again the need for “chemical releases” for “space-based efforts,” with “particle beams 
and accelerators aboard rockets (e.g., EXCEDE and CHARGE IV), and shuttle- or satellite-borne 
RF transmitters (e.g., WISP and ACTIVE).” 79 

The heart of the program will be the development of a unique ionospheric heating capability to conduct the pioneering 
experiments required to adequately assess the potential for exploiting ionospheric enhancement technology for DOD 
(Dept, of Defense) purposes. . .for investigating the creation, maintenance, and control of a large number and wide 
variety of ionospheric processes that, if exploited, could provide significant operational capabilities and advantages 
over conventional C3 systems. 80 

In 2009, native Californian president and co-founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition 

Rosalind Peterson ( ) called public attention to the Charged 
Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE) sponsored by the Naval Research Laboratory and 
Department of Defense Space Test Program, laying out yet more artificial modification of the 
space environment. 81 To create artificial noctilucent (polar mesospheric) clouds in near-earth 
orbit, rocket exhaust particles must be able to trigger an “artificial dust cloud.” Supposedly, the 
dust particles are not released until the sounding rocket is 55+ miles (90+ km) above Earth, after 
which they “settle back down to a lower altitude.” 82 

Since the successful HAARP experiments and resurrection of the SDI Space Fence, seeding 
the heated regions of the ionosphere with “dusty plasma” has been all the rage. Dusty plasma is 
basically smart dust in space. As military and private rocket launches multiply to maintain a fleet 
of 2,400-4,000 surveillance/communications satellites, each with a five-year lifespan, sounding 
rockets are adding dusty plasma to the ring of conductive metal particulates settling around the 
equator to facilitate high-speed global WiFi coverage from space, like NASA’s Orbiting 
Rainbows Project that manipulates and controls orbiting engineered dust clouds with radio 
frequency, optics, and microwaves 

. . .to enable a new vision of space system architecture with applications to ultra-lightweight space optics and, 
ultimately, in-situ space system fabrication. . .A cloud of highly reflective particles of micron size acting coherently in 
a specific electromagnetic band, just like an aerosol in suspension in the atmosphere, would reflect the Sun’s light 
much like a rainbow. 83 

Reading between the lines of mainstream launch accounts makes it clear that contributing to 
space environment modification is now the primary task of suborbital sounding rockets like 
NASA’s Dynamo Project launch from Wallops Flight Facility on July 4, 2013 to study the 
electrical current (dynamo) of the ionosphere as space scientist Robert Pfaff of NASA’s Goddard 
Space Flight echoed Hess’ justification forty years earlier, this time by referencing dynamos on 
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. 84 

In Chemtrails, HAARP , I discussed how draining the Van Allen Belts responsible for our 
radiation shielding has always been a high priority for a functional Space Age—as important as 
studying the planetary dynamo circuit. In 1996, the HiVOLT (High Voltage Orbiting Long 
Tether) dynamo experiment failed—or did it? NASA’s story says it did: 

The space tether experiment, a joint venture of the US and Italy, called for a scientific payload—a large, spherical 
satellite—to be deployed from the US space shuttle at the end of a conducting cable (tether) 20 km (12.5 miles) long. 
The idea was to let the shuttle drag the tether across the Earth>s magnetic field, producing one part of a dynamo 
circuit. The return current, from the shuttle to the payload, would flow in the Earth>s ionosphere, which also 
conducted electricity, even though not as well as the wire. . .the [experiment] on February 25, 1996, began as planned, 
unrolling mile after mile of tether while the observed dynamo current grew at the predicted rate. The deployment was 
almost complete when the unexpected happened: the tether suddenly broke and its end whipped way into space in 
great wavy wiggles. The satellite payload at the far end of the tether remained linked by radio and was tracked for a 
while, but the tether experiment itself was over. 83 

HiVOLT was originally Russian physicist V.V. Danilov’s idea for draining the Van Allen 
radiation belts around the Earth—our planetary shield now viewed by Space Age scientists as 
keeping human beings from straying beyond their lower earth orbit (LEO). A charged tether 
would change the pitch angle of charged particles and thus dissolve the offending inner Van 
Allen belts. 

So the tether broke after brief but direct “contact with the ionosphere,” and was swept up in 
Earth’s orbit. Dutchsinse (Michael Janitch) in his June 22, 2015 YouTube revisit of the incident 

(“6/22/15 - NASA ‘accidentally’ DRAINS the Van Allen Belts - STS-75 ‘Tether Incident’”) 
notes that global spikes in temperature, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions began in earnest 
after the 1996 “tether incident,” 86 and maintains that the tether is still orbiting as a lightning rod 
that is sending Van Allen Belt radiation (electrons) into the Earth’s core. 

So are rogue tethers serving to drain the Van Allen Belts or “change the population of the 
Van Allen radiation belt”? I assume not (or not enough), given the 2014 video “Orion: Trial By 
Fire” of a NASA Orion Deep Space Mission engineer still bemoaning getting past those pesky 
radiation belts. 87 

On September 16, 2015, CARE II was launched on a NASA Black Brant XI sounding rocket 
from Andoya, Norway—sponsored, of course, by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and the 
Department of Defense Space Test Program. 

After entering the ionosphere, 37 small rockets were fired simultaneously to inject 68 kg of dust comprised of 
aluminum oxide particulates, accompanied by 133 kg of molecules such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, and 
hydrogen. 88 

The engendering of “‘dirty plasma’ with high-speed pickup ions” was closely tracked by 
ground receivers and radar at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Sodankyla Geophysical 
Observatory, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Plasma Physics Division, EISCAT, the 
Institute of Atmospheric Physics (Germany), the Institute of Space Physics (Sweden), and others 
in Oslo and at the University Center in Svalbard, plus the UK’s QinetiQ. 80 Dusty plasma 
generates waves for the purpose of scattering radar signals for remote sensing—in other words, 
Space Fence surveillance. 

Not a month later, NASA launched a sounding rocket from Wallops loaded with “vapor 
tracers,” yet more chemicals to modify the space environment: 

NASA explains that it has actually been injecting various vapor tracers into the atmosphere since the 1950s—these 
trails help scientists understand “the naturally occurring flows of ionized and neutral particles” in the upper 
atmosphere by injecting color tracers and tracking the flow across the sky. Tonight, NASA says it’s ejecting four 
different payloads of a mix of barium and strontium, creating a cloud with a mixture of blue-green and red color. 90 
[Emphasis added.] 

The vapor tracers released include trimethylaluminum, which reacts with oxygen to produce 
carbon dioxide, water vapor, and aluminum oxide, plus lithium and barium mixed with thermite 
in a payload canister. Thermite means heat and is a mix of iron oxide and nano-aluminum to 
vaporize the metal into iron and aluminum oxide. 

Thus charged particles are being released into the upper atmosphere to induce artificial 
plasma plumes that exactly correlate with lower atmosphere artificial plasma cloud cover. 

In the Japanese language, “dusty plasma” means “star crumbs”: 

Nanoparticles, also called cosmic dust (star crumbs), are formed by gas expelled from celestial bodies. Within this 
cosmic dust, the nanoparticles which are fonned first greatly influence the evolution or alteration of nanometer-size 
solid matter into becoming a planet. . .The predominant component in this material is oxidized aluminum. . 
.Considered to be an originating material of light, which first appears at 13pm [micrometers] around a celestial body 
that forms oxidized material. 91 [Emphasis added.] 

If nucleated aluminum and silica oxides were the first nanoparticles to govern the evolution 
of cosmic dust (“dusty plasma”), then the 2008 children’s film The Golden Compass about 

fountains of glowing “dust” in the northern polar regions forbidden to commoners by the evil 
Magisterium world order wants us to think kindly upon the nanoparticles being spewed to 
modify the atmosphere and near-earth orbit. Dusty plasma—a continuation of the conductive 
metal nanoparticles being dumped by jets and zapped in our lower atmosphere—is slowly 
accreting a Saturn-like conductive “fence” around the equator. It is the ancient alchemical 
formula As above, so below all over again as the electro-chemical processes in the ionosphere 
and lower atmosphere are woven into a plasma mesh or grid of domination. 


LASER — light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation MASER — a microwave laser 

Transmitting and steering electricity through the air over distance requires conductive density. 
Thus, keeping the lower atmosphere energized with metal nanoparticles constantly charged and 
colliding has given the green light to a vast array of laser operations: 

. . .lasers work by passing energy through a “lasing medium,” which causes electrons in the medium to reach a 
specific excited state and to interact with electromagnetic waves so as to give the wave that extra, exciting energy. 
This interaction, called stimulated emission, is reliable enough that with the excitation of certain media, we can create 
beams of light specific enough to do everything from slice raw carbon to transferring data across continents. . .light 
guns are broken down according to the type of wave emitted. . .the more useful rubric [being] the way we power up, 
or “pump,” the lasing medium. 92 

Whether powered by gases (carbon dioxide, fluorine, deuterium fluoride), chemicals, solid 
fibers, or wafer-thin diodes, lasers are about getting the energy into the electrons—“jacked up 
atoms just itching to offload their energy to the right passing wave”—then sending the electrons 
into the target. Firing a two-nanosecond pulse from a 5TW nitrogen/helium laser needs a certain 
chemical metals-plasma gas density in order to create the essential laser-induced plasma 
channels (LIPCs). Initially, two interfering beams—a lesser (femtosecond) laser and a greater 
(nanosecond) dress beam laser—were needed for LIPCs, but now only one beam is necessary. 

The idea of using laser to channel electricity through the air, which is normally not conductive, was first proposed in 
the 1970s and further explored through the 1990s. The research was based on the idea that by superheating a very 
narrow column of air, it would be possible to create a straight path along which an electric charge could flow. . .The 
highly focused laser beams superheated a narrow line of air molecules, stripping off their outer electrons and 
producing a filament of charged plasma. The higher-than-nonnal concentration of free electrons in the plasma 
overcame the atmosphere’s natural insulator properties, making it much more conductive. 9 ’ 

Consider the role lasers play in manipulating the natural roll-up of atmospheric weather 
moving east-northeast off the Pacific Ocean. A relay system of sixteen stationary Starfire optical 
lasers near or on military installations or air bases in the middle of nowhere—from the original 
Starfire Optical Range at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico, northwest to 
Tonopah, Nevada and further north to Boise, Idaho, with eight at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida 
—is utilized to manipulate the jet stream for weather deliveries. As coastal air pressure is 
bundled into a north-south LIPC “log” off the West Coast, moisture from the South Pacific is 
folded into it and shunted north to the jet stream loop over Vancouver Island, which then 
piggybacks the additional moisture east for weather operations in the Midwest, Texas, Florida, 
the Atlantic coast, etc. With differently shaped laser beams—such as the Teramobile laser 

system 04 provides—the LIPC waveguide can be made into an S-shape to “hit an obstacle and 
reconstitute itself on the other side.” 95 

The laser’s ability to deliver a precision spark of electricity even through obstacles makes it a 
formidable, versatile optical energy weapon. LIPCs can as likely carve a conductive path for a 
sprite (.0001-second discharge) in the upper atmosphere as provide a high-voltage beam for a 
“lightning strike” (SDI “Star Wars” technology) at “anything that conducts electricity better than 
the air or ground surrounding it.” 96 Indeed, Starfire is key to space situational awareness —“To 
maintain space situational awareness, the Air Force conducts research in laser guided star 
adaptive optics, beam control, and space object identification.” 97 

NASA research into natural plasma effects like lightning in the Global Electric Circuit (GEC) 
has been in large part about cloning lightning as an optical weapon system. 98 Naturally triggered 
by cosmic rays and accelerated solar wind particles, two thousand bolts of lightning flash every 
minute, some striking people. Microwave dishes were set up on a tower monitoring station 
thirteen miles from the Lake Maracaibo lakebed into which the Catatumbo River of Venezuela 
empties, the world’s largest single generator of tropospheric ozone, 99 in order to study 
Catatumbo lightning, particularly how “the electrical properties of the air are somehow altered as 
the incoming charged particles from the solar wind collide with the atmosphere.” 100 Could 
cloud-to-ground and intra-cloud lightning discharges between the ionosphere and Earth be 
controlled and created, perhaps in conjunction with sprites and whistlers (Alfven waves)? 

Sprites are super-fast releases of electrical energy in lightning form (plasma) so intense that 
they appear to straddle spacetime and reach into antimatter to produce plasmic heat and energy 
10X more powerful than lightning (albeit electrically weaker), with discharges of over a billion 
volts. Like lightning, sprites send waves throughout the Schumann cavity that spike our AC 
global circuit kn own as the Schumann resonance. In short, sprites are planetary bell-ringers 101 in 
service to keeping our atmosphere charged, whereas the very low frequency (VLF) radio waves 
(1 to 30 kH) we call whistlers or Alfven (magnetohydrodynamic) waves follow from lightning 
and sometimes produce audible whistles, hisses and booms. 

Are we getting a picture of how the Earth’s atmospheric layers are a natural electrical system, 
and how weaponizing it would be pivotal to full spectrum dominance of planet Earth? In 
Chemtrails, HAARP, we studied how ionospheric heaters like FIAARP stir up the ionosphere so 
that ions spin down the Earth’s magnetic lines of force to turn our lower atmosphere into a 
transceiver antenna. No doubt ionizing the atmosphere impacts the Birkeland currents 
connecting our poles to the Sun and the electrojet boundaries between Earth and the Sun. 102 
Because both Birkeland currents and Alfven waves are concerned with solar activity, we have to 
ask: In the military quest for full spectrum dominance, is electromagnetic manipulation of these 
elements connected to plans to harness the plasma power of the Sun, as Tesla indicated would be 

Through sprites and their relationship to antimatter, NASA recognized how plasma develops 
an electrical field by utilizing a few particles of antimatter, which pointed to the need for a 
magnetic field for maneuvering antimatter and aligning instruments like HAARP necessary for 
pinning a magnetic flux field in place once it was known where a plasmatic effect was 

Antimatter will be taken up again in the CERN chapter. Suffice it to say that it is far from 
science fiction, having been intensely studied since the 1930s. In fact, matter and antimatter are 
the yang and yin of what we call reality. Every type of subatomic particle has an antimatter 
counterpart, and yet if matter and antimatter collide, they annihilate each other in an immense 

burst of energy. 

One of Gakona HAARP’s objectives was to explore how antimatter could be farmed. By 
utilizing high-voltage pulses from the Starfire Optical Range, NASA began farming antimatter 
along with sprites and whispers around 1998, concentrating on sprite currents connecting the 
Earth and ionosphere. It was quickly discovered that the magnetosphere had to be maneuvered 
and sprite energy steered over certain geographic (geomagnetic) areas prepared by specific 
chemical signatures. Sprites are initiated by specialized laser and maser systems like Starfire or 
the mobile Sandia Transportable Triggered Lightning Instrumentation Facility (SATTLIF) 
usually parked at the Sandia Lightning Simulator (SLS) but able on a moment’s notice to be 
transported by flatbed truck, aircraft, or offshore oil platform. 103 SATTLIF’s helium masers 
create triple-path discharges. 

As a crucial component of the Directed Energy Directorate, Starfire is in service to the Space 
Fence. Initially, Starfire was ground-based, but now that we’ve gone digital and tetra frequency 
allows components to be as small as a pack of cigarettes, Starfire is particularly C4 versatile. 
Tetra frequency means less weight, less size, less power, all of which means it is not as likely to 
be destroyed by EMPs. 104 A tetra hertz is so compact that an EMP goes right through it without 
making contact with the circuits, and “less power” is no problem, given that we no longer live in 
the power age. This is the digital age. 

Starfire can transmit fiber-optic or direct light communications by putting them on a mirror 
or shooting them into a fiber-optic line and sprinkling them all over the Earth to be received all at 
one time, like a scanner in outer space that can send massive amounts of information 
instantaneously to multiple ground stations. To our limited vision, Starfire’s 20 million joules of 
power look as small as a pinhead, but as it flashes up through the atmosphere, it is actually sharp, 
bright, and gigantic. Fire it at radio frequency and it becomes invisible; fire it at microwave 
frequency and it becomes a maser, the real weapon of destruction. 

Starfire can target individual populations or individuals, track and locate them, measure how 
fast they’re moving, how big they are, and read their biological signatures all the way down to 
their genetic code. (Tetra frequency.) And when Starfire’s reflective power returns as it must, it 
brings with it all the signals, frequencies, distances, and signatures of everything it’s picked up 
on the way out and back. It is a super-spy tool. 

Even the pencil-thin laser available on the open market can hit the moon. Point it at the 
cockpit of an aircraft and it can cause “flash blindness.” In 2014, the Civil Aviation Authority 
reported 168 laser-pilot incidents at London Heathrow alone. On February 15, 2016, Flight 
VS025 with 252 passengers and fifteen crew had to return to Heathrow after a laser beam was 
pointed at the cockpit and the First Officer felt unwell. 

The military is energetically developing tactical weapons-grade lasers like the focused high- 
energy laser (HEL), which, when fired at a drone, rocket or mortar, will heat it until it 
disintegrates, just like in a Star Wars film. Israeli state-owned Rafael Advanced Defense 
Systems spokesman Amit Zimmer brags that lasers mean an unlimited magazine. 100 Israel’s 
considerable arsenal includes the Iron Beam, the Iron Dome, the Arrow system (intercepts 
missiles in space), and David’s Sling} 01 

Then there is Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s “Death Star”—the High- 
Repetition-Rate Advanced Petawatt Laser System (HAPLS) —producing one petawatt (one 
quadrillion watts) of power in extremely fast pulses (thirty femtoseconds per pulse, or 0.03 
trillionths of a second per pulse), 108 and Osaka University’s 100-meter two-petawatts laser that 
“instantaneously concentrated energy equivalent to 1,000X the world’s electricity consumption 

and entered the record books as the most powerful laser beam ever emitted.” 109 

In tandem with endless war, lasers are also leading the way for remarkable medical advances 
—and yet harnessing lasers to genetics and the creation of life sounds exceedingly like yet 
another weapon, like the billion kilowatts of the Prague Asterix Laser System that produce a 
7,600°F shockwave that directed at plasma containing formamide, an ancient primordial 
substance, will trigger chemical reactions leading to the formation of the four RNA nucleobases 
adenine, guanine, cytosine, and uracil. 110 

The Cold War may have ended a quarter of a century ago, but a “space situational 
awareness” race has taken its place. Ultimately, the buildup of “space surveillance assets” under 
the new and upgraded Space Fence SSDS program that intends to “indirectly enable a range of 
decisive responses that will enable counterspace threats ineffective” 111 is all about the new 
battlespace encompassing the Earth and the heavens. Near-Earth conductivity is being amped up 
with the same metal nanoparticles that have transfonned the troposphere into an antenna farm. 
Whether for upper atmosphere wars or lower atmosphere magic shows to wow and frighten the 
masses—like the blue plasma spiral near Tromso, Norway (December 9, 2009), the plasma spiral 
the following day over the Kapustin Yar missile range on the lower Volga of Russia, and a 
similar plasma spiral the year before over China 112 —a paranoid, aggressive Space Age is upon 
us, “incorporating data from multiple external sources, not just military radars and 
telescopes.” 113 

Lasers play a role in producing the scalar or interfering waves (interferometry) discussed in 
Chapter 2. In 2014, CBS News made what may have been the first ever mainstream reference to 
this technology, describing it as “dual beams” from two transmitters, one beam stripping 
electrons from an area in the atmosphere, the other pulsing the plasma created by the stripped 
electrons to fonn CCN (cloud condensation nuclei) for the production of raindrops. 114 Two 
interfering beams of light requiring the presence of strontium barium niobate (SBN) in the 
atmosphere can also produce holograms or laser-induced plasma shapes in the air: 

. . .The resultant image is a hologram that can be viewed in real time over a wide perspective or field of view (FOV). 
The holographic image is free from system-induced aberrations and has a uniform, high quality over the entire FOV. 
The enhanced image quality results from using a phase conjugate read beam generated from a second photorefractive 
crystal acting as a double pumped phase conjugate mirror (DPPCM). Multiple three-dimensional images have been 
stored in the crystal via wavelength multiplexing. 115 

Haptic holography—holographs you can touch—is also now possible. With femtosecond 
laser technology, 116 Japanese researchers have developed “Fairy Lights, a system that can fire 
high frequency laser pulses that last one millionth of one billionth of a second” and “respond to 
human touch, so that—when interrupted—the hologram’s pixels can be manipulated in mid¬ 
air.” 117 An earlier 2008 account of “Fairy Lights” holography points out the dangers inherent in 
high-frequency ultrasound generated by high-intensity femtosecond laser (not to mention the 
atmospheric heat it produces): 

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have demonstrated a device that can create touchable, creepily invisible 
floating ‘objects’ using focused ultrasound waves. . .There’s a major catch, though: the virtual objects won’t provide 
much resistance or seem very ‘hard’ because at high enough levels the aurally imperceptible ultrasound will destroy 
your eardrums . 118 

Is Project Blue Beam coming to fruition at last? Satellites and laser-based projection systems 

mounted on aircraft, 119 tha nk s to computer software, project 3D optical holograms of multiple 
images onto the sodium layer screen sixty miles above, “deep perspective images that appear to 
emanate from the very depths of space.” 120 Now picture a tractor beam 121 lifting masses of 
people into the sky as the ELF, VLF, or LF “voice of God” speaks to every cultural and religious 
persuasion as computer memory banks pour historical vistas into every mind, as well as what 
humanity must now do. Alien invasion, Rapture, and then the most fantastic of all: 

ELF/ULF waves [and plasma] will allow “supernatural forces” to travel through optical fibers, coaxial cables (TV), 
electrical and phone lines in order to penetrate everyone at once through major appliances. Embedded [nano-] chips 
will already be in place. Global Satanic ghosts will be projected everywhere to push populations to the edge of 
hysteria and madness and drown them in a wave of suicide, murder, and permanent psychological disorder ... 122 

On June 29, 2015 a cube poked through the plasma cloud cover over McGregor, Texas, site 
of Elon Musk’s SpaceX testing facility. Its appearance was accompanied by wind and swirling 
jet-black plasma clouds, as if it were entering from another dimension, like the rectangular 
obelisk in Stanley Kubrick’s seminal 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). After a brief tour through 
the cloud cover, it disappeared. Kabba, as in the Kabbalistic Tree, refers to the cube in the Tree, 
the cube being a symbol of Saturn a.k.a. Satan. 123 Could the cube’s visitation be a Lord of the 
Rings holographic psyop referencing the metallic chemical rings being laid around the Earth? 


The high-frequency (HF) emission in near-Earth space from various powerful transmitters 
(radio communications, radars, broadcasting, universal time and navigation stations, etc.) form 
an integral part of the modern world that it cannot do without. In particular, special-purpose 
research facilities equipped with powerful HF transmitters are used successfully for plasma 
experiments and local modification of the ionosphere. In this work, we are using the results of a 
complex space-ground experiment to show that exposure of the subauroral region to HF 
emission can not only cause local changes in the ionosphere, but can also trigger processes in 
the magnetosphere-ionosphere system that result in intensive substorm activity (precipitations of 
high-energy particles, aurorae, significant variations in the ionospheric parameters and, as a 

consequence, in radio propagation conditions). 

— V.D. Kuznetsov and Yu Ya Ruzhin, “Anthropogenic trigger of substorms and energetic 
particles precipitations,” December 20, 2014 124 

Radar (Radio Detection And Ranging) is a primary player in obtaining and maintaining planetary 
full spectrum dominance for the Under the Dome 122 Space Fence lockdown of planet Earth. 

In the 1930s, the major players in two world wars discovered just how far pulsed radio waves 
could take communications and surveillance. With antenna direction and timed pulses on an 
oscilloscope, the range and location of a target could be exactly determined. This discovery 
transformed warfare, and radar has come a long way since then. Beaming phased-array 
millimeter waves is now essential to priming the power density of our lower atmosphere for 
military operations, including weather engineering: 

Phased array Doppler radar facilities (ground / air / satellite based) can provide the focused microwave energy needed 
to create this cascade of atmospheric ions. Through this process, ions are multiplied and released into the lower 

atmosphere to increase power density in those layers. These modern tools of manipulation are essential to control of 
the weather. By controlling the electromagnetic potential in the Earth’s atmospheric layers, man can affect natural 
processes of weather. Subtle perturbations of these natural phenomena can direct the distribution and discharge of the 
Earth’s EM forces. 126 

Wireless energy transfers (WETs) are essential not just for billions of cell phones and 
computer transmissions on Earth but for “next generation aerospace systems”: 

Our typical system for wireless energy transfer includes high power microwave generators, antennas or antenna 
arrays, side lobe suppression radomes (SLSRs), and a tracking/control system. 127 

Dependable WETs need a balanced acoustic resonance frequency between the ground and 
the upper mesosphere within range of the Schumann resonance. 128 

Thus one lifespan beyond World War II radar, the public is now bathed in the radiation of a 
wireless world, convinced that radiation’s ubiquity is a necessary evil for national security while 
teaching their children that cooking with microwaves and holding transmitters against their heads 
are safe practices. Is it any wonder that people remain ignorant of EM manipulation of weather 
events (droughts, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes) and geoengineered artificial plasma 
cloud cover being delivered by jets? And don’t forget the military ground forces now requiring a 
dense network of stationary and mobile ionospheric heaters, radar installations, NexRads, 
GWEN and cell towers, wind farms, ship tracks, and fiber optic cable—all to keep our 
atmosphere battery-ready and antenna-charged for wireless military operations. 129 


Described as “an international collaboration involving scientists and engineers in more than a 
dozen countries,” SuperDARN HF radar installations (8-22 MHz) in the Northern and Southern 
Hemispheres “provide global, instantaneous maps of plasma convection in the Earth’s 
atmosphere.” 130 Among the university collaborators operating SuperDARN radars is HAARP’s 
overseer, the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). 131 

Covering northern, middle, and southern latitudes, SuperDARN is constantly adding more 
radar installations: two in Ft. Hays, Kansas (Virginia Tech); two in Christmas Valley, Oregon 
(Dartmouth College); two in the Aleutian Islands (U.S.); two in the Azores Islands (Portugal); 
etc. 132 The full scan of each of the thirty-five radar installations covers 52° in azimuth and over 
3,000 km in range—that’s one million square kilometers, much like ionospheric heater 

Like other installations, the Ft. Hays, Kansas installation is now fully automated under 
NASA/SuperDARN out of Wallops Missile Launch Range in Virginia and the new 
supercomputer space systems at Virginia Tech. North of Ft. Hays is a wind farm constructed in a 
102° arc with the SuperDARN site as its focal point. The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico 
has also been calibrated to match the pulsed frequencies of wind farms, fracking wells, SBXs, 
NexRads, etc. This is how pathways are built up to maintain charges in the atmosphere by 
weather alone. In other words, the large sweeps of conductive metal nanoparticles and wind farm 
pulses work together to maintain an atmospheric power supply for all of the above systems 
subject to SuperDARN and GWEN tower high frequency. All use effective radiated power 
(ERP) for multiplication gain. 

But the Space Fence radar network that includes SuperDARN is not just about the new (like 
the Kwajalein Atoll installation mentioned earlier) but about recalibrating (“upgrading”) the old, 
like the Raytheon AN/FPS-115 “PAVE PAWS” phased-array missile-warning radars once in 
service to Strategic Air Command’s Directorate of Space and Missile Warning Systems 
(SAC/SX) during the SDI buildup in the early 1980s. Mounted on a ziggurat model, the 
octagonal radar panels are ninety feet in diameter and can detect targets three thousand miles 
away. Originally, there were four PAVE PAWS in CONUS but now there are thirteen on or 
below 33°N, with one in Anchorage, Alaska and two at USAF Thule Air Base in Greenland 
(76°N) and RAF Fylingdales in the UK (54°N). While we are told PAVE PAWS has a narrow 5 
MHz bandwidth and not to worry, the truth is the move from analog to digital has superseded the 
large/small bandwidth game. 133 

Recently, powerful radar units—again, like ionospheric heaters—have gone mobile. 
According to Raytheon propaganda, ballistic missiles of “rogue regimes” (excluding the U.S., 
NATO nations, Russia, and China) are now developing nuclear, chemical / biological warheads 
that only X-band radar (8-12 GHz) will be able to detect in real time. In forward-based mode 
(FBX-T), Raytheon’s extremely powerful long-range AN/TPY-2 X-Band radar on wheels 
searches the sky, detects, tracks, discriminates phase of flight, then informs Command and 
Control Battle Management. If the radar is deployed in terminal mode, AN/TPY-2 will not 
inform Command and Control but will on its own cognizance launch a THAAD (terminal high 
altitude area defense) interceptor missile. 134 Task Force Talon, the world’s only deployed 
THAAD battery site, is on the American Territory of Guam while its three Delta 2 THAAD 
Batteries rotate out of Fort Bliss, Texas. 

As part of the military shift to the Pacific ordered by President Obama, the military should deploy a second THAAD 
battery from Fort Bliss to Guam, create a new Army Air Defense Brigade, and provide additional Patriot Batteries in 
the Pacific. These critical elements are needed for strategic deterrence and reassurance, and to enhance the limited 
resources of our Pacific allies and ourselves. 13:1 

“The military shift to the Pacific ordered by President Obama” is in part to provide protection 
for the Kwajalein Atoll installation, as well as to send a message to BRICS nations that U.S. 
presence is not going away. 

Also mobile are electronic warfare (EW) programs, given that “the war of electrons may 
decide the outcome of the war of missiles.” 136 What this means is that warfare is no longer 
necessarily kinetic (shooting a missile with a missile) but can be as simple as a communication 
between an EA-18G Growler jet and its on-the-ground Next Generation Jammers. Russia is 
pursuing a similar course of ground-based and offshore “automated real-time intelligence data 
exchange with airspace defense task force. . .jamming and influencing adversaries’ command 
and control systems at long-range by emitting a complex, powerful digital signal.” 137 

Electronic warfare (EW) is any action involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum or directed energy to control 
the spectrum, attack of an enemy, or impede enemy assaults via the spectrum. The purpose of electronic warfare is to 
deny the opponent the advantage of, and ensure friendly unimpeded access to, the EM spectrum. EW can be applied 
from air, sea, land, and space by manned and unmanned systems, and can target humans, communications, radar, or 
other assets. 1 '' 8 

DARPA’s Mobile Hotspots program fits in nicely with Growlers and jammers. High-speed 
millimeter-wave backhaul networks (1 Gb/s) mounted on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in 
remote, forward-operating geography with little or no connectivity to tactical operation centers 

(or in urban areas with dense wireless cross-traffic on varying frequencies) can keep intelligence, 
surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) data going 24/7. 139 

The S-band radar essential to Space Fence lockdown will be covered at length in the next 
chapter. For now, let’s examine another radar casting a wide and deep net over the urban / 
civilian battlespace: the Gotcha Spiral II, a work-in-progress since 2010 built to spy on “city¬ 
sized” areas of 10-20 km. When I asked Billy Hayes “The HAARP Man” why it was called 
“gotcha,” he laughed and said, “It’s a deep-penetrating spy satellite. ‘Gotcha!’” Here is the 2010 
U.S. Air Force description advertised through Federal Business Opportunities: 

. . .a dual-band (X/UHF) radar system capable of performing persistent, wide-area surveillance. The Gotcha radar 
concept is an airborne, wide angle, staring radar. . .The data is collected in a single radar mode, but is processed into 
several different data products such as video Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Ground Moving Target Indication 
(GMTI) with Minimum Detectable Velocity (MDV), Coherent Change Detection (CCD), Super-resolution 2D 
imagery, and 3D SAR imagery. 140 

Gotcha sees through everything, given that the higher the gigahertz (Gotcha is 2.7 GHz), the 
greater the ground- and heat-penetration capability. 3D SAR imagery leads to 3D video detection 
and ranging (ViDAR), a Doppler radar imaging system: 

A moving sensor suite for imaging a scene has three Doppler radars, two moving and one fixed, a fixed video camera 
and a fixed GPS receiver. The Doppler radars measure the relative velocities between the radars and the scene, as well 
as the scene’s electromagnetic reflectivity, while the video camera records the motion of the camera and the optical 
property of the scene. The correct registration of the Doppler radars and the camera is established by finding the 
intersections of the moving Doppler radar motion vectors with the image plane of the video camera . . . 141 

Three intersecting radars mean 3D electro-optics. Crossing beams creates a “frosting” of IR 
heat or thermal sensing, but with ViDAR the picture will be clear. No more blobs of IR heat 
walking across the room. This is spying with a vengeance. 142 

Moving into space, we encounter proof that the missile era is being replaced by a directed 
energy (non-kinetic) era. Particle beam weapons shoot streams of quick-moving projectiles filled 
with super-accelerated atoms and molecules. Supposedly, particle (ion) accelerators are needed 
for particle beam “gunpowder,” but with ionospheric heaters and engineered weather keeping 
our atmosphere and near-earth space primed. OTHR (over-the-horizon radar) EMP plasma wave 
systems are game-changers—like the Brilliant Pebbles particle-beam weapon system currently 
deployed in Australia at Laverton, Alice Springs (near the Joint Defence Space Research Facility 
at Pine Gap), and Longreach. 

Sold to the public as simply OTHR utilising HF Hertzian waves, these systems actually have other hidden effects. By 
utilising pulsed radar beams of high power, they can create and project a charged EM plasma via waveguide layers in 
the ionosphere. This can be triggered to create severe Earth dielectric induced currents, causing electronic damage, 
human electrocution, and other collateral damage upon targets located thousands of miles distant—a modern on-off 
switch equivalent of a nuclear bomb EMP blast. . .[T]he Exmouth [Australia] base is indeed a deployment site of a 
major EM weapon system that can at the very least create and fire EM plasma energy pulses into space. 

It is about charged-particle plasma beam weapons even more covert than Boeing’s CHAMP (Counter-electronics 
High-powered Advanced Missile Project) “non-kinetic” missile firing bursts of high-powered microwaves (HPMs) for 
taking out electronics and data systems. 14 ’ [Emphasis added.] 

Boeing’s CHAMP fires pulsed HPMs just like in Star Trek, and Raytheon’s “lights out” 
CHAMP-derived EMP missile fires HPMs to disable electronics “with little collateral damage. . . 
[a] huge advancement forward in nonlethal warfare.” 14- In the 2012 Utah test, “lights out” 

translated to fried electronics after a silent (“acoustic retardation”) initiating explosion. 

The term “nonlethal” is truly Orwellian. 

Still, interfering beams from two vehicle-mounted transmitters of EMP weapons like 
CHAMP can also be made to create a plasma arc as protection from EMPs: 

[Patent No. 8,981,261, March 17, 2015, “Method and system for shockwave attenuation via electromagnetic arc”] is 
for a shockwave attenuation system, which consists of a sensor capable of detecting a shockwave-generating 
explosion and an arc generator that receives the signal from the sensor to ionize a small region, producing a plasma 
field between the target and the explosion using lasers, electricity and microwaves. 14 '' 

Block EMPs, create EMPs. . .Scalar tech means generating energy “out of thin air” (aether), 
lightning (sprites), and heat (plasma). 146 


Laser, radar, and now sensors. Take, for example, the infrared laser radar or LiDAR (light 
detection and ranging), a remote sensing instrument that meets a variety of military detection and 
targeting needs. LiDAR is such a versatile weapon that its use is directly overseen by the spooky 
NGA discussed in Chapter 5. 

By bouncing light off of targets, LiDAR is far more accurate than radar when it comes to 
ranges and distances, plus LiDAR can carry digital information rather like fiber optics without 
the need for glass fibers. Stealth aircraft covered with radar-absorbent materials (RAM) that 
don’t absorb laser signals use LiDAR, as do bomb damage assessment (BDA), reconnaissance, 
and chemical warfare agent detection. Unlike emission spectography, LiDAR can read target 
signature wavelengths without a high-temperature medium: 

Atmospheric pollutants [like chemical trails] are monitored by bouncing a laser beam off clouds which are overhead 
the measurement apparatus, or terrain behind the area of interest, or simply by analyzing the backscatter from the 
atmosphere. The backscattered light from the laser detected by the apparatus has traveled twice through the volume of 
atmosphere, once outbound and once inbound to the detection apparatus. The laser wavelengths absorbed by the 
passage through the air give an accurate indication of the presence of particular chemical species, as well as their 
concentration. 147 

Once again, we encounter the necessity for two interfering beams—the LiDAR beam and the 
designator laser beam—for “reading” the target. 

Hyperspectral LiDAR imaging is the remote use of sensors to measure reflected light 
signatures that identify the composition of materials like minerals, snow, and vegetation—a 
lucrative tool for finding rich deposits of minerals in rugged topography like Afghanistan. Not 
only can it map decades in advance of what conventional ground mapping can do, but it 
multiplies the booty of war. 148 Hyperspectral LiDAR also excels in monitoring and collecting 
signature data on citizens. Though the U.S. Anny Corps of Engineers claims that low-flying 
aircraft shining green lasers into Honolulu neighborhoods in the middle of the night was about 
high-resolution LiDAR mapping, citizens remained unconvinced. 149 

LiDAR is used in industry, as well—for example, the Irish corporation Treemetrics manages 
its forests by combining LiDAR information, the European Space Agency’s Sentinel satellite 
aerial imagery, and drone photography. 150 The Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation 
(GEDI) managed by University of Maryland also uses it “to study forest canopy structure in a 

range of ecosystems, from the tropics to the high northern latitudes.” 

The question remains if these industry and research instruments are actually “dual use” for 
planetary surveillance. The Cloud-Aerosol Transport System (CATS) on the International Space 
Station (ISS) employs LiDAR to measure location, composition and distribution of aerosols, 
pollution, “dusty plasma,” smoke, and other particulates in the atmosphere, while the ISS- 
RapidScat radar scatterometer gauges solar winds. Then there’s the “fleet of 17 NASA Earth- 
observing missions currently [providing] data on the dynamic and complex Earth system” like 
the Global Precipitation Measurement Core Observatory, the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2, the 
Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment III (SAGE III), the Lightning Image Sensor (LIS), the 
Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI), the ECOsystem Spacebome Thermal 
Radiometer Experiment on Space Station (ECOSTRESS), etc. 151 All of these programs employ 
multiple sensors to taste, touch, see, hear, and smell all that is going on around and below them. 

Earlier, I discussed microscopic sensors narrower than a human hair, each with its own 
antenna and power source, released into the environment since at least 2002. Micron-thin Global 
Environmental MEMS (GEMS)—MEMS being microelectromechanical systems—collect “real¬ 
time atmospheric data essential for weather forecasting” (weather engineering) and meet military 
standards for radar reflection, according to staff scientist John Manobianco at the aerospace 
sciences and engineering division of Ensco, a systems integration and research corporation: 

As a cloud of such probes dispersed on wind currents inside a storm, they would measure atmospheric pressure, 
temperature, humidity and other factors with real-time, 3-D resolution not possible with radar or satellite sensors, 
Manobianco told United Press International. Computer models show the sensors would stay aloft for days if released 
from several miles up in Earth’s atmosphere, he said, and other missions are possible. 152 

NASA’s monitoring of Earth’s “vital signs” and military surveillance are at least kissing 
cousins. CATS was built by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland; 
ECOSTRESS, a high-resolution multiple-wavelength thermal imaging spectrometer, is managed 
by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) in Pasadena, California; LIS (lightning imaging sensor) 
was developed by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama; and SAGE III 
by NASA’s Langley Research Center (Virginia) and Ball Aerospace (Boulder, Colorado). All are 
NASA and therefore military intelligence, not just ecological do-gooders. Dual-use technologies 
go hand in glove with full spectrum dominance. ECOSTRESS and CATS may actually be more 
about checking on Cloverleafs impact having on the “vital signs” of the Earth and its 
inhabitants. We must learn to read military contexts carefully omitted from media releases in 
order to understand what actually lies behind NASA space weather programs. 

From space, streaks of white clouds can be seen moving across the Earth’s surface. Other tiny solid and liquid 
particles called aerosols are also being transported around the atmosphere, but these are largely invisible to our eyes. 
Aerosols are both natural and man-made, and include windblown desert dust, sea salt, smoke from fires, sulfurous 
particles from volcanic eruptions, and particles from fossil fuel combustion. 153 

Surveillance by satellite depends upon sensors [visible light, ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR), 
or radar technologies] tracking missiles above or populations and individuals below. I mentioned 
ASAT Brilliant Eyes with its long-wavelength infrared detector focal plane in the SDI 
surveillance satellite system. Later, it was renamed the Space and Missile Tracking System 
(SMTS), and now it is a low earth orbit (LEO) component of the U.S. Air Force Space Based 
Infrared System (SBIRS). William R. Burrows in Deep Black: 

The infrared imagery would pass through the scanner and register on the [charged-couple] array to form a moving 
infrared picture, which would then be amplified, digitalized, encrypted, and transmitted up to one of the spacecraft for 
downlink. 154 

Multispectral scanners, interferometers, IR spin scan radiometers, cryocoolers, hydride 
sorption beds. . .Sensing from miles above the Earth is a high-tech feat, and advances in very- 
high-speed integrated circuits (VHSIC) and parallel processing have led to criminal exploitation 
of space-based sensor data. Part of the “space garbage” being monitored and mapped by Space 
Fence outposts include billions of sensors dedicated to surveillance. 

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Boots on the Ground 

[Igor Smirnov:] People’s actions can in fact be controlled by unnoticed acoustic influence. Look, 
it’s easy. All I have to do is record my voice, apply special coding which converts my voice to 
mere noise, and afterwards all we have to do is record some music on top of that. The words are 
indistinguishable to your conscious; however, your unconscious can hear them clearly. If we 
were to play this music over and over again on the radio, for instance, people will soon start 
developing paranoia. This is the simplest weapon. An image can also be coded... 

— “Mind control: The Zombie Effect,”, November 10, 2004 

Sometimes a weapon comes along that is so crazy in design that we have a hard time putting it 
into a category. We have decided to call them exotic weapons. 

— Swords of Might 1 

Full spectrum dominance of planet Earth is shaping up nicely, now that our plasma-ized 
atmosphere is being constantly calibrated to keep a wireless Smart Grid up and running. And 
thanks to the conductive metals and nanobots we breathe, ingest, and absorb into bodies 
composed of 65 percent water, our nervous systems are plugged in and primed. 2 

Meanwhile, disaster capitalists multiply the towers and power lines, the Smart Meters and 
Internet of Things (IoT) around us as non-ionized (non-thennal) radiation wreaks havoc on 
human and animal health. Surges of current pulse along cables and pipelines into neighborhood 
power lines and 60 Hz homes, resonating in brains and bodies. HD televisions with far more 
detail in their scanning lines demand much more focus and data input of the viewer’s brain, 
coupled with crystal-clear images far more hypnotic than what old analog television receivers 
offered. Hundreds of television towers have gone up to accommodate the HDs at $2 
million/tower, some as tall as 2,049 feet. 3 Thus, zombifying HD screens and visual and audio 
subliminals are capturing whole generations addicted to ear buds and iPods and palm-sized 
electronic devices as nature and face-to-face human relationships take a backseat to an 
increasingly EM-mediated world. 

None of this is “accidental.” A global grid into which all of the biosphere and its inhabitants 
are in one way or another “plugged” has been the intent for decades, and now that the 
atmosphere is primed and the Space Fence ready, it’s all systems go. 


The erasure of the lines between telecom corporations and military intelligence began decades 
ago in secret with Echelon, now kn own as the “Five-Eyes” (“F-VEY”), the English-speaking 
(American NSA, British GCHQ, Australian DSD, New Zealand GCSB and Canadian CSE) 
intelligence agencies. Only recently has the fact that telecoms are defense contractors been 
allowed to go public—for example, with Amazon’s agreement to provide the CIA with cloud¬ 
computing services: 

The sinister implications of Amazon’s new CIA role have received scant public attention so far. As the largest Web 
retailer in the world, Amazon has built its business model on the secure accumulation and analysis of massive 
personal data. The firm’s Amazon Web Services division gained the CIA contract amid fervent hopes that the 
collaboration will open up vast new vistas for the further melding of surveillance and warfare. . .Amazon is now 
integral to the U.S. government’s foreign policy of threatening and killing. 4 

Echelon/Five Eyes began in 1948 with a secret treaty called UKUSA. Besides the U.S. 
(North and South Americas), there were First and Second Party UK (Europe, Africa, Russia west 
of the Urals) and Commonwealth partners Australia (Southeast Asia, Southwest Pacific and 
Eastern Indian Oceans), New Zealand (South Pacific island nations), and Canada (northern 
Russia, northern Europe, and American communications), plus Third Party Germany, Japan, 
Norway, South Korea, and Turkey. Only Echelon members had access to data captured by 
satellite, 4 microwave radio relay, undersea cable, and the Internet. 

Echelon’s primary downlink facilities are still at Menwith Hill in England and Pine Gap in 
Australia, with various fiber optic trunk lines for international calls and emails. Besides the U.S. 
Navy-run receiving station at Sugar Grove, West Virginia in the Shenandoah Mountains 
collecting SIGINT from civilian satellites, there’s Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico; Leitrim, Canada; 
Morwenstow and London, UK; Bad Aibling near Munich, Germany; Koj arena near Geraldton in 
Western Australia and Shoal Bay, Northern Territory; and Waihopai near Blenheim, South 
Island, New Zealand. 

Menwith’s SILKWORTH software with MAGISTRAND and PATHFINDER driving 
keyword search programs based on complex algorithms were light years ahead of what the 
public knew about VOICECST (voice recognition) and OCR (optical character recognition). 
When British MP Bob Cryer spoke out about the status and role of Menwith Hill in 1994, he 
ended up dead. Nineteen years before, in November 1975, the entire Australian Whitlam 
government was dismissed for questioning the CIA’s three bases at Pine Gap, Nurrungar, and 
North-West Cape, where staff earmarked for duty underwent brainwashing and implantation. 

By 1995, the NSA had expanded Echelon/Five Eyes capabilities to intercept ever more 
sophisticated and encrypted traffic, including microwave, cellular, and fiber optics. Under 
“upstream” Operation Tempora, huge volumes of data are drawn from fiber optic cables and 
stored for sifting and analysis. 6 Echelon/Five Eyes supercomputers vacuum everything up, 
foreign and domestic, and military contractors like Lockheed Martin, TRW, Boeing, Hughes 
(Raytheon), and Aerojet make out like bandits. 7 

Once captured, phone calls, faxes, and emails are scanned by Dictionary computer programs 
employing keywords that constantly shift (like the COWBOY dictionary at the Yakima facility 
in Washington State and the FLINTLOCK dictionary at the Waihopai facility in New Zealand), 
then cherry-picked as to what to save for analysis. Around the clock, millions of messages an 
hour are processed, tagged, and filtered. Flagged messages get a four-digit code for the source or 

subject, date, time, and station code, and are then forwarded to agencies via PLATFORM, the 
global nervous system separate from the Internet. Once analyzed, the message and analysis are 
classified MORAY (secret), SPOKE (more secret), UMBRA (top secret), GAMMA (Russian 
intercepts), and DRUID (for non-UKUSA parties). 

Five Eyes is the backbone of UKUSA Atlantic Alliance dominance. Given that the U.S. and 
UK view commercial espionage as a function of national security, Five Eyes radons eavesdrop 
on business as well as political conversations. In the U.S., all SIGINT tending toward business is 
directed to the National Economic Council, which then feeds the intelligence to select 
corporations. Quibble over the presence of Five Eyes and you may be answering to the NSA, or 


Give me the money and three months, and I’ll be able to affect the behavior of eighty percent of 

the people in this town without their knowing it. 

— Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, Director of Tecnic Research Laboratory, San Leandro, California, 


The field was everywhere. Invisible, omnipresent, all-pervasive. A gigantic network of towers 
enmeshing the entire country emitted radiation around the clock. It purged tens of millions of 
souls of any doubts they might have about the All-Powerful Creators ’ words and deeds. The 
Creators controlled the minds and energy of millions. They inculcated in people an acceptance 
of the repugnant ideas of violence and aggression; they could compel these millions to kill one 
another in the name of anything they pleased; they could, should the whim strike them, stir up a 
mass epidemic of suicides. Nothing was beyond their control. 

— Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, Prisoners of Power, 1969 

kHz (kilohertz, 10 3 Hz) 

MHz (megahertz, 10 6 Hz) 

GHz (gigahertz, 10 9 Hz) 

THz (terahertz, 10 12 Hz) 

When nifty consumer inventions like the cell phone are rolled out, the public rarely inquires if 
the device owes its existence to the military’s electromagnetic learning curve. Mobile phones 
were used by military field officers and elite industrialists for half a century before they were 
made available to the public. Now, they are so ubiquitous that it’s difficult to recall life without 
them. Approved for commercial use in 1983, they were big, cumbersome, and expensive. Over 
the decades they have gotten smaller, more compact, and faster in order to keep pace with the 

But why the long wait on the part of the military-industrial complex, if profit is the sole 
motive? To assume that consumer convenience and profit drive agendas like total population 
surveillance and containment is shortsighted, if not ingenuous. 

From the Russian Woodpecker to HAARP, from power lines to GWEN towers, decades of 
computation and experimentation have gone into mapping out and constructing an infrastructure 

that would consolidate a global Smart Grid under the aegis of a planetary space shield or fence. 
These objectives were envisioned in the 1980s under the “Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative 
(SDI) and are now coming to fruition, thanks to a 24/7 conductive, battery-ready atmosphere. 

Sea-to-shining-sea transmitters / receivers / transceivers are now in place. 

Since the 1950s, the military has spent a great deal of time, energy, and taxpayer money on 
suppressing the health effects that follow from the non-thermal (non-ionized) radiation 
technology that would assure planetary surveillance and containment. Chances were good that 
the public wouldn’t inquire beyond official assurances because non-thennal radiation leaves no 
perceptual heat signature, and its effects take up to a decade or more to manifest. Whereas 
ionizing radiation damages cells and DNA immediately, nonionizing radiation is cumulative: the 
more received, the more cell and DNA damage over time. In fact, microwave poisoning is 
cumulative and can be passed on genetically, as can a weakened immune system and 
predisposition to cancer. As Will Thomas put it in Scorched Earth (1991), saying that 
microwaves are safe if they do not burn your skin is akin to saying smoking is safe if you don’t 
singe your fingers. 

The dual-use telecommunications industry provides cell phones and Internet for the public as 
well as whatever the military-industrial-intelligence complex needs under the authorization of the 
draconian 1996 Telecommunications Act. Three restrictions embedded in the Act make it clear 
that the Smart Grid is about far more than profits and public convenience: 

(1) Telecommunications contractors (AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, Radian Corporation 
of ONEX, etc.) have jurisdiction over state and local zoning when it comes to 
construction, modification, and placement of microwave towers; 

(2) Physical and mental health are barred from legal consideration; 

(3) Independent scientific studies are to be ignored and marginalized. 8 

Now that the battlespace is everywhere, the public must be kept ignorant of the fact that they 
are funding their own surveillance, containment and dwindling health. 

In January 1998, the European Parliament’s Scientific and Technological Options 
Assessment (STOA) committee released “An Appraisal of Technologies of Political Control,” 
which made a tremendous stir in European media but barely a ripple in America. For Americans, 
it was already too late—especially for Virginia Farver’s twenty-nine-year-old son Rich, a San 
Diego State University (SDSU) graduate student and TA who died in 2008 of GBM 
(glioblastoma multiforme) brain cancer after having spent hours, day after day, meeting with 
students and grading papers on the bottom floor of Nasatir Hall. 

Outside Nasatir Hall is the High Performance Wireless Research and Educational Network 
(HPWREN), the backbone node to University of California at San Diego (UCSD). Farver 
explains how HPWREN is a dual-use Smart Grid conduit: 

HPWREN is connected to the Lambda Rail (Grid), Tera Grid, PRAGAMA Grid. Combined, these are the “Smart 
Grid.” It is the engineers and scientists behind the Grid who are developing Smart/ATI Meters, Smart Dust, Drones, 
RNM [remote neural monitoring] technologies, among many others. These Grids are located on many college 
campuses across the U.S. and other countries, forming a World Grid. There are 2 sites on the SDSU campus: one on 
top of the Communications Building (which towers above Nasatir Hall), and one on top of the KPBS news station on 
campus. Both are within V* mile of each other. . .HPWREN includes Homeland Security, DOE, DoD, DARPA, Air 
Force, Navy, NIH (National Institute of Health), SPAWARS [“the Navy’s Information Dominance systems 
command”], NASA Inmarsat satellite, Emergency Services, and many huge corporations. The University of Alaska is 
connected through the Grid system, with research through the HAARP facility in Alaska. HPWREN is funded by the 

NSF (National Science Foundation), OUR tax dollars . 111 [Italics added.] 

Since her son’s death, Farver has been speaking up for the sake of other endangered students, 
including the six who died in a Nasatir Hall “cancer cluster.” Each time another student dies, 
SDSU orders up more skewed epidemiological reports to bury the damning cause: the HPWREN 
tower outside Nasatir Hall. Farver has pushed for wide media exposure, but an anonymous San 
Diego Union-Tribune reporter told her that the story would never be allowed to leave San Diego. 
When she asked why, he said Money. 

Telephone poles, towers with multidirectional discs on them, legions of vans and trucks 
loaded with extension ladders and wire spools, fusion centers across the United States tracking 
and listening, invisible microwaves everywhere, transmitters on the roofs of schools, wireless 
Internet clogging up the ionized air. Teenagers go to bed talking to their friends on their iPhones 
and are incapable of entering the deep sleep that will repair the day’s damage of their bodies. 
They experience mood and personality changes, lack of concentration, and eventually acoustic 
neuroma on their auditory nerve or glioma on their nerve sheaths, and still their doctors wonder 

From 1998 to 2003, Norwegian physician Gro Harlem Brundtland 11 was director general of 
the World Health Organization (WHO). After publicly revealing that she was electromagnetic 
hypersensitive (EHS), she disallowed all cell phones at WHO’s Geneva headquarters. But calling 
public attention to the health impact of non-thermal radiation put out by cell phones, microwave 
towers and ovens, power lines, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, etc., spelled trouble for Brundtland— 
trouble that may have included uterine cancer in 2002. 12 

In May 2011, the WHO finally reclassified non-thermal (nonionizing) radiation as a Class B 
carcinogen (like diesel exhaust, chlorofonn, jet fuel, DDT, and lead). At their Media Centre 
website in 2014, the reclassification had cooled to “The electromagnetic fields produced by 
mobile phones are classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as possibly 
carcinogenic to humans [Class 2B].” 13 

WHO continues to ignore its own agency’s recommendations and favors guidelines recommended by the International 
Commission on Nono-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). These guidelines, developed by a self-selected group 
of industry insiders, have long been criticized as non-protective. . .Martin Blank, Ph.D., of Columbia University, says, 
“International exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields must be strengthened to reflect the reality of their impact 
on our bodies, especially on our DNA . . ,” 14 

The Russians call electromagnetic hypersensitivity “microwave sickness,” with symptoms of 
low blood pressure and a slow pulse followed by stress and high blood pressure, headaches, 
dizziness, eye pain, sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety, stomach pain, nervous tension, inability to 
concentrate, hair loss, cataracts, reproductive problems, cancers of all kinds, appendicitis, 
depression, suicide ideation, etc. 

The corporatized United States directs mainstream media to ignore the issue. Rare is the 
professional voice that courageously speaks up about the relationship between microwaves and 
carcinogenicity. James C. Lin, chairman of the Committee on Man and Radiation, Institute of 
Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), testified on July 25, 1990 before the Subcommittee 
on Natural Resources, Agriculture Research, and Environment Committee on Science, Space, 
and Technology in the U.S. House of Representatives about biological nonionizing radiation 
effects, including the microwave hearing effect. 15 

The Earth’s “brainwaves” operate in the same spectrum as ours and all of life on Earth: the 

Schumann resonance of 7.83 Hz. Balancing the Earth’s “brainwaves” are sixty-four elements in 
the ground and in our red blood corpuscles. The ancient resonance between our blood and the 
Earth’s geomagnetic waves is now endangered by the tangle of ionized and non-ionized radiation 
waves we are caught in, all exacerbated by the Fukushima plume and artificial ELF ground 
waves driving our atmosphere and jet stream, heavy metal nanoparticles, “smart dust,” polymers, 
fungi, and genetically engineered biologicals we are breathing and ingesting. Birds and bees and 
whole forests are dying, sea mammals are beaching themselves . . . 

It is essential that we examine the power lines pulsing above our heads and underground, the 
microwave towers emanating on our highways, city streets, and school roofs. As with the 
television, computer, and cell phone, microwave towers too began with the military—first, the 
Soviet Tesla magnifying transmitter known as the “Russian signal” and then as the 
“Woodpecker,” and then the U.S. Navy’s Project Sanguine. 


In 1953, the Soviets set up seven radio transmitters and began pulsing the American Embassy in 
Moscow with an ELF signal measuring 3.26-17.54 MHz. Embassy workers had no idea they 
were being pulsed while developing emotional and behavioral problems, leukemia (a 40 percent 
higher than average white blood cell count), cancer, and cataracts. Ambassadors Charles Bohlen 
and Llewellyn Thompson died; Ambassador Walter Stoessel, Jr. developed a rare blood disease 
and bled from the eyes. The Moscow Embassy “experiment” would run for thirty years, a full 

Meanwhile in the United States under DARPA’s Project Pandora, scientists were studying 
how low-intensity microwaves might be used to induce heart attacks, blood/brain barrier leaks, 
auditory hallucinations, etc. This was the MK-ULTRA mind control era whose overarching 
electromagnetic question was, Can a microwave signal control the mind at a distance? In 1962, 
the CIA dedicated Project Bizarre to studying the Moscow signal and made a crucial discovery: 
it was not the strength of the signal that was responsible for loss of biological health—a tiny 
fraction of the U.S. military (very high) “safe” exposure level—but the pulsing. This information 
was immediately classified and Pandora went black, along with other projects. 

By July 1969, the U.S. had 71,524 microwave towers spaced according to the geometric 
harmonics of the world magnetic grid. SECOM II’s 16 five towers broadcast in the 3-12 MHz 
range—within the Schumann range—in a round robin from Idaho and New Mexico to Missouri, 
South Carolina, and Maryland. 

In 1968, the secretive JASON Group mounted Project Sanguine’s 6,400-mile buried cable 
antenna for long radio wave transmissions (SLF 30-300Hz) out of upper Wisconsin. A 
transmitter on one side would pump ELF waves through the ground and out the other side so 
that, as bioelectromagnetics expert Robert O. Becker, MD, put it, “ELF waves issuing from it 
and resonating between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere could be picked up anywhere on 
the globe.” 17 Supposedly, Sanguine was for submarine communication (much like HAARP was 
sold to the public), but the antenna length produced minuscule frequencies (.3 kHz), which was 
odd, given that the best frequencies for defense purposes are much higher. The truth is that 
Sanguine was to be set in sync with the three Soviet Duga antennas at Chernobyl, eastern 
Siberia, and Ukraine/Croatia. 18 

Per the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act, U.S. Navy Captain Paul E. Tyler 

asked Dr. Becker to be on the scientific committee overseeing Sanguine. In 1984, Captain Tyler 
would author “The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low-Intensity Conflict,” a watershed paper 
which the International Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons (ICOMW) described as 
“so important in the chain of evidence establishing the existence of an Electronic Concentration 
Camp System that if our Archive consisted of only two documents, the Tyler paper would surely 
be one of them!” 19 

In his 1985 book The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, Dr. 
Becker detailed the committee’s disturbing Project Sanguine findings: stress responses, 
desynchronized bio-cycles, cellular metabolism interference, increased cancer rates in hundreds 
of thousands of people living inside the antenna field, etc. What would happen when the long¬ 
wave signals resonated throughout the world? The committee recommended that Project 
Sanguine be shelved and that the 60 Hz power lines carrying far more power than the Sanguine 
antenna into homes across the nation be reexamined. 

As far as I know, our testimony was the first ever openly given by American scientists stating that electromagnetic 
energy had health effects in doses below those needed to heat tissue, and that power lines might therefore be 
hazardous to health. We criticized the White House Office of Telecommunications Policy for failing to follow up a 
tentative 1971 warning by advising the President that some harmful effects from electropollution were now proven. 
Moreover, although we didn’t realize it at the time, we greatly embarrassed Captain Tyler and the Navy by publicly 
revealing the existent of the Sanguine report, which had beeti secret until then. 20 [Emphasis added.] 

In 1973, Medford, Oregon became the suicide capital of the United States overnight, thanks 
to the ultra-low frequencies being beamed from a nearby military base to people’s television 
antennas. The creation of a standing-wave resonance was connected to depression, whether the 
television was on or not. David Fraser, Ph.D., of the Department of Toxicology at the University 
of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, was paid by DARPA to run the Medford experiment. 

The U.S. Navy buried the committee’s report, moved the antenna to Michigan’s upper 
peninsula, and renamed it Seafarer in 1975, then Austere ELF (extremely low frequency) in 
1978. In 1981, an abbreviated Project ELF was constructed. When the New York Public Service 
Commission (PSC) had to decide about a network of 765-kilovolt power lines that would li nk 
nuclear reactors, they asked for a review copy of the Project Sanguine report and the Navy 
refused. (The nuclear industry and military stick together.) 

Meanwhile, Dr. Becker’s career was over: 

Becker’s involvement with high-voltage power lines and the U.S. Navy’s submarine 
communications system (Project Sanguine, later Project Seafarer and still later Project ELF) 
proved to be his undoing. He was forced into retirement at the too-young age of fifty-six. As 
Becker wrote in the preface to The Electric Wilderness, a history of these struggles by Andy 
Marino and Joel Ray: “We faced a concerted and coordinated effort to suppress the truth which 
emanated from the military establishment and was simply aided and abetted by the greed of the 
utilities and the tarnished testimony of scientists for hire.” 21 

In 1975, the Frank Church Committee briefly opened a window onto the “Moscow signal” 
(along with other Cold War sins, like MK-ULTRA), after which the window was nailed shut for 
decades. In 1976, while Americans were distracted by Bicentennial celebrations, the Soviets 
expanded the Duga-1 and Duga-2 Moscow signals to Duga-3, the over-the-horizon (OTH) 
broadcasts called the Russian Woodpecker due to the tapping (pulsing) sound it made. With full 
knowledge of the CIA, an electromagnetic interference grid was laid over the United States and 
—rather like HAARP twenty years later—a 10 Hz pulse (40 million watts per pulse) on 3-30 

MHz bands was broadcast. The taps and TMT (Technology Media Telecommunications) 
transmitting them were powerful enough to disrupt radio and telecommunications and force 
unsuspecting brains into sympathetic resonance. When the signal hit U.S. power grids, it was 
picked up by power lines and pulsed into people’s homes on light circuits—especially in targeted 
cities like Eugene, Oregon and Sausalito, California. By inducing nuclear magnetic resonance 
(NMR) in human tissues, the Woodpecker caused pressure and pain in the head, anxiety, fatigue, 
insomnia, lack of coordination, and numbness. A high-pitched ringing in the ears erupted 
everywhere the signal was picked up and resonating along power supply grids. 

The following year, the U.S. government sold the Soviets a forty-ton magnet to help upgrade 
the Woodpecker, even sending a team of scientists to install it in Gomel, Belarus, due north of 
Chernobyl, Ukraine—a magnet capable of generating a magnetic field 250,000 times more 
powerful than the Earth’s magnetic field, like the SQUID (superconducting quantum interference 


Upgrades to the Woodpecker continued. Beginning in June 1991—six months before the official 
end of the “Soviet experiment”—a hum pulsing at 17 Hz with overtones of up to 70 Hz was 
heard in Taos, New Mexico. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) categorized these 
frequencies as “psychoactive,” with harmful biological effects. Two percent of the 1,440 
residents interviewed heard “the Hum.” Some complained of dizziness, insomnia, pressure on 
the ears, severe headaches, nausea, nosebleeds, and broken marriages. Most could tell when 
whatever was producing the hum was switched on and off. Taos and Groom Lake are on the 
same 36° north latitude, so the Taos Hum could have been Groom Lake testing its own 
Woodpecker signal. Groom Lake might also explain why Catanya and Bob Saltzman received 
anonymous threatening phone calls after they brought in an acoustic engineer from Denver to 
check into the Hum. The Taos News received threats, too. 

In Alaska, Nick Begich (author of the 1995 Angels Don’t Play This HAARP ) and Patrick 
Flanagan (inventor of the neurophone confiscated by the NSA twenty-five years earlier) 
wondered if the two percent who heard the hum were actually “hearing” ambient wireless 
devices operating at 60 Hz through their skin, given that electrodermal response is a favorite of 
psyops. For example, the EC-130 Commando Solo flying out of the 193rd Special Operations 
Wing of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania broadcasts passwords that create capillary patterns on the 

Sounds are being heard around the world—growls, booms, hums, even “trumpets.” Many are 
no doubt the varying acoustic signatures of magnetized plasma Alfven “whistler” waves in 
Birkeland currents mentioned earlier in Chapters 1 and 3. (Low-frequency currents in 
magnetized plasma are shear Alfven waves.) A strange sound resonating in the Schumann 
resonance well of the Earth’s atmosphere may well be Alfven waves or an ion launcher creating 
acoustic modes through the plasma densities of our conductive plasma cloud cover, now that the 
entire Earth has become a battlespace laboratory. 22 

Anecdotal data of people reporting the Hum seem to follow an earthquake curve (see the 
World Hum Map and Database Project,, pointing to mantle movements and 
pressures resonating in crystals and ferrous components in the Earth that create a piezoelectric 
effect resonating through multiple harmonic frequencies under grids tuned to 50 Hz and 60 Hz. 

Mantle movements are part of the blowback of the ELV/VLF radio waves being broadcast deep 
into the Earth by ionospheric heater earth-penetrating tomography (EPT) 23 

As to why some hear the Hum and some don’t, this is no more mysterious than individual 

It is well established in the scientific literature that people can hear electromagnetic energy at certain frequencies and 
peak power levels. Previous studies have found that a subset of the population has an electromagnetic sensitivity that 
is significantly greater than the mean.- 4 


Under the Reagan-Bush-Cheney troika of the first SDI era, the U.S. Air Force built the pulse 
beam gyrotron system known as the Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN), which was 
pure Tesla technology. Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower on Long Island was 187 feet high with a 
spherical terminal about 68 feet in diameter; GWEN tower broadcast hubs are 299 to 500 feet tall 
with spokes of copper wire 330 feet long radiating out just a few feet underground. 2 '' They have 
six guy wires with insulator at 334 feet from the VHF translator antenna at the top to the ground, 
which means GWEN can emit waves between the upper VHF and lower UHF (225-400 MHz) 
as well as operate in the VLF range of 150-175 kHz traveling along the ground rather than 
through the air in twenty-minute or one-hour bursts to a distance of three hundred miles, sending 
messages with about two thousand watts of power while disrupting the Earth’s magnetic field in 
a two-hundred-mile radius. Because VLF signals drop off over distance, GWENs have been built 
every fifty miles across the continental U.S. (CONUS), each costing $1 million. 

Purportedly for military aviation (VHF) and continuity of government (COG) in the event of 
a national emergency (VLF), the VLF ground waves were initially harmonically tuned to the 
Russian Woodpecker, then to the HAARP (AK) - Arecibo (PR) - Millstone Hill (MA) geometric 
configuration of phased arrays, with specific frequencies tuned to the geomagnetic field strength 
of each geographic area so that magnetic fields across the nation could be individually altered, if 

GWEN towers are military relays to Milstar SCAMP terminals. MILSTAR (Military 
Strategic and Tactical Relay) refers to USAF communications satellites in geostationary orbit, 
and SCAMP (Single Channel Anti-Jam Man Portable) Terminal (U) to the rapidly deployable 
component of the Army’s MILSTAR Advanced Satellite Terminal program. This means that a 
GWEN electromagnetic web encloses CONUS in an artificial magnetic field five hundred feet 
high and girds CONUS with powerful radio frequency emissions that never sleep, replacing 
natural geomagnetic waves with artificial VLF waves and high levels of non-thermal radiation. 

GWEN towers are used to fine-tune weather patterns and brain patterns. All that is needed 
are three satellites and interlocking towers spaced to allow for specific frequencies. 

For the Great Flood of April-October 1993, the Russian Woodpecker altered the jet stream 
and set up weather blocks to target the American Midwest by relaying pulses along GWEN 
towers in Mechanicsville and Ladyard, Iowa; Chelsea, Wisconsin; Shephard, Minnesota; 
Curryville and Dudley, Missouri; Whitney, Nebraska; and on into Colorado and Montana— 
handy receivers for extending precipitation in the Upper Mississippi Valley and producing a 
flood with $15 billion in damages (1993 dollars). Woodpecker geoengineering was achieved by 
firing up the GWEN towers north of the two rivers in Mechanicsville and Ladyard and 
electromagnetic ally damming up and stalling one of the five atmospheric rivers moving 340 

pounds of water per second 1.9 miles above our heads. Pump and dump, as in the days of Noah. 
As for GWEN’s role in fine-tuning brains, Dr. Becker wrote: 

GWEN is a superb system, in combination with cyclotron resonance, for producing behavioral alterations in the 
civilian population. The average strength of the steady geomagnetic field varies from place to place across the United 
States. Therefore, if one wished to resonate a specific ion in living things in a specific locality, one would require a 
specific frequency for that location. The spacing of GWEN transmitters 200 miles apart across the United States 
would allow such specific frequencies to be “tailored” to the geomagnetic-field strength in each GWEN area. 26 

GWEN VLF waves provide on-the-ground power for microwave and radio frequency 
weapons (DEWs) to control and harass individuals or populations with mental and physical 
illness (nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, disorientation, organ damage, etc.) and death. VLF waves 
can act as carrier beams for pulsed ELF signals that can then pass through the skull, which 
otherwise without pulse resonance might be able to resist low electromagnetic frequencies. VLF 
does not lose power when traveling through the air and into fragile tissue, tha nk s to cyclotron 

If microwave towers are pulse-modulated, all that is needed are the exact frequency 
signatures for inducing specific actions, emotions, or pathological states (anger, suicide, hysteria, 
trauma, serial killing, paranoia, lust, etc.). Dial in to the tower from a portable laptop-sized 
microwave transmitter, set the millimeter wave scanner to locate the victim behind the walls of 
his or her home or office via satellite and the Nationwide Differential Global Positioning System 
(NDGPS), point the device at the exact latitude/longitude of the target, and you’re in the business 
of torture. Global positioning does not even need satellites if the signal can pick up three radio 
signals that can pick up the signature. The measure of the signal from point A to C may be four 
to five bars, and the measure to point B three to five bars. Calculate the distance between bars 
and the GPS will be displayed. 

Portable “poppers” abroad, GWEN and cell towers at home. The neighborhoods and canyons 
of American cities are not yet patrolled by MRAPs or MRUVs, the mine-resistant ambush- 
protected utility vehicles loaded with CREW DUKE systems (Counter RCIED Electronics 
Warfare) like the AM-modulated microwave transmitters (“poppers”) scanning and sweeping for 
frequencies, broadcasting “pacifying rays” from Iraqi rooftops in 2003-2011: 2 

The grunts call the plastic devices “poppers” or “domes.” Once activated, each hidden transmitter emits a widening 
circle of invisible energy capable of passing through metal, concrete and human skulls up to half a mile away. “They 
are saturating the area with ULF, VLF and UHF freqs,” Hanks says, with equipment derived from US Navy undersea 
sonar and communications. 28 

Turn the dial and crank up cataracts, memory loss, numbing, tingling, buzzing, chronic 
fatigue, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and terminal cancer. 

Thus the real mission of GWEN towers may be behavioral and cognitive population control 
coupled with weather engineering, all serving full spectrum dominance. With Tesla technology 
weaponized, Mother Nature and the sanctity of the human mind are clearly—and to a frightening 
degree—within the grasp of the military-industrial-intelligence complex. 


GWEN towers are guy towers, and the four other kinds of towers are lattice, monopole, 

concealed, and broadcast cell or microwave towers, at the base of which are T-lines of copper or 
fiber optic cables in the ground to carry masses of data; a box loaded with computerized 
switching control equipment, a GPS receiver, and power sources connecting the cables to the 
antennas on the mast. Somewhere nearby is a base transmitter station (BTS). On the tower are 
triangular antennas with directional rectangles or discs for receiving and transmitting, each 
triangular antenna belonging to a separate carrier like Verizon or AT&T, each panel covering 
120 degrees with each point divided into 40-degree bits to pinpoint phone targets for better 
signal strength. 

The cell tower itself accommodates antennas designed to work like a sprinkler radiating in all 
directions as well as other systems, like the microwave links or backhauls that look like drums or 
dishes, or the wideband code-division multiple-access (WCDMA) antenna that focuses signals in 
eight separate beams like a hose, thus doubling and tripling capacity. 29 

Long waves of tissues-penetrating radiation pulse from the top of a microwave tower, casting 
a long unseen shadow over the populations below. On the lower rungs are weather sensors, while 
the middle vertical feet are reserved for “national security” communications, surveillance, 
military / police radar tracking, etc. And there may be more: a brand new white utility truck with 
a hydraulic boom and basket may install a mysterious “black box” on a power pole or cell tower, 
as occurred in a Phoenix, Arizona neighborhood. 30 Mystery additions to cell towers do not bode 
well and may have to do with steering biological and mental frequencies. 

According to Barrie Trower, a British physicist and microwave weapons expert who worked 
for the Royal Navy and British secret service, cell phone towers should be placed seven to nine 
kilometers from communities. Instead, corporations like Crown Castle and American Tower 31 
are erecting towers fed by 400 KVA (kilovolt amperes) transfonners every two miles. j2 Trower 
warns that beyond the proximity of the towers themselves, cell phones and routers are unsafe for 
children under sixteen years of age and lead to aggression, suicide ideation, ADD/ADHD 
symptoms, and leukemia. 

In 2012, freelance writer Jim Stone blogged the burning question about the forest of cell 
towers around us: Why the overpower? 

In America, computer wifi is limited to 20 milliwatts transmit power and often even with that tiny amount you can 
connect from hundreds of feet away with no special antennas or hardware. Your cell phone can transmit 300 
milliwatts. That’s well over 10 times the power, and the range of your cell phone is that much better. All that is 
needed to make a great cellular node is a 10-watt transmitter (to make sure it gets real good penetration into the 
surrounding buildings) and a receiver that is more sensitive than the one in your cell phone because you are talking 
back with a lot less than 10 watts. 

10 watts is 500 times as strong as your wireless N router that comes in perfect everywhere. A lucky neighbor 
might snag your unsecured router with only 20 milliwatts of output from over a block away with just a cheap netbook. 
Why then, since 10 watts will clearly do the job, are there these ENORMOUS out in the open giant goose-invading 
“cell towers” in America that are obviously capable of pumping many thousands of watts?. . . 

My guess is Japan, Hurricane Katrina, or Chiapas, Mexico. Whatever earthquake or disaster “they” need to 
accomplish a political objective. And there is something you need to know about radio wave propagation - it can be 
steered. So just because a cell tower appears to only be able to place all its RF output within a confined zone, it does 
not mean that signal cannot be diverted and sent elsewhere. This is because a neighboring cell tower can be 
synchronized in such a way that it steers the output from surrounding towers to a new remote area. And that is how 
HAARP works, BET ON IT. 33 

The network of microwave cell towers is designed to electromagnetically steer engineered 
weather systems into and out of geographic regions. Quicken local towers and relays by means 
of multilateration, trilateration, or triangulation —basic geometry that any quantum computer 
can be programmed to do—and high-atmosphere weather systems can be moved over target 


Multilateration — a navigation technique based on measuring the difference in distance to two or more stations at 
known locations that broadcast signals at known times. The LORAN-C (LOng-RAnge Navigation) uses low- 
frequency (LF) radio signals transmitted by fixed land-based radio beacons. 

Trilateration — the process of determining absolute or relative locations of points by measurement of distances, using 
the geometry of circles, spheres; trilateration is the basis of GPS. 

Triangulation — the process of determining the location of a point by measuring angles to it from known points at 
either end of a fixed baseline, rather than measuring distances to the point directly (trilateration).’ 4 

Microwave towers also act as autonomous switching stations. If city power goes out, two 
supercomputers cooled and powered by propane generators can handle traffic. If the generators 
fail, telecom corporations can set up temporary mobile cell phone towers. Conversely, since the 
PATRIOT Act (now quietly continued by Executive “autopen” as the PATRIOT Sunsets 
Extension Act of 2011), the FBI and Secret Service have standing authority to jam signals and 
shut down cell phone towers 35 —which is why it was more than suspicious that when Hurricane 
Katrina kn ocked out landlines, cell phones, and BlackBerries, no mobile towers arrived, nor was 
power reinstated, almost as if New Orleans was to be kept isolated. Even ham radio signals and 
frequencies were blocked. 36 


There are thousands of stories about the human fallout from cell towers. The 2010 documentary 
Full Signal: The Hidden Cost of Cell Phones ( ) exposes the dangers of living 
in proximity to these towers. One story the film tells is of the Kgosi Nkolo Kgafela II in 
Mochudi, Botswana who had to flee the palace in 2007 after his father died of a brain tumor due 
to microwave emissions from a Mascom tower. His people shut down the tower so the Kgosi 
Nkolo could return to rule from his palace, after which “u nkn own people” destroyed the tower. 37 
Barrie Trower was subsequently invited to educate the people about microwave technology. 

Since communications have gone digital, telecom defense contractors have been building and 
calibrating dual-use millimeter wave cellular systems. Video feeds to your wireless device 
depend upon satellites, base stations, and wireless providers balancing their 200 MHz piece of 
the bandwidth with other providers’ pieces of the bandwidth for third generation (3G), fourth 
generation (4G), and now fifth generation (5G) Long Term Evolution (LTE-A). The 28-38 GHz 
frequencies and steerable direction antennas of millimeter waves overcome bandwidth shortages. 

But wait a minute. The truth is there is no bandwidth shortage or need for wider bandwidth, 
tha nk s to the shift from analog to digital. In fact, masses of frequencies above 300 GHz remain 
unallocated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 38 Now, it’s about high digital 
bandwidths for data “stacking”: the higher the frequency, the greater the bandwidth. Encrypted, 
digitized data are now stacked in digitized pulses. With our atmosphere ionized as an “antenna,” 
all of this spells no limit to data transmission, and yet the military is grabbing all the bandwidth 
possible, even the garage door spectrum. 39 

Check for the broadcast range in your neighborhood, 
(antennasearch doesn’t report the wattage, so radiation exposure can’t be computed. 40 ) Is it in the 
12-13 GHz and 18-23 GHz range (billions of cycles per second)—in other words, ultra-high 
microwaves transmitting WIMAX (WiFi), 5G LTE cell phones, and video? 4G doubled all cell 

and antenna strengths, meaning a higher penetration rate of buildings and bodies than higher 
frequency microwaves. (For more on cell phones, including 5G, go to Chapter 10.) 

Terahertz waves (1 TFIz = 10 12 ) are submillimeter waves between the microwave and 
infrared, which means tremendously high frequency (100 GHz - 10 THz). Naturally, they’re in 
solar and cosmic radiation; in Chapter 1, I mentioned that specific THz frequencies have 
contributed to spontaneous abortions and miscarriages among aircrew. Telecoms use THz for 
network backbones and broadcasting super-high definition 4K television signals with cameras in 
the THz spectrum. 41 Cellular and Wi-Fi networks depend on microwaves in the gigahertz (your 
cell phone operates at 2.4 GHz), but THz radiation will kick what we’re exposed to up to 1000 

Not surprisingly, THz waves like the millimeter waves in TSA airport scanners that “alter” 
DNA 42 are categorized as non-ionizing and therefore not harmful. While it is true that THz 
photons cannot break chemical bonds or ionize atoms or molecules like higher energy photons 
can (X-rays, UV rays), their nonlinear resonant effects in devices like the terahertz imaging 
detection (TID) camera 43 can “unzip” double-stranded DNA. Thus millions are daily subjected 
to terahertz lasers in TIDs at TSA checkpoints, supposedly to detect anything blocking the 
energy radiating from a body up to sixteen feet away and determine its chemical composition 44 

Are TIDs probing like fMRIs do, given that fMRIs also utilize THz laser? 

The use of light to peer into the brain is almost certainly that of terahertz, which occurs in the wavelengths between 
30mm and 1 mm of the electromagnetic spectrum. Terahertz has the ability to penetrate deep into organic materials 
without the damage associated with ionizing radiation such as x-rays. . .Terahertz can penetrate bricks and also human 
skulls. . .Medically, even if terahertz does not ionize, we do not yet know how the sustained application of intense 
light will affect the delicate workings of the brain and how cells might be damaged, dehydrated, stretched, 
obliterated. 45 

The terahertz wave extends the microwave and millimeter wavebands and therefore 
massively expands not just communications but targeting possibilities. 

If cellphones on a current “4G” network can download data at 10 to 15 megabits per second, terahertz technology can 
potentially send data back and forth at terabits per second (or millions of megabits per second). . .some researchers 
have already achieved lightning download speeds with wireless terahertz chips . . , 46 

The military-industrial-intelligence complex favors terahertz waves because they offer the 
most secure form of communications transmission. At-a-distance interception of transmissions is 
not possible with THz; if a digitally encrypted communication is intercepted by those lacking the 
proper codes, the THz wave will simply drop off and shut down, which makes it perfect for 
“confined” digital upper-band (GHz) satellite phone systems. 

The beamlike properties of THz emission reduce the ability of distant adversaries to intercept these transmissions. The 
adversary may even lack the technological capability to detect, intercept, jam, or “spoof’ a THz signal. In addition, 
atmospheric attenuation allows covert short-range communications, since these signals simply will not propagate to 
distant listening posts. 47 

Because terahertz lies between the electric and photonic (microwave and infrared), 
astrophysicists have been a driving force behind developing terahertz technologies that can 
detect plasma spectra (e.g., the far infrared wavelength is 15pm - 1 mm with a range of 20 THz 
to 300 GHz). THz frequencies are extensively employed in satellite-to-satellite communications 

where atmospheric absorption is not a problem, given that THz waves propagate only in air. 
Could THz wave propagation be one of the reasons for conductive desiccants like aluminum in 
chemical trails, given that both THz and millimeter waves experience less scattering loss from 
particulates than optical wavelengths? 

Towers mean cell phone receptivity and profits, but more importantly they mean 

. . .the laws relating to information sharing and wiretapping specifically regulate companies that provide services to 
the general public (such as AT&T and Verizon), but they do not cover the firms that provide services to the major 
carriers or connect communications companies to one another. . .[Spooks] can simply go to the companies that own 
and operate the wireless towers that the telecoms use for their networks and get accurate information on anyone using 
those towers—or go to other entities connecting the wireless network to the landline network. 48 

The transmission of image and video intelligence (IMINT) is particularly onerous for 
wireless, and there is no end to surveillance gewgaws that draw power from the wireless matrix. 
Cell phones tethered to microwave towers are perfect tracking devices for interception and 
eavesdropping, 40 with taxpayers once again paying for their own surveillance. 30 Verizon 
Wireless, the largest cellular carrier in the U.S., monitors its customers and sells the 
information.'' 1 Then there are the “metasearch datamining” sensors. The Department of 
Homeland Security’s Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) relies on “non-contact 
sensors.” Palantir software lives up to its name as “one that sees from afar” 52 by vacuuming up 
financial records, DNA samples, voice, video, maps, floor plans, HUMINT, etc., until a “profile” 
emerges. Then there’s the Defense Intelligence Agency’s FICOR (foreign intelligence and 
counterintelligence operation records), 5 ’ and on it goes from there. 

Law enforcement can now use Cellebrite UFED (mobile forensic cell phone analyzers) 
during routine traffic stops and request that Apple or Google bypass a cell phone user’s 
passcode. 34 Police officers can point the speech-jamming gun at you to listen with a directional 
microphone and play back your voice frequency with a directional speaker (delayed auditory 
feedback) to shut down your ability to speak. Or they can point the SMU100 laser at you to 
dazzle and temporarily blind you up to five hundred meters. 

The FBI’s CIPAV (computer and internet protocol address verifier) is illegal spyware on the 
order of DCSNet (digital collection system network), the renamed Carnivore (1997-2005) 
mentioned in Chapters 5 and 10. CIPAV is a point-and-click data gathering device able to 
capture IP and MAC addresses, open ports running programs, operating system, default web 
browser, last visited URL, and outbound emails with IP addresses. FBI wiretapping rooms have 
access to the entire civilian Smart Grid infrastructure. A high-speed DS-3 (T-3) digital line gives 
intelligence agencies and their contractors carte blanche when it comes to the carrier’s wireless 
network. 55 

To the military mind, 24/7 access to cell towers and phones are filed under C4 cyberwarfare. 

Whether used in the foreign or domestic battlespace, smartphones on military or FBI 
frequencies have become highly specialized and ubiquitous. They may be translators, field 
manual dictionaries, or apps like the Blue Force Tracker that tell where friendly forces are, or 
provide live video feed from drones and robots like Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Technology 
Laboratories robot fitted with a laser to covertly map in 3D the environment it perceives: 

The creation of robots that can hide from humans while spying on them brings autonomous spy machines one step 
closer. The spy approaches the target building under cover of darkness, taking a zigzag path to avoid well-lit areas and 
sentries. He selects a handy vantage point next to a dumpster, taking cover behind it when he hears the footsteps of an 

unseen guard. Once the coast is clear, he is on the move again—trundling along on four small wheels. . .“Lockheed 
Martin’s approach does include a sort of basic theory of mind, in the sense that the robot makes assumptions about 
how to act covertly in the presence of humans,” says Alan Wagner of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, 
who works on artificial intelligence and robot deception. 56 

Femtocells are small mobile phone base stations, some with a range of a few hundred meters, 
others like Battlefield Connect with a 5G base station that can connect to big forward-operating 
networks accessed only by a special need-to-know SIM card or high-tech tattoo. 57 With a little 
altitude and a CSDA (Connecting Soldiers to Digital Applications), an agent can insert the SIM 
into a smartphone or laptop and with a microcontroller reminiscent of the Star Trek “collar of 
obedience” that kept the slaves of Triskelion on task 58 stimulate or reduce pain and vulnerability 
to stress in soldiers or riot police by remotely tweaking their brain with transcranial ultrasound 
pulses via their pain modulator-behavior helmet. 

It’s a brave new world. 

C4 connectivity demands more and more towers and transceiver stations, some small and 
discrete, others going up on private land, like that of industrialist Klaus Groenke, whose Idaho 
property is conveniently located halfway between Lake Pend Oreille, home of the U.S. Navy’s 
Cutthroat submarine, and a lightning generator encased in aluminum on Lunch Peak. A full 
section of the Berlin Wall encased in Plexiglas stands on Groenke’s property, as do triangular 
satellite dishes, antenna arrays, a weather vane with three lightning-strikes similar to the 
Schutzstaffel insignia, and a red metal “sculpture” that looks like a Delta-T energy transmitter. 
As Idaho resident and well-known Big Pharma critic Len Horowitz says, “The Lunch Peak Navy 
station axis bisects a triangle made of three microwave ‘Electronic Sites,’ according to National 
Forest Service maps. These intriguing elements provide electromagnetic frequency generating 
capabilities consistent with a long earthquake production and lightning generation.” 59 

Our ionized atmosphere is inundated by ground-based radio signals bouncing off the 
ionosphere to satellites, cell or mobile phones. With 500,000 transistors and GPS, these digital 
devices are dependent upon semiotic codes. Who controls those codes? Barring knocking out the 
towers, you can no longer really turn off your little transceiver broadcasting at 884 MHz. 
Emission standards based on heat and not health are thousands of times higher than necessary for 
communication, and research into the powerful effects of pulsed low non-thermal levels is being 

This is our battlespace condition. 


The Next Generation Weather Radar network (NexRad) with updated and recommissioned 
GWEN towers and cell towers complete the core ground-based Smart Grid relay system for 
communications and weather engineering. Radio station towers are dual-use—for example, the 
nine radio towers 60 around Moore, Oklahoma, leveled by an F5 tornado on May 22, 2011—and 
come equipped with S-band radar, Tenninal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) and anemometers 
to gauge wind shear, NexRad “golf balls” for local weather engineering, and biological agent 
detectors. 61 

From 1,200 miles into space, S-band radar (2.2 - 2.3 GHz) can surveil objects less than two 
inches long. Masses of S-band data are fed to JSOC (Joint Space Operations Center) at 
Vandenberg Air Force Base for space situational awareness (SSA) not just of space debris but of 

trillions of sensors and 4” satellites like CubeSats (mentioned earlier) with attack mode 
capability. 62 And yet when Russia and China sought to release a free database listing of the 
thousands of near-earth orbit objects (including NATO and NORAD satellites) for the sake of 
more secure orbit operations (and to deter more militarization of space) the U.S. military 
objected. 63 

The Space Fence utilizes all ground-based S-band relays like NexRads but only as a 
“deterrent,” public relations director Nicholas Mercurio of the Joint Functional Component 
Command for Space at Vandenberg AFB assures the public. Of course, Space Fence frequencies 
are classified and non-trackable, but there is no doubt that S-band recalibrations (2-4 GHz with 
wavelengths of 15-7.5cm) on multiple exchange frequencies are part of it. (Related bands are 
NATO’s E / F.) In other words, the S-band Space Fence six-acre array at the Ronald Reagan 
Ballistic Missile Test Site on the Kwajalein Atoll 2,100 nautical miles southwest of Honolulu is 
connected to the four hundred evenly spaced NexRad transceivers across CONUS—all in the 
name of “space situational awareness.” 

S-band is about planetary lockdown and population control. 

Each $5 million NexRad is armed with a klystron, a high-powered microwave (HPM) beam 
tube that can amplify high RF and convert a standard power of 50.8 kW of coherent energy to 
750 kW, which can then be transmitted as pulsed rotating frequencies at varying angles 
(elevations). NexRads track and shepherd local or transiting weather systems by sending up 
radar/sonar signals and measuring the distance of clouds, moisture, particulates, etc. 

The big NexRad “golf balls” perched on latticed towers were originally peddled by the 
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a national “weather and atmospheric surveillance” 
grid of miniature sensors and high-resolution video monitors, rapid signal processing and 
computing. NexRads and the look-alike SBX radomes offshore operate at similar frequencies, as 
both are super high-frequency (HF) Doppler radar systems. NexRads by land, SBXs by sea. 

It is no mystery that NexRads are at the center of every tornado or storm vortex. 64 To create 
the wind shear for dozens of simultaneous tornadoes or super-cells, NexRad pulsed rotation 
frequencies need an artificial precipitation thick with metal particulate “chaff.” Why? Because 
frequency cannot be pulsed in pure air. Industrial pollutants provide some of the needed 
particulates but not nearly enough for C4 operations. Chemtrail injections of conductive metals 
provide the necessary matter or matrix for building or moving stonn systems. Once NexRad 
rotating frequency pulses strike the nanoparticles and H 2 0, a collision occurs between RF- or 
microwave-heated artificial precipitation (HOT) and frequency-activated ice nucleation (COLD) 
to stir the brew into funnels that can then be steered while being fed.' 1 ' 

To engineer a supercell like a polar vortex, arctic hurricane, or “nor’easter,” cold and warm 
air masses must be made to collide. With NexRads amplifying two clockwise winds at different 
altitudes and speeds, frequency-activated chemical or bacterial ice nucleation can be added to the 
mix to produce softball-sized hailstones and wet snowstorms while chemically altering the 
temperatures. NexRad frequencies can then make the precipitation “flash” into heavy wet 
“snow” in temperatures as high as 50°F. Once the supercell updraft tightens its spin and speeds 
up, a wind shear can occur—a horizontal rotating column of air (funnel cloud) that rain and hail 
cause to touch down as a tornado. NexRads operating in tandem can generate multiple tornadoes, 
like the sixty tornadoes that assaulted Granbury, Texas in May 2013. 

NexRad data is collected and analyzed by signal processors and computers at seventy-two 
fusion centers and beyond. The Universities of Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, and 
Colorado State are on NexRad teams, as are Raytheon, MACOM, Vaisala (Finnish), NOAA and 

National Severe Storms Laboratories. Like UMASS Microwave Infrared Remote Sensing Labs 
(MIRSL), all are military contractors laboring for military C4. 

As was said earlier, the Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) “Golf Ball” looks similar to a 
NexRad, operates at similar frequencies, and is also a super (high-frequency) radar system. As a 
floating, self-propelled mobile radar station (radio transmitter), the SBX is a mobile HAARP 
system more than capable of unconventional attacks such as triggering “atmospheric 
disturbances” (environmental warfare via geoengineering). For example, the SBX-1 was 
“conducting exercises” off the coast of Florida the day before the Haiti earthquake in 2010, and 
was off Japan just before the Fukushima disaster in 2011. 

In 2015, the Pentagon attempted to convince the public that the SBX was a failed missile 
defense system. 6 ' 1 The truth is otherwise: it too is part of the Space Fence infrastructure, its 
seaworthy mobility invaluable. 


Visit a wind farm and you will quickly notice that life appears to have fled, which is strange, 
given how many think of wind farms as “green energy.” While driving through western Ontario, 
Canadian activist Suzanne Maher noted that what was once beautiful landscape and fannland 
had been replaced by hundreds of massive, imposing wind turbines. People in homes close to the 
turbines do not seem to realize they are living inside a power station that operates by creating 
low-pressure systems, with the blades of each turbine at a 15° angle from the oncoming wind 
(7.5° / 7.5°) so as to produce a toroid straight-line wind tunnel. Public protests are usually about 
devaluation of real estate and noise, but the pulsing itself is dangerous to mental and physical 
health. The infrasound and low-frequency noise produce what is being called the wind-turbine 
syndrome: headaches, sleep problems, night terrors, learning disabilities, ringing in the ears 
(tinnitus), mood swings (irritability, anxiety), concentration and memory problems, and 
equilibrium issues like dizziness and nausea. 

From the Mariana Islands to Hawaii (through the Kwajalein Atoll), a line of transmitters fires 
northeast in a repetitious pulse—an invisible wall of radio waves all the way to Alaska that 
creates a tunneling effect. Fire radio frequency into a front that’s been “seeded” with aluminum 
nanoparticles and a plasma-dense field arises, while the pressure wall off of Mexico acts like the 
bumper on a billiard table to roll the weather system north along the California-Oregon coastline 
to Vancouver Island and the jet stream ready to be pushed east and south through Wyoming and 
the Dakotas and into Kansas where NexRad and wind fann pulses will kick in to build high 
pressure for tornadoes, superstorms, and floods. 67 

Wind farms and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) wells are separated by exactly three hundred 
miles, like GWEN towers, then calibrated together. Fracking wells provide grounding points for 
wind farms while creating new fault lines for earthquake terraforming. According to Billy Hayes 
“The HAARP Man,” the brine in the wellheads of all new wells is treated with absorbents like 
the aluminum oxide and barium oxide being laid in chemtrails. A directional explosive is then 
packed into the well to create perforations in the casing for about twenty feet out so the acid 
seeps down with the brine mix on top. This “re-dosing” must penetrate the casing because 
without water, it will float to the top of the well. 

Wind turbines and oil well stems have the same resonant length of 1,282 feet. Each rotation 
of a wind turbine gives off a powerful static charge. In fact, every time the turbines pulse at 2.95 

Hz in 1-nanosecond pulses, the liquid mixture at the wellhead jumps twenty pounds up and 
twenty pounds down 3X per second like a hammer. This is called “thumping.” The discharge of 
the wind farms occurs in an arc at a certain length and a certain pulse that resonates with wells 
tuned to 2.95 Hz. Put your hand on the casing and feel it twitch, like it’s alive. 

Both wind farms and fracking well stems have a part to play in the Space Fence 
infrastructure, along ionospheric heaters, NexRads, cell and GWEN towers, etc. It is because of 
how they pulse together that nations like Scotland 08 and states like Oklahoma 00 won’t be allowed 
to ban for long the unconventional practice of fracking. 


Today, there are 550,000 fiber-optic data channels cross the oceans. Fortune magazine graphics 
director Nicolas Rapp has a spectacular world map of the major seamless fiber-optic trunks: 

If the internet is a global phenomenon, it’s because there are fiber-optic cables underneath the ocean. Light goes in on 
one shore and comes out the other, making these tubes the fundamental conduit of information throughout the global 
village. To make the light travel enormous distances, thousands of volts of electricity are sent through the cable’s 
copper sleeve to power repeaters, each the size and roughly the shape of a six-hundred-pound bluefin tuna. 

Once a cable reaches a coast, it enters a building known as a “landing station” that receives and transmits the 
flashes of light sent across the water. The fiber-optic lines then connect to key hubs, known as “Internet exchange 
points,” which, for the most part, follow geography and population. The majority of transatlantic undersea cables land 
in downtown Manhattan where the result has been the creation of a parallel Wall Street geography, based not on the 
location of bustling trading floors but on proximity to the darkened buildings that house today’s automated trading 
platforms. The surrounding space is at a premium, as companies strive to literally shorten the wire that connects them 
to the hubs. 70 

Fiber-optic signals are light passing in the form of a laser beam through thin strands of optical fiber or glass at 
very high speeds. The trunk line (“six-hundred-pound bluefin tuna”) is made up of fiber optic cables bundled together 
to increase bandwidth and carry multiple “channels” for multiple networks (and agendas). Telecom contractors like 
AT&T Inc., MCI, Sprint, and CenturyLink own vast Internet backbone networks and sell their services to (and exert 
power over) Internet service providers (ISPs). On land, these same providers link hundreds of cell towers together 
with fiber-optic cable, thus pressuring local zoning boards to approve hundreds of cell towers in one fell swoop. 

Fiber-optic cables, like wireless towers, spell power. (Whereas fiber-optic technology unlocks ultra-high speeds 
for wired connections, terahertz transmitters unlock fiber-optic speeds for wireless. 71 ) First of all, whether on land or 
coming up out of the oceans, they are easy to tap with “intercept probes” and prisms: 77 

The tapping process apparently involves using so-called “intercept probes”. . .[T]he intelligence agencies likely 
gain access to the landing stations. . .and use these small devices to capture the light being sent across the cable. The 
probe bounces the light through a prism, makes a copy of it, and turns it into binary data . . , 7 j 

Between 2003 and 2006, Room 641A at 611 Folsom Street in San Francisco was fed Internet 
backbone traffic (foreign and domestic) passing through the building along fiber-optic lines from 
beam splitters installed in fiber optic tru nk s. Room 641A was known as AT&T’s SG3 [Study 
Group 3] Secure Room. J. Scott Marcus, a former chief technology officer for GTE (General 
Telephone & Electronics Corporation) and former adviser to the Federal Communications 
Commission (FCC), had access to all of it. Whistleblower William Binney, once director of the 
NSA’s World Geopolitical and Military Analysis Reporting Group, estimates that ten to twenty 
such facilities have been installed throughout the United States. 74 

Because fiber-optic lines are strands of optically pure glass as thin as a human hair that can 
carry digital information, fiber optics are used in neuroengineering, along with molecular 
biology, optogenetic engineering, surgery, and lasers. 70 

Not entirely dissimilar to the “new science” of neuroengineering is the covert practice of 

mounting or implanting hair-like fiber-optic cameras into targets’ bodies for remote surveillance. 
In fact, by studying how fiber-optic cable is utilized for brain-computer interface (BCI) in 
quadriplegics, 70 it’s not difficult to imagine how fiber-optic cable in the home or neighborhood 
might be used to access minds: cortical neurons fire signals that are then picked up by an 
amplifier; the signals are converted to optical data and pulsed along fiber-optic cable to a 
computer that then converts the optical data into binary data for study. 

We will go more deeply into these technologies when we study the WiFi neighborhood in 
Chapters 10 and 11. 

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The Temple of CERN 

The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of 
the glass God is waiting for you. 

— Werner Heisenberg 

The Higgs potential has the worrisome feature that it might become mega-stable at energies 
above lOObn giga-electron-volts (GeV). This could mean that the universe could undergo 
catastrophic vacuum decay, with a bubble of the true vacuum expanding at the speed of light. 

— Stephen Hawking, preface to Starmus 

CERN is an acronym for Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire, the European 
Organization for Nuclear Research. The site housing the massive particle accelerator kn own as 
the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) 1 was built (1998-2008) near Lake Geneva (Lac Leman). Two 
1,000-ton superconducting magnets hang suspended down three-hundred-foot shafts into a 
cavern through which an underground river once ran until frozen with liquid nitrogen. The 
magnets are arranged like boxcars around the five-story, sixteen-mile (twenty-seven-kilometer) 
“ring” circling the cavern. Two detectors are built into the loop, the Compact Muon Solenoid 
(CMS) and A Toroidal LHC Apparatus (ATLAS). Designed to detect tiny subatomic particles 
like Z bosons, pi mesons, strangelets (quarks bound by gluon), etc., the LHC “ring” is in search 
of “clues to the fabric of the universe”: 

[Dan Green, project manager:] “We expect to see things which will change the way we view the universe”. . .No one 
really knows what the machine will give birth to. But the equations suggest that some weird stuff could be just around 
the corner— maybe “dark matter,” the invisible stuff that seems to hang around galaxies.” 2 

The phrase “No one really knows what the machine will give birth to” is reminiscent of what 
D-Wave’s Geordie Rose says later in this chapter. Haunting. 

CERN’s massive superconducting electromagnets enhance and magnify the sustained reach 
of the Space Fence throughout our now-ionized atmosphere all the way to the magnetosphere. 
Certainly, CERN and other particle accelerators have been recalibrated to synchronize with the 
rest of the Space Fence infrastructure. CERN’s two-year shutdown corresponded with HAARP’s 
shutdown, and its restart on April 5, 2015 was just four months before HAARP (“UAF Gakona”) 

resumed/ 1 All systems connected with monitoring and controlling geospace, the ionosphere and 
magnetosphere, and harnessing cosmic processes to serve the Space Fence, have been upgraded 
and synchronized, including the International Space Station (ISS). 

CERN studies how cosmic rays affect the plasma clouds now being produced in the 
troposphere and stratosphere by chemtrail jets, ships, and sounding rockets, as well as how to 
keep the electromagnetic circuit depositing ions to form the molecules that create plasma— 
molecules that CERN propagates via its CLOUD experiments. 

The Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets (CLOUD) experiment uses a special cloud chamber 
to study the possible link between galactic cosmic rays and cloud formation. Based at the Proton 
Synchrotron (PS) at CERN, this is the first time a high-energy physics accelerator has been used 
to study atmospheric and climate science. The results should contribute much to our fundamental 
understanding of aerosols and clouds, and their affect [sic] on climate. 4 

Remarkably similar to Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower dome, CERN’s Globe of Science and 
Innovations generates and feeds energy into the Global Atmospheric Electrical Grid. Similar to 
the Space Fence, CERN’s mission includes creating and sustaining an atmospheric medium for 
wireless power (C4). 

CERN’s mission of inducing voltage into the Global Atmospheric Electrical Grid is being accomplished by the ionic 
jet outflow perpendicular to the Globe of Science and Innovation. Ions are increased in energy and ejected into the 
Ionosphere by the phenomena patented by [David] La Point. Once that charge potential is induced into our 
environment, it can be used for wireless energy harvesting globally. The technology is being developed by DARPA: 
Fractal Rectenna [receiving antenna] Array technology. 5 

The present count of particle accelerators affiliated with an international partnership of thirty- 
four institutions is as slippery as ionospheric heaters, but at least three in the United States are 
part of the more than 160 international support particle accelerator groups connected via ESnet5 
(Energy Sciences Network) 6 fiber optics. Including CERN, particle accelerators generate 100X 
more magnetic energy than the entire planet naturally generates, especially when synchronized 
with mirrored satellite lasers creating electrical discharges (sprites). 

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory at the FermiLab outside Chicago in Batavia, Illinois, 
was recently upgraded with a 680-ton superconducting magnet for its Tevatron. 

Los Alamos National Laboratories houses the High Current Proton Accelerator. 

Brookhaven National Laboratory houses the Cosmotron. As I indicated in the Preface, BNL 
may have participated in the downing of the World Trade Towers in 2001. Here is David 
Masem, advanced technology engineer and senior Unix administrator who worked at BNL 
2000-2003. As per his request, his story is quoted at length so readers can get a picture of what 
national labs are like: 

When I worked at BNL, director John Marburger III, Ph.D., had just been chosen to serve as science advisor to 
President George W. Bush. The head of the physics department then became the acting director. As he was a personal 
friend of my manager, I was given free rein at the RHIC particle accelerator (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider) and 
collision detect for Project Aerosol’s study of aerosol and nanoparticle impact on the environment under SAG 
(Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering) research. As a Unix Systems Administrator, I configured real-time Unix 
servers to perform samplings of collisions of positive and negative charged ions. I also configured Apache websites 
(just templates) for publishing the physicists’ findings. During one of my Project Aerosol meetings, I found out that a 
mini-HAARP was under construction. There are a number of reactors there, several defunct and several more popular 
gradient & graphite reactors for which I had no clearance. 

Since I worked closely with the physicists, I was friended by several from Europe who were also working on the 
CERN. Over lunch one day at the BNL commissary, one physicist announced that he was going to publicly denounce 
BNL for its involvement in geoengineering research. But he never had the chance to do so as he had an “accident” in 
Pt. Jefferson while on his motorcycle and was pronounced dead at the scene. As a result of his “accident,” I started to 

hack around a bit to find out more about Project Aerosol research, as all of this technology was new to me. Around 
that time, my manager was transferred to the physics department after the U.S. Navy brought in a lieutenant dressed in 
civilian clothes to manage the IT department. He made my life hell, moving me out of my capacity and taking me off 
all the projects I was involved with on the RHIC and the cluster server, then banishing me to do departmental 
backups. I knew it was because of my hacking around. Subsequently, I left BNL. Much of the IT department was 
outsourced after a new director arrived. 

I can definitely testify that BNL has intranet access to CERN. I did an upgrade on BNL’s cluster server and had to 
log in and test the link to make sure that our CERN link was back up and online. BNL also has a supercomputer that 
was built in-house with a proprietary link to both CERN and Japan’s ILC (International Linear Collider) and the 
KERB accelerator. I knew this for a fact as one weekend I worked on upgrading storage arrays on BNL’s cluster 
while a physicist and a hardware technician I knew were doing a hardware upgrade on the BNL supercomputer. I 
remember they were quite concerned about the proprietary intranet links when they failed to come up after the 
upgrade. 7 

How many particle accelerator labs are still active and how many are proof of concept labs 
receiving data from LHC particle detectors for number-crunching and computer modeling is hard 
to say. Wikipedia (notoriously unreliable) lists many as having been shut down—or did they just 
“go black”? The site “Particle Accelerators Around the World” (www-elsa.physik.uni- seems accurate, though again, who knows, given that most of the 
programs are geared to researching kinetic weapons and not physics per se? 

Take the eight-hundred-foot “Desertron” Superconducting Super-Collider (SSC) in 
Waxahachie, Texas near Dallas, a fifty-four-mile-long tunnel 250 feet under the Earth’s surface 
with a “ring” circumference of 87.1 kilometers and an energy of 20 TeV 8 per beam of protons— 
3X that of the LHC (7 TeV per beam). Protons hurtling at the speed of light (harmonic 16944), 
antimatter collisions shattering quantums of energy. The Desertron was to build and test 
superconducting magnets for other super-colliders (plus magnetic-levitation trains or maglevs, 
motors, energy storage, low-loss power distribution, etc.). Construction began in 1991 but by 
1993 the story was that the Desertron was hopelessly over budget with just 22.5 km of tunnel and 
seventeen shafts completed, so it was shut down. In 2006, the Department of Energy purportedly 
sold it to Arkansas multimillionaire Johnnie Bryan Hunt whose dream was to build the Collider 
Data Center. 

Hunt’s unique selling point for Collider Data Center was its location and infrastructure. The collider sits on an 
independent power grid capable of delivering 10 megawatts of power (and up to 100 megawatts if needed), and it has 
its own dedicated fiber optic line. Its two warehouses can support floor loads of 500 pounds per square foot, perfect 
for the enormous servers that Hunt intended to buy. The entire complex is clear of flight paths and out of hurricane, 
tsunami, earthquake and flood zones. 9 

But then Hunt “slipped on ice” and died, so the half-dug underground facility again sat idle— 
or did it? 

Earlier, I stressed that HAARP experiments have damaged the ionosphere and weakened the 
magnetosphere. CERN, in tandem with scalar interferometers like HAARP, is no doubt 
complicit, as well, but could also offset impact on the magnetosphere. “Ripples” in the 
magnetosphere can cause airplanes to literally drop from the sky. Rumors about CERN flew 
when on March 24, 2015, Gennanwings Airbus A320 went from a cruising altitude of 38,000 
feet to a rapid descent over the French Alps 127 miles from CERN. Only 10 percent of airplane 
crashes occur after a plane reaches cruising altitude. 

On April 23, 2016, the magnetosphere collapsed (“disappeared”) for two hours. While it is 
tempting to blame the LHC superconducting magnets, CERN watcher Anthony Patch insists that 
at that time the LHC was running at low luminosity and producing corresponding low-duration 

energies and lower field intensities. 10 So no, it wasn’t the LHC that caused the magnetosphere to 
“disappear” for two hours: 

We can, however, attribute these gaps in the electromagnetic lines of force to actions by the numerous HAARP 
antennas established around the planet. No longer are they simply heating the ionosphere and similarly targeting 
terrestrial areas to trigger earthquakes and volcanoes. Indeed, these are manmade events. Of recent, most HAARP 
installations have been revamped, resulting in higher output and range [due to working together at exact calibrations]. 
These are the cause and effects noted in our [magnetosphere] shields, not the reduced power levels of the 
superconducting magnets arrayed to the Main Ring of the Large Hadron Collider. 11 

Disruption of the magnetosphere means that more gamma rays and X-rays can access our 

Echoing the Stephen Hawking quote at the beginning of this chapter, professor Otto Rossler 
at the University of Tubingen in late 2008 went so far as to file a lawsuit against CERN with the 
European Court of Human Rights on the grounds that the facility might trigger a mini-black hole 
that could annihilate the planet. 12 The lawsuit was thrown out. 

However, if Rossler was referring to CERN’s antimatter experiments, he was right: when 
matter comes in contact with antimatter, it is destroyed. Unstable and needing careful 
containment, if just one-millionth of a gram is loosed, it equals 37.8 kilograms (83 pounds) of 
TNT or 10 billion times a high explosive. 


The study of matter, what it is and isn’t, has obsessed Western science since the eighteenth 
century, as has the determination to probe its origins. We now know that the reality our five 
senses perceive is actually a complex pattern of interlocking wave forms, much as was 
envisioned in the final scenes of the 2003 film The Matrix Revolutions. What we see as “matter” 
is the positive cycle of a wave pulsing into existence while in a hyperdimension its negative 
cycle manifests as antimatter. Quantum physics and harmonics mathematics may be preparing 
humanity for encounters beyond what occultists have for centuries termed the Threshold or 
Veil. 13 (At CERN, it’s kn own as the “containment wall.”) 

Think of antimatter/matter as the yin/yang of reality, the building blocks of atoms being 
electrons (-) and protons (+), each with its own antimatter and opposite charge, as was mentioned 
in Chapter 7 while discussing lightning, a natural particle accelerator producing antimatter. 
Chapter 6 mentioned how lightning is the natural “particle accelerator” that produces antimatter, 
and how sprites are now being manufactured to do the same. 

With terms like “Higgs boson” and “God particle,” CERN claims to seek the “glue” binding 
all matter together. What it really seeks is the antimatter rooted beyond the Threshold of earthly 

In 2004, the U.S. Air Force publicly announced that it was pursuing antimatter weapons, “the 
eerie ‘mirror’ of ordinary matter.” 14 With antimatter in hand, positron bombs would be “clean” 
bombs that wouldn’t eject plumes of radioactive debris. But on Eugene Mirman’s Star Talk radio 
program, astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson blew holes in the military’s naive way of thinking: 
“Ask yourself: How much energy is keeping [the planet] together? Then you put more than that 
amount of energy into the object. It will explode.” 

Are some of the world’s particle accelerators already in the antimatter weapons business? 

Antimatter being on the other side of the containment wall, enough strangelets must be 
produced so that an explosive potential can tear the Veil, expose the antimatter realm, and alter 
the very fabric of Space. Anthony Patch says that the right number of strangelets can change a 
planet into a neutron star. (Shades of Stephen Hawking’s misgivings.) Blast the containment wall 
and psycho-energetics 15 will leak through, operating on the same scalar “channel” as visions, 
dreams, “spooky action at a distance” (quantum entanglement), synchronicities, and deja vu —all 
of which share a frequency signature and resonance with another, unseen side of existence. 

Having deciphered antimatter’s signature and breached the Threshold, CERN opens the way 
to impact everyone’s antimatter “tether.” For example, if it is true that CERN has breached the 
Veil and opened an aperture (“portal”) welcoming antimatter into our dimension, it seems 
obvious that if antimatter is the yin to matter’s yang, antimatter entities now in 3-space will need 
to either produce a plasma body (plasma being the fourth state of matter) or occupy a body 
possibly already occupied. 

In a quantum entanglement era, such a line of thinking is no longer so far-fetched. After all, 
the military-intelligence apparatchik has been studying paranormal events and parapsychology 
for decades—ever since antimatter was discovered in 1955, as a matter of fact. And if dark 
matter and the Higgs Field are wherever matter isn’t —like antimatter and aether 16 —then 
proximity to the Threshold probably quickens paranormal and parapsychological events. Which 
brings up questions regarding the relationship between the paranormal and antimatter, beginning 
with What, if anything, are scientists and staff at CERN experiencing? 


The fact that the LHC’s huge, circular dharma- like geometry has been compared to ancient 
technologies like the Egyptian pyramids points to its mythical stature: a vast, complex 
technology in quest of the tiny building blocks of the universe. Is CERN the global elites’ Mecca 
or Rome “hidden in plain sight”? Headlines in publications for the masses like the British 
Sunday Express —“Scientists at Large Hadron Collider hope to make contact with PARALLEL 
UNIVERSE in days” (August 15, 2015)—make CERN larger than life. Rumors of subterranean 
CIA headquarters beneath Lake Geneva add to the diversion from what is really going on there, 
and at the same time assure the scientifically minded that nothing but “science” is going on at 
CERN and that the choreographed shiny LHC-like revolving sigils and Saturn “rings” zipping 
around the Earth on news shows as tones deepen the state of TV trance are simply coincidental. 17 

The statue of the Hindu goddess Shiva Nataraja began dancing the Anandatandava or 
Cosmic Dance of creation and destruction outside CERN headquarters in 2004. The town in 
France that CERN’s presence dominates is called Saint-Genis-Pouilly, Pouilly referring to the 
Latin AppoUiacum, a Roman temple honoring Apollo and therefore a gateway to the underworld. 
But perhaps Shiva is dancing for the Indian Apollyon, primordial destructive force of the 
universe . . . 

Meanwhile, ritual and “mirrored” events are being leaked to the Internet and press to further 
obfuscate public perception: 

~March 9, 2015, the Shiva "Dance of Destruction” around the Large Hadron Collider a.k.a. Hindu dharma wheel in 
the cavern, 18 Shiva’s dance being the dance of subatomic matter. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015, mirror event in New York City: a hologram of the Hindu goddess Kali cast upon the 
Empire State Building. 

~August 11. 2016, a seemingly Satanic (or Satumalian?) night ritual replete with a female sacrifice in front of Shiva in 

i • 19 

the main square. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016, mirror event in Switzerland; a two-part ritual spectacle in Switzerland to christen the 
opening of the $12 billion Gotthard Base Tunnel (35.4 miles long) buried a mile and a half under the Gotthard 
mountain range of the Swiss Alps. 20 Though not on site with CERN, the latitude of Gotthard Base Tunnel is 
46.600°N and of CERN 46.233°N. (Serious ritual always takes into account planetary and geodetic conditions.) Four 
heads of state and multiple global elites first watched the ritual spectacle of robotic workers in orange jumpsuits 
peeling down to their underwear inside the cavern, then witnessed the Mystery drama of Baphomet simulating anal 
rape as three scarabs, multiple mad souls and chaotic entities from other dimensions undermined toiling humanity, 
and saving angels outside the cavern. The spectacle might have been entitled "Ripping the Veil” or “Storming the 

The Gotthard Base Tunnel “outing” of an authentic global elite spcctaclc-c«/«-ritual -cum- 
psyop no doubt shocked those of the lower classes who were there as well as television 
audiences who eventually saw what had been filmed, but it was pagan business as usual for the 
high-ranking elites in attendance. No public debate over the artistic or religious merits of the 
“choreography” has been forthcoming. In fact, the entire event has dropped neatly into the 
Orwellian Memory Hole (the subconscious). Such an Eyes Wide Shut peep into the elite 
underworld was more than enough for the 99.9% conditioned to believe whatever they are told 
and not necessarily what they are shown. 

These rituals are connected with the intent that CERN throw open the gates of the Abyss to 
antimatter. On an energetic level, “being human” straddles both matter and antimatter; thus it 
seems obvious that these rituals are intended to open us to our antimatter side, given that our 
thoughts and feelings tend toward one side or the other. Entities drawn to antimatter are demonic 
to human beings, so increased production and extraction of antimatter will increase demonic 
presence. By wielding antimatter’s energy signature, the LHC will “call” the antimatter 
signatures in human beings to activate. 

It seems that the temple of CERN is about altering reality as we have known it. 21 Theoretical 
physicist Feynman had it right: “If you aren’t deeply disturbed by quantum mechanics, you 
clearly haven’t understood it.” 


On May 25, 2007—Bernard Eastlund died 12/12/2007 — Bernard, Tom Bearden, Fred Bell, a 
filmmaker and I had a conversation in Texas about the possible development of Saturn rings 
around the Earth like a celestial space collider. It seemed like every time the LHC was activated, 
there were cyclotronic reverberations like shockwaves of earthquakes, volcanic and massive 

spontaneous gravity (scalar) wave activity. 

— Billy Hayes, “The HAARP Man” 

Even more startling than CERN’s antimatter quest may be its mysterious connection to NASA’s 
intent to create Satum-like “rings” around planet Earth— synchrotron rings that will serve 
interplanetary communications, quantum shielding and surveillance, and the real SSS Space 
Fence lockdown. First, let’s follow the psyop breadcrumbs. 

Saturn has six letters and is the sixth planet from the Sun with a six-sided polygon as its north 
pole. Even the sixth day, Saturday—still a holy day for some—is named after Saturn. CERN’s 
logo is a quantum entangled 666. 

In Chapter 7, I mentioned NASA space scientist Robert Pfaff s justification for altering the 
near-earth space environment by referencing other dynamos 22 on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and 
Neptune. 2 ' In the same context, I discussed how “dusty plasma” is being used to construct a 
conductive Saturn-like “CD disc” around the equator bearing a chemical signature very like the 
conductive metal brew daily dumped by jets and zapped by radio frequency—following the 
ancient As above, so below alchemical dictate by weaving electro-chemical processes of the 
ionosphere and lower atmosphere into a plasma mesh or grid. 

China is already working on a massive supercollider twice the size of any synchrotron or 
linear particle accelerator and 7X more powerful than CERN to produce millions of—what? Is 
China’s supercollider to serve as our planetary dynamo? Or will it be the Compact Linear 
Collider (CLIC) or International Linear Collider (ILC) no longer firing electrons at each other 
but firing electrons and positrons (antimatter) at each other? China’s quantum satellite is now 
experimenting with quantum entanglement. 24 Anthony Patch wonders if the quantum satellite 
will open portals to electrically link the Earth’s rings with Saturn’s rings via Birkeland currents 
(plasma conduits). 25 

Now, let’s go a little deeper into what Saturn represents to various global elites. 

The incursion of thousands of Nazis into the United States under Operation Paperclip lends 
credence to the possibility of a still-thriving secret Saturnalian Brotherhood in the United States, 
along with the normal fare of Freemasons, Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Satanists, etc. 

The 33° system of initiation known as the Fraternitas Saturni or Saturnalian Brotherhood is a 
German magical order founded in 1926. Originally, it was connected with Aleister Crowley and 
his Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO); now, “Saturn-Magic” lodges are primarily headquartered in 
Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, including offshoots like Ordo Saturni and Communitas 

I would not be surprised if NASA hosts a Saturnalian Lodge. Wikipedia defines NASA as 
“an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government,” but 
neglects to mention that it was founded under SS officer Wernher von Braun (1912-1977) and 
Paperclip Nazis who claimed to have derived technological insight from ancient “mythological” 
texts and entities beyond the Veil through occult rituals. Thus, NASA may be a very different 
kind of “independent agency of the executive branch.” 

The most high-profile NASA move toward Saturn is surely the Cassini space probe launched 
with its lander the Huygens on a Titan IVB/Centaur on October 15, 1997 and entering Saturn’s 
orbit in 2004 with Huygens landing on Saturn’s moon Titan on January 14, 2005. Data has been 
transmitting back to Earth ever since by using the orbiter as a relay, and the Cassini has been 
executing fly-bys of Saturn’s other moons. However, once it enters Saturn’s rings and 
atmosphere, it is slated for destruction on September 15, 2017, supposedly “to ensure protection 
and prevent biological contamination to any of the moons of Saturn thought to offer potential 
habitability.” 26 

Questions regarding Saturn abound. Why and how does Saturn emit more energy than it 
absorbs? Why do Saturn’s rings make those eerie resonance sounds? Why are the rings separate? 
What are the objects caught up in the rings? From ancient lore, we might ask, Is it true that 
hundreds of thousands of years ago Saturn was Earth’s Black or Midnight Sun? Were Saturn, 
Mars, and Venus once in polar alignment with Earth, and if so, what event ended that alignment, 
causing them to “float away ” to their present orbits? Of NASA, I would ask, Is the purpose to 
go to Saturn or to make Earth into a Saturn? 

Shades of Immanuel Velikovsky (1895-1979). 

Certainly, the LHC, AWAKE, and D-Wave are engaged in reconnecting the Earth to Saturn 
as NASA and other agencies and private deep pockets seed the Earth’s atmosphere with nano¬ 
metals and build nano-metal Saturn rings around the Earth that surely will act as transceivers 
with Saturn’s rings. 


And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was 

given the key of the bottomless pit. 

— Revelations 9:1 

The recent addition of the smaller (thirty-meter) Advanced Wakefield Experiment (AWAKE) 
plasma linear accelerator with a focusing beam and capability of accelerating particles to 20 PeV 
(peta electron volts, peta meaning one thousand million million) by “surfing” them on waves of 
electric charge (protons) created in a plasma (ionized gas) will generate 1,000X the particles that 
the LHC generates. “Because protons have greater mass than electrons, each proton pulse 
penetrates further into the plasma, setting up a longer series of charged regions, which in turn 
provides greater acceleration per pulse.” 27 

Anthony Patch believes that the AWAKE will assure a connection to Saturn. 

The AWAKE focusing beam means low luminosity and less fragmentation, and the 
“accelerator on a chip” 28 means moving away from the mechanical power of the ring-based 
synchrotron LHC smashing and crashing protons to the real source of greater energy power, 
which is plasma. Billy Hayes “The HAARP Man” well understands that size is not the issue 
anymore (other than smaller and smaller): 

Each [accelerator on a chip] can independently act as an optical laser amp or memory chip and redirect what it 
receives. Hence a new versatile super weapon one step from airborne nanoparticle accelerators launched into orbit by 
the trillions to nano-tag and digitally control life forms . -9 

As the LHC smashes and AWAKE drills holes via quantum tunneling into hyperdimensions, 
the new VHEeP (very high energy electron-proton collider), superconducting magnets, plasma, 
and electron-proton instead of proton-proton collisions will generate the power needed to “pierce 
the Veil.” 20 PeV with a focused beam at a quantum level (thanks to the D-Wave quantum 
computer) is powerful enough to break the nuclear bonds—the force binding quantum particles 
at a quantum level—that have heretofore prevented access to the dimensions beyond the 

In other words, the VHEeP is a kinetic particle energy weapon whose assault on the 
Threshold is an act of war, not an astronomical “experiment.” 

CERN’s D-Wave adiabatic quantum computer system controls the portals—their rate of 
opening, their size, what comes through, etc. Whereas the nominal operational temperature for 
the LHC is 1.9 degrees above zero, the tiny niobium D-Wave chip in its ten-foot black box must 
be kept colder than deep space at just above absolute zero. 30 It is the cold that transforms a mere 
chip into a qubit superconductor. D-Wave also requires an extremely low magnetic environment, 
50,000X lower than the Earth’s ambient magnetic field—the exact opposite of CERN’s massive 
superconducting magnets. 

Co-founder and chief scientist Eric Ladizinsky equates D-Wave’s qubit chip with the 
Manhattan Project and magic, as per Arthur C. Clarke’s famous “Any sufficiently advanced 
technology is indistinguishable from magic.” In a 2013 speech at Idea City, D-Wave’s Geordie 
Rose revealed D-Wave’s hyperdimensional capability by quoting physicist David Deutsch: 
“Quantum computation. . .will be the first technology that allows useful tasks to be performed in 
collaboration between parallel universes.” Rose went on to mention the pulse tube dilation 
refrigerator unit “heartbeat” of the twelve-foot D-Wave, and confessed that standing beside the 
D-Wave was “awe-inspiring. . .like an altar to an alien god.” 31 (See Chapter 6 for more on D- 

It is true: D-Wave appears to function interdimensionally. First came D-Wave Model 512 
(qubits) linked with Josephson junctions, then the 1024, the 2048, and finally the 4096 that clears 
the way through the Veil (4,096 qubits in the coded “key”). D-Wave’s 512 cracked the 
uncrackable Shor’s algorithm of 2048; now, D-Waves are writing their own code that only other 
adiabatic quantum computers can crack. How many dimensions has D-Wave accessed so far 
with VHEeP? 

In quantum worlds, (1) dimensions are frequencies, (2) everything locked in matter has a 
dual nature of waves (spiritual) and particles (physical), (3) quantum tunneling reaches into 
spiritual dimensions, and (4) antimatter frequencies entering our reality are subject to the same 3- 
space laws we are. 

Is the Transhumanist agenda looming behind the Space Fence, CERN, and the D-Wave 
“alien god” to digitally augment our reality to the point that our DNA matches the digitized DNA 
of antimatter demons/aliens? Are we to one day be only virtual and exist entirely in the digital 
like cartoon characters? 

The Mandela Effect —when someone has a clear memory of something that never happened 
in this reality—may be an early ripple foreshadowing such a future, or it could be yet another 
psyop via pulsing and Internet hacking. But it does seem that CERN and D-Wave are bent on 
opening and cross-fertilizing dimensions. Meanwhile, the rings of Saturn are going up around the 
Earth. 32 

1 LHC is a synchrotron-type accelerator, a particular type of cyclic particle accelerator in which the accelerating particle 
beam travels around a fixed closed-loop path. 

2 David Kestenbaum, “The World’s Largest Particle Accelerator.” NPR, May 18, 2008. 

3 Like other “black” projects, confusion reigns over HAARP’s resumption: "HAARP Facility to Reopen in 2017 underNew 
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8 Tera or trillion electron volts; 1 TeV = 1.6021773E-7 joule. 

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Space { 1995). 

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21 For more behind this interpretation, please listen to an alleged CERN insider: "Darkest Side of CERN — Destruction of 
Souls — Critical!!!! ” Margaret Schaut, April 3, 2015. 

22 The dynamo theory proposes a mechanism by which a celestial body such as Earth or a star generates a magnetic field. A 
dynamo is thought to be the source of the Earth’s magnetic field, as well as the magnetic fields of other planets. 

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D-Wave quantum computer system. These will not open portals, nor will they produce or connect Birkeland currents to Saturn or 
other planets. Only the LHC’s Main Ring conjoined with AWAKE, concurrent with the opening of the portal at CERN’s North 
Area Impact Point, produce the Birkeland currents connecting first with Saturn, then with the other remaining planets. The 
Chinese have nothing to do with this. I do agree that Saturn-like rings are being produced around Earth as a result of spraying and 
Synchrotron energies produced by circulating particles within the LHC Main Ring. These energies are the same as with Saturn: 
gamma and X-rays, along with magnetic lines of force extending at right angles (orthogonal) to the Main Ring’s superconducting 
magnets.” (In the Bible, Birkeland currents are "Jacob’s ladder.” For a review, go back to Chapter 7.) 

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THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren 7 only equal before God 
and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody 
was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All 
this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the 
unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General. 

Some things about living still weren 7 quite right, though. April for instance, still drove 
people crazy by not being springtime. And it was in that clammy month that the H-G men took 
George and Hazel Bergeron’s fourteen-year-old son, Harrison, away. 

It was tragic, all right, but George and Hazel couldn 7 think about it very hard. Hazel had a 
perfectly average intelligence, which meant she couldn 7 think about anything except in short 
bursts. And George, while his intelligence was way above normal, had a little mental handicap 
radio in his ear. He was required by law to wear it at all times. It was tuned to a government 
transmitter. Every twenty seconds or so, the transmitter would send out some sharp noise to keep 
people like George from taking unfair advantage of their brains . . . 

— Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., “Harrison Bergeron,” 1961 

And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of 

John 10:5 


The Covert Ascendance of Technocracy 

Technocracy is a totalitarian system of government where scientists, engineers and technicians 
monitor and control all facets ofpersonal and civic life — economic, social and political. . .Smart 
Grid is born out of technocracy and not the other way around. 

— Patrick Wood, Editor, The August Review, June 23, 2011 

Ever since Captain Kirk teleported to the surface of an alien planet and whipped out his portable 
communicator, everyone Earthside wanted one. And the telecos gave us flip-phones, along with 
compulsive texting, streaming video, online gaming and banking, the worldwide web and more. 

— Will Thomas, “Wireless, Chemtrails, and You,” 2013 

While a few millicuries (mCi) of cancer-causing ionized radiation can terrify people, not a word 
is said about the ubiquitous non-ionized microwave transmitters towering over our 
neighborhoods or up against our heads and in our pockets. Had the Space Preservation Act of 
2001 (HR2977) not been torn to pieces in committee, we might have eventually realized that cell 
phones and microwave towers and the Internet of Things (IoT) are just more of the exotic 
weapons system described in HR2977: 

• Electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons; 

• Chemtrails; 

• High-altitude ultra-low-frequency weapons systems; 

• Plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons; 

• Laser weapons systems; 

• Strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and 

• Chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons. 

In its infinite wisdom, HR2977 forbade: 

. . .inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental 

health, or physical and economic well-being of a person) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based 

systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or 

targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or 

populations; or by expelling chemical or biological agents in the vicinity of a person . . . 

Of course, HR2977 was not allowed to see the light of day because exotic “nonlethal” 
weapons were exactly what were being “tested” for military peace support operations (PSO) 
—“peacemaking, peace enforcement and peace building” being Orwellian for the covert 
technocracy that would supplant human society in the name of progress. 

Technocracy means rule by technology. The term was bom in 1932 with the Technocracy, 
Inc. movement. Inspired by IBM (then collaborating with the Nazis), geoscientist M. King 
Hubbert (1903-1989) sought to measure and profde energy production, conversion, flow of 
goods and services, and consumption. Patrick Wood, author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan 
Horse of Global Transformation (2015), puts it more succinctly: “Technocracy is a totalitarian 
system of government where scientists, engineers and technicians monitor and control all facets 
of personal and civic life—economic, social and political.” 1 

In 1970, geostrategist Zbigniew Brzezinski—adviser to four administrations, including the 
Obama administration—prophesied the advent of a “technetronic age”: 

Another threat, less overt but no less basic, confronts liberal democracy. More directly linked to the impact of 
technology, it involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled and directed society. Such a society would be 
dominated by an elite whose claim to political power would rest on allegedly superior scientific knowhow. 
Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by 
using the latest modem techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and 
control. Under such circumstances, the scientific and technological momentum of the country would not be reversed 
but would actually feed on the situation it exploits. . .The traditionally democratic American society could, because of 
its fascination with technical efficiency, become an extremely controlled society, and its humane and individualistic 
qualities would thereby be lost. . 2 

In 1983, Samuel Koslov—at one time involved in the Moscow Signal that eventually became 
Project Pandora (1965-70)—opened the classified Conference on Nonlinear Electrodynamics in 
Biological Systems at Johns Hopkins University by comparing the use of “external electric 
fields” to what “faced the physics community in 1939 when the long-time predicted 
fissionability of the nucleus was actually demonstrated”—meaning the secret Manhattan Project 
that produced the atomic bomb and inducted humanity into the Nuclear Age. 3 

Koslov was right. The rise of “nonlethal” weapons in the 1990s was pivotal to the 
ascendancy of the technocracy. “Penguin” 4 Col. John B. Alexander, author of the 1980 article 
“The New Mental Battlefield” (. Military Review, December 1980), eventually became the Los 
Alamos National Laboratories kingpin of nonlethal weapons for incremental aggression, peace 
enforcement, weaponized electromagnetic fields, chemical and biological “anti-terrorism,” high- 
powered microwave (HPM) technology, fracture and dynamic behavior, biotechnology, and 
acoustic technologies like synthetic brain-computer interface (BCI). Quiet, unseen weapons for a 
quiet, unseen war against human society. 

In 1993, Igor Smirnov of the Moscow Institute of Psycho-Correction at Moscow Medical 
Academy gave closed session presentations for the National Academy of Sciences’ 21st Century 
Army Technologies panel to FBI, CIA, DIA, DARPA, military contractor corporate executives, 
National Institutes of Health, and National Institute of Mental Health regarding the latest 
incarnations of the LIDA acoustic psycho-correction device able to remotely implant thoughts in 
minds, even over the telephone? Smirnov taught attendees how to use the electroencephalograph 
(EEG) to remotely measure brainwaves, then demonstrated the computer software that could 
create an accurate brain map from those measurements, after which he sent a synthetic telepathy 

message to a target brain with the LIDA. This technology promised real-time alteration of 
decision-makers and key personnel, he said, and was happily less violent than the strong-arm 
techniques of yesteryear. 6 

U.S. Patent 

OS 6,488,617 Bl 

lllllllllllllllllll 111 Hill 

United States Patent u* i*aiMt Nil: (is A,4SS,f>i7 Eti 

Kill/ , Mi Dull- «f 1 1 :■!i ;t Dec.3. 2002 

This is transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Note the “EEG Preprocessing” (now mobile). Note the emphasis on 
amplification and pulsing. This was in 2002. Now, TMS can remotely stimulate the temporal lobe by manipulating in loco 
electromagnetic fields. The temporal lobe processes visual and auditory input, creates new memories, and is command central for 

emotional associations. 

“In 2013, Arizona State University’s Center for Strategic Communication ran a program called “Toward Narrative Disruptors and 
Inductors: Mapping the Narrative Comprehension Network and Its Persuasive Effects.” “Strategic communication” refers to 
counterterrorist tactics against political dissidents, and “narrative disruptors and inductors” refer to jamming the brain’s thoughts 
and implanting other “narratives” by means of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) of the brain’s temporal lobe. (“Secret 
DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document.” Activist Post, July 29, 2013.) The claim that implants can’t be read 
without a scanner is not true; they can be read anywhere there are microwave/cell towers (wireless transmitters).” 

—Under An Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown 

At yet another classified conference in November 1993, George Baker, Ph.D., from the 
Defense Nuclear Agency, and Clay Easterly, Ph.D., of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
praised nonlethals to the skies. In 1994, Steven Metz and James Kievit of the U.S. Army War 
College came out with The Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War, an ominous 
techno-echo of George Orwell’s 1984 and the film trilogy The Matrix. In 1996, the U.S. Air 
Force Scientific Advisory Board published a fourteen-volume study of future weapons 
development called New World Vistas. The dystopic military vision of NBIC — nanotechnology, 
biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive technology —had taken hold. The “soft kill 
option” and no-touch torture were no longer a conspiracy theory. 


The technocratic city is a post-9/11 city. Eederal troops can now enter cities with impunity, 
tha nk s to timed false-flag traumas. Tactically trained paramilitary SWAT teams roll down the 
street in $296,000 Lenco Bearcats paid for by the spoils of the so-called Drug War. “Urban 
training exercises” invite low-flying whisper-mode helicopters, explosions, flares, smoke bombs, 
and SOCOM military personnel. Shooting drills are common at high schools, 7 recalling 
Benjamin Eranklin’s warning that those who give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety 
deserve neither liberty nor safety. 

Public protests are rare, but not because there is nothing to protest. There is everything to 
protest, but we have all watched the six o’clock news in horror as antipersonnel HSS (hypersonic 
sound) pain ray “risk management tools” like the Humvee-mounted LRADs (long-range acoustic 
devices) roll into Baghdad or Kabul for “area denial, perimeter security and crowd control.” Like 
the HIDA (high-intensity directed acoustics “sonic bullet”), the LRAD can damage hearing while 
broadcasting speech up to three hundred meters (“voice of God” weapon 8 ). The Thunder 
Generator—a cannon using a mixture of liquefied petroleum, cooking gas, and air—is similar, 
discharging a blast that can inflict permanent damage or even death if one is standing within ten 
meters of it; and the “heat ray” Active Denial System (ADS) is designed to behave like a particle 
beam weapon utilizing a narrow solid-state plasma antenna for individual pain beams. 

Besides “risk management tools,” a technocracy needs security police forces and border 
patrols. Multiple-tour infantry and Special Lorces now return home to patrol shopping malls in 
cities that look more and more like Baghdad and Kabul. The millions of dollars that went into 
their counterinsurgency training need not go to waste as long as the public can be kept on edge 
with lone nuts, drug trafficking, terror networks, and standard violent Hollywood fare— 

Everywhere in films, in popular books on the grocery store shelves and in video games, there’s an obsession with hit 
men, serial killers, sexual psychopaths and government agents with a license to kill; popular killers range from those 
in an underground, criminal world to those wearing badges and working under the lethal rights granted by [a] national 
sovereign. 9 

When the CIA’s fonner director George H.W. Bush referenced “a thousand points of light” 
in his Presidential candidate acceptance speech in 1988, 10 he was probably referring to the 
advent of the Smart Grid and its satellite “eyes in the sky” above and glowing microwave towers 
below in an atmosphere bristling with a driftnet of conductive metal particulates, nanobot sensors 
and microprocessors outside and inside human bodies. As activist and targeted individual (TI) 
Carolyn Williams Palit put it in 2007: 

What they are ultimately trying to do up there is create charged-particle, plasma beam weapons. Chemtrails are the 
medium — GWEN pulse radars, the various HAARPs, and space-based lasers are the method, or more simply: 
Chemtrails are the medium — directed energy is the method. Spray and Zap. 11 

An efficient technocracy is absolutely dependent upon a consolidated digital wireless grid: 

a single, integrated communication-enabled electric delivery and monitoring system, collectively called Smart Grid. . 
.Thirty years ago, a researcher’s mantra was “Follow the money, follow the power.” This must now be restated: 
“Follow the energy, follow the power”. . .Global companies like IBM, GE and Siemens are putting their full effort 
behind the ‘build-out’ that will consolidate all of America into a single, integrated, communication-enabled electric 
delivery and monitoring system, collectively called Smart Grid . . . I_ 

The fact that cable companies like Time Warner, AT&T, and Comcast aren’t subject to 
common carriage regulations points clearly to their “insider” military status. Telecom mergers 
have carte blanche. Monopolies control telephone and cable lines. After the AOL-Time Warner 
merger and AT&T-MediaOne merger, the FCC granted cable companies the right to manage the 
speed at which sites appear, block content, and deny ISP access. Comcast, the world’s largest 
cable company, controls one-third of U.S. households. 

AT&T and Verizon collaborate with Israel’s “superintrusive” Verint and Narus to perform 
mass surveillance on American communications, sifting traffic 24/7 at key Internet gateways 
around the U.S. James Bamford, author of The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA from 
9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America, writes that Israel is the eavesdropping capital of the 
world 13 and never need to be concerned about congressional oversight of its activities in the 
U.S., as the CIA and Mossad are Gog and Magog. 

The global Smart Grid is up and running, jarringly symbolized by the NSA’s megalithic 
Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center in 
Bluffdale, Utah, twenty-five miles south of Salt Lake City (mentioned in Chapter 6). Above 
ground, the Utah Data Center occupies 1.5 million square feet and quantifies in yottabytes (1 
yottabyte = 1 trillion terabytes, or 1 quadrillion gigabytes) what is vacuumed up from satellite 
and underwater ocean cable 14 intercepts. 

Southeast of the Utah Data Center in the Mimbres territory of Catron County, New Mexico, 
AT&T has an underground communications facility. In 1977, the Dia Art Foundation 
commissioned American sculptor Walter De Maria to build a piece of land art called The 
Lightning Field right over that underground facility: four hundred stainless steel poles precisely 
two inches in diameter and twenty feet 7.5 inches in height, spaced 220 feet apart, their pointed 
tips defining a horizontal plane in a grid array measuring one mile by one kilometer. 


The technocracy has had high hopes for smart meters, and not just as a 24/7 home energy 
accounting system counting kilowatts. In 2013, 35.5 percent of all U.S. electrical customers had 
smart meters, a 20 percent increase over 2012. By 2014, 58,545,938 smart meters had been 
installed, with 51,710,725 being residential. 15 In the developing world, there were 5.16 million 
units in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in 2011. A Market Research reports for global smart 
meter sales listed the English-speaking spy network Echelon (Five Eyes) as a “top player.” 16 

In fact, read between the lines of Title XIII of the Clean Energy / Energy Independence and 
Security Act, signed into law on December 19, 2007, and you will see that smart meters are 
really about surveillance, period. Note the repetition of the (military) term “deployment”: 

(1) Increased use of digital information and controls technology to improve 
reliability, security, and efficiency of the electric grid; 

(2) Dynamic optimization of grid operations and resources, with full cyber-security; 

(3) Deployment and integration of distributed resources and generation, including 
renewable resources; 

(4) Development and incorporation of demand response, demand-side resources, and 
energy-efficiency resources; 

(5) Deployment of ‘smart’ technologies (real-time, automated, interactive 
technologies that optimize the physical operation of appliances and consumer 
devices) for metering, communications concerning grid operations and status, and 
distribution automation; 

(6) Integration of ‘smart’ appliances and consumer devices; 

(7) Deployment and integration of advanced electricity storage and peak-shaving 
technologies, including plug-in electric and hybrid electric vehicles, and thermal- 
storage air conditioning; 

(8) Provision to consumers of timely information and control options; 

(9) Development of standards for communication and interoperability of appliances 
and equipment connected to the electric grid, including the infrastructure serving 
the grid; 

(10) Identification and lowering of unreasonable or unnecessary barriers to adoption of 
smart grid technologies, practices, and services. 

Unlike regular electric AMR (automated meter reading) meters, smart meters are two-way 
AMI (advanced meter infrastructure), supposedly to “allow utilities and customers to interact to 
support smart consumption applications.” 17 

Smart meters are joined at the hip with the Internet of Things (IoT). By 2020, every 
American home is to have a two-way gas and electricity AMI logging energy use of smart 
appliances at two-second intervals, as per power signatures. If Li-Fi 18 complements your WiFi, 
its 1-watt LED [light-emitting diode] has a microchip in it that can simultaneously connect 
multiple computers to the Internet. Every plug-in and wireless appliance, every film you watch, 
whether you are home or not, your state of wakefulness or sleep, is monitored, tha nk s to the 
ZigBee microchip in each smart meter that wirelessly communicates from smart appliances to 
utility poles, central utilities offices, police stations, and fusion centers. 

And ZigBee chips have a kill switch. 

Home energy accounting and surveillance are two smart meter agendas under the 
technocracy. The third agenda is to serve as a node in the computing architecture, given that the 
computer cards in the communications modules of smart meters have the same computing power 
as a cell phone. With Linux software, Hive Computing, smart meter vendor Itron and partner 
Cisco are building a mesh network of nodes from millions of smart meters for a distributed 
intelligence platform of greater Smart Grid control—for “socially useful computing tasks,” of 
course. 19 

. . .the latent capacity of the world’s smart meter network approaches that of the world’s better known 
supercomputers. For example, 3,000 smart meters have nearly the same amount of processing power and memory 
capability as Deep Blue, the IBM supercomputer that beat Garry Kasparov in a game of virtual chess in 1997, and 
150,000 meters add up to about half the computing power of IBM’s Watson supercomputer . . 20 

That’s one teraflop (1 trillion floating operations per second) of processing power. One 
million smart meters is the equivalent of the world’s twentieth fastest supercomputer. 

Lovely: a supercomputer module active 24/7 on the outer wall of your home or business in a 
neighborhood filled with other modules, all receiving and sending transmissions, paid for by 
consumers who must deal with the health issues and cybersecurity issues of third-party software 

nosing around through smart meters. 21 

The IoT overseen by smart meters makes every neighborhood a veritable antenna farm that 
affects the health of all life forms within the target zone. Daniel Hirsch, a lecturer on nuclear 
policy at University of California Santa Cruz, stresses that one smart meter exposes people to 
100X the microwave radiation of a cell phone. 22 Symptoms following from exposure range from 
an inability to sleep deeply to headaches, heart palpitations, chronic fatigue, difficulty 
concentrating, and cancer. 

Opponents nationwide have testified that radiofrequency emissions from Smart Meters cause headaches, nausea, and 
insomnia. A Hurst woman told the Dallas Morning News in June that her autistic daughter began having seizures 
when their Smart Meter was installed. . .[OJpponents of Smart Meters nationwide have complained about inaccurate 
readings, radiofrequency interference with medical and other devices in their homes, and privacy and security 



The electromagnetic impact of smart meters extends far beyond the 900 MHz resonating 
from home wiring. Add the 2.4 GHz frequencies of the machine-to-machine Home Area 
Network (HAN) overseeing the smart meters in your area and you have RFR (radio frequency 
radiation) in the harmful microwave range of 1-300 GHz. Now add the collector meter antennas 
affixed to telephone poles to serve as transmission hubs for 500-1,000 homes, with frequencies 
from 850 MHz to 1.9 GHz for cell phone connectivity. 

The cumulative effect of wireless 900 MHz, 1.9 GHz, and 2.4 GHz, 24 coupled with 
conductive nanoparticle “clouds,” points directly to the neighborhood “cancer clusters” popping 
up everywhere. This from Canada: 

When the suburb is all transmitting, for example, in parallel signals to NAN M2M [Neighbourhood Area Network 
machine-to-machine] contact, not only are there clouds inside the residences but also an overcloud at about 2.5 meters 
and above in streets and above boundary layers of rooftops where the noise [of the Alasdair Philips “electrosmog” 
detector] can increase from reasonable background levels of below 0.05 microWatt/cm 2 to 400 microWatt/cm 2 in 
ambient air. 

Clearly the impact of SMART meter networks is phenomenal, especially when clustered together, inducing 
Doppler effects for long distances, sometimes hundreds of meters in series of clusters, reflections, generation of 
“noise” and probably thousands of new signals/cubic meters. 25 [Emphasis added.] 

Is it any wonder that Lloyd’s of London, the world’s foremost insurer of risk, refuses to 
cover health effects from wireless devices, including cell towers? Here is Sharon Noble, director 
of Coalition to Stop Smart Meters: 

Lloyd’s of London is one of the largest insurers in the world and often leads the way in protection, taking on risks that 
no one else will. Attached is a recent renewal policy which, as of Feb. 7, 2015, excludes any coverage associated with 
exposure to non-ionizing radiation. In response to clarification, this response was received on Feb. 18, 2015 from 
CFC Underwriting LTD, London, UK agent for Lloyd’s: “The Electromagnetic Fields Exclusion (Exclusion 32) is a 
General Insurance Exclusion and is applied across the market as standard. The purpose of the exclusion is to exclude 
cover for illnesses caused by continuous long-tenn non-ionising radiation exposure i.e. through mobile phone 
usage.” 26 

Smart Meter arcs are burning out computers and shorting out surge protectors and appliances. 
Add the complicating factor of the conductive metal nanoparticulates falling from chemical jet 
trails and power poles bursting into flame make more sense than “a build-up of dust on 
transformers that shorted out due to low-lying fog.” 27 Ionized “precipitation-inducing materials” 
in electrosmog 28 are more to the point. 

Not all Americans are lying down for the Smart Grid rollout of smart meters. For example, a 
fifty-five-year-old Houston woman ordered a CenterPoint Energy worker attempting to install a 
smart meter off her property at gunpoint, 20 having astutely perceived that smart meter installation 
represents a clear and present danger of explosions, hot sockets, flashovers, and deadly fires, not 
to mention the loud, obnoxious hum’ 0 foretelling endless health problems. 


Life evolved with negligible levels of microwave radiation. An increasing number of scientists 
speculate that our own cells, in fact, use the microwave spectrum to communicate with one 
another, like children whispering in the dark, and that cell phones, like jackhammers, interfere 

with their signaling. 

— Arthur Firstenberg, “The Largest Biological Experiment Ever,” 2006 

What is emanating from the forest of cell phone (microwave) towers going up invisibly 
interweaves with the chemical trail grids overhead. In 2013, it was finally made public that the 
CIA’s division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education was funding a geoengineering 
study in concert with the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), NOAA, and NASA: 

The National Academy has held two previous workshops on geoengineering, but neither was funded by the 
intelligence community, says Edward Dunlea, the study director of the latest project. The CIA would not say why it 
had decided to fund the project at this time. . .The last time the government tried to do cutting-edge research related to 
the atmosphere—with the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP), which aimed to protect 
satellites from nuclear blasts—people speculated that it might be a death ray, a mind control weapon, or, worst of all. . 

.a way to control the weather. 31 [Emphasis added.] 

The presence of the word “behavioral” should have sounded the alarm. 

Hacking masses of cell phones, computers, and brains is easy in a conductive metal-rich 
atmosphere. WikiLeaks revealed a package of spy tools called the Finlntrusion Kit for hacking 
into WiFi (“IT intrusion” = hacking), while FinFisher’s FinSpy takes over smartphones like 
iPhones or Windows Mobile, then with FinUSBSuite transfers information to fusion centers, 
police stations, corporations, etc. The Fin malware is produced by Gamma Group, a shadowy 
UK corporation. ’ 2 

The little transceivers we call cell or mobile phones are perfect for spying. More important 
are the mental and physical health effects of what amounts to cell phone addiction with cell 
phone radiation dialing into our cells. We’ve been bioelectrical beings for millions of years, but 
now our cells are forced to interact with artificial EM signals as our tower-like bodies process the 
pulsed frequencies of AM/FM (amplitude/frequency modulation) radio, metal appliances, cars, 
ionized rain and snow, glass, towers, antennas, and the constantly zapped metal nanoparticulates 
raining down and into our lungs. Headaches and migraines, foggy thinking, forgetfulness, weak 
concentration, impaired learning, and accelerated dementia reflect the rising ricochet of EM 
signals and the ionized nanoparticles breaching our blood-brain barrier. The first mile above the 
Earth is buzzing with two million times the amount of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of 1900. 

Neither telecom giants nor Big Pharma are keen on the public learning that two minutes on a 
cell phone or sitting near a cordless phone base or wireless computer router will short-circuit the 
body-brain electrical ion flow and end in clumps of fibril proteins growing in electromagnetically 

altered brains. It seems that the World Health Organization (WHO) reclassification of cell phone 
and WiFi emissions as possible carcinogens was not enough; few Americans kn ow or care that a 
federal appeals court has blocked the City of San Francisco from requiring retailers to issue 
warnings to cell phone buyers. 11 Western Europe and Israel have had wireless technologies a 
decade longer than North America, which may be why 250,000 Swedish citizens are on 
permanent disability for microwave sickness, early Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, 
multiple sclerosis, and cancer. 34 As the price of our love for convenience and comfort climbs, it 
is just a matter of time before landlines are quietly discontinued.’ 7 

Despite all the cell phone radiation lawsuits, 36 smartphones continue to be the favored Trojan 
horse of the Smart Grid. 7.3 billion cell phone users don’t realize they are now the proud owners 
of two-way microwave radios pulsing low levels of EMR and producing brain cancers like 
ipsilateral glioma.’ 7 WiFi has gone from radiating a one-hundred-yard microwave cloud 
(“hotspot”) for people to tap into, to wireless MiFi routers that can be carried wherever one goes. 
Meanwhile, the iPhone 6, Moto X, Nexus 6, etc., with their built-in hotspots are demanding ever 
more Towers of Babel and satellites for voice, Internet, music, video games, TV reception, and 
video streaming. WiMAX upgrades to LTE now grace towers and broadcast in the 5.8 GHz 
spectrum to fill in those frustrating receptivity gaps between towers. 

Add satellites with steerable spot beams and a barium-enriched atmosphere and you have a 
weaponized Smart Grid with sizzling microwave “clouds” ready and waiting everywhere. Cloud- 
based systems are highly hackable corporate-owned and corporate-managed shared-space 
server farms not subject to public oversight. 

Are specific absorption rates (SARs) of radiation being field-tested on large populations? The 
maximum legal SAR is 1.6 watts per kilogram of tissue, an adult male head standard, not an 
adult female or child head, and concerned only with overheating body tissue, not with 
subthermal effects.’ 8 AT&T and T-Mobile employ the Global System for Mobile 
Communication (GSM) with a SAR 100X that of the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) 
system employed by Verizon and Sprint. And if 2G phones (GSM/UMTS and CDMA/W- 
CDMA) are “bioactive”—doublespeak for potentially harmful to living bodies—what does that 
make 5G and 6G smartphones? 1 Q 

Frequencies 1-5 GHz penetrate organ systems. Fifth-generation (5G) cell phones operate in 
the 28-100 GHz range, the same frequency as the extremely high frequency (30-300 GHz) 
millimeter wavelength spectrum (10-1mm) used in Raytheon’s active denial system (ADS) 
directed energy weapon for “perimeter security and crowd control.” 40 The supposed justification 
for the millimeter / terahertz spectrum is that the 700 MHz to 2.6 GHz WiFi bandwidth is 
saturated and consumers are demanding yet more speed and bandwidth. The truth is closer to 
how 5G cell phones and the tower antennas they require will serve population control. 5G will 
mean cell antennas on residential streets, so the insides of homes will be irradiated, blasting 
through walls with millimeter wave technology. Cellular mm-wave propagation every quarter oj 
a mile in densely populated areas is extremely unwise if safety is the primary consideration, 
which it is not. 

Ronald Powell, Ph.D. (Harvard) in applied physics ( , ), and Yael Stein, M.D. of Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, are 
begging the FCC Commissioners to withdraw 5G: 

Computer simulations have demonstrated that sweat glands concentrate sub-terahertz waves in human skin. Humans 
sense these waves as heat. The use of sub-terahertz (millimeter wave) communications technology (cell phones, WiFi, 

antennas) could cause humans to perceive physical pain via nociceptors . 41 

The smaller the wave, the more damage to human and animal metabolism. Millimeter waves 
in 5G have 25X the WiFi microwave photon energy of 2.4 GHz. Translated into impact on living 
cells, millimeter wave photons disturb 25X as many molecules as current WiFi and 4G disturb. 
TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) phones used by police and military are the most 
dangerous, 42 with TETRA carrier frequencies typically at 400 MHz and modulation frequencies 
at 17 Hz, the brain’s frequency range being 0.5-30 Hz. 

Synergy is a term we must become familiar with as we weigh the risks of increasing SARs. 
Synergy goes beyond mere mathematical increase (“100X that of the CDMA”) to an exponential 
impact of competing and overlapping non-ionized and ionized radiations. In a January 1, 2008 
email, public health scientist, epidemiologist, and leading expert on electromagnetic radiation Dr. 
George Carlo hit the microwaved nail on the head: 

EMR [electromagnetic radiation] is most likely a synergen in these cases, including the case with the disappearing 
birds. The exposures such as pesticides, chemtrails, harvesting of forests, and urban sprawl are not causes competing 
with EMR — they are additive and synergistic causes. They are insults to the system that require strong biological 
compensation to overcome. EMR depletes that ability to compensate, and thus the person — or species — succumbs 
to the effects of the environmental insult more severely and more rapidly. 4 ' 


Thus far, we’ve determined that the average American neighborhood is now an electromagnetic 
interchange of crisscrossing signals from computers, television, smart meters, cell phones, 
microwave ovens, IoT, utilities, military frequencies, transportation guidance systems—all 
translating to more cancer clusters, compromised immune systems, miscarriages, premature 
aging, and DNA damage as signals invisibly jet from one emitter to another, pulsing over high- 
voltage lines, along pipelines and cable, railroad tracks, assaulting the natural frequencies of 
forests, bodies, and brains. 

In suburbs, big city neighborhoods, and sparsely populated rural districts, omnidirectional 
and highly directional WiFi router antennas produce ambient aerial signals emissions multiplied 
by the presence of highly conductive aluminum and barium nanoparticulates. Above, television 
satellites in geosynchronous orbit are delivering programming to homes while spy satellite 
sensors probe the signatures of tens of millions of host computer systems as wireless and optical 
networking technologies pulse Internet over broadband landlines (coaxial cable, fiber optic, 
copper wires), WiFi, speed-of-light supercomputers, satellite and 5G/6G cell phones. 

All of our comforting, convenient, entertaining electronics are digital and dual-use. The 
previous analog signal was unstable and made it difficult to manipulate moods via frequencies. 
Digital technologies, like Internet, reroute neural pathways and alter the brain. 

Conventional arrays with analog beam formers are no more. Now, digital phased-array 
antennas with individual transmitters and receivers (T/R modules) are being reconfigured and 
their wideband performance upgraded for dual-use operations. Throughout neighborhoods, 
micro-level phased arrays connect to microwave transmission lines, and power dividers perch on 
telephone and electric poles, cell towers and less obvious platforms, invisibly capturing and 
transferring electromagnetic signals. As the 2009 paper “Distributed Phased Arrays and Wireless 
Beamforming Networks” put it, “Multiple radar, communications, and electronic warfare 

functions can be served by a single antenna having such an architecture.” 44 (Emphasis added.) 

This photo is what our sidewalks, yes, in front of our homes and businesses, are going to have every 50 feet, including our 
bedrooms ... SB 649 [the “small cells” like 5G bill] . . . would strip local governments of their property rights and force them to 
ignore safety, aesthetic, health and other issues, and approve all wireless company applications along public streets and on public 
properties. The California State Assn, of Counties has written a letter strongly opposing SB 649 . . . Lloyd’s of London and Swiss 
Re, two major insurance companies of the world, will not cover medical expenses incurred due to exposure of electromagnetic 
radio frequency radiation (EMR) (i.e. cellphones, WiFi, cell towers, antennas, DAS, IoT devices, smart meters, etc.). 

—Nevada City Councilwoman Reinette Senum, April 26, 2017 

See Councilwoman Senum’s April 3, 2017 article “The 5G Network: What You Don’t Know May Kill You,” 

Basically, phased arrays are geometrically arranged collections of individually controlled 
transceiver antennas. Coupled with the ducting and amplifying of the “chemical antennas” being 
delivered by chemtrails, the phased array’s geometric arrangement guarantees that the output 
field will be greater than the sum of the waves (exponential) emitted by individual antennas. 
Control the phases of the individual signals and the output field can be given any desired “shape” 
or direction, the only limitations being the length of the wavelength, the number of individual 
antennas, and the size of the array. The “shape” can be a narrow beam directed at one person in 
one building or hundreds of independent beams directed at hundreds of targets, depending on the 
“phasing.” Phased-array radar can track many people simultaneously while the antennas remain 
absolutely stationary. 

In its receiving mode, the phased array picks up much more information than an ordinary 
antenna because it operates as a hologram, measuring entire EM field geometries, not just one¬ 
dimensional EM signals. Its holographic capability can remotely create 3D EM field 
distributions around targets. While correcting for reflections and interferences, the field can then 
be transformed and moved to another target somewhere else in a fraction of a second. 

A constant dissemination of barium nanoparticles enhances the holographic capability of 
phased arrays. Strontium barium niobate (Sr x Ba 1 . x Nb 2 0 6 ) is used in outdoor holographic 3D 
displays as a “screen” (Wikipedia). Barium stearate (“soap” bonded to metal particulates) also 
aids high-tech 3D radar imaging. As Will Thomas wrote in 2013, “Even if commercial wireless 
frequencies are not conducted as coherent signals by chemtrails specifically ‘tuned’ to HAARP 

frequencies, all commercial RF/microwave energy is going to be randomly confabulated and 
conducted by the barium-strontium chemtrail mix.” 4 '' Thomas’ use of the word “confabulated” 
points to the magician-like holographic “special effects” already being unveiled in our barium- 
and strontium-enriched plasma sky theater. 

The U.S. Navy’s Radio Frequency Mission Planner (RFMP) computer program known as the 
Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation (VTRPE) utilized 3D battlefield imaging in the 
chemical skies over Iraq (2003-2011) and Afghanistan (2001-2014). Ionized barium and phased 
arrays work in concert with the VTRPE code, “a full-wave propagation model that solves EM 
wave equations for complex electric and magnetic radiation fields.” 46 With satellite imagery, 
VTRPE can propagate radio waves in such a way as to generate a 3D version of terrain modeled 
on RFMP computer monitors: battlefields, fog, clouds, apartment complexes, houses, 
workplaces, government offices, etc. VTRPE can also cloak an aircraft behind signal inversion 
layers, similar to how submarines are cloaked by underwater inversion layers. 

Simply put, the phased array is an excellent dual-use weapon capable of accurately locking 
onto EM targets. Telemetric sensors measure the necessary geometry of attack pulses, then 
VTRPE and a sophisticated fifth-generation laptop or satellite computer analyze the geometries 
for target acquisition and beam control, and the invisible torture begins, particularly in areas of 
maximum EM radiation absorption (brain, heart, genitals, etc.) dependent upon the geometry of 
the wave. Hitting a target with a frequency that excites the metal particulates breathed in from 
chemtrails and ingested from GMOs can ignite an implosion as organs hemorrhage. 47 

Geometric is the name of the game for electron or plasma beam weapons—not so much in 
the sense of theorems as in the sense of building the output signal by “tuning” the frequency, 
amplitude, and spacetime “shape” to the target’s body. In 2008, TI Carolyn Williams Palit struck 
the heart of the matter: “The plasma beam is used much like an electric line to the targeted 
person.” 48 Picture a microwave or radio wave piggybacking a plasma beam. 

Phased-array radar may not have a beam weapon’s firepower, but a suitcase system 
(piggybacking) can shape the pulse in spacetime with direct coupling 49 to a high-speed computer 
for non-linear biological effects. Fonner NSA analyst Robert Duncan explains in his 2010 
Internet book The Matrix Deciphered : 

These beams can be steered by phase shifting other antenna signals. . .A phased array of thousands of elements can 
arbitrarily create one or more beams and the energy can be narrowly focused in constructive or destructive 
interference mode. This is the basis of directed energy weapons. 

Using high-powered steered phased arrays and focused directed energy from two sources. . .a nearly undetectable 
scalar wave—destructive interference at the point of interest—can be created. With just a minor energy interaction, 
the interfering beams bounce back with a strong signal-to-noise ratio to be resolved at the sources again. This allows 
for any imaging technique to be done over extremely large distances, in effect making distance irrelevant to the 
detection feature, be it RADAR, MRI, or ESR [electron spin resonance] imaging. 50 [Emphasis added.] 

A 2011 doctoral dissertation clarifies how phased-array antennas and satellites work in 
tandem as dual-use weapons: 

[T]he simulation of beamforming using phased array antenna is explored to obtain multiple and also steerable beams 
for tracking the satellite smoothly. . .Moreover, the adaptive beamforming allows mobile objects such as planes and 
vehicles to have access to satellite programs.” 51 [Emphasis added.] 

On September 23, 2010, the FCC opened up a new spectrum for dual-use no-touch torture 
deployments: the White Space TV band spectrum for Super WiFi “digital data communications.” 

Super WiFi requires no license, so White Space frequencies are free, unregulated, and widely 
scattered throughout the radio spectrum. Super WiFi fixed base stations are 4 watts, well over the 
100-milliwatt limit for home, office, or school WiFi base stations, and White Space devices use 
pulsed digital waveforms highly dangerous to human bodies. White Space antennas are on 
towers and buildings, and when they’re not, Super WiFi can leapfrog from one tower to another 
on roofs or via Smart Meters and telephone poles. 

The day after the FCC’s move to open White Space frequencies, Magda Havas, associate 
professor ofEnvironmental & Resource Studies at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, 
wrote the following about how the dual-use Super WiFi weapon can go straight through your 
wall, your skull, and your body: 

WiFi currently uses PULSED DIGITAL on higher 2.4 gigahertz frequencies 52 that cannot penetrate thick concrete at 
long distances and thus you get a slow speed connection resembling dial up. By using the lower TV frequency 
spectrum (54—698 MHz) as a carrier wave, the PULSED DIGITAL WiFi signal will now be able to penetrate 
obstructions such as buildings over great distances and deliver high-speed broadband data. 53 

Neighborhoods have become wireless Homeland Security gulags teeming with invisible 
energies and agendas as ionospheric heaters move energy thousands of miles by ducting and 
zapping our conductive atmosphere. Smart meters, cell phones, towers, phased arrays, and 
satellites all play their part in an exotic dual-use weapon system exploiting citizens in the name 
of C4 full spectrum dominance, disaster capitalism profits, and a cyborg Transhumanist future. 


The technology is based on isolation, and the technical process isolates in turn. From the 
automobile to television, all the goods selected by the spectacular system are also its weapons 
for a constant reinforcement of the conditions of isolation of “lonely crowds. ” The spectacle 
constantly rediscovers its own assumptions more concretely. . .In the spectacle, which is the 
image of the ruling economy, the goal is nothing, development everything. The spectacle aims at 

nothing other than itself. 

— Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle , 1967 

Imagine a UHF dome arching over your city as ELF signals hop cell towers and phones, 
penetrate bodies and brains. Digitized voice carried by computers, data arriving wirelessly from 
across the world, WiFi spilling over into one of the hundreds of WiFi transceivers in the 
footprint of one cell phone tower. This is the contiguous, barium-enhanced Smart Grid 
enveloping us all. 

In the beginning, WiFi seemed to be about connecting your computer to the global Internet 
for data transfer, and cellular was about connecting your telephone to a network to transfer voice. 
WiFi had a radio transceiver (access point) with a range of two hundred feet or so, cellular range 
covered miles, and the WiFi access point and cellular cell site separately connected to a 
telephone central office via coaxial cable, fiber optics, or copper. 

Now, we’re enmeshed in WiFi and social media surveillance. All business, government, and 
personal communiques are hoovered up and stored for possible “actionable intelligence.” Even 
as Private First Class Bradley “Chelsea” Manning was being court-martialed at Fort Meade, 

Maryland for allegedly providing more than 700,000 national security files to WikiLeaks, 54 NSA 
whistleblower Edward Snowden was exposing the PRISM surveillance program, an expanded 
version of Stellar Wind run by the NSA and nine “friendly” social networking providers— 
Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, and Apple 55 —with their 
own “diplomats. 56 ) 

At an In-Q-Tef 7 summit, fonner CIA director David Petraeus admitted that the Internet of 
Things (IoT) interfaces with CIA “tradecraft”: 

With the rise of the “smart home,” you’d be sending tagged, geolocated data that a spy agency can intercept in real 
time when you use the lighting app on your phone to adjust your living room’s ambiance. “Items of interest will be 
located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, 
sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters—all connected to the next-generation internet using 
abundant, low-cost, and high-power computing,” Petraeus said, “the latter now going to cloud computing, in many 
areas greater and greater supercomputing, and, ultimately, heading to quantum computing.” Petraeus allowed that 
these household spy devices “change our notions of secrecy” and prompt a rethink of our “notions of identity and 



An exotic technology has become the American dual-use heart of darkness. Mister Rogers ’ 
Neighborhood 59 is no more; instead, a WiFi ’hood pulsing with EM frequencies robs us of our 
Schumann resonance birthright. Walk out the door and chemical trails are waiting for you 
overhead with their conductive metal nanoparticles and polymers to breathe, eat, and drink. 
Crystalline fibers glitter from trees, cars, animal fur, and human skin as they facilitate signals 
tracking (SIGINT). Nano-barium enhances the “Wi-Vi” thennal imaging 60 fluorescing our 
bodies as nano-sensors and microprocessors slide silently through our bloodstream and into our 
brains, alert for remote communications. 

The sheer number of EM signals per cubic meter from commercial and military sources is 
staggering—airport and navigational aid emissions communications, pipelines, M2M (machine 
to machine) infrastructure, transformers, power lines, fiber optic cable, phased-array antennas, 
smart meter Neighborhood Area Networks (NANs), etc. Our bodies grapple with signals from 
ground-based gyrotrons (EM field oscillators, GWEN pulse RADAR), 61 LIDAR/LADARs (light 
detection and ranging / laser detection and ranging or “laser radar”), OP-FTIR (remote sensing 
Open-Path Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometry), FLIR (forward-looking infrared) for “own 
the night” infrared imaging with photoconductive detectors, 62 ionosondes (“chirpsounder” 
radars), actinic rays (EM radiation producing photochemical reactions used in imaging 
technology)—and all the while ionospheric heaters are heating, multiplying, siphoning, and 
steering ionized electrons. 

If only we could see beyond our narrow five senses into the vast dimensions of the 
electromagnetic spectrum! Giant EM clouds several meters in diameter creep through our living 
zones—an interferometry of signals from thousands of emitters in all directions, thousands of 
different frequencies—and only our immune system senses it. With an electrostatic meter or 
magnetometer, you can at last perceive some of the new dimension we are living in: 

When the suburb is all transmitting, for example, in parallel signals to NAN M2M contact, 
not only are there clouds inside the residences but also an overcloud at about 2.5 meters and 
above in the streets and above boundary layers of rooftops where the noise can increase from 
reasonable background levels of below 0.05 microWatt/cm2 to 400 microWatt/cm2 in ambient 
air. 63 

Daily distribution of RF-zapped metal particulates is all about keeping aloft a plasma 

“mirror” dense enough not just to detect and resist incoming cyber-attacks but to remotely utilize 
exotic weapons on populations. From “psy warrior” microcomputers to cellular phones and 
“critters” (hacker programs), our neighborhoods, homes, offices, and bodies are being hacked. 
Telephone microphones, listening posts and fusion centers, traffic cameras, surveillance aircraft 
like the U-2 Dragon Lady, satellite linkups with state-of-the-art software like British subsidiary 
BAE Systems’ GXP 3D mapping and GOSHAWK big picture scrutiny—all are on constant EM 
real-time alert, whether it is for a dissident or license plate, an impending engineered weather 
event or forest fire. Everywhere is now the technocratic battlespace and everyone a twenty-first- 
century land warrior “either with us or against us.” 64 

Slide the Bill of Rights into the Memory Hole. 

If we finally understand what dual-use technology means, we may realize that the user- 
friendly home computer is little more than a base station for transmitting and receiving signals, 
its cables unshielded, its telephone lines antennas, its CRT video display emitting 
electromagnetic radiation at 2-20 MHz, and that cell phone handsets are little more than 
minicomputers with software that can modify the usual interface. 

Freelance journalist Jim Stone says dithering is doing for PC monitors what digital does for 
television monitors, 6 '' and television signals are 10,000 times stronger than GPS signals (which 
may be why the CIA’s investment arm In-Q-Tel initially tracked people anywhere in the world 
with just a $40 Rosum radio chip and TV signals). 

It is technologies like these that are behind the demise of thinking and the deepening of 
cognitive dissonance. 

Computer monitors, like televisions, contain an electron gun (cathode ray) at the back of the 
tube transmitting beams of electrons at the screen to make pixels fluoresce into a picture. In New 
York, the NYPD might be driving their Z Backscatter Vans down your street and X-raying your 
vehicle, home, and body 66 while “war driving” Google Street View cars 67 hoover up payloads of 
data by means of the highly classified point-and-click TEMPEST (transient electromagnetic 
pulse standard), also kn own as Van Eck monitoring (“phreaking”), that receives, intercepts, 
views, and reconstitutes your incoherent signals—Google MAC (media access control) 
addresses, SSIDs (service set identifiers), signal strength measurements—before transmitting 
them to FBI techs, low-life contract agents, and NSA analysts. 

C4 cyberwarfare is alive and well in the ’hood. 

DCSNet of Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA)—“The Gold 
Standard in Public Safety”—collects, sifts, and stores phone numbers, calls, and text messages. 
DCSNet endpoints connect to more than 350 switches. Besides monitoring servers and select 
emails of surveillance targets for capture, analysis, and storage, the FBI’s Carnivore 
accommodates a sophisticated point-and-click surveillance device to cover signals, telephones, 
and Internet: DCS-3000 Red Hook (SIGINT) does pin-register (outgoing numbers) and trap-and- 
trace (incoming); DCS-5000 Red Wolf is responsible for counterintelligence; and DCS-6000 
Digital Storm, wiretap, captures content. All were initially processed by Sprint on a private, 
encrypted network. FBI wiretap outposts are called Regional Information Sharing Systems 
(RISS). An FBI agent in New York can wiretap a phone in California, get the location, and 
receive pass codes and conversation in New York. Analysts interpret phone call patterns, then 
send them on to the Bureau’s Telephone Application Database for link analysis. 

Since CALEA, all cell phone manufacturers include Nextel software, which means that 
whether the phone is on or off, the microphone is a remote roving bug that transmits. When a call 
is in progress, the roving bug calls the FBI (or a corporate competitor) and activates the 


Someone in your neighborhood may have a wideband radio receiver with spectrum display, 
horizontal/vertical sync generator, multi-scan video monitor and a phased-array antenna with 
shielded cables (like a radio telescope) and video taping equipment; 68 or may have leased the 
Trailblazer successor to ThinThread, a high-tech surveillance tool designed by NSA 
whistleblower William Binney to intercept, anonymize, and graph metadata according to 
relationships and patterns. 

It was around 2003 when they started putting optical fibers coming into the U.S. through Y-connector Narus devices. 
Basically these would duplicate the data coming across the Internet—one set of packets would go the normal route, 
the other set would go to NSA facilities. There, they collect all the data coming in through fiber optics, reassemble all 
the data packets into useable information—emails, file transfers, etc.—and then pass it along for storage. That means 
they are taking all that data off the fiber optic lines at 20 main convergence points in the U.S., collecting almost all of 
the Internet traffic passing through the U.S. This gets them pretty much control over the digital world. 69 

Time cloaking programs make whole data systems disappear into “time holes”: 

This cloak works using a wave phenomenon called the Talbot effect. Manipulating the timing of light pulses so that 
the crest of one light wave interacts with the trough of another creates a zero light intensity—where the two signals 
cancel each other out—in which data can be hidden. 70 

Over Homeland neighborhoods, armed fifty-pound ShadowHawk helicopter drones (General 
Atomics and Lockheed Martin, $300,000 each) are executing low fly-bys while in wireless 
communication with whatever agency or corporation has been granted frequency command by 
measures and signatures intelligence (MASINT). DHS “public safety” surveillance drones and 
high-altitude killer drones—some remotely supervised, some programmed to be fully 
autonomous—are making their rounds, as well. 

. . .kill committee members from the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Department 
of Defense act as the prosecution, judge and jury for “low-level” targets. The president, consulting his kill list, makes 
the decision on “high-value” targets, including American citizens. 71 

In every urban or rural neighborhood of the Homeland, MASINT is being collected and 
collated as infrared peers through walls and ceilings. Thanks to the 1968 Wiretap Act 72 amended 
in 1986, wireless eavesdropping is not legally considered to be wiretapping. War is peace, 
freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. . . 

Beyond Carnivore (the Digital Collection System) and FinSpy hacks of iPhones, 70 there are 
dirty tricks programs like: 

• Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen); 

• Trapwire surveillance network with facial recognition run by Abraxas (CIA) and 
Mail Isolation Control and Tracking that photographs and records letters moving 
through the federal post office; 

• Kapsch TrafficCom in-car transponders armed with in- and out-facing mini¬ 
cameras; 74 

• FBI FANTOM tracking data in 3D patterns; 

• Encoded Apple signals commanding wireless devices to disable recording 

functions; 75 

• Skype messaging sent to Microsoft headquarters; 70 

• Stingray (Dirtbox on airplanes 77 ) fake cellphone towers trick and track phones and 
their users. 78 

Do the three million university undergraduates glued to Facebook know that it was begun 
with venture capital provided by Stanford graduate Peter Thiel (PayPal, The Diversity Myth, on 
the board of VanguardPAC) and Accel Partners, whose manager chaired the National Venture 
Capital Association (NVAC) and was on the board of BBN Technologies that spearheaded 
ARPANET and thus the Internet? Or that the NVAC board was graced by the CEO of In-Q-Tel, 
whose mandate is to “nurture data mining technologies”? 

Facebook is actually a user-friendly human network analysis and behavior model-building 
engine. In fact, says computer engineer and founder of the Free Software Foundation Richard 
Stallman, Facebook is a surveillance engine 70 mapping your personality and selling your 
information, whose algorithms in Google Search are deciding what news and political opinions 
you should see while sending the rest elsewhere (or nowhere). In fact, web personalization is 
why real activism will never happen on Facebook or the Internet. 80 Eli Pariser explains in his 
book The Filter Bubble: Flow the New Personalized Web is Changing What We Read and How 
We Think : 

. . .the Internet has unleashed the coordinated energy of a whole new generation of activists—it’s easier than ever to 
find people who share your political passions. But while it’s easier than ever to bring a group of people together, as 
personalization advances it’ll become harder for any given group to reach a broad audience. In some ways, 
personalization poses a threat to public life itself. 81 

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The Unlawful “Silent War” Against Citizens 

Let the tuning commence. 

— Dark City, 1998 

“You took my sonar concept and applied it to every phone in the city. With half the city feeding 
you sonar, you can image all of Gotham. This is wrong. . .This is too much power for one 
person. ” 

— Lucius Fox to Bruce Wayne, The Dark Knight (2008) 

One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources, the output of which can be 
pulsed, shaped, and focused, that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow 
one to prevent voluntary muscular movements, control emotions (and thus actions), produce 
sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with both short-term and long-term memory, produce an 
experience set, and delete an experience set. 

It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the 
possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction. When a high power microwave 
pulse in the gigahertz range strikes the human body, a very small temperature perturbation 
occurs. This is associated with a sudden expansion of the slightly heated tissue, This expansion is 
fast enough to produce an acoustic wave. If a pulse stream is used, it should be possible to create 
an internal acoustic field in the 5-15 kilohertz range, which is audible. Thus, it may be possible 
to ‘talk’ to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them. 

— USAF Scientific Advisory Board, New World Vistas, Air and Space Power For the 21st 

Century, Ancillary Volume, 1996 

Forty years ago, geophysicist Dr. Gordon J.F. MacDonald, science advisor to former President 
Lyndon Johnson, spelled out the advent of the devil hiding in the woodshed of electromagnetic 
details to the House Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment, but few 
understood references like “global,” much less the remote possibility of “geoengineering” brain 

The basic notion [in low-frequency research] was to create within the cavity between the electrically charged 
ionosphere in the higher part of the atmosphere and conducting layers of the surface of the earth, this neutral cavity to 
create waves, electrical waves, that would be tuned to the brainwaves. The natural electrical rhythm of most 

mammalian brains, including man, is about 10 cycles (hertz) per second, and there are indications that if you tune in at 
this frequency—that is, these low frequencies of about 10 cycles per second—you can produce changes in behavioral 
patterns or in responses. 1 

As the Bill of Rights is supplanted by technocracy, electromagnetics barrage Homeland 
neighborhoods as Arbeit macht frei 2 invisibly shimmers amidst the conducting aluminum, 
barium, and lithium nanoparticles drifting down with trillions of nanosensors. Meanwhile, people 
sleep in their chains of “progress” and convenience, many allowing dentists to implant sensors 
and tiny 2.45 GHz Bluetooth radios that wirelessly transmit data, 3 others ingesting Proteus 
Digital Health 1mm “digital pills”: 

Digital Medicines are the same pharmaceuticals you take today, with one small change: each pill also contains a tiny 
sensor that can communicate, via our digital health feedback system, vital information about your medication-taking 
behaviors and how your body is responding. 4 

As charged antennas, we now interlock with the Earth’s magnetic field, 5 ready targets for 
remote BioAPI’s (biometric program interfaces), our bodies resonating like amplification 
capacitors. Wherever on Earth we go, we pick up and resonate with whatever is pulsing along the 
Earth’s magnetic field lines. 6 

It has now been discovered the magnetic fields have a profound influence not only on human consciousness, but also 
on the human nervous system and immune system. 7 

The magnetic fields around power lines and transformers now act as open-air fMRIs. Heat 
the magnetic six-nanometer particles we inhale (created at SUNY’s University of Buffalo Nature 
Nanotechnology labs) to 34°C (93.2°F)—the avoidance response threshold—and our cells are 

“By developing a method that allows us to use magnetic fields to stimulate cells both in vitro [in glass] and in vivo [in 
a living organism], this research will help us unravel the signaling networks that control animals behavior ,” says 
Amd Pralle, Ph.D., assistant professor of physics in the UB College of Arts and Sciences and senior/corresponding 
author on the paper. 8 [Emphasis added.] 

Can you see now how the sensors, metal nanoparticles, and nano-fibers loaded with 
microprocessors (“nanobots”) can be made to serve the programmed DNA microchips that will 
morph the masses into obedient cyborgs? 

The basic idea consists of a set of nano-wires [fibers] tethered to electronics [microprocessors] in the main catheter 
such that they will spread out in a “bouquet” arrangement into a particular portion of the brain’s vascular system. 
Such arrangement could support a very large number of probes (in the millions). Each n-wire would be used to record, 
very securely, electrical activity of a single or small group of neurons without invading the brain parenchyma. 4 

Altering weak and vulnerable humanness lurks behind the military alteration of regions oj 
the ionosphere and therefore the Earth. In 1968, geophysicist MacDonald talked about tuning 
brain waves via the ionosphere; in 1987, Bernard Eastlund’s HAARP patent spelled out how to 
make cyclotronic resonance tune our lower atmosphere to the ionosphere. 

Given that long-wave ELF propagation now traverses the globe 24/7, all of life depends upon 
studying and understanding exactly how frequencies and biological systems interact. In 2003, 

independent scientist Clifford Camicom made a careful study of the ELFs pulsing via conductive 
metal particulates in the air over northern New Mexico. He determined that the pulse was 
arriving in multiples of 4 Hz, and because the frequency range of the human brain is 4-52 Hz, 
the pulse was surely influencing biologically based systems: 

(1) Changing human mental functioning, influence, and control; 

(2) Disrupting cellular metabolism; 

(3) Suppressing the immune system; 

(4) Affecting free radical reactions; 

(5) Changing DNA; and 

(6) Changing cyclotronic resonance itself. 10 

Using his body as the sole antenna/receiver for the ELF circuit, Camicom was able to 
pinpoint the locale of minimum ohmic resistance at the base of the skull behind the two ear 
lobes. By attaching an electrode and adjusting the gain of the circuit to the ELF range governing 
the human brain, he discovered that the frequencies received were subsequently amplified by the 

[Note: Carnicom stresses caution in using the body as a receiver, as he suffered neural 
interruption, disorientation, and headaches for twelve to thirty-six hours after the experiment. 11 
Given that electrical frequencies can be used to heal as well as destroy, 12 with a self-designed 
ELF detector (operational amplifiers, high inductance coil) and a frequency generator (30 kHz), 
Carnicom was able to alter the electromagnetic field around his body and effectively interrupt the 
fatigue being generated by ambient geometric ELF frequencies.] 

Loading our brains with beacon-like metals and nano-sensors sounds distinctly like the 
sharks being weaponized by forcing them to follow chemical trails and sense delicate electrical 

To transmit signals to the sharks, the team [of project engineer Walter Gomes of the Naval 
Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, Rhode Island] needs nothing less than a network of 
signaling towers in the area. 13 

Do we at last see that our transceiver towers with phased-array antennas are not just about 
profits and cell phone convenience? Coupled with the daily spraying of conductive metals, 
magnetic nanoparticles digging foxholes in our bodies and brains, and digital pills, it is now clear 
that we are being plugged into our Earth’s magnetic field lines for a very different human future. 


Two-way communication with the depth of the brain makes it possible to send and receive 
information to and from the brain, circumventing physiological sensory receptors and motor 
effects. . . We can start, stop, and modify a variety of autonomic, somatic, behavioral, and mental 
manifestations. In these explorations of intracerebral physiology> in behaving subjects, we are 
reaching not only for the soma but for the psyche itself. . . As no batteries are used, the life of the 
transmitters is indefinite. Power and information are supplied by radio frequencies. 

— Jose M.R. Delgado, “Man’s Intervention in Intracerebral Functions, ” Department of 

Psychiatry, Yale University, 1967 

After 9/11, the term “terrorist” underwent a confusing revisionism to potentially include anyone 
critical of the (Deep) State. At the same time, domestic spying expanded exponentially and made 
all electronics fair game, from phones, televisions, and computers to geospatial intelligence 
(GEOINT) and MASINT for electronic harassment and no-touch torture in your home, at work, 
or in your car. Full spectrum dominance. While Americans were being conditioned to condone 
the torture going on at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere, a C4 lockdown was being set up at 
home, thanks to the plasma-thickened, quartz-resonant ionized atmosphere overhead being 
ceaselessly zapped. 

For readers unfamiliar with the Cold War game-changer known as MK-ULTRA, the 
following serves only as a thumbnail sketch. MK-ULTRA is the granddaddy of American 
nonconsensual brain and behavioral experimentation. Formally run by the CIA from 1953 to 
1973 to the tune of $25 million in Cold War dollars, 15 MK-ULTRA actually inherited a 
jumpstart from the thousands of Paperclip Nazis ferreted into the United States and Canada with 
their intact wartime files of concentration camp experiments. Drugs, hypnosis, and pain 
induction were then the primary tools of the mind control trade, but remote electronic mind 
control was always the objective. 

In the days preceding MK-ULTRA, electrodes were being inserted into babies’ skulls. 16 In 
the 1950s, it was Yale University’s Jose Delgado, M.D., who initiated at-a-distance no-touch 
torture by pulsing frequencies and wirelessly triggering changes in consciousness without 
electrodes. In 1962, Allen Frey, M.D., discovered microwave hearing, the transmission of spoken 
words into the auditory cortex via a pulsed microwave analog of the speaker’s sound vibration. 
Microwave hearing devices are now everywhere. In 2008, Lev Sadovnik, Ph.D., of the Sierra 
Nevada Corporation created the Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio (MEDUSA), and the 
Disney Research microphone converts a voice message into an inaudible signal transmitted to 
the body of the person holding the microphone who can then transmit the message to another 
person by touching them. 17 

Patrick Flanagan, Ph.D., invented the neurophone in 1967 when he was fourteen, after 
which it was immediately classified by the NSA. The neurophone programmed suggestions 
through skin contact, due to the skin’s many sensors for heat, touch, pain, vibration, and 
electrical fields. The neurophone is a low-voltage, high-frequency amplitude-modulated radio 
oscillator that converts modulated radio waves into a neural modulated signal bypassing the 
eighth cranial hearing nerve and transmitting words directly into the brain. 

The Soviet vacuum tube LIDA machine was made by the Soviets in the 1950s, after which 
the North Koreans used it for brainwashing American POWs by placing the vertical plates along 
each side of the head to make the POW feel like he was in a dream. The LIDA is basically a 10 
Hz pulsed radio signal transmitter that functions as a hypnotist’s “swinging watch” to put people 
to sleep. (Quickening its pulse produces wakefulness.) It is listed with the IBM Intellectual 
Property Network (but not the U.S. Patent Office). By combining pulsed light, sound waves, and 
electromagnetic radiation, brain waves can be entrained and emotional states manipulated. Both 
the neurophone and the LIDA machine are transmitters only, not transceivers. 

In the 1970s, Andrija Puharich, M.D., studied the Soviet Woodpecker, then wired subjects, 
sealed them in a metal room, and beamed ELF waves at them. Waves below six cycles per 
second (6 Hz) emotionally upset subjects and disrupted their bodily functions; waves at 8.2 cps 
elevated their mood; waves at 11-11.3 cps depressed, agitated, and produced violent reactions. 

When Puharich later sought to warn the public about machine telepathy, he mysteriously 
disappeared from his home in Glen Cove, Maine, 18 ninety-six miles from Rangeley, where 
Wilhelm Reich, M.D. had lived. 

Ross Adey, M.D., also used electromagnetic fields to remotely influence emotional states and 
behavior. Adey discovered that a 0.75mW/cm 2 pulse-modulated microwave signal at a frequency 
of 450 MHz will control all aspects of human behavior. By directing a carrier frequency to 
stimulate the brain, then using amplitude modulation to shape the wave to mimic EEG 
frequencies, Adey could force a 4.5 cps theta rhythm (sleep) upon his subjects. 

In 1973, Joseph Sharp, M.D., successfully demonstrated artificial microwave voice-to-skull 
(V2K) or synthetic telepathy. In 1978, James C. Lin, Ph.D., published Microwave Auditory 
Effects and Applications in which he related his own demonstrations of microwave hearing with 
a pulsed microwave transmitter. Lin has published a great deal on biological nonionizing 
radiation effects, 10 and on July 25, 1990 testified before the Subcommittee on Natural Resources, 
Agriculture Research, and Environment Committee on Science, Space, and Technology in the 
U.S. House of Representatives in his capacity as chairman of the Committee on Man and 
Radiation, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). 

A library of exact frequencies and pulse rates of every emotion, passion, and state of mind in 
what the Soviets used to call acoustic psycho-correction has been compiled—for example, 
Elizabeth Rauscher, nuclear physicist at Technic Research Laboratory in San Leandro, 
California, identified the happiness and aggression frequencies, and Michael Persinger, M.D., 
chief neurologist at Laurentian University Environmental Physiology Laboratory in Ontario, 
used time-varying fields of low-intensity 1-10 Hz ELFs to induce nausea. 20 

In June 1975, while Russian Woodpecker ELFs were zapping Eugene, Oregon brains, Leonid 
Brezhnev, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the [Soviet] Communist Party (1964— 
1982), called for a ban on EM weapons “more terrifying than nuclear arms.” But it was too little, 
too late. As nuclear engineer Thomas E. Bearden told it in 1990 

[Brezhnev] stated the need for an “insurmountable barrier” to the development of such weapons. In July, he repeated 
his strange proposal to a group of visiting U.S. Senators. Ponomarev, a Soviet national party secretary, again raised 
the same issue to a delegation of visiting U.S. congressmen in August. At the United Nations’ thirtieth Session of the 
General Assembly on Sept. 23,1975, Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko strongly raised the same issue, warning 
that science can produce “ominous” new weapons of mass destruction. He urged that all countries, led first by the 
major powers, should sign an agreement to ban the development of these unspecified new weapons. He even offered a 
draft, entitled “Prohibition of the Development and Manufacture of New Types of Weapons of Mass Annihilation and 
of New Systems of Such Weapons”. . .By its fixation on nuclear weapons and its ignorance of scalar EM, the West 
may have lost its only opportunity to prevent the spread of scalar EM weapons “more frightful than the mind of man 
has ever imagined, ” to use Brezhnev’s characterization , 21 [Emphasis added.] 

Between 1975 and 1977, the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and 
Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources (the 
Church Committee) attempted too little too late to get to the bottom of CIA mind control 
experiments, even unearthing ten large boxes of documents labeled “MK-ULTRA, 1952-62.” 
John Marks, author of The Search for the “Manchurian Candidate The CIA and Mind Con trol: 
The Secret History of the Behavioral Sciences (1979), requested that the CIA’s Office of 
Research and Development (ORD) provide files “on behavioral research, including. . .activities 
related to bio-electrics, electric or radio stimulation of the brain, electronic destruction of 
memory, stereotaxic surgery, psychosurgery, hypnotism, parapsychology, radiation, microwaves 
and ultrasonics.” He received 130 cubic feet of classified documents on “behavioral 

experiments” and learned that from 1950 to 1970, forty-four colleges and universities had hosted 
MK-ULTRA research with funds quietly flowing through CIA fronts like the Human Ecology 
Fund (Brown University). 

Once the Church Committee furor died down, MK-ULTRA was recast under a variety of 
names while Wall Street family foundations continued to fund it through the ultraconservative 
American Family Foundation (AFF) formed by former CIA MK-ULTRA personnel operating 
out of the New York City law offices of Morris and McVeigh. 22 

In 1994, neurophysiologist Donald York and speech pathologist Thomas Jensen of the 
University of Missouri correlated brainwave patterns with spoken words and thought (“silent 
speech”) even as the U.S. Army War College’s infamous Revolution in Military Affairs and 
Conflict Short of War announced: “Behavior modification is a key component of peace 
enforcement” and “The advantage of directed energy systems is deniability.” Jason Jeffrey in 
New Dawn magazine warned readers that the Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) was all 
about EM technological “solutions” a la New World Vistas, and he was right: 

Individuals unwilling to go along with the revolutionary changes are “identified using comprehensive inter-agency 
integrated databases.” They will then be “categorized” and “sophisticated computerized personality simulations” will 
be used “to develop, tailor and focus psychological campaigns for each.” 23 

Meanwhile, HAARP was going up in Alaska and Project Cloverleaf chemtrails were 
uploading the sky. 

The last round of public inquiry into MK-ULTRA occurred on the Ides of March 1995. 
Dutifully, then-President Clinton’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments met 
with victims who had been subjected to the military’s desire to weaponize the brain. Like the 
Church Committee twenty years earlier, once testimony was heard and recorded, MK-ULTRA 
was made to appear as if it had ended years before. The truth was that it was not only alive and 
well and buried in deeper black, but it had gone electromagnetic. 



Cybernetic mind control began with microchip-implanted brains linked to satellites controlled by 
ground-based, 20 million bits per second supercomputers. The FBI and CIA were partial to 
behavior-mod chips with their 250,000 parts and 400,000 bytes of information, their own little 
oscillator and lithium battery recharging from body heat, each chip the size of a grain of rice and 
—once Navstar satellites picked up its signal—capable of being remotely reprogrammed via 
pulsed frequencies on low-frequency radio waves. The next generation was the Destron-Fearing 
transponder sheathed in biomedical-grade glass imprinted with 34 billion bytes of information. 
At first, the implants were made of silicon, then of gallium arsenide. In Vietnam, soldiers were 
injected with the Rambo chip to increase adrenaline flow; in the 1991 Gulf War, the IMI biotic 
(intelligence-manned interface) “engaged” soldiers. 

In 1999, two interrelated events occurred. The first was the suspension of psychology 
professor Kathryn Kelley of SUNY-Albany 24 after she had presented a paper in Orlando, Florida 
to a summer conference sponsored by the World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and 
Informatics, and the International Conference on Information Systems Analysis and Synthesis 
(based in Venezuela). In her presentation, she had mentioned that implant research was being 

funded by the NSA and DoD ($2 billion annually) and that uninformed, nonconsensual human 
guinea pigs were being used for “open field” experiments. The Institutional Review Board had 
approved of Kelley’s research into “advances in technology that affect interpersonal 
communication” but not into monitoring and control technologies like RAATs (radio wave 
auditory assaultive transmitting implants). Kelley revealed that when [short-wave] operators 
transmitted to or scanned RAAT implants in victims, they could remotely and anonymously talk 
to the victims as well as hear their speech and thoughts. 

Four months after Kelley’s dismissal, Applied Digital Solutions in Palm Beach, Florida 
announced it had acquired the patent rights (U.S. Patent No. 5,629,678) to a miniature digital 
transceiver powered electromechanically by the host’s muscle movement and body heat and had 
christened it the Digital Angel “personal tracking and recovery system.” Back in 1971, a similar 
microprocessor could only hold 2,300 tiny transistors; by 1996, it was 5.5 million. 

From one centimeter to the size of a BB or a grain of rice to today’s nano-sized 
microprocessors being inhaled and consumed, implants are still being tracked and brain 
functions altered by pulsing frequencies under the remote monitoring system that translates to 
surveillance, isolation, and torture. As thoughts, reactions, hearing, and visual observations cause 
a certain neurological potential, spike, or pattern in the brain, its electromagnetic field can now 
be decoded onto a monitor somewhere. 23 Once the unique bioelectrical resonance frequency is 
remotely coded, 26 EM signals can be pulsed to just that brain. In other words, by decoding the 
evoked potentials (3.50Hz, 5 milliwatt) the individual brain emits, billions can now be remotely 
monitored by NSA Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) via satellite electro-optical capabilities, 
supercomputers, AI, and ground-based infrastructure. 

Between 2000 and 2009, four hundred neurotechnology patents were filed; in 2010, the 
number doubled, and in 2014 it doubled again to 1,600 patents. 27 

Just before he died, Australian journalist Joe Vialls wrote that the tachistoscope was the first 
step in manipulating the American mind by timing the insertion and duration of subliminal 
frames in movies and television shows at 1/25 per second. Next, low-light subliminal images 
were blended into show and film content to bypass the conscious mind and target the 
subconscious mind. The third step was hexidecimal color-coding, brazenly depicted by director 
Steven Spielberg in his 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind and later perfected by 
digitalized television. 28 

Consider “free” HuLu, the digital high definition (HD) interface between home computers 
and television networks. U.S. Patent #6,488,617, “Nervous System Manipulation by EM Fields 
from Monitors” (December 2, 2002), describes using computer monitors and HD TV screens as 
broadcast media for digital (think pulsed) “electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory 
resonances in nearby human subjects” while “displayed images are pulsed with subliminal 
intensity.” A. True Ott, Ph.D., asks, “Is this why over 20% of the new DIGITAL bandwidth was 
given to the Dept, of Homeland Security in the name of‘Public Safety’?” 29 Good question. 


Five years after 9/11, military apologist Jonathan D. Moreno felt he was on moral high ground in 
the war on terrorism when he defended human experimentation with “nonlethals” (less-than- 
lethals / electronic weapons) in his book Mind Wars: Brain Research and National Defense: 

Unlike more familiar ballistic or explosive devices, which can often he tested on inert objects or animals to get the 
desired information, many of the measures classified as NLWs [nonlethal weapons] involve human perception and 
behavior, so they must be tested on humans. . .Now, what would be the specific justification for human testing of the 
pulsed energy projectile [PEP]? One reason would be the fact that pain is a somewhat subjective experience, and the 
behaviors of animals, even higher primates, might not be useful in setting dose limits. Also, pain experience is 
associated with brain receptor sites that could have lasting effects, perhaps triggering mental illness in some people . . 

Moreno goes on to explain how “people in uniform” and prisoners are no longer the plentiful 
“volunteer” pools they once were. He then admits to the very tactic the military uses to get 
around the Nuremberg Code consent requirement: 

Cynics might point out that there is an easy way around the problem of experimentation ethics: just call the projects 
field trials instead of human experiments. That way, the medical ethics rules might be evaded. During the cold war, 
sailors and soldiers were exposed to the atomic bomb and chemical nerve agents. These incidents were categorized as 
field tests of environmental contaminants or training exercises rather than as human experiments. As a result, the rules 
then in place that required voluntary consent weren’t technically relevant, even though in some cases soldiers wore 
radiation badges and had their bodily fluids checked .. , 31 

Whatever the delivery system, connect the Smart Grid dots and you eventually arrive at a 
new class of “silent warfare” citizens numbering in the millions around the world: targeted 
individuals (TIs), those being stalked and invisibly tortured daily with directed energy weapons 
(DEWs) in their neighborhoods and workplaces of big cities, towns, and rural areas/ 2 TIs give a 
whole new meaning to “home incarceration.” 

The brains of gamers playing Emotiv are being hacked into, 33 memories are being remotely 
triggered and read, dreams engineered, illness frequencies remotely transmitted, heart 
palpitations and extreme pressure made to mimic panic attacks and pulmonary conditions. 
Microwave beams can do all of this and more, from creating an electromagnetic “flu” to ramping 
up an illness by frying the immune system. This list of symptoms that most physicians attribute 
to “psychological” maladies can just as well be symptoms of electromagnetic sensitive (EMS) 
and/or DEWs: 

Neurological : headaches, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, irritability, depression, anxiety, 
insomnia, fatigue, weakness, tremors, muscle spasms, numbness, tingling, altered reflexes, muscle and joint paint, 
leg/foot pain, “Flu-like” symptoms, fever. More severe reactions can include seizures, paralysis, psychosis and stroke. 

Cardiac, palpitations, arrhythmias, pain or pressure in the chest, low or high blood pressure, slow or fast heart rate, 
shortness of breath. 

Respiratory, sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma. 

Dermatological : skin rash, itching, burning, facial flushing. 

Ophthalmologic, pain or burning in the eyes, pressure in/behind the eyes, deteriorating vision, floaters, cataracts. 

Others', digestive problems; abdominal pain; enlarged thyroid, testicular/ovarian pain; dryness of lips, tongue, mouth, 
eyes; great thirst; dehydration; nosebleeds; internal bleeding; altered sugar metabolism; immune abnormalities; 
redistribution of metals within the body; hair loss; pain in the teeth; deteriorating fillings; impaired sense of smell; 
ringing in the ears. 34 

At, you will find an interactive World Hum Map and database. There, Todd 
West clarifies what cellular radar ( celldar ) can do: 

. . .Wherever a cell signal can reach, passive radar can take and via computerized networks track your electromagnetic 
signature, including seeing and hearing inside many types of building structures. In the U.S., Homeland Security 
agents via State Police liaisons introduce and train local law enforcement as well as, and this is VERY important, 

classified contractors on the use of celldar units. Celldar can cause untold torture to electromagnetic sensitive people, 
and over time extensive use of the technology causes diabetes, cardiovascular distress, cancer and loss of cognitive 
functions, TO START WITH. By fine-tuning the units, provocateurs can use the technology to disable, harm and kill 
those it is used on, making it the ultimate covert directed enemy [sic: energy] weapon used under the guise of 
“homeland security.” It has been determined “the hum” being reported worldwide is the cacophony of 
electromagnetic eavesdropping technology running on top of cellular-style networks. It is microwave madness to a 
degree of deceptive overkill. 3 '’’ 

Quietly and all around us, the new Homeland battlespace bristles with contract agents and 
criminals logging EM experiments on nonconsensual citizens in the name of “field research” 
while law enforcement looks the other way. Agents armed with laptops and classified 
DEWs/NLWs move into neighborhoods and apartment complexes to conduct see-and-hear- 
through-walls surveillance. First, they build a profile of the target’s habits, friends, family, love 
affairs, medical and mental history, problems, etc., then begin EM attacks to provoke: 

• Hearing voices or strange noises no one else hears 

• Jolts and burning sensations to the limbs 

• Pain or numbness (head) 

• Involuntary muscle movements (legs) 

• Invisible “strikes” 

• Snaps, clicks, tinnitus, etc. 

• Strange dreams/nightmares and sleep deprivation 

A senior Australian Federal Police executive told Paul Baird, author of the pirated and 
unpublished In the Year 2252 by “P. Barber,” 36 that such torture might go on for years. Baird 

Human thought operates at 5,000 bits/sec, but satellites and various forms of biotelemetry can deliver those thoughts 
to supercomputers in Maryland, USA, Israel, etc. which have a speed of 20 BILLION bits/sec each. These, even 
today, monitor millions of people simultaneously. ’ 7 

Regional fusion centers screen candidates for targeting, record the “field experiments” and 
share them with local law enforcement and federal agencies (DOJ, DHS, CIA, NSA, etc.) as 
necessary. Satellite targeting entails electromagnetic “leashes” of high-powered microwaves 
(HPMs), subatomic particle beams, ELF/ULF, plasma orb “necklaces,” etc. Land-based and sea- 
based systems transmit mood and mind control frequencies. Unmarked and bogus corporate logo 
vans parked outside your home, laptops in Colorado Springs, briefcase-sized active denial 
systems (ADS) in neighbors’ homes triangulating with phased arrays on cell towers. . .GSM 
(Global System for Mobile Communications) digital cellular transmissions can piggyback 
behavioral patterns on ELF signals (3-3000Hz) and pulse them into the microwave network 
being fed into cell phones. 38 Even when no signature is being broadcast, microwaves cause 
neurons to release calcium ions that make targets feel tired, irritable, and hopeless. 

According to UK scientist Turan “Tim” Rifat, the dual-use GM900 microwave network 
(Vodaphone, British Telecom) and GM1800 systems (Orange) use weapons-grade higher- 
frequency microwaves: 

It is a rule of the intelligence community that you hide things in plain view. Getting the public to accept microwave 
mind control weapons which affect their behavior under the guise of mobile phones was a stroke of genius. Getting 
the public to pay for these microwave mind control devices, so their brains and behavior can be damaged, to make 
them more docile and easy to control, was pure diabolical genius. 39 

Rifat describes how ELF microwaves can be made to mimic brainwaves, after which they are 
pulsed by transmitters into British brains to make “submissive zombies who cannot think clearly, 
become depressed, apathetic, and want to lounge around all day doing nothing: the inner city 
malaise found on Britain’s streets. . .[and] microwave phones use pulse modulated microwaves 
of the correct intensity to pass through the skull into the brain and control behaviour.” 40 Rifat 
says UK police use 450 MHz 41 for behavioral control and clearing areas of the homeless, and use 
75-1000 MHz to induce nervous and physical collapse. 

IRIS (interface region imaging spectrograph) infrared satellites track mobile phones, body 
heat, and brainwaves. An NSA SIGINT laser monitors a target’s brainwaves so a computer can 
decode its evoked potentials (3.50 Hz 5 milliwatts). The telltale EEG is then fed into a 
supercomputer and an audible neurophone input/output or other NLW device pointed at the 
victim’s brain so an AI algorithm, a human NSA operator, a bored Hollywood star or corporate 
player can eavesdrop on the target’s thoughts and input their godlike response. 

Pulse modulation is the name of the game for brain transmissions— 

Human behaviour and reactions can be entirely controlled by using pulse modulated microwave EM radiation. Pulse 
modulated microwaves are useful as the carrier for the mind control signals as they are able to pass through the skull, 
which is rather resistant to low level EM. . .These signals are extremely low frequency recordings of brain electrical 
[excitation] potentials which have been recorded by neuro-medical researchers. . .It is now possible to broadcast mind 
control commands directly into the brain by use of microwave beams. All that is needed is a catalogue of every 
specific brain frequency for each mood, action, and thought. . .[HJaving the excitation potential for suicide beamed 
into your brain day and night by microwave mind control weapons soon resets the brain into a cycle of depression that 
spirals out of control . . , 43 

—in tandem with the millimeter wave scanners exposing the target behind the walls of their 
home or workplace: 

When firing microwave beams through walls at one specific target, every material in the way of the microwave beam 
attenuates or modifies the intensity and frequency of the beam. Since precise frequencies and intensities are needed 
for mind control, very sophisticated microwave arrays and computer programmes had to be developed so that the 
microwave beam could be changed in response to the materials which lay between the target and the weapon, as the 
victim moved around the house. To do this, the reflectivity and refractivity of the materials between victim and 
weapon had to be analysed in real-time and fed to a computer which could change the microwave array in concert 
with the changing environment between victim and weapon, as the target moved around his/her home. Secondly, there 
had to be an automatic interrupter if another person walked in front of the beam. The victim needed to be driven mad 
or disabled without anyone else being aware that he or she was being targeted . . , 43 


Earlier, I discussed how the specific focus output power of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) high- 
power microwaves (HPMs) couples with (transfers energy to) a wide target area. In Chapter 10,1 
also mentioned how suitcase systems (piggybacking) can shape a pulse in spacetime with direct 
coupling to a high-speed computer for non-linear biological effects. 

Coupling human beings with “nonlethal” machines is specifically addressed in the fifteenth 
ancillary volume of the 1995 USAF Scientific Advisory Board’s fourteen-volume New World 

Vistas: Air and Space Power for the 21st Century: Ancillary Volume, whose “Biological Process 
Control” is framed in the usual misleading future tense: 

One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources, the output of which can be pulsed, shaped, and 
focused, that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow one to prevent voluntary muscular 
movements, control emotions (and thus actions), produce sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with both short-term 
and long-term memory, produce an experience set, and delete an experience set. . , 44 

In Psychotronic War and the Security of Russia (Moscow, 1999), Russian ambassador V.N. 
Lopatin and engineer V.D. Tsygankov explain DEW-brain coupling: 

Electromagnetic pulse (EP) anti-personnel weapons have many scientific and technical features in common with the 
laser weapons under development in the American and Soviet anti-missile defense programs. Both use 
electromagnetic radiation, propagating at 300,000 kilometers per second, to achieve their destructive effect. Both 
require compact power sources, generators of electromagnetic radiation (e.g. lasers, magnetrons, gyrotrons, etc.), 
beam radiator and focusing apparatus (e.g., optics for lasers, wave guides and phased-array antennas for microwave 
weapons), and computerized control systems. In both cases also, the maximum effect of these weapons is obtained by 
“tuning” or “tailoring” the output to the characteristics of the target. 

The chief peculiarity of EP anti-personnel weapons lies in their exploitation of highly non-linear effects of 
electromagnetic radiation upon living organisms. Typically, these weapons employ complicated pulse shapes and 
pulse trains, involving several frequencies and modulations which can range over a wide spectrum from extremely 
low frequencies (ELF) into the hundred gigahertz range. Thus, although state-of-the-art technology permits 
construction of mobile systems of extremely high output power (up to 10 megawatts average power, peak pulsed 
powers of many gigawatts), it is not the high power per se which determines the lethality of the system, but rather its 
ability to “couple ” the output effectively into the target and to exploit non-linear biological action. While high output 
power may be used to obtain range and breadth of effects and penetration into enclosures and defenses, the minimum 
lethal “dose” on the target will typically be orders of magnitude less than that which would be required to kill by mere 
heating, in the manner of a microwave oven. . .[Italics added.] 4 '' 

To electromagnetically read brainwave patterns so that the brain can be coupled to a 
machine, scanning and tracking systems first couple with the magnetic field surrounding the 
head, then wirelessly transmit patterns to sophisticated computers for interpretation and 
recording. Once the aural feedback loop is established, remote psychotronic torture can begin 
(hauntingly depicted in the 1998 film Dark City). For example, a laser can direct signal-to-noise 
live talk, noise, or computer-generated music at the head’s magnetic field, and because the ears 
are bypassed (“microwave hearing”), the sound will first register as electrical impulses in the 
nervous system and then be picked up by the brain. 

The software utilized for Smart Grid targeting must be capable of coupling brains with 
computers. In Chapter 10, I mentioned NSA analyst Robert Duncan and his 2010 Internet book 
The Matrix Deciphered. Duncan calls this coupling process PEG cloning or heterodyning , 46 a 
radio processing technique that combines two frequencies to create new frequencies. Often 
funded under cognotherapy, EEG heterodyning software programs are an NBIC convergence 
(nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive technology), otherwise 
kn own as biotelemetry mind and body control. Duncan names several EEG cloning programs: 

TEMPEST or Van Eck phreaking 

DREAM (Data Repository Establishment and Management) simulations 

MIND (Magnetic Integrated Neuron Duplicator) 47 

TAMI (Thought Amplifier and Mind Interface, 1976) 

SATAN (Silent Assassination Through Amplified Neurons)BEAST (Battle 

Engagement Area Simulator/Tracker) 3D holographic image projections 
FOCUS (Flexible Optical Control Unit Simulator) projects images onto the retina 48 

The coupling is accomplished by manipulating plasma—yet another perk for maintaining an 
ionized atmosphere. In 2007, Live Science exposed how electrified gas or plasma “antennas” are 
utilized for stealth targeting in any battlespace: 

These antennas only work when energized, effectively vanishing when turned off, with the plasma reverting back to 
normal gas. This is key for stealth on the battlefield—metal antennas can scatter incoming radar signals, giving away 
their presence. 49 

Gas plasma antennas “can rapidly adjust which frequencies they broadcast and pick up by 
changing how much energy the plasma is given,” while a “smart” gas plasma antenna “can steer 
a beam of radio waves 360 degrees to scan a region and then find and lock onto transmitting 
antennas.” 50 

According to TI Carolyn Williams Palit, when gas plasma transmitters are beamed through 
roofs and walls to remote-view and listen to thoughts, a plasma beam will attach to the ears, 
eyes, head, genitals, etc. by means of magnetic polarity like strings of pearls exposing what you 
are doing in real-time and communicating with satellite computers. Satellites do the tracking, but 
it is plasma-cloaked aircraft like jets, stealth fighters, and helicopters that do the real attacks, 
tha nk s to the conductive metal particulates in our ionized atmosphere. 41 

Gas plasma orbs are often mistaken for ball lightning because they are made of high-density 
plasma. Epidemiologist Rosalie Bertell (1929-2012) pointed to “microwave radiation within a 
plasma shell”: 

A phenomenon associated with lightning is ball or globe lightning. This is a glowing, floating, stable ball of light, 
occurring at times of intense electrical activity in the atmosphere. On contact, these balls release large amounts of 
energy. Ball lightning occurs near to the ground during thunderstorms and may be red, orange or yellow. It is 
accompanied by a hissing sound and has a distinct odour. The causes of ball lightning are unknown but speculated 
causes include air or gas behaving abnormally; high-density plasma; an air vortex containing luminous gases (a vortex 
is a whirling phenomenon like a miniature whirlwind); and microwave radiation within a plasma shell. 

Scientists have theorized that a microwave generator could be used to fire a plasmoid, a blob of plasma not unlike 
ball lightning, into the path of an incoming missile, its warhead, or an aircraft. The theory is that as a missile passes 
through the fireball, its electronics and navigational systems are disabled. Electromagnetic energy also interferes with 
the isotopes of a nuclear warhead, effectively disarming the weapon.— [Emphasis added.] 

If “microwave radiation within a plasma shell” can couple with navigational systems and 
disable them, might it not do the same with a human brain? 

Non-pulsing plasma orbs are not alien visitations. They are used as transceiver weapons that 
can piggyback voices and holographic images into and out of brains. First, barium gas clouds are 
vaporized into geometric plasma orbs (plasmoids, microplasma), then affixed to targets’ heads. 
Palit goes into more detail: 

They are also photographing gas plasma generation due to the heating of chemtrails by electromagnetics. The 
technical names for vertical and horizontal plasma columns are columnar focal lenses and horizontal drift plasma 
antennas. Various sizes of gas plasma orbs are associated with this technology. These orbs can be used as transmitters 
and receivers because they have great refractory and optical properties. They also are capable of transmitting digital or 
sound. Barium, in fact, is very refractive—more refractive than glass. 53 

On December 13, 2010, New Scientist announced how the solid-state Plasma-Silicon 
Antenna (PSiAn) revolutionizes high-speed wireless communication, miniature radar, and 
directed energy weapons: 

PSiAn consists of thousands of diodes on a silicon chip. When activated, each diode generates a cloud of electrons— 
the plasma—about 0.1 millimetres across. At a high enough electron density, each cloud reflects high-frequency radio 
waves like a mirror. By selectively activating diodes, the shape of the reflecting area can be changed to focus and 
steer a beam of radio waves. This “beam-forming” capability makes the antennas crucial to ultrafast wireless 
applications [like Wi-Gig], because they can focus a [narrow] stream of high-frequency radio waves that would 
quickly dissipate using normal antennas. 54 

Once that “stream of high-frequency radio waves” locks onto neighborhood phased arrays, 
brains could be made to think at other frequencies. Any cell tower’s gigahertz waveform (one 
billion Hertz) is capable of penetrating seven inches into the skull, but only if modulated with an 
ELF waveform with which the brain resonates. Investigative journalist Jim Stone: 

If you transmit an ELF waveform by itself, it will need a many miles long antenna to pick it up properly. It will not 
interface with the body very well because your body is not a big enough antenna for the ELF wave to efficiently 
“short out” in. You would need a really intense signal to do anything. But if you can take that ELF frequency and use 
it to modulate a super high frequency carrier, that carrier will drop all of its energy directly into your skull and let the 
modulation of that energy do the rest. 55 

The gas plasma antenna is a more versatile all-in-one dual-use weapon than the solid-state 
PSiAn because it can morph into a transmitter or receiver when necessary. Whereas the solid- 
state PSiAn can only work at high frequencies (l-100GHz), ionized gas plasma antennas can 
operate anywhere in the radio frequency spectrum (lower than 300GHz), which of course 
includes the ELFs that are the carriers of our thoughts. 

Brain-to-brain coupling is called techlepathy, the communication of information directly 
from one mind to another with the assistance of technology—in the name of “sharing a social 
world,” 56 of course. Perpetrators coupled with computers are able to “mind-meld” with targeted 
individuals—hooking up their own brain with the target’s brain in such a way that the target’s 
thoughts run through the perpetrator’s brain to be recorded on computers. 57 This kind of linkage 
between neural systems is part of the virtual reality (VR) bridge to the cybernetic storage of 
memories for later download into other brains whose memories have been wiped—possibly 
under the technology known as electronic dissolution of memory (EDOM), a generator- 
transmitter able to interrupt and “wipe” memories by increasing the brain’s production of 
acetylcholine. This is generally how a target’s experience of “lost time” is remotely generated. 

Memory wiping now comes under optogenetics, the branch of science that couples brains 
with computers, transfers life memories and calls it immortality. 

Neuroscientists have long sought the location of these memory traces, also called engrams. In the pair of studies, 
[Susumu] Tonegawa and colleagues at MIT’s Picower Institute for Learning and Memory showed that they could 
identify the cells that make up part of an engram for a specific memory and reactivate it using a technology called 


The 2001 Space Preservation Act (HR2977) mentioned in Chapter 10 specified that DEWs are 

capable of targeting individuals and populations from space. Target a pilot and the aircraft can be 
made to crash; target a young man’s brain and he can be made to shoot up a theater of people; 
target a city population and violence can erupt; target a whistleblower and he or she has a sudden 
heart attack or brain aneurysm. 

Gangstalking or gaslighting, also known as organized stalking / electronic harassment 
(OS/EH), is a primary covert no-touch torture “field experiment” and moneymaker utilizing the 
multipurpose Smart Grid. Wikipedia calls gaslighting “a form of mental abuse in which false 
information is presented with the intent of making a victim doubt his or her own memory, 
perception and sanity.” 59 Break it down into gang and stalking and you get the picture: a low¬ 
life, outlaw, or intel network working together via cell phones, laptops, vehicles, and DEWs 
(a.k.a. enhanced radiation weapons or ERWs) to see what it takes to either drive the target crazy 
or to commit a violent act. Former FBI agent Bob Levin says OS/EH is CIA “fox and hound 
exercises” whereby random targets are chosen for agent surveillance practice and research into 
the four principles of the Torture Paradigm: 

(1) Cause self-inflicted harm; 

(2) Cause sensory disorientation; 

(3) Attack individual fears; 

(4) Attack cultural identity. 60 

Invisible 24/7 no-touch torture is more common than one would think. Agents tweak the 
nociceptor response to various levels of pain, objectively observe and record target reactions, 
derive sexual perks from drugged or gassed victims. Can they make the targets kill themselves or 
others? Can they force the target to seek psychological or medical help that will end in 
involuntary outpatient or inpatient commitment? are the questions these torturers ponder. 

Lobbyists, dissidents, activists, investigative journalists and researchers, politicians, 
whistleblowers, “former” intelligence and military agents, Special Forces or commissioned 
officers, New Age channelers, UFO contactees, Hollywood and rock stars are often targeted for 
political agendas, but the difference is their targeting generally ends when they “see the light” 
and behave accordingly. But targeted individuals (TIs) stuck in “lifelong case files” or those 
utilized for agents practicing how to align the four cortical brainwave metrics for mind-melds to 
be seamlessly transferred to computers are in for years of torture followed by death. 
“Throwaway” or marginal populations are used first—immigrants, ethnic neighborhoods, 
women living alone, the rurally isolated, prisoners, homeless, elderly, poor children, the mentally 
ill, Native Americans, etc.—but apparently there are never enough victims. 

Twenty years ago, the extraordinary study called “Cybergods” described an already 
Orwellian Sweden: 

What the Public Inquiry really means is. . .the life of an individual is also stored on disc and can be called up at will: 
these discs are acquired by the Public Records Office ( Riksarkivet ) after death. This procedure was drawn up in 1986 
after a meeting attended by Minister of Justice Sten Wickbom. Also present were Mats Borjesson from the secret 
police SAPO, the general director of the Public Records Office, and a further 30 or so researchers, bureaucrats and 
politicians . . , 61 

TIs seeking medical help are often sent on to a psychiatrist and “detained” for psychiatric 
evaluation, at which point anti-psychotic or anti-depressant drugs are introduced so that the TI’s 

mind is further owned by the very system that covers for OS/EH and writes DSM-V diagnoses to 
obscure classified nonlethal operations. 62 Functional neuroimaging 63 (“brain fingerprinting”) via 
NIRSI (near infrared spectroscopic imaging), PET (positron emission tomography), EEG, CT 
scan, MEG, or fMRI may then be ordered to map and measure (MASINT) the TI’s brain and 
organ activity for their “lifelong case file.” The TI might also be driven to commit an act 
requiring arrest or detainment, at which point a polygraph will provide additional brainmapping 
before court-ordered confinement in a mental institution. 

As I indicated above, remote neural monitoring (RNM) appears to be reality TV for insiders 
of the Deep State. Swedish TI Magnus Olsson was a successful businessman who had studied 
economics at the Cesar Ritz in Switzerland, the American University of Paris, and Harvard 
University in Boston, Massachusetts (1988-1992). In 2005, he entered a Swedish hospital where 
he was sedated, implanted, and transformed into a victim of non-consensual experimentation. 
Despite around-the-clock torture, he continues to speak out to educate the public about RNM: 

RNM has a set of certain programs functioning at different levels, like the signals intelligence system which uses 
electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) to stimulate the brain for RNM and the electronic brain link (EBL). The EMF 
Brain Stimulation [EBS] system has been designed as radiation intelligence which means receiving information from. 
. .electromagnetic waves in the environment. However, it is not related to radioactivity or nuclear detonation. [Non- 
ionized radiation, not ionized radiation.] The recording machines in the signals intelligence system have electronic 
equipment that investigate electrical activity in humans from a distance. This computer-generated brain mapping can 
constantly monitor all electrical activities in the brain. The recording aid system decodes individual brain maps for 
security purposes. 

For purposes of electronic evaluation, electrical activity in the speech centre of the brain can be translated into the 
subject’s verbal thoughts. RNM can send encoded signals to the auditory cortex of the brain directly bypassing the 
ear. This encoding helps in detecting audio communication. It can also perform electrical mapping of the brain’s 
activity from the visual centre of the brain, which it does by bypassing the eyes and optic nerves, thus projecting 
images from the subject’s brain onto a video monitor. With this visual and audio memory, both can be visualised and 
analysed. This system can, remotely and non-invasively, detect information by digitally decoding the evoked 
potentials in 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt electromagnetic emissions from the brain. The nerves produce a shifting electrical 
pattern with a shifting magnetic flux which then puts on a constant amount of electromagnetic waves. There are spikes 
and patterns which are called evoked potentials in the electromagnetic emission from the brain. The interesting part 
about this is that the entire exercise is carried out without any physical contact with the subject. . , 64 

Thus when fifty-four-year-old Susan Bums, top assistant to the president of the Woodrow 
Wilson Center, attempted to destroy the Gauguin painting Two Tahitian Women at the National 
Gallery of Art, saying, “I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head,” she may 
not have been delusional; she may have been electronically controlled, her brain “plugged in” to 
transmissions she was receiving. 63 Auditory voices modified by a transducer into ELF 
audiograms and then superimposed on a pulse-modulated microwave beam can be transmitted 
directly into a target brain (microwave hearing 66 ) and make the target feel crazy. 61 

Signs of targeting going on in the ’hood may be unusual night traffic, trespassers, aerial 
activity, phone-computer-radio-TV interference, odd lights, high-frequency crackling, and 
electrical appliances “pulsing.” Keep an eye out for “national security” contractors paid not in 
cash but in drugs, material goods, and home improvements, not in cash. 

It’s 1984 in spades. 


Would of really told the whole story if they had included the metals, nanotech, and pseudo life 

that has infiltrated and completes the circuits. 

— Email from “fred,” a targeted individual (TI), in reaction to Jesse Ventura’s December 17, 
2012 “Brain Invaders” segment of Conspiracy Theory 

I have personally known several targeted individuals, 68 two of whom are sketched below. 
Neither TI appears to have been randomly chosen. 

During the Clinton years, attorney Karen Dobson was wrongly persecuted by the NS A, CIA, 
and FBI because they thought she knew something about Bill Clinton shifting the CIA drug 
shipment “protection racket” from Mena, Arkansas to the Oregon Coast once he was elected 
President in 1992. Basically cocaine was being flown from Colombia to coastal Oregon, then 
loaded onto trucks for East Coast distribution. 

No matter where she fled, Dobson was targeted and tortured with DEWs. When she fled to 
Mexico, she wrote: 

The reason I am not nearly so ill as I was made to be in the US is only the lack of fiber optics in Mexico, and their 
ability to use a dedicated satellite for pulsing me every 30 to 90 seconds as if I were a radio tower. This is probably 
what grounds the right foot and makes holes and burns in the bottom and sides of it. . .Through MCI and the 
privatization of Mexico’s power and utility companies (bought up by US interests, of course), Mexico—whose 
citizens by and large have no phones, pagers, beepers, much less cell phones—will welcome fiber optics throughout 
their states by the end of the year 2000. This is not because it is needed or economically profitable; I think, rather, it is 
for use in the fashion that it has been used on me. 69 

So arrogant were her federal case officers that they even met with her at a Denny’s restaurant 
(CIA-owned) and admitted exactly what was being done to her and that there was nothing she 
could do about it. VLF (3-30 kHz) produced 24/7 nausea, dizziness, sleep deprivation, and 
general aches, but didn’t kill her. Masers (MW + laser), however, burned her mouth, skin, eyes, 
and internal organs. Because the eyes are electromagnetic and mostly water, they are the hardest 
hit by EM weapons, the current entering the left eye and exiting the right foot. VLF was used on 
her acupuncture meridians, including her solar plexus. To counter the masers, in November 1996 
she bought Body Armor (probably with RAM or radar-absorbent material) 70 from a “former” 
CIA agent in St. Louis. She listed the following arsenal she thought they were using in 1999: 

• Fiber optics are perfect for DEWs, which can then be run through electricity and 
phone cables 

• HAARP-based DEWs 

• Doppler for VHF weapons; used to amplify ELF and ULF 

• Huge antenna systems 

• Ion laser (cooling tubes) used to ventilate the equipment usually connected to an 
outside vent that emits steam 

• Infrared light for night viewing connected to a big screen telescope 

• Hand-held equipment in laptop black cases for rural (no power or phone cables), 
airplanes, and rest areas 

• MW gun that looks like a black hand-held hairdryer, its oval end emitting red energy 

• Small MW weapons the size of cell phones or beepers 

Her warning about fiber optics was deadly serious: “AVOID FIBER OPTIC CABLE, A 


Before sleep, Karen removed all things metal and slept with strong magnets and magnetic 
rocks around her head, washing her eyes several times a night with water treated with colloidal 
silver. In the mornings, she walked barefoot on the Earth. She avoided TV, microwaved foods, 
and synthetic bedding. All computers had to be analog, not digital. The following metals were 
helpful to a point in breaking up the MW used as carriers: aluminum foil, metal screens around 
hands and feet and temporal lobes above the ears, metal pot scrubbers on hands and fingers, and 
solar aluminized plastic sun shields. However, when the MW was torqued up, aluminum became 
an oven. 

The last time I spoke with Karen (spring 2011), she had just returned from Mexico and 
warned me that calling her would mean that the NSA would be picking up first. I have been 
unable to reach her since. 

Judah Botzer, a massage therapist and teacher of Hebrew living in Tres Piedras, New 
Mexico, served as a paratrooper in Israel’s elite 890th Regiment in the 1980s. His targeting 
began in New Mexico on October 28, 2010 after he spoke out at local public meetings against 
the U.S. Air Force Low Altitude Tactical Navigation (LATN) plan to expand Cannon Air Force 
Base and the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS) outside Trinidad, New Mexico to seven 
million acres of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico under the Joint Forces Future 
Combat Systems. 71 

Future Combat Systems is wired into fourteen weapons, drones, robots, sensors, and hybrid 
electric combat vehicles—all plugged into the wireless network, supercomputers, and AI— 
perfect for operating in big-city canyons and looking through walls with variance-based radio 
tomographic imaging. The drones weigh twenty-nine pounds and fly like tiny helicopters peering 
with infrared eyes. The small, unmanned ground vehicle (SUGV) iRobot runs on rubber tracks, 
weighs thirty pounds, and has a long flexible neck with camera and sensors on top. 

Thanks to his military past, Botzer surmised that USAF Special Ops high-tech electronic 
warfare (EW) weaponry was connected to the increasing chemicals in the no longer azure sky 
over Taos and believed that his targeting was specifically related to having spoken out against 
Raytheon Corporation, one-time owner of HAARP and other DEW patents. 

On that October day, three low-lying chemtrail columns were lined up like vigas over his 
isolated house. Whatever was in the aerosols made him double over and throw up a slightly 
luminescent bile, then blood. A light silvery dust coated his car and house. The air smelled foul 
and his lungs seized. He recorded each dive-bomb assault from 20,000 feet to about 1,000 feet 
and counted more than a thousand assaults from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn. Military 
helicopters streaked over his house at two hundred feet. 

He began writing articles for the local Taos News. The rain sample he sent to a lab revealed 
aluminum 125X over the EPA safety standard. In one article, he referenced Nazi gas chambers 
that “used common air as a weapon” in an attempt to alert citizens that a repeat of history might 
be imminent (“Bad Air in Tres Piedras,” January 14, 2011). In the March 3-9, 2011 Taos News, 
he wrote “Revolution, now,” meaning a revolution to take back the skies. A few months later, he 
referenced an even more distant event: 

And when all the land was famished, the people cried to Pharaoh for bread, and Pharaoh said unto the people, “Go 
unto Monsanto. What he sayeth to you, do.” And the famine was over all the face of the earth. And Monsanto opened 
all the storehouses and sold it unto the famished. . .(“Chemtrails: What in the World?” May 27, 2011) 

In “Wave of the Future” (December 8, 2011), he stated that his poisoning was ongoing 

(disoriented, kidneys throbbing, barely able to urinate). He talked about specialists refusing to 
treat him, cell phone harassment, police showing up, roadblocks, being on the run, etc. 

During my 2014 book tour, I visited Taos and met briefly with Judah outside an espresso 
cafe just off the Plaza. As he passed documents to me, a man heckled him from a few feet away, 
obviously privy to his targeting and unconcerned about any fallout from his off-the-cuff 
aggression. (The arrogance of the few federal agents I have encountered is extraordinary.) 

An era of Nazi mental rape and extreme human rights abuse is upon us. DEWs assure 
plausible deniability in a jurisprudence system foundering on a bygone age. RFID readers track 
our driver’s licenses and subcutaneous nanosensor microchips. 72 Discs like stadium loudspeakers 
direct bi-phase polarity frequencies from microwave towers. The Homeland Smart Grid is locked 
in place for the Space Fence Transhumanist Age speeding humanity toward an “enhanced” 

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68 I recommend readers read “Organized Stalking: Information for people for whom this crime is a new issue” at 

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Cura te ipsuml (Cure yourself!) 

The Hopi prophecy of “cobwebs crisscrossing the sky” has arrived. Once considered the 
beacon of freedom and human rights, America is now bound up in conductive metal 
nanoparticles and a radio frequency 200 million times what it was for millennia. Our transceiver 
bodies and brains are now pulsing with wireless devices, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, power 
lines, televisions, towers—all resonating with the Space Fence infrastructure. Without our 
consent, frequency following responses (FFRs) generated by continuous low-frequency tones, 
repetitive electrical impulse noise (REIN), and flicker rates (light transmitting data faster than the 
eye can see) are profoundly influencing our minds and bodies. 

This era of invisible assault challenges us to peer into the invisible and take back the 
responsibility we once expected of government and civil society. 

In this book, I have attempted to put the major puzzle pieces together of the vast, futuristic 
machine kn own as the Space Surveillance System (SSS) Space Fence now under U.S. Air Force 
jurisdiction. Just as the acronym HAARP serves to describe a vast system of ionospheric heaters, 
radar, etc., so the term “Space Fence” entails much more than what is described in Air Force 
press releases. The Space Fence spans low-earth orbit (LEO) all the way around the globe and 
includes a multitude of ground-based military installations, radomes, towers, and phased-array 
antennas like FIAARP. The next layer is an atmosphere suffused with nano-sized conductive 
metals, sensors, microprocessors, and genetically engineered species, all of which we inhale, 
ingest, and wear. 

Could any of this technology be used for the good? Tesla dreamed of dispensing with 
transmission wires and helping people to access the free aether energy everywhere. Certainly, 
HAARP-like technology could be used to minimize tornadoes and hurricanes instead of building 
them to wreak havoc and produce profits for the few. Drought and hunger could well be 
challenges of the past with food production enhanced by longer growing seasons and ample 

But a final goodbye to the out-of-control military-industrial-intelligence complex with its 
“Death Ray” mass mind control agendas would require an overnight shift in moral development, 
wouldn’t it? New laws (even with teeth) would not be enough to right the wronging of more than 
a century. The “Star Wars” Space Fence might save us from a cosmic catastrophe, but it seems 
just as likely that it will land us in one. 

Now that geoengineering of the atmosphere is being normalized, I see no quick and easy 
solution to our enslavement within a vast planetary wireless / chemical Transhumanist 
contrivance, our bodies and brains now walking electrified towers, antennas, and Petri dishes for 
which only the 0.01% have access to the antidotes. 

Study of our real condition is essential, even in the wake of the seventy-year media blitz that 

has weakened our minds and will. No authority figure or religious/spiritual leader is coming to 
our rescue, nor can we enroll in a university that will teach us how to survive the future now laid 
out for us. We must discipline ourselves to develop the discernment for what is true and what is 
false in the bits and pieces of the broad picture begun in this book, striving always for accurate 
contextualizing as futuristic revelations come hot and heavy. We must understand the invasive 
nature of Transhumanist technologies, right down into our cells and DNA, all the while striving 
to live by virtue of an inner life, not merely by our outward life that is being constantly buffeted 
by messages of fear. Think, analyze, and contextualize so your emotions do not carry you—the 
real you—away. The eye at the center of any raging storm is calm. 

This war for the birthright of human beings to evolve in their own time and way is long and 
will occasion many battles that may look small and inconsequential, having only to do with the 
daily grind, but do not be deceived: when battling for the future of life on Earth, no battle is 
small. Your incarnation here and now is not accidental. Each of us who loves this planet and the 
human birthright of an evolving consciousness must set the example for the generations coming 
after by keeping our house in order for a long, sustained struggle. If I might paraphrase 
Ephesians 6:12, this struggle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces. In the 
days of CERN, this may be truer than ever. 

I dedicate the rest of this Conclusion to remedies and wise specialists. More guidance can be 
found in the Conclusion “Look Up!” of my previous book, Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full 
Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth. I will be writing one more book in this series regarding 
how Transhumanism and its synthetic biology (like Morgellons) depend upon this ionized 
atmosphere-Space Fence contrivance. 

Gird up your loins. Ours is a time for courage, not distraction, not avoidance. Reexamine 
your lifestyle, laziness, entitlement, self-esteem, fears, depression, and dreams. (Living in 
dangerous times can be good for self-development.) Watch children playing and cling to your 
courage to serve the human future of individual choice, not a “hive mind.” 

This is our watch. Let us meet its challenges with our finest qualities while caring for the 
body’s immune system and the soul’s immune system known as consciousness. 

The following is by no means a complete list of possible remedies, nor am I recommending 
that anyone follow these suggestions. I have followed a yin/yang macrobiotic diet 1 for almost 
half a century with great success. Though I do not include fine, simple, low-tech approaches like 
turmeric, oregano oil, colloidal silver, or even more sophisticated approaches to health like the 
wave genetics of Peter Gariaev, it does not mean I do not recommend experimenting with such 
approaches and always, always sharing the results. 

Take notes, experiment safely, share with others what you have found. No two 
psychosomatic bodies are the same, but Nature has certain laws (like yin/yang) that seem to hold 
fast through millennia, if you know how to apply them to your body’s chemical laboratory. A 
low-tech approach to protection and healing must be experiential, as many medical experts have 
been programmed (and paid) to push Big Pharma “solutions.” My “NO” list is small but power- 

Stay alkaline! Your body is your chemistry lab! Cura te ipsuml (Cure yourself!) 


NO Electronic cigarettes 

Read “Electronic Cigarettes Contain Higher Levels of Toxic Metal Nanoparticles Than Tobacco” 
by Sayer Ji, GreenMedlnfo, March 26, 2013. 

NO Microwave ovens 

Read “Why Did the Russians Ban an Appliance Found in 90% of American Homes?” by Dr. 
Mercola,, no date. 

Read “The Hidden Hazards of Microwave Cooking” by George J. Georgiou, Ph.D., 

NO Psychiatrists 
NO Hospitals 
NO Sugar 

NO Animal products 
NO Vaccinations or shots 


Independent scientist Clifford Carnicom ( provides a thorough guide 
to collection of the genetically engineered fibers dropping from the skies, including plate 
ionization, electrostatic, HEP A, and high-grade furnace filters. Methods of analysis encompass 
solubility, pH, precipitation, chromatography, electrode, electrolysis, flame, and spectroscopy. 

At “Microscope’s Power to Examine Your Own Samples” (June 24, 2008), you will find 
instructions for examining what is dropping at magnification, and if you wish to conduct 
electrostatic precipitation studies, he recommends that you build your own Van de Graaf 
generator (“Biological Operations Confirmed,” February 25, 2001) and your own magnetometer 
(“Introducing A Magnetometer,” October 31, 2002). 


You can even build an ELF sensor. Go to “ELF Sensor by Steve Rouch,” When Carnicom utilized the ELF-LF circuit 
(, “A Question of Alfven?” November 12, 2002), he consistently picked up 
75-100 kHz. Were they Alfven or whistler waves? 


Aerial spraying helps the viral envelope fuse with lung cells, permitting easier penetration and 

Email from Mary in London, winter 2014-2015: “Still dropping those ice bacteria here, can feel 
it going into my chest and cough I’ve had for 7 months now. Fortunately, it does not get infected 
because of the zapping, barley grass, castor oil, etc. The castor oil helps make the debris slide out 
the body, the zapper must break up the little critters—the Bob Beck one is the best, really, better 
than the Hulda Clarke one. The guy that sells them here is 
on-line-training-1018-p.asp , and the barley grass stimulates the immune system. I must say I 
have to constantly up the ante, but given that I am in London, I am keeping on top of it.” 


In “Penny Kelly, ‘New Worlds of Energy,’ Part 3 of 3, INACS & IONS-Austin, 2013-03-19,” 
Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies, March 27, 2013, the intriguing work of former University of 

Michigan biophysicist William C. Levengood is cameoed. At 14:25, a participant wonders if 
plasma and consciousness might be a solution to chemtrails. Penny then refers to the Iranian 
physicist Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s new technology that removes radioactivity and discusses 
how he was kidnapped by CIS (Canada) in 2011 after offering to help Japan in the wake of the 
Fukushima meltdown. In 2016, Veterans Today 2 resurrected the old nightmare of the Belgian 
Royal Family and its involvement with the Red Circle pedophile ring strangely revolving around 
attempts to control Keshe. Now a year later, a criminal trial is underway in Kortrijk, Belgium 
charging Keshe and his wife Carolina De Roose with fraud and illegal medical practice. 


Ecowarriors may not be able to get to the satellites or HAARP installations, but they have been 
known to go for the towers, one by one, the spirit of Edward Abbey’s Monkey-Wrench Gang 
guiding them. While an Australian drove a tank through Sydney on Bastille Day, managing to 
knock down six cell phone towers and an electrical substation, ecowarriors operate more subtly 
with backpacks and belts loaded with tools, Gauss meters, using tow trucks and ropes. They are 
known for planting little Reich cupcakes called holy hand grenades (HHGs) under towers so as 
to interfere with transmissions. Unfortunately, a telecom truck or white van tends to arrive 
immediately due to instruments able to detect the interference along with exactly where the low- 
tech ether-generating HHGs are buried. 

Block infrared (IR) = hide your heat signature 

Space bla nk et of Mylar foil 

Wool blanket 

Insulated jacket, pants, hat 

Trees or brush 



Shielded Faraday Tents 

Thanks to Magda Martine: “Total Shield is what I bought two 
or three years ago. It is a great EMF block for 20,000 ft surround. It detects, interrupts and 
eliminates grid lines, geomagnetic, electromagnetic standing waves, ELF, and other harmful 
waves by broadcasting these disturbances through a Tesla Coil of 180 degrees. A second 
generator generates 7.83 earth resonant frequency. I bought mine at Cutting Edge Catalog in 
Santa Fe, NM. Not too pricey and worth the protection. Namaste.” 

Read “How to hide from a magnetic field” 

EMF RF Shielding & Conductive Paints 

RF Analyzer 

ThorShield against EM weapons 
Smart Meter Guard 
Peat fibers, 

“Welcome to Refugium”: 


Spooky2 Rife machine,; read “Rife Frequency Healing Machine: Scam or Real?” 
by Pao Chang, 

Z-App (Rife frequency generator), 

528 Hz — Read 

How to make Essiac tea 

Fisher Wallace Stimulator for sleep: YouTube “Camille using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® - 
Week 3,” Fisher Wallace Laboratories, May 10, 2013. 

“Targeted treatment of cancer with radiofrequency electromagnetic fields amplitude-modulated 
at tumor-specific frequencies,” Jacqueline Zimmerman et ah, Chinese Journal of Cancer, 
November 2013, 


Amish black salve recipe, 

PlasmaDerm: “Plasma makes wounds heal quicker,” PhysOrg, June 8, 2015, 

CAVEAT: “CIA’s Venture Capital Ann Is Funding Skin Care Products That Collect DNA,” The 
Intercept, April 8, 2016. 


Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralisation (EAER): “No more fillings as dentists 
reveal new tooth decay treatment,” The Guardian, 16 June 2014, 


Barbara M.V. Scott, “The tea for aluminum removal is horsetail 
female plant, stinging nettle, yarrow, mint for flavor and maybe some raspberry leaves, and 
elderflower blossoms. Tons of silica in horsetail...” 

Heavy metal hair analysis, 

“What Hair Analysis Testing Reveals: 10 Things Your Hair Can Tell You,” 


Natural antibiotic — 

Homemade penicillin 


ANTIRAD-Plus filter, 

ESMO Technologies Magnetic Interference Cloud, 

Read “Billboard in Peru Produces Water out of Thin Air,” 
of.html#bPRvCxiDLwBTscdl .99 — Via Feed Your Brain Magazine! Qdn stophcr Everard 

Alberta Hair Analysis Project — Please send any hair analysis results with only your 
geographical location to: The locations and the results will 
be marked on a virtual map hosted on a website for the public to browse in the near future. 

Hill Laboratories, 1 Clyde Street, Private Bag 3205, Hamilton 3240, New Zealand 


Frequency list 

How to construct a Thought Screen Helmet 

Fasting: “Neuroscientist shows what fasting does to your brain and why Big Pharma won’t study 
it” by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution, December 11, 2015, www.collective- 


Tony Pantalleresco — ionic anti-nano footbath construction, 

YouTube “AntiNano Device,” HerbsPlusBeadWorks, September 17, 2015. 

Negative Magnetism 

The Zapper and 


Read “Electrical and Frequency Effects on Pathogens,” 

Ormusite — Susan Ganiere: “ORMUS or ORME minerals are superconducting elements, mostly 
the platinum group elements on the periodic chart that can act as a conduit or antenna for very 
beneficial high-frequency scalar energy that flows between other dimensions of spacetime.” 

Fulvic Acid 

YouTube “Morgellons Cure Discovered! - The Cure Is Obvious (832)343-5425,” Michael 
Chapala, April 7, 2013. Also see his “Morgellons Cure Discovered! - Negative EMP (832)343- 
5425,” July 23, 2015. 

“Electric fields remove nanoparticles from blood with ease,” PhysOrg, November 23, 2015. 

“Infrared Saunas for Treating Lyme Disease,” 


Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS or TNS), 


Read “New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory,” Science Alert, March 18, 2015. 


Green Bank, West Virginia. YouTube “The Town Where High Tech Meets a 1950s Lifestyle,” 
The Atlantic, December 8, 2014, 

The Grow Dome Project on Facebook. 

YouTube “Orgone Energy — A breakthrough that has already happened - GLOBAL BEM 
conference Nov 2012,” Georg Ritschl, March 27, 2013; also read “Operation Paradise: 
Environmental Healing with Orgone” by Georg Ritschl, 

James DeMeo’s Research Website, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL), Saharasia, 
www. orgonelab. org . 

Electricity-generating solar cells - 

Read “This Tower Pulls Drinking Water Out of Thin Air” by Tuan C. Nguyen,, April 8, 2014. 

Read “Year-Round Survival: $300 Underground Greenhouse Could Change How we Eat,” 


Susan Ganiere: “Ken Rohla has tested orgonite from many of the major vendors online and most 
is weak at best. Welz’s orgonite is properly constructed and works well, but it is fairly expensive 
and it does not include ORMUS technology.” 

YouTube “Cloud Buster Technology - Cloud dissipation,” andrewg85, September 30, 2009. 
YouTube “How to Use Orgonite To Protect Your Home,” Radiomysterium, August 9, 2014. 
“Visible effects of orgone on chemtrails,” 

QuWave Defender, 

YouTube “Portable Environmental Aerosol Spectrometer 11-E,” GRIMMAerosolTechnik, June 

YouTube “Ver.2 UNDO GMO AT HOME (Heirloom Electrostatics) -The Ebner Effect,” 
synespro, April 5, 2014. 

RayGuard for electrosmog protection. YouTube “334 - Dr. Doepp: Introduction 1 of 3 to 
Electrosmog Protection,” Creatrixl3, May 27, 2009. 

Read “Big Steps in Building: Change Our Wiring to 12 Volt DC” by Lloyd Alter, September 4, 

Read “Open Source Farming: A Renaissance Man Tackles the Food Crisis” by Dahr Jamail, 
August 10, 2014, 

Tesla Psi-Generator, 


Macrobiotic diet — visit Denny Waxman’s Facebook site or 

Read “Miso Protects Against Radiation, Cancer and Hypertension” by Margie King, August 20, 

Read “Soon Censored? Koren Scientists Successfully Kill Cancer With Magnets” by Lisa 
Garber, October 10, 2012, 

Read “Scientist Demonstrates How Cancer Can Be Destroyed By Frequencies” by Sean Adi- 

Tabatabal, January 24, 2016, 

YouTube “Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at 
TEDxSkidmoreCollege,” TEDx Talks, December 22, 2013. 

YouTube “Cancer is an Electrical Phenomenon,” ElectricHealing’s channel, July 13, 2010. 

YouTube “Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business | Full Documentary,” Burzynski Movie, 
November 4, 2012. 

Read “Amazing Food Science Discovery: Edible Plants ‘Talk’ to Animal Cells, Promote 
Healing” by Sayer Ji, 


Read “Electromagnetic Frequencies Prevent Germination” by Catherine J. Frompovich, January 
14, 2016, 

Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP), 

YouTube “Dr. Jerry Tennant - pH and Voltage - “Healing is Voltage,” HealthAbundance411, 
April 30, 2013. 

YouTube “Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) and pH Medicine,” Dr. Sircus, February 28, 


Read “Your body is electrical and runs on electrons - not sugar, protein or fat!” Dr. Robert O. 


Read “How the Western diet has derailed our evolution” by Moises Velasquez-Manoff, 
November 12, 2015, 


Hulda Regehr Clark, N.D. (1928-2009) 

YouTube “Dr Peter Gotzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime,” John McDougall, April 

Manfred Doepp, Ph.D. 

Konstantin Meyl, Ph.D. — Tesla kit 
Hildegarde Staninger, M.D. 

Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D. 


1 Independent scientist Leuren Moret also recommends a macrobiotic regimen in “Leuren Moret: Fukushima radiation is 
intentional extermination and ecocide that HAARP Tesla technology can reverse,” Alfred Lambremont Webre, June 9, 2014. 

2 Gordon Duff, “VT Exclusive: Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble.” 
Veterans Today, August 24, 2016. 


ACID pH <7 

ACOUSTIC GRAVITY WAVES Infrasound low frequency (20-100Hz) modulated by ultra-low infrasonic waves (0.1-15Hz). 
Many of the groans and hums heard around the world are acoustic gravity waves. 

ALBEDO Latin, “whiteness.” Reflected sunlight; the diffuse reflectivity or reflecting power of a surface 
AM Amplitude modulation 

ATMOSPHERE Composed of the troposphere (6-20km), stratosphere (20-50km), mesosphere (50-80km), thermosphere (80- 

ATMOSPHERIC RIVER Bands of enhanced water vapor in the atmosphere several thousand kilometers long and a few 
hundred kilometers wide. One atmospheric river can carry a greater flux of water than the Amazon River. Three to five 
atmospheric rivers in a hemisphere at any given time. 

BOLOMETER Measures incident electromagnetic radiation by heating a material with a temperature-dependent electrical 
resistance; from the Greek bole ((3oLr|) for something thrown, as a ray of light 

CATION An ion or group of ions having a positive charge 
C4 Command, control, communications, cyberwarfare 
CIA Central Intelligence Agency 
CME Coronal mass ejection 

DB Decibel; a measurement used in acoustics and electronics, such as gains of amplifiers, attenuation of signals, and signal-to- 
noise ratios 

DIA Defense Intelligence Agency 

DOPPLER NEXRAD (NEXt generation weather RADar) is a Doppler radar system. 

ELECTROJET A charging electric current 90- 150 km (56-93 miles) in the ionosphere; the equatorial electrojet (magnetic 
equator) and Auroral electrojets (Arctic and Antarctic Circles) are the ionospheric fluctuations. 

ELF Extremely or extra low frequency, 3-300 Hz 

EHF Extremely high frequency. The advantage of EHF is that transmissions travel in a straight line (a beam). 

EPA Environmental Protection Agency 

ERP Effective radiated power of directional radio frequency 

FAA Federal Aviation Administration 

FREQUENCY The rate at which a particle moves back and forth in space. Electrons behave collectively in waves; ions move 
more slowly and make waves with a smaller frequency. 

FM Frequency modulation 

FSB Frequency-selective bolometer; low noise sub-millimeter to mid-infrared sensor 
GAUSS (G) Measurement of magnetic flux density or magnetic induction 
GE/GM/GMO Genetically engineered / genetically modified organism 
G-FORCE Gravitational force exerted on pilots who jink at close to 500 mph 
GIGAHERTZ GHz, one billion (1,000,000,000) cycles per second (Hz) 

HARMONICS The mathematics that connect wavelengths of matter, gravity, and light 

HERTZ (HZ) Measure of frequency in cycles per second. In the U.S., electrical power is an alternating cycle (AC) of current 
and voltage with a frequency of 60 cycles per second regardless of the amount of power used: 

kHz (kilohertz, 10 3 Hz) 

MHz (megahertz, 10 6 Hz) 

GHz (gigahertz, 109 Hz) 

THz (terahertz, 10 12 Hz) 

HUMINT Human intelligence 

HYDROSCOPY Optical device used for viewing objects far below the surface of water 
HYGROSCOPY A substance’s ability to attract and hold water molecules from the surrounding environment. 

HYGROSCOPE instrument showing changes in humidity. 

IMINT Imagery intelligence (NGA) 

IONIZATION The process by which ions are formed, (1) passing radiation through matter, and (2) heating matter to high 
temperatures to give the atoms energy and force the electrons to leave the atom to become free electrons (negative charge). 
(Whatever is left of the atom becomes a positive ion.) 

IONOSPHERE From the top of the mesosphere to the top of the thermosphere. 

INTERFEROMETRY HAARP is a scalar interferometer. See Myron W. Evans, P.K. Anastasovski, T.E. Bearden et al., “On 
Whittaker’s Representation of the Electromagnetic Entity in Vacuo, Part V: The Production of Transverse Fields and Energy 
by Scalar Interferometry” (Journal of New Energy, 4(3), Winter, 1999, 76-78); and 

JET STREAMS Fast-flowing air currents in the upper atmosphere. Polar jets 9-12 km (5.5-7.4 miles) above sea level, or 

subtropical jets 10-16 km (6.25-10 miles), one of each in the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres. Jet streams are caused 
by planetary rotation and atmospheric heating combined. 

KILOMETER 0.621371 miles (a little over half a mile) 

LASER Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation 

LIDAR Light Detection and Ranging / Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging 

MAGNETOSPHERE Overlaps the ionosphere and extends into space to 60,000km (37,280 miles) toward the Sun, and over 
300,000km (186,500 miles) away from the Sun (nightward) as the Earth’s magnetotail 

MAGNETRON A barrier microwave technology that operates non-ionizing radiation at the extremely high-frequency (EHF) 
end of the spectrum by generating electrons with a cathode-anode cylinder to combine a magnetic field with an electrical 
field. A large magnetron can generate a consistent EHF beam of microwave pulses equaling 10 million watts (10MW) per 

MASER Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation 
MASINT Measurement and signature intelligence (DIA) 

MEGAHERTZ MHz, one million (1,000,000) cycles per second (Hz) 

METAMATERIAL (Greek, meta — beyond) Engineered to have a property that is not found in nature 

MICRON (pM) Micrometer; one millionth of a meter (0.000039 inch). 1 micron is 1/70 the thickness of a human hair. 

NANOMETER (NM) One-billionth of a meter (0.000000001 m) 

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration 
NGA National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency 
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 

NONIONIZING Nonthermal radiation; insufficient energy to cause ionization radiation or heating: electric and magnetic fields, 
radio waves, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet, and visible radiation 

NRO National Reconnaissance Office (housed at one time in Room 4C1052 of the Pentagon) 

ONI Office of Naval Intelligence 

ORGONE Wilhelm Reich’s term for the life-giving ether 
OTH Over-the-horizon radar 

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS Atmospheric river affecting the West Coast of North America 

PM Particulate matter; particles that are 10 microns or less. Coarse particle = 10,000-2,500 nanometers; fine particles = 2,500- 
100 nanometers; nanoparticle (ultrafine) = 1-100 nanometers. 

PPM Parts per million 

PLASMA Fourth state of matter; an ionized (electrically conductive) gas in which atoms have lost electrons and exist in a 
mixture of free electrons and positive ions. Positively charged particles (electrons and ions) governed by electric and 
magnetic forces possess collective behavior. 

QUORUM SENSING (QS) Cell-cell communication. 

RADAR Radio Detection And Ranging 

RADON A chemically inert, radioactive gaseous element produced by the decay of radium 
RFR Radio frequency radiation 

SCALAR Having only magnitude, not direction; longitudinal as opposed to EM waves which are transverse 
SDI Strategic Defense Initiative; “Star Wars” 

SIGINT Signals intelligence 
SLF Super low frequency 
SRM Solar Radiation Management 

SYNERGY Increased intensity caused by the combination of two or more substances 

TECHLEPATHY Communication of information directly from one mind to another (i.e., telepathy) with the assistance of 

TTA Tesla tech array 

WATTS Electrical power. For Direct Current (DC), watts = volts x amps. For Alternating Current (AC), calculating watts is 
more complicated but if using the Root Mean Squared (RMS) values for voltage and current, watts = volts x amps. Nonnal 
US household electricity is 120 volts, so if your appliance draws 2 amps, watts =120 volts x 2 amps = 240 watts. 



Billy Hayes'. “I remind all that computer weather animations are forecasting tools (CGI = computer graphics imagery), not 
actual satellite maps. Aviation alerts are for real as the U.S. military conducts airborne radar tests along the Atlantic coast.” 

“The Hubble Space Telescope Photos or Virtual Reality Deceptions?” Godrules, Feb. 22, 2015, 

Compare Google’s with Jim Lee’s map, one misleading, the other striving for reality: tech locations 

Ionospheric heaters + missile defense radars, Star Wars, Space Fence + SuperDARN Radar + High-powered lasers 

Go to and click on the sidebar folder labeled “Electromagnetic” 
layersOn=star-wars, sky-heaters,superdarn,directed-energy+digisonde+lasers+ELF/VLF 

Earthquakes: EarthScope Array Network Facilty (ANF) 

NexSat: - the only thermal-imaging satellite or radar or cloud mass - NEXLAB water 
vapor for polar sector - SSMI/SSMIS/TMI-derived Total Precipitable Water - 
Global - Solar Dynamics Observatory - other side of the Earth - the world hum and database project - for your neighborhood - power plants in your area - check spy satellites overhead - Earth Observing Laboratory projects over the years - “A Geoengineering & Climate Change 
Model,” Videos & Tutorials, Clifford E. Carnicom, January 26, 2015. 

Clifford : “This is a model to estimate climate change from applying changes in greenhouse gas concentrations relative to the 
current rates of increase. It also provides for introducing various aerosols and into the atmosphere. It also includes the 
simulation of random events upon climate change. It will also estimate mortality impacts upon the population. The model is 
based upon several factors, such as a differential analysis of the specific heat of a mixture of gases, the specific heats and 
albedos of various aerosols, and mortality projections.” 

SAFETY - Find out who called you - indicates cyber attacks, by and to whom, type of attacks _met-als_testing_Health_Ranger_laboratory_CWC_Labs.html? - Heavy metals testing - Morgellons Coverup YouTubes by Marcia Pavlis - brainwave frequencies - CERN schedule - particle accelerators around the world 


No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101 by WeatherWarlOl (Author), Sofia Smallstorm (Foreword). Kindle 
Edition, 2014. 

Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project by Peter A. Kirby. Kindle and paperback, 2012. 


“In this digital publication the page numbers have been removed from the index. Please use 
search function of your e-Reading device to locate the terms listed.” 


ACOA (adaptive course of action) 

Acoustic psycho-correction 
Active Denial System (ADS) 

Adey, Ross 

Advanced Wakefield Experiment (AWAKE) 
Aerotoxic syndrome 
Either, illustration 
AI (artificial intelligence) 

Air Force 2025 

Alexander, Col. John B. 

Alfven wave (“whistler”), illustration 
Aluminum oxide AI 2 O 3 
American Family Foundation (AFF) 

AMI (advanced meter infrastructure) 

AMR (automated meter reading) 


Angels Don’t Play This HAARP (1995, 2002) 

Antennasearch. com 



Aquino, Maj. Michael A. 

Arecibo Radio Telescope (“The Pit”) 

ARMEX-2003 (Arabian Sea Monsoon Experiment) 

Arrow system 

Atmospheric river 

Aurora SR-91 

Auroral jet (electrojet) 

B-2 Spirit bomber 

Bamford, James, illustration 


Barium, illustration 

Base transmitter station (BTS) 

Battis, Laurens 
Battlefield Connect 
Bearden, Thomas, illustrations 
Begich, Nick 
Beijing-Shanghai Line 
Big Pharma 
Eli Lilly 
I.G. Farben 


Binary classification 
Binney, William 

BioAPI (biometric program interface) 


Birkeland currents, illustration 
Blackwater / Xe / Academi 
Blood-brain barrier, illustration 

Brain-computer interface (BCI) 

Brundtland, Gro Harlem 
Brzezinski, Zbigniew 

CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act) 

Calcium oxide CaO 


Carbon black aerosol (CBA) and carbon black dust (CBD), soot 

Carnicom, Clifford 


“CASE ORANGE,” The Belfort Group 
Catatumbo lightning 
Cathie, Bruce 

CATS (Cloud-Aerosol Transport System), illustration 
CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) 

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) 

“Cirrus shielding” 


CBR (case-based reasoning module) 

CCN (cloud condensation nuclei) 

Celldar (cellular radar) 

Cellebrite UFED (mobile forensic cell phone analyzer) 

“Chaff’, illustration 

Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE) 

Chemi-ionization, chemiions 

Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth 

Chromium, hexavalent 

CIPAV (computer and internet protocol address verifier) 

Class B carcinogen 
Clean Air Act, 1967 

Clean Energy/Energy Independence and Security Act, 2007 
CLOUD experiment (cosmics leaving outdoor droplets) 

Cloud reflectivity modification 
Cloud seeding 
Coal fly ash 

Cogno therapy 
Columnar focal lenses 
Consolo, Christina 
CONUS (Continental US) 

COP 21 

Corcoran, Tom 
Cosmic particle ignition 
Cotton, William R. 


CREW DUKE - Counter RCIED Electronics Warfare 
Critical cloud fraction (CCF) 

Crop circle 

CSDA (connecting soldiers to digital applications) 

CT scan (computerized tomography) 


David’s Sling 

DCSNet (digital collection system network) 

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) 

Delgado, Jose 

DEWs - directed energy weapons 




Digital Angel 

DigitalGlobe Worldview-4 

Dirac, Paul 

Directed energy weapons (DEWs) - See DEWs 
Discomposition effect, Wigner Effect 

Dragon Soldiers 
Drain tubes 
Duncan, Robert 
Dusty plasma 

Dutchsinse (Michael Janitch) 

Dynamo Project 
DynCorp International 

Eastlund, Bernard, illustration, illustration 
EBS (electrical brain stimulation) 


EDOM (electronic dissolution of memory) 

EEG (electroencephalogram), illustration 
EEG cloning 
EEG heterodyning 
Effective radiative power (ERP) 

EISCAT (European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association) 


Einstein, Albert 


Elec trogravi tics 

Electrojet (auroral jet) 

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) 

Electronic warfare (EW), illustration 
El Nino 

ELF (extremely low frequency) 

EmDrive microwave thruster 
Energy Modernization Act (SB786) 

Engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) 

ENMOD (Environmental Modification) 

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) 

EPT (earth-penetrating tomography) 

ERWs (enhanced radiation weapons) 

ESnet5 (Energy Sciences Network) 

ESR (electron spin resonance) 


Evoked potential 

Excitation potential signatures (EEG patterns) 

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) 

Aviation Climate Change Research Initiative (ACCRI) 
Faraday, Michael 
Farver, Virginia 

FAST (future attribute screening technology) 

Femtosecond laser 

Feynman, Richard 
Fiber optic 

FICOR (foreign intelligence and counterintelligence operation records) 

Fillmore, Ann 

FinCen (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) 

Finlntrusion Kit 

Five Eyes (“F-VEY”) 

Flicker rates 

fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) 

FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) 

Fontenot, Christopher, illustration 
“Force multiplier” 


Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) 

Frequency following responses (FFRs) 

Frey, Allen 

Fukushima, illustration 


Full Signal 

Functional neuroimaging (“brain fingerprinting”) 

Future Combat Systems 

Gallium arsenide 
Gas plasma orb 

GEMS (global environmental MEMS) illustration 



GeoINT (geospatial intelligence), illustration 
Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program (GSSAP) 

Global Electric Circuit (GEC) 

Global information grid (GIG) 

“Global warming” 

Goddard Space Flight Center 

GPS (global positioning system) 

Greenhouse gas 

GRIP (Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes) 

Ground disintegration 

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) 

GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) 

HAARP, High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project, illustration, illustration 
"HAARP Research and Applications Executive Summary” 

HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon 

HALO (Global Hybrid Satellite- Terrestrial All Optical Network) 

HAMP (Hurricane Aerosol and Microphysics Program) 

Haptic holography 

Hayes, Billy (William), “The HAARP Man” 

HEO (highly elliptical orbit) 

Herndon, J. Marvin, PhD 

HIDA (high-intensity directed acoustics “sonic bullet”) 

Higgs Boson “God particle” 

High-energy laser (HEL) 

High-Repetition-Rate Advanced Petawatt Laser System (HAPLS) 

High Seas Alliance 
Hilbert’s Space 

Hiroaki, Koide 

Home Area Network (HAN) 

Horizontal drift plasma antennas 

Horowitz, Len 


HPWREN (High Performance Wireless Research and Educational Network) 

Human Domain 

Human Domain Deviations 

Human Terrain Analysis (HTA) 

Human Terrain System (HTS) 

Hurricane / Cyclone 

Hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) 

Hyperspace, hyperspatial 

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) 

IMI biotic (intelligence-manned interface) 



Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center 

Interfering waves 


International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) 

Internet of Things (IoT) 

Ionized radiation (thermal) 

Ion launcher 

Ionospheric Alfven Resonator (IAR) 

Ionospheric heater, illustration 
Ionospheric research instrument (IRI) 

Ionospheric lenses 

IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) 

IRIS (interface region imaging spectrograph) 

Iron Beam 
Iron Dome 

“IT intrusion” - hacking 

JADE Helm (Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution) JADE 2 
James Webb Space Telescope 
JASON Group 

Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD) 



Kautz-Vella, Harald 
Kelley, Kathryn 

Kinetic orbital bombardment projectiles - “rods from God” 

Koslov, Samuel 
Kwajalein Atoll, illustration 

Lariam (mefloquine) 

Laser, illustrations 

Laser-induced plasma channels (LIPCs) 

Last Circle, The 
Laughlin, Robert B. 

Lawrence Livermore National Labs 

LED (light-emitting diode) 

Lee, Jim,, illustration 

Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm 

LET radiation (high-linear energy transfer) 

LHC (Large Hadron Collider), illustration 

LiDAR (light detection and ranging), illustrations 
Lightning, illustration 
Lignite (coal) 

LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory) 
Lin, James C. 


Lithium, illustration 
Lockheed Martin 
Lower-earth orbit (LEO) 

LRAD (long-range acoustic device) 

Magnetoelectric nanoparticles (MENs) 

Magnetoleviton (maglev) high-speed trains 


Magnetosonic (MS) waves 




Mangels, Francis, PhD 
Manning, Jeane 
Marine cloud brightening 
Marshall, Carol 
Maser (microwave laser) 

MASINT (measures and signatures intelligence) 

MAST (Monterey Area Ship Track) experiment 
Mastering the Human Domain 
Maxwell, James Clerk 

MEDUSA (mob excess deterrent using silent audio) 

MEG (magnetoencephalography) 

MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) illustration 

Mesh, illustration 
Metal salts 
Methane (CH 4 ) 

Meyl, Konstantin 
Michelson-Morley experiments 

Microwave hearing 
“Microwave sickness” 

MiFi - wireless router 
Millicuries (mCi) 

Millimeter wave 

Millimeter wave scanner 

Milstar (military strategic and tactical relay) 

Mind Wars: Brain Research and National Defense 
Minnis, Patrick 
Moreno, Jonathan D. 

Moret, Leuren 

Moscow Institute of Psycho-Correction 

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) 



Musk, Elon 



Nanoparticle, nanoparticulate 

National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements 




NBIC (nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive technology) 

NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act of 2015) 

Neighborhood Area Networks (NANs) 


Network-centric operations (NCOs) 

Network-centric warfare (NCW) 

Neural dust 
New World Vistas 

NexRad (Next-Generation Radar), illustration 



NIRSI (near infrared spectroscopic imaging) 


Non-ionized radiation (non-thermal) 

Non-lethal (less-than-lethal electronic weapon) 

No-touch torture 

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) 

Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
OCR (optical character recognition) 


Operation Deep Freeze 

OS/EH - organized stalking / electronic harassment 

Palit, Carolyn Williams 
Particle beam 

US20070238252 A1 “Cosmic particle ignition of artificially ionized plasma patterns in the atmosphere” 
US20090032214 A1 “System and Method of Control of the Terrestrial Climate and Its Protection against Warming and 
Climatic Catastrophes Caused by Warming such as Hurricanes” 

PATRIOT Sunsets Extension Act of 2011 

Persinger, Michael 

PET (positron emission tomography) 

Peta electron volts (PeV) 


Peterson, Rosalind ( 

Phased array 
Phelps, Jim 

Philadelphia Experiment 



Plasma, illustrations 

Plasma orb or Tesla globe 

Plasma shield / Tesla dome 

Plasma-Silicon Antenna (PSiAn) 


Platteville Atmospheric Observatory 

PMSCs (private military and security companies) 

"Poppers” - AM-modulated MW transmitters 

Prodigy Logic Module 
Storm fury 
Puharich, Andrija 
Pulsed energy projectile (PEP) 


Pyrolysis (jet fuel combustion) 


neural network 

Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (QuAIL) 

Quantum dots 

Quantum unsupervised feature learning (QUFL) 


RAATS (radio wave auditory assaultive transmitting implants) 

Radar (radio detection and ranging) 

Radiative effect (RE) 




RAM (radar-absorbent material) 

Rambo chip 
Rauscher, Elizabeth 

Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) 

Reich, Wilhelm 

Remote neural monitoring (RNM) 

Repetitive electrical impulse noise (REIN) 


Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War 
RFR (radio frequency radiation) 

RHIC-EDOM, Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control-Electronic Dissolution of Memory 

RIMS, retarding ion mass spectrometer 

"Rods from God” - kinetic orbital bombardment projectiles 

Rowland, Doug, heliophysicist 

Saive, Harold ( 

SAR (synthetic aperture radar) 

SARs (specific absorption rates) 

S-band radar 

SBIRS (space-based infrared system) 

SBX-1 (Sea-Based X-Band Radar), illustration 

Scalar, illustration, illustrations 

SCAMP - single channel anti-jam man portable 

Schumann cavity 

Schumann resonance 

Sea spray aerosols 

Sensor, illustration 
Serco Group 

SERE program (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) 
SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) 

Sharp, Joseph 
Ship tracks 

SIGINT (signals intelligence), illustration 
Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (S-quad, S4) 

Silicon dioxide Si0 2 
SIM card 
Smart Grid 

Smart meter, illustration 
Smart or neural dust 
Smirnov, Igor 
Smith, Jerry 

SOCOM (Special Operations Command) 

Solar radiation management (SRM) 


Space Preservation Act of 2001 (HR2977) 

Space Situational Awareness, illustration 

SpaceX, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation 


SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device) 

Standing sky wave 

Starfire Optical Range, illustration 

Steiner, Rudolf 


Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) 

Stress-inoculation torture 

Strontium, illustration 

Strontium barium niobate (Sr x BaL_ x Nb 2 0 6 ) 

Submillimeter wave 

SUGV (small unmanned ground vehicle) 

“Suitcase system” - piggyback 
Sulfuric acid (H 2 S0 4 ) 


SuperDARN, illustration 


Super Wifi 


Synthetic telepathy 


TAGA (trace atmospheric gas analyzer) 

Talbot effect 

Targeted individuals (TIs) 


Technocracy, illustration 



TEMPEST (transient electromagnetic pulse standard) 

Temporal QUFL 



Terahertz (THz) 

Terahertz imaging detection (TID) 

Tenninal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) 
“Terminator” seed, aluminum-resistant 
Tesla dome / plasma shield 
Tesla, Nikola, illustrations 


TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) 

Thomas, William 
Thunder Generator 

TIDE, thermal ion dynamics experiment 

Time cloaking 


Tito, Dennis 


TR-3B (Astra) 

T/R modules 
Trower, Barrie 

Tunnel boring machine (TBM) 

Turbofan engines 

ULF (ultra-low frequency) 

United Nations (UN) 

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 

Law of the Sea 

Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space 

Air Force Academy 
Air Force Air War College 

Air Force Meteorological and Space Environmental Services 

Air Force Research Lab 

Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) 

Air Force Space Based Space Surveillance (SBSS) 

Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) 

Air Force Space Surveillance Network (SSN) 

Air Force Space Surveillance System (SSS / the VHF Fence) 

Air Force Weather Agency (AFWA) 

Army Chemical Corps, illustration 
Code Title 50, Section 1520a, Chapter 32 

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), illustration 
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 

Homeland Security (DHS) 

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) 

National Academy of Sciences (NAS) 

National Ambient Air Quality Standard (PM2.5) 

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) 

National Institutes of Health (NIH) 

Naval Research Lab 

Navy’s Radio Frequency Mission Planner (RFMP) 

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) 

Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
Public Law 

Special Operations Command (SOC) 

State Department 
Department of Defense (DoD) 

DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) 

Department of Energy (DOE) 

Department of Transportation (DOT) 

Vallely, Col. Paul 

Van Allen Radiation Belts 

Van der Waal force 

Van Eck monitoring (“phreaking”) 

Vaporific effect weapon 

Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation (VTRPE) 

Venus Effect 

VEiEeP (very high energy electron-proton collider) 

VHSIC (very-high-speed integrated circuits) 

Vialls, Joe 

ViSAR (video synthetic aperture radar) 

Vision for 2020 

VOICECST (voice recognition) 

“Voice of God” weapon 
Voice-to-skull (V2K) 

Wackenhut Corporation / G4S 
Water vapor generation fueling 

“Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025,” Air Force 2025 


Web personalization 

“Well brine” 

Wellstone, Paul 

Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming 
Whistler (Alfven wave) 

White Space 
Whittaker, E.T. 

WHO (World Health Organization) 

Wigner Effect, decomposition effect 
Wind shear 

Wind turbine syndrome 
Wi-Vi thermal imaging 
Wood, Judy 
Wood, Patrick 
Woodpecker, Russian 
Wright Patterson Air Force Base 
WSAC, wet surface air cooler 



Elana Freeland is a writer, ghostwriter, lecturer, storyteller, and teacher who researches and 
writes on Deep State issues, including the stories of survivors of MK-ULTRA, ritual abuse, and 
invasive electromagnetic weapons {Nexus, October 2014). She is best known for Chemtrails, 
HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth (Feral House, 2014). 

She has also self-published the Sub Rosa America series of four books, a fictional American 
(occult) history of the Deep State that has dominated and destroyed the United States since 
President John F. Kennedy’s public assassination. Most recently, she wrote a story called “What 
Would Solon Have Done?” for the 2017 book If I Were King: Advice for President Trump, 
edited by Harry Blazer and Introduction by Catherine Austin Fitts. 

Freeland’s undergraduate degree was in creative writing with a second major in biology. Her 
Master of Arts degree from St. John’s College concentrated on historiography. She lives in 
Olympia, Washington.